Best Cover For Blackstone Griddle (Top 5 Picks)

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To keep your Blackstone griddle clean and safe during the off-season, you don’t need to call upon the guardian of the galaxy. Rather what you need is the best cover for blackstone griddle.

This simple add-on is enough to protect your griddle from dust, snow,  debris, and even rain when it’s not in use. There’s nothing to undervalue this piece of cloth. Take proper care of your griddle and it will be there for you, year after year.

5 Best Covers For Blackstone Griddle – Protect Your Griddle Today

To be honest, there is a shitload of covers for the Blackstone griddle. They are not the same in terms of quality and value. Some of them are overpriced and provide less output and vice versa. But, we’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to find out these six covers. So let’s see what’s there.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key Featuresonlyfire Blackstone CoveriCOVER Griddle CoverUnicook Griddle Cover
MaterialFabric600D Oxford PolyesterFabric
Compatible for36 & 28 Inch Griddle17, 22, 36 Inch Griddle36 Inch Griddle
Available Size241
The HallmarksAll Round Protection, High Durability, Easy Handling, Flexibility Double Layer & Ripping CompatibilityEasy Maintenance, All-weather Protection, Heavy Duty Material, Double Security & Easy CleaningSturdiness, Special Sealing, Support Pole, Long Lasting, Fastening Straps & Convenient Handles
Special FeatureWorks On Other Grills & GriddlesWater Repellent FinishNo Water Leaking
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

iCOVER Waterproof Griddle Cover for Blackstone

The following one comes in with four different varieties of sizes. You will be able to use the iCOVER Waterproof Griddle Cover for Blackstone grills only you’re using 17, 22, 28, or the 32-inch gas griddle. Otherwise, going for this one would not be that much efficient for you. 

Now, moving towards its perk, the cover has some of the overpowered features at random. It has been designed to be completely waterproof and weather resistant. Additionally, the cover is easy to wash and carry. You don’t have to freak out thinking of maintaining it. And many more pros have made this griddle cover the top-notch one. 

If you’re still confused, I would love to request you to follow the top features- 

i COVER Griddle Cover

Top Features 

  • Wind Proof 
  • UV Protection
  • Water-resistant 
  • Padded Handles
  • Easy to Maintain 

Check today’s price on Amazon

ManufacturerCover World
Product Dimensions64 x 22.5 x 35 inches
Item Weight3.45 pounds
Size36 inch Grill Cover
Available Size4 (36 in, 17 in, 22 in, 28 in)
Support PoleFree 12”
Padded HandlesDouble

Want to dig more into it? Let’s elaborate on the features to get a crystal clear idea about the griddle cover. 


The grill cover consists of a PVC coating that has made it completely waterproof. Whether it rains or floods, your grill or griddle will stay safe and fully away from the waters if you employ the cover.

Nonetheless, it also comes in with a double-bound edge that provides the utmost safety so that you can easily set it up and forget. 

Snug Fit

You might be wondering what if the cover doesn’t fits with your grill, right? Well, it has a snug fit property, allowing you to use this in a bit larger grills than the covers’ actual dimension. If you purchase the 32-inch one, you would be able to use it in 30-34 inches of gas grills. 

UV Protection

The cover has been made in such a way that it will allow your grill to get rid of ultraviolet rays, which come right in straight from the sun.

No matter how long you’re using the cover without washing it, this specific feature will make sure to give the cover always a brand-new look. The outer vinyl-coated fabric made the cover pretty much durable as well. 

Easy to Maintain 

For wiping out specks of dust from the surface of your grill cover, you can use any regular wipe that is abundant in the market. In case you don’t manage to find wipes, you can also use any regular stuff that can remove stain marks and dust.

In either way, the cover will glow like a new one and would produce a luster from all the way out.


In terms of compatibility, you would be able to find four different sizes of grill cover to use on your Blackstone griddle. I won’t alliterate the dimensions, as I previously mentioned once. 

But, as a matter of fact, you will be able to use the cover for large grills than its’ measurement. Is this sound like a fairy-tale? Not really; give it a shot then?


  • Portable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Saves the grill from water.
  • Protects the grill from UV rays.
  • Compatible to a variety of sizes


  • Leaks water most often
  • Using it will not be fortunate enough if you got larger or smaller grills than the mentioned sizes.

There it is. This is all I know about the following cover. Yet, it would be on the top position of my recommendation. And as an experienced gas grill user, it won’t be detrimental for you to adhere to my credentials. So, when are you buying this, though?

