What Size Grill Cover Do I Need – Grill Cover Sizes

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The grill cover renders a complete shield to the grill and provides users with the utmost safety of their grill. Now, is it even a thing to use? Or, what size grill cover do I need? This constant question always remains. I have tried to answer all the requisite questions regarding the following topic, from dimensions to quality.

As grill covers provide your grill with a massive rid of unforeseen objects, you need to know all about it. After reading the article, you will get all the answers at random and can finally select an appropriate grill cover by yourself.

Let’s jump right to the core without wasting more time-

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need?

In the first place of selecting a grill cover, make sure to choose a slightly larger cover than the actual size of your grill. The slight refers to more or less 1-2 inches. Not more than that, not even less, either.

On the flip side, try to select a shorter cover than your grill height unless it consists of any chimney. For reducing water buildup, this technique is highly effective.

However, It would be best if you looked after all the things mentioned below as well.

Measuring the Grills’ Height

To measure the grills’ height, start from the ground to the top of the grill. It would provide you with an accurate measurement of height.

In case you’re using a smoker grill that contains a chimney, measure the chimney height as well. And, go for selecting a bit larger cover than the height of your grill so that the entire grill gets adequately covered.

For example, if your grill’s height is 56-58 inches, you can go for purchasing a grill cover that is 60-inch in terms of height.

Measuring the Grills’ Length

For measuring the length, you can start to measure from one side of the grill to the other side. In other words, you can measure from edge to edge. Most often, the grill you’re using might have some attached shelves and side burners. 

Don’t forget to measure them, too. Because you’re not only covering the real-time grill but everything regarding it. You can select the Ravenna Patio Grill Top Cover if your grill length is 37-inch.

For instance, there are umpteenth of models that you might look forward to. Just select the appropriate one that omits your requirement. 

Measuring the Grills’ Width

Measuring width is as much important as others. Go for measuring from the front side to the grills’ backside. Give it a complete round, and you will get to know the width of the grill.

The width is often considered as the depth of the grill. It’s the horizontal dimension of the grill. 

Here’s to some more hacks and tips for selecting grill cover according to the size-

  • Sketch a prior shape in your notebook or anywhere else so that you can visualize the picture of your grill’s shape. 
  • Check the illustration that comes with the package and ensure if your grill has the same dimension or not.
  • Lots of grill cover size charts are surfing out there on the internet that might come to your help. Try to choose your shape and be sure about it fully before you make a purchase. Otherwise, if the manufacturer abdicates for a refund, you will surely get into trouble.
  • Last but not least, always go for selecting a large one for having a fit grill covering. 

Now, all you have to do is follow the measuring method to measure the grill adequately and after getting done with the measurement, choose an appropriate grill cover that matches your grill size. This is it, and you’re done!

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Types of Grill Cover You Can Use

There are different types of fabrics in the market. According to all the reviews, the polyester and the vinyl fabric are the best as grill covers. 

Polyester Grill Cover

Polyester is a good fabric for a grill cover. It is not absorbent so that it will not catch water thoroughly. It takes shape just the same as the grill’s body so that it looks good. It is synthetic and does not catch excessive dust. Polyester fabric is very smooth to use and durable. So, this can be your choice.

Vinyl Grill Cover

Vinyl fabric is mostly known as waterproof and heat resistant material. The heat-resistant quality gives excellent protection to the grill. This kind of fabric does not let the dust come. It is the best suitable fabric for a grill cover. It is rugged so that it will not leave any scratch on the grill while using it. 

So, if you are looking for a good grill cover, you can choose polyester or vinyl fabric as the base.

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Are All Grill Covers the Same

Hopefully, the answer to this question is known to all. And it is a big no. All grill covers are not the same. All of them may look similar, but their quality and inner materials are way too different. A good grill cover makes the grill look newer for a long time. 

Different manufacturers make the grill covers differently. They use different materials, designs, and inner textures that make each grill cover different from each other. That is why we can say that all the grill covers are not the same.

What are the Best Grill Covers In The Market

Grill covers are needed to be used when you are not using the grill. The cover protects the grill from getting rusty. The good-quality grill covers are made of heavy-duty and premium materials. 

There are a few grill covers that are loved by the customers and will be worth your money. These are-

  • Classic Accessories Veranda grill cover
  • Char-Broil Performance grill cover
  • Traeger 34 Series Full-Length grill cover
  • Pit Boss 820 grill cover
  • Weber Premium Charcoal grill cover
  • Abba Patio Outdoor grill cover
  • Unicook Premium Universal grill cover
  • Garden Home Outdoor Heavy-duty grill cover
  • Yukon Glory 7553 Premium cover

These grill covers are ruling the market now. If you are confused and not finding the perfect cover to secure your grill, you can undoubtedly try any of these grill covers.

How to Select Perfect Grill Cover

Choosing the perfect grill cover seems to be a difficult task, but actually, it is not so. Many grill covers share similar qualities. You need to select the right one for your grill. 

Before selecting a perfect grill cover, you need to know a few important things. These are-

  • Knowing the Dimensions

At first, you need to know the detailed dimensions of your outdoor grill. Then you have to select the cover that is 1 or 2 inches wider than the grill. It will make the accurate fitting. 

You can even customize the design and the size according to your need. Few manufacturers allow doing so. The perfectly fit grill covers give the grill perfect protection.

