Best Paper Towels For Blackstone (My Top 5 Picks)

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If you have a Blackstone griddle, you have countless options to cook outdoors at ease.

But aren’t you a bit bothered by the cleaning process? I mean you need to be really careful not to scratch the flat top cooking surface.

At the same time, you must keep the surface clean to make it last longer.

On that note, check out the following paper towels to clean your Blackstone griddle effortlessly. 

Let me assure you that these are the current best paper towels for Blackstone in terms of efficiency, ease of use, and affordability.

5 Best Paper Towels For Blackstone Griddle 

After much research, I handpicked the following five products that could make cleaning your Blackstone griddle a breeze. They are soft, durable, and highly absorbent when it comes to tackling kitchen cleanups. 

Quick Decision Making Chart –

Key FeaturesBlue Shop TowelsBounty Paper TowelsKimberly-Clark Towels
Unit Count30.0 Count8.0 Count16.0 Count
Sheet Count16509364000
Ply Rating1-Ply2-Ply1-Ply
Special FeaturePerforatedHigh AbsorbentRecyclable
The HallmarksMulti-purpose towels, Ultra-strong & durable, Disposable, Excellent Softness & Value for moneySuper absorbant, Gives versatile clean, Less wastage, Quick size & Great value with softnessECOLOGO certified, Absorbency pockets, Designed to reduce waste, Fits universal dispenser & Sturdiness
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Let’s look forward to them in detail below-

Blue Shop Disposable Towels By Scott

Firstly, I have the famous Blue Shop Disposable Towels from Scott that come in a competitive price range. You get them in bulk so you don’t need to buy frequently. Best of all, these are multipurpose paper towels that come in handy on several cleaning occasions other than use in the kitchen. 

Here, you get 10 bundles of 3 rolls that sum up to 1650 towels in total. That’s really great!

Blue Shop Disposable Towels By Scott

Top Features

  • Comes in bulk
  • Strong and durable 
  • Work well even when wet
  • Disposable perforated towels
  • Clean oil, grease, and liquids pretty well

Check today’s price on Amazon

Unit Count30.0 Count
Sheet Count1650
Ply Rating1-Ply
Special FeaturePerforated

Instead of using normal kitchen rags or cloth towels, you can use these sheets as they have double absorbing capacity. 

Moreover, they are strong and durable. Whether it’s oil, food grease, spills, or any other liquid, you can clean them all.

What I liked the most is that they are multipurpose. Aside from cleaning your flat top cooking surface, you can use the paper towels for other purposes as well.

For example, oil changing, fluid refilling, automotive maintenance, etc. becomes easier with these perforated sheets at hand. 

Coming in a convenient roll format, they are easily portable too. So, you can carry them to your outdoor cooking station without any hassle.

Thankfully, the portable rolls easily fit on standard paper towel holders as well.

Talking about the competitive price point, the incomparable absorbing capacity justifies the tag quite well.

All I can say about these excellent paper towels is that use them once and you will come back to Scott for sure 


  • Well worth the money
  • Soft, strong, and incomparably absorbent 
  • Ideal for cleaning, staining, polishing, or any detailing 


  • The size of the roll is a bit smaller
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Quick Size White Paper Towels by Bounty

Secondly, meet the Quick Size Paper Towels from Bounty, a reliable name among BBQ lovers. Yes, most of them love these towels for the affordable price range. Plus, they are highly absorbent too.

Let’s check out what these griddle-dedicated towels have in store for you-

Quick Size White Paper Towels by Bounty

Top Features

  • More clothlike feature
  • Cleans messes pretty quickly 
  • White, quick-size sheets come in two layers
  • Great absorbency lets you use fewer sheets
  • Cheaper price tag compared to other leading brands 

Check today’s price on Amazon

Unit Count8.0 Count
Sheet Count936
Ply Rating2-Ply
Special FeatureHigh Absorbent

Whether you need to wipe your griddle surface after a long BBQ session or you need to clean the mess in the kitchen, Bounty is the best with its short yet versatile cleaning sheets.