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Unicook Griddle Heavy Duty Cover for Blackstone

The griddle cover we will discuss now is from the well-known brand Unicook, and the cover’s made of synthetic fabric. Not to mention, the fabric is fully waterproof and comes along with an 8-inch support pole. Not all gas cover provides a support pole. It helps the cover get rid of water, and liquid does not reach the grill. 

Nevertheless, much more interesting and efficient features have made this cover good to go for users. 

unicook griddle cover

Top Features 

  • Fadeproof fabric 
  • No Water Leaking.
  • Minimal Dimension
  • An 8-inch support pole.
  • Water and UV resistant 

Check today’s price on Amazon

Product Dimensions66.5 x 22.5 x 26 inches
Item Weight4.62 pounds
Compatible for36 inch Blackstone Griddle
Support PoleYes
Sealed SeamYes

I would suggest you dig a bit more to know about all the features of the following griddle cover so that you can make proper decisions and end up purchasing one. 

Let’s elaborate on all these features without wasting time. 


Purchasing a low-key grill cover would bother you from every possible angle. The most common one is the color goes away every now and then and leaves a massive nuisance to the user. Sometimes, the color fades in such a way that it turns grey from black or even off-white from black. 

But, using the Unicook griddle cover won’t bother you in such ways because it consists of a fadeproof feature. No matter the situation, the cover will always maintain its real black color. And won’t get away easily. 

Support Pole 

Again, not every brand will provide you with support poles but Unicook. It will subdue the nuisance of pooling waters and reduce it to atoms. The 8-inch pooling stand will get the job done for you whenever it rains. 


Apart from pooling water, the cover will also have hydrophobic nature. A waterproof sealing tape seam comes with a cover that forbids water from getting into the core of the grill. 

You may be wondering what the fabric is doing then, right? The fabric is completely waterproof in the first place, but for making sure the entire phenomenon, the following feature has been added. 

Uniform Cover Dimension

The Unicook griddle cover has the dimension of 66.5 x 22.5 x 26 inches. Implies, you would not be able to use this to any of your grills but a specific one. 

So, before jumping right into purchasing it, make sure to validate your griddle’s size so that it doesn’t mess things up after purchasing. Also, make sure to select a bit large cover for the utmost fitting. 

UV Protection

The cover also protects the griddle from getting wrecked by ultraviolet rays. In open places where the sun directly shines, ultraviolet rays also venture.

And it is as deadly as rains or other fatal environmental repugnancies. Just put the cover onto your griddle and forget. The rest of the job will get done eventually.


  • Waterproof. 
  • UV Resistant.
  • Uniform dimension.
  • Color won’t fade away. 
  • The pooling stand helps the griddle from getting affected by water.


  • Water will get into the core if you fail to seal the tape.
  • It might get wrecked if you conserve it outside for a long time.

No matter what the worst part is, the cover is top-notch. You won’t get fluttered out using it, and if you maintain it a bit more carefully, you will be able to get rid of all the dark sides of it. I hope it comes to your help—best wishes to you, mate.

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OnlyFire Blackstone Griddle Weather Resistant Cover

The OnlyFire griddle cover roughly has two size variations. You can either use it for your 28-inch Blackstone or the 32-inch one. There’s no middle ground. But whatever it is, the cover will surely render you with a large compilation of features and, most of the time, with the utmost vibe of safety. 

First of all, it comes in with a very minimal dimension of 66 1/2″W x 22 1/2″D x 26″H, which will fit into your 28 or 32-inch Blackstone very easily. And not only Blackstone, but it would also easily fit with other popular gas grills or griddles without any further nuisance. Honorable mentions- weber, Jenn air, Brinkman, and Char-broil. 

Let’s get to the top features at a glance- 

Onlyfire griddle cover

Top Features 

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable Fabric 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Weather-resistant 

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions13.27 x 10.75 x 2.28 inches
Item Weight2.29 pounds
Fits forBlackstone 36″ griddle
Available Size36 in. & 28 in.
PolyesterHeavy-duty 600 D

Shall I elaborate on these features for your sake? Let me proceed then. 


Though it doesn’t matter how much weight the cover is carrying because you won’t carry only the cover but the entire griddle covered by the cover. Anyways, the cover weight is extremely miniature that you could even omit it for sure. It only weighs 2.29 extremely portable pounds. 


The OnlyFire griddle cover is fully waterproof and would get you free of hustles at any instance. On the flip, it dries so faster. You don’t have to bother much after washing it. It is the most vibrant part of using the following griddle cover. 


Now, this is the signature feature of using the OnlyFire griddle cover. No matter what’s happening outside of the covers’ surface, it could be rain, snowfall, dust floods, or anything; the cover will refrain everything from getting into the core of the grill. Also, the cover contains high-density stitching throughout the entire cover. 