  • Selecting the Material

To make a product durable for a long time, the material should be good. As a grill cover, the vinyl and polyester fabrics are well enough. These are waterproof, dustproof, and loved by their consumers. 

These lightweight fabrics keep your grill safe no matter how extreme the weather can be. So, try to select the grill cover that consists of these fabrics.

  • Features

Knowing the features of the grill cover you are choosing is very important. Air vents are needed as they keep the moisture away to make the grill rust-free.

You should check that the grill cover brings some straps with it or not because straps are necessary to grip the cover tightly. The pockets of the cover can be used to keep other items too. So, a multi-working grill cover would be nice if you could buy it. 

  • Budget-friendly

Many makers of grill covers demand too high. But the good news is that there are now many budget-friendly grill covers. Buying those will be worth your money. You will find some good-quality grills that have premium features and an affordable budget. You can go for them. 

If you search for these mentioned qualities in the grill cover you want to buy, you will find the perfect and suitable cover for your grill. 

This is how you can select the perfect grill cover.

Is It Better to Cover a Grill or Leave It Uncovered

It is better to cover a grill. Though covering is not mandatory, it is good to do so. An uncovered grill easily grasps dust; the moisture of the weather makes it greasy. If you use an outdoor grill and leave it uncovered all the time, it will become rusty and less durable day by day.

A grill stays good if it is covered when unused. Many of you will find buying a grill cover unnecessary, but actually, it is really important. Do you want to know why? 

Let me explain it to you.

  • A perfect-sized grill cover keeps your grill protected in all weather. Whether it is scorching heat or heavy rain, the cover protects the grill nicely. 
  • The outer portion of your grill will not be damaged because of extreme heat. The heat-resistant cover will work for you.
  • The vents of the cover will maintain the air pass to prevent the greasiness of the grill. This will allow the grill to absorb dirt and pollution. 
  • The grill cover increases the durability and life span of your grill. A covered grill stays secured and safe from external unwanted and unclean things. 
  • If you have set your grill in your lawn or backyard, a grill cover is necessary. It will protect your grill from any chemicals or beetles, or any other harmful things.
  • If you do not cover your grill when it is not in use, then it will be hard to clean it as it will grasp all the dirt from outside. 

I hope these reasons are enough to make you feel why you should cover your grill. So, buy an affordable and good-quality grill cover and use it when the grill is not in use. Do not leave the grill uncovered. 

What Material Are Grill Covers Made Of

Grilling is an adventure. To enjoy this adventure, your grill needs to be safe and protected all the time. Grill covers are a good choice to protect your grill from external elements that can harm it. If we talk about any grill cover, we have to talk about every single item or material the cover is made of. 

Let’s know which kind of materials are grill covers made of-

  • Suitable Fabric

Different grill covers are made of different kinds of fabrics. But you must buy the one that is made of good quality fabric. If you think that regular cloth fabric is okay for your grill, then you are wrong. Cloth fabric is harmful to your grill in the rainy season as it absorbs water and makes the inner side moist and greasy. 

The grill covers used in the outdoor grills are generally made of vinyl, canvas, or polyester fabric. These fabrics are waterproof and work as a nice safeguard in any season. 

It does not absorb water; it does not let the rainwater go inside and create unwanted moisture. The fabric is rugged so that you find it smooth to use. Buy the grill cover that is made of these materials for sure.

  • Inner Lining

The grill cover’s inner lining defines how the grill cover will look when you make it worn on the grill. This shape gives the grill a cozy warmth and enhances the outer look of the grill.

  • Built-in Straps

Straps are worked as clips. Not all cover has built-in straps. But built-in straps are a very good point. It lets the fabric stick with the grill all the time so that heavy wind can’t blow it away. This sturdy feature denotes a premium vibe to the cover. 

So, as you have read, these are the materials that a grill cover is made of. Now you have to find the right kind of grill cover that will sit perfectly on your grill. Measure your grill’s dimensions deeply and search for the perfect cover.

When To Use Grill Cover

You need to know that a grill should be covered with a cover when it is hot. You should not cover it all the time. You may cover it when you are not using the grill. Furthermore, you should not cover it just after the usage of the grill. 

At first, let the grill be cool for a while. When you can touch the grill with your hand, you can cover it with a nice grill cover. 

A covered grill becomes less dirty than any other uncovered grills. Grill covers keep the grills safe and enhance their durability and longevity. Nowadays, people use grills that are made of stainless steel. These grills are must be kept under cover when not in use. 

Otherwise, the outer part will be rusty too soon. The more you keep your grill covered with a good quality grill cover, the less unclean it will be. So, keep your grill covered to ensure healthy and safe cooking.


Outdoor grilling is enjoyable enough if the grill is hygienic and safe. To ensure the grill’s safety and hygiene, a grill cover is needed. To make the safety accurate, the size of your grill cover should be accurate too. 

I hope, now the question of your mind that what size grill cover do I need is gone. If you roll your eyes on the article for once, you will be able to choose the perfect grill cover for your grill. 

Buying a grill cover and using it perfectly is the most important and valuable investment you can make. An affordable grill cover is not a matter of loss; rather that it will keep your grill safe from unwanted dust and harmful chemicals. A grill cover that can keep the grill safe in any weather is all a grill owner wants. 

So, do not delay buying this thing. Invest now and enjoy cooking!