They are called quicker, picker, upper and it’s all true. They are easy to year off and pick up any spills quicker than ever.

Do you need to wipe down your mirrors, windows, or tabletops? You can rest assured that these white paper towels will efficiently do them all.

Being super strong in nature, they last pretty long. And the extraordinary absorbency makes them an absolute must-have for every griller out there.

Oil and grease are quite common in your culinary adventures, right? Don’t let them get in your way and ruin the outdoor cooking. 

Rather use these clothlike paper sheets to clean the spills in no time.

Thanks to the quick size rolls, you can choose the sheet size based on your requirements. It certainly cuts some costs by saving the towels. You don’t need to use a long sheet to clean a small mess, you know. 


  • Come in clutch for a quick cleanup 
  • Excellent strength and absorbency 
  • You can have shorter sheets for versatile usage


  • Sometimes they don’t tear cleanly

Member’s Mark High Absorbent Premium Paper Towels

On the third place of this review, let’s check out Member’s Mark Super Premium Paper Towels with high absorbency. Aside from wiping your Blackstone griddle top, they have a lot of other advantages such as cleaning appliances, dishes, tiles, and many more.

However, the core specifications of this premium paper towel pack are as follows-

Member's Mark High Absorbent Premium Paper Towels

Top Features

  • Highly absorbent 
  • Stronger, thicker, and longer-lasting texture
  • A 15-count pack consisting of 150 sheets per roll
  • The mega size of each roll is equivalent to twice a regular roll size 
  • The Select and Tear feature lets you tear off the right amount of towel

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandMembers Mark
Unit Count150 Count
Sheet Count150
Ply Rating2-Ply
Special FeatureHigh Absorbent

Member’s Mark is always superior when it comes to producing paper towels. And now they have surpassed their competitors in the highest margin with the improved design of these two-ply towels.

No matter how big the mess is, these two-ply towels can easily take care of it. They are now stronger than ever.

With the super-absorbent formula, you can not only wipe food grease and oil but also clean any other liquid. 

Talking about the quantity, it’s a 15-roll package with 150 sheets per roll. Considering the reasonable price, it’s not a bad deal at all.

And the best part is they do what they claim. Cleaning any countertops or wiping down glasses, these soft and absorbent sheets never fail to impress.


  • Very good product at a great price
  • Great absorbency with perfect thickness
  • Eliminates product waste with the Select and Tear feature


  • Some users complained about the strong chemical smell of these towels

Multifold Recyclable Paper Towels by Kimberly-Clark

Are you looking for an economical paper towel solution to keep your Blackstone griddle clean? I am sure you will look no further once you figure out how amazing these multifold recyclable paper towels are! 

If you are looking for a professional-grade paper towel, Kimberly-Clark never disappoints.

Multifold Recyclable Paper Towels by Kimberly-Clark

Top Features

  • Multipurpose and hygienic 
  • Fits into any universal dispenser
  • Multifold paper towels with absorbency pocket 
  • A 16-case package containing 250 sheets per case
  • Packed in a space-saving compact case for easy transport

Check today’s price on Amazon

Unit Count16.0 Count
Sheet Count4000
Ply Rating1-Ply
Special FeatureRecyclable

Their folded towel sheets meet the EPA guidelines for minimum post-consumer waste content. Besides, they are FSC and EcoLogo certified too.

Further to the above, these paper towels reach the sustainability goals of being a part of Kimberly-Clark’s Professional Responsible Partners program.

You get 4000 sheets in total with 16 space-saving cases. As they are compatible with any universal dispenser, you can fold them in any high-traffic restroom, office, or facility. 

Thanks to the multifold design, it helps control dispensing. And the compatible dispenser option lets you touch only the towel you need. Hygiene at its best, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, it could beat the C-fold paper towels with its economic use.

Talking about the absorbency pockets, they help soak water fast. So, you need not use too many sheets at a time. 

Most importantly, 4000 sheets under $50 is a deal you shouldn’t miss, I guess!