Size Variations 

As I mentioned earlier, you will be able to use the cover in either or your 28 or 32-inch gas grill. No matter what, it will not disappoint you in terms of fitting. Even if your grill is sized less than the mentioned ones, you could buy it because the cover will fully fit in. 


Not just Blackstone, you could even use it in your weber or char-broil so adequately because the cover would fit in those too.

Implies, if you have more than one gas grill from several brands, you don’t have to purchase covers for each of them. With one cover, you can get everything done so easily. Now tell me, isn’t it worthwhile?


  • Waterproof 
  • Weighs less
  • Easy to Wash 
  • Size Variation 
  • Versatile Dimension


  • Leaks water after heavy rains. 
  • The locking clips attached to the cover get troublesome most often.

Following all the pros and cons, it’s your judgment whether you buy it or not. But as my personal experience of using the OnlyFire provided me with an exquisitely good experience that I won’t forget. You know all your comfort zone and weak points. So, it’s better to decide about it on your own. If you find it useful, don’t forget to let me know.

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SunPatio Heavy Duty Durable Cover for Griddle

SunPatio grill cover is another one that comes with a built-in pooling stand. And it has only two size variations. Small and large. The item dimensions for the following one are 66.5 x 22.5 x 26 inches and have only one color choice: black. 

To conclude the whole thing, I would say that this is most probably the appropriate one that you’re craving to use, as well as it would going to be extremely useful and durable for covering your griddle. 

In case you want to know more perks about this extraordinarily useful grill cover, I would recommend you to dig a bit more to know about the top features of it- 

sunpatio griddle cover

Top Features 

  • Fadeproof
  • Handless and Straps 
  • Waterproof Sealed Seam 
  • Uniform Cover Dimension
  • Comprehensive Support Pool

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Dimensions66.5 x 22.5 x 26 inches
Item Weight4.55 pounds
Fit forBlackstone 36 inch
Available Size2 (Small & Large)
Sealed SeamsWaterproof
Support PoleYes

Now, in this portion, I will explain each of the features for your sake so that you don’t miss any pseudo information. Give your proper focus and read the rest of the part. 

Fadeproof Materials 

Not to mention, the following cover is made of fadeproof materials that will provide you with a soothing vibe of gloss. It won’t act like other mediocre griddle covers existing in the market. 

Instead, no matter how often you wash it, the color won’t disappear easily. You will be able to get the soothing eye vibe each and every time you stare out of it. 

Support Pool

Again, this cover also has a pooling stand that will get you away from the waters. Not all covers will have the same facilities but SunPatio. If you don’t get wind of it, it would be a great loss for you, I must say. 

Waterproof Seam 

The sealed waterproof seam will always get your griddle covered no matter what. And it won’t allow any kind of minerals (water and others) no matter what the circumstance is. 

The sealed seam is made of special technology, and the fabric used for making it is also on top of the notch. I know you’re getting confused, and there’s no valuable suggestion that I can give you except suggesting to use the cover itself. 

Convenient Handles 

Some handless and straps have been come all the way along to the cover that will surely provide you with easy to put on and take off the cover. Also, some sturdy straps are attached to the cover that will make the fastening process easy for the cover and save the cover from blowing off. 

Durable Fabric 

The cover is fully made of polyester fabric that is extremely durable and waterproof. You can even cover the grill without properly reasoning it and still get the maximum compensation. The fabric won’t be torn apart easily, and get your job done by its’ fullest.


  • Easy to Clean 
  • FadeStop Feature 
  • Uniform Dimension
  • Built-in Support Pool 
  • Optimum Performance


  • It blows off the grill if you don’t plug the clip. 
  • Water soaks through the cover if you fail to seal the seam adequately.

Though it has deadly cons (mostly because of users’ stupidity), it has been on the top list of many grillers. I firmly believe, if you can manage yourself to omit all imbecility and can operate the cover correctly, you will benefit so splendidly from this.

NEXCOVER Heavy-Duty Blackstone Griddle Cover

The following one we are discussing is the last one for this article. A quote goes, “last one is always best.” So it is. The NEXTCOVER griddle cover has all the features that an overpowered cover should have contained. 

From built-in pooling stand to durable polyester-made interior and exterior, the cover contains everything in one package literally. In case you’re looking for the perfect griddle cover for regular use, I would love to suggest you use this one. 

Now, as I’m not the manufacturer who gave birth to this cover, you would not believe my words naturally. This is why I’ve come up with all the top features that the cover contains to provide you with a better view. 

NEXCOVER Griddle Cover

Top Features 

  • Waterproof
  • Size Variations
  • Wind-resistant
  • 12-inch Support Pool

Check today’s price on Amazon

Cover Dimensions64″W x 22.5″D x 35″H
Item Weight4.11 pounds
Fit forBlackstone 36″
Available Size2 (36 In. & 28 In.)
Pole SupportYes

Let’s talk about these features so that you can get a clear view- 

Support Pool

Probably the following cover contains the most extended pooling stand comparing others. In the first place, pooling stands won’t let waters gather onto the surface of the cover and make the grill dry from all the way out and even if the grill is not seasoned properly. The 12-inch support pool will always be there to keep your griddle away from anything evil. 


This is the most vital part of a grill cover, to be precise. Because the cover you’re using for getting rid of water doesn’t save your grill from water and specks of dust, what’s the point of using one, right? 

But, the NEXTCOVER would surely get your griddle covered all the time and make sure no water is soaking onto the core of the grill. 

Handless and Straps 

Some extraordinary built-in straps and handless have been attached to the cover to make sure the proper fitting. Not only fitting, whenever windfalls, but it will also keep your cover steady and make sure that it is not blowing off. 

But, be careful using these features. Carefully operate all the handless and straps, and don’t dare to leave any of these unused. Otherwise, the whole system will get wrecked. 

Cover Dimensions 

The NEXTCOVER griddle cover comes in 64″W x 22.5″ D x 35″H uniform dimension. However, it fits perfectly to 28-inch and 32-inch Blackstone.

Except for these two models, you would also be able to use the cover to grills smaller or a bit larger than the mentioned dimension. But, no matter what, make sure that you have followed all the precautions before jumping right into using it. 

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re still surfing in the ocean of confusion, this specific feature will lessen all your traumas down. In case you fail to operate any of the parts of the cover due to any manufacturer inconvenience, you can easily return the product to the manufacturer and undergo 100% money back.

However, the return policy normally follows the company’s terms and conditions. But, it’s a bold move indeed.


  • Fadeproof 
  • Support Pole
  • Water-resistant
  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • Various dimensions of sizes.


  • The cover is a bit big-sized in terms of height.
  • Can leak rainwater if not adequately seasoned.

There it is. And that’s all about NEXCOVER. I hope you find it interesting, and it was a good read for you. Also, I firmly believe that you’re preparing yourself to buy one. Congratulations to you if you’ve already made the decision. And good luck.

How To Select The Best Cover For Blackstone Griddle

To be honest, picking up the best cover for your Blackstone griddle is not as easy as it seems. Instead, you have to look forward to some of the basic key considerations before jumping right into selecting the appropriate one.

 If you fail to complete the step and select one randomly, your nuisance won’t get any bound. 

To lessen your nuisance, I have come up with some key considerations that you must look forward to while selecting the griddle cover to get the maximum performance out of it. Let’s dig into the main point without further ado…


Though, weight is not mandatory to look after. But, if you want a carryable cover, you must look after the weight. There are umpteenth of good-grade griddle cover that weighs extremely less. 

You can select any of those according to your budget and requirement. Do follow the grill requirements and make sure that the cover is adjustable to your grill. Otherwise, it would be an utter waste. 


If your griddle cover is not fade-resistant, you should not use this. In my opinion, fadeproof covers provide longer health to the cover.

Additionally, using a fadeproof one would provide you with an extremely comfortable eye smoothness. Later on, your cover will spread luster like insane that you won’t believe it. 

Support Pole

Arguably this is the most important feature of a griddle cover. Without this, a cover is nearly incomplete. In the first place, the pole provides the utmost dryness to the griddle and prevents water from getting into the grill’s core. 

Moreover, it doesn’t allow water to gather in one place that can eventually make things messy. In either way, it’s efficient. So make sure that the cover you’re purchasing has this feature. 


Not going to lie; it’s the most important feature of all. To be precise, this is the main feature that you must have in your griddle cover. Without it, your grill cover will have no value. 

If your cover soaks water into it and drenches the griddle, then I don’t think you got any points of using a cover. On the flip, there’s no cover that doesn’t have this feature. More or less, every grill contains this feature and provides users with it. 

Then again, crosscheck the manual and make sure before you purchase. Otherwise, your money will not be going to be worth it. 


Finally, we have come to the verge of this article. Till now, we have discussed six different griddle covers. Elaborated the top features of each griddle cover and discussed their pros and cons. Lastly, we have looked forward to the key considerations for buying a griddle cover. I firmly believe you don’t have any further confusion regarding the best cover for Blackstone griddle. I know you’ve already decided which one you would purchase. But then again, if you still surf into confusion, give this article one more read so that you get everything more intensely.

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