  • Unbeatable price range
  • Absorbs water pretty fast
  • Super-absorbent and sturdy to clean up spills


  • Thinner and smaller than claimed

Viva Durable White Paper Towels

Last but not least, let’s check out the Viva Paper Towel to keep a Blackstone griddle well-maintained. Here, you can choose the roll size according to your needs. They have seven different sizes to fit your requirements. 

However, the core amenities of these durable paper towels are pointed out below-

Viva Durable White Paper Towels

Top Features

  • Quite durable
  • Soft, smooth, and cloth-like texture
  • Lets you select your convenient size
  • Perfect level of absorbency for kitchen cleanup
  • Strong and tough construction to take care of any mess
BrandViva Paper Towel
Unit Count660 count
Sheet Count660
Ply Rating2-Ply
Special FeaturePerforated

These decent paper towels come in spongy and perforated textures to lift and trap messes quickly.

Viva made them strong and sturdy to tackle any size of cleaning job. But they are soft and smooth against delicate surfaces. Rest assured that they won’t leave any scratches on your griddle top.

That being said, you can make the best use of these cleaning sheets for both kitchen and bathroom cleanups. 

Whether it’s wiping away splatters in the microwave or cleaning dirt off the patio decor, it does exactly what it’s designed for.

I was blown away by the cloth-like strength which makes the towels more durable than others. 

Moreover, I used them for handling tougher messes like painting with watercolors. And guess what, it worked like a superior cleaning rag.

Fortunately, they don’t fall apart like the cheaper kitchen towels. Also, the thickness of the towel is truly commendable. You can use them over and over again! 


  • Highly absorbent 
  • Soft on skin and delicate surfaces 
  • Cleans messes and spills without leaving traces


  • A bit expensive 

What To Look For While Choosing Paper Towels For Blackstone?

Well, there are hundreds of paper towels in the market, you know! Not all of them are suitable to clean a griddle top. You need to focus on some specific aspects to select the right paper towel for a Blackstone griddle. 

Therefore, look forward to the following features and make no mistakes in picking the best kitchen towel. 


While dealing with a Blackstone griddle top, you are going to clean food grease, and oil mostly. So, the paper towel you use must be super absorbent to soak moisture quickly.

Ply Count

Just like any other physical features, the ply count of a paper towel also matters. It basically indicates the number of layers to make a complete towel. The higher the ply count, the thicker the towel would be.

On that note, I highly recommend the Bounty, Member’s Mark, or the Viva paper towels. All of them are 2-ply towels with better absorbency. 

Sheet Size

Yes, you must consider the sheet size too. You can decide on the size that fits your needs. But remember, smaller sheets eliminate product waste whereas larger sheets are better for cleaning bigger spills.


The texture of the cleaning sheets is very important. They should have a soft, smooth, and cloth-like texture. The softer they are, the greater the capillarity. As a result, they can hold more water.


How tough messes can the sheets withstand basically depends on the strength of the paper towels. In this regard, you should check the scrub strength by rubbing the towel upon spills.

Folding Method

Among single fold,  multifold, and rolled paper towels, I prefer the rolled format.

Whether it’s for commercial purposes or kitchen cleanups, they are the easiest to use. Just pull down the towel from the center of the roll. 

Of course, multifold towels are larger and naturally, more absorbent. So, if you’re looking for a multifold one for bigger cleaning tasks, go for the Kimberly-Clark 250 sheets/pack. It’s totally worth it.

Can You Use Paper Towels To Season A Blackstone Griddle?

Well, you can use paper towels when there are no other ways available to season a Blackstone griddle. But truth be told, this is not the best method to do so. 

But if the griddle surface badly needs seasoning, thoroughly clean the surface first. Let the griddle top dry. Then rub the surface down with an oiled paper towel several times. 

You can follow the process once in a while to maintain the seasoning of the griddle.


To sum up this discussion on the best paper towels for Blackstone, I highly recommend going for a good quality kitchen towel that does no harm to the griddle surface. 

Plus, they must have super absorbent quality as you are going to mostly clean kitchen countertops, or wipe spills and greases.

Have you decided on your pick already? If not, go through this review again. I am sure you will find the right paper towel to take care of your flat top griddle from the list above.

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