Best Insulation Blanket For Smoker (Pit Boss, Traeger Grills, Masterbuilt, Camp Chef & Z Grills)

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Using BBQ in the winter or low-temperature is a kind of a mess as the heat loss makes an issue. As a result, the problem can be solved by using an Insulation Blanket.

To protect your smoker from dust and other elements, this will be a perfect addition you may invest. There are so many brands available of insulation blankets in the market that it may get tough to pick the best insulation blanket for smoker among them. 

In addition, there are some factors as well that you may need to think about before purchasing one.

Best Insulation Blanket For Smoker (Top 6 Picks)

You should get an insulation blanket based on the size of your smoker. The product should fit well with your smoker. The article will guide you to pick the ideal insulation blanket for smokers.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key Feature Insulated Blanket for Pit Boss SmokerInsulated Blanket for Traeger GrillsBlanket for Davy Crockett grill
MaterialPolyurethaneHigh-Quality FabricHigh-quality material
Weight9.68 lbs12.51 lbs1.38 Kilograms
Compatible withPit Boss 1000 Series, 1000 Traditions, 1000SC Grill ModelsTraeger Grill 34 Series, Fits All Texas & Pro 780 grillsDavy Crockett grill models
Available Size741
The HallmarksDurability, All year ultimate protection, Temp. maintaining capacity & Fire-ResistantHeat holding capacity, Ultimate protection, Value for Money, Easy InstallationComplete security, High-quality material, Longevity, Giftable, Value for money
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Hisencn Thermal Outdoor Proof Insulated Blanket – Pit Boss 1000 Series

The fire-resistant blanket from Hisencn will be a durable choice for your smoker. This product will withstand harsh weather, and the blanket is designed to maintain a consistent temperature as well. There won’t be any heat loss due to the build structure of this blanket. 

Hisencn Insulation Blanket comes with premium fiberglass fabric that is water, fire, and oil resistant. You won’t have any hassle while covering your smoker with this blanket, as the product includes magnets and mounting holes to provide it with a stable position.

Hisencn Thermal Outdoor Proof Insulated Blanket

Top Features

  • Simple to assemble
  • Will withstand harsh weather
  • Three-layer to reduce heat loss
  • Velcro handle for easy operation
  • Maintain a consistent temperature
  • Has magnets to hold a stable position

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions48 x 16.5 x 3 inches
Weight8.98 pounds
Available Sizes7 Sizes are available

Using this product will surely enhance the durability of your grill if you are concerned about the size, there is no need to worry as there are various sizes available for this product.

Check out the detailed features of Hisencn Grill Insulated Blanket

Easy Operation

Installing the insulation blanket may sound a bit complex to you. Hisencn Grill Thermal Insulated Blanket comes with easy install and disassembles so that you won’t have any hassle while storing it for the next use. 

There are also magnets and mounting holes to ensure the blanket stays in the position it should be. The metal rings will completely wrap around the main hood for total security.

Glass Fiber Filling

The blanket has a glass fiber filling with three different layers that will reduce heat loss. The fiber made this product fire, water, and oil resistant. You will have durable use of this blanket because of this premium build quality.

The blanket is tested to withstand tough weather conditions thus there should not be any doubt about the outdoor durability. 


As you are going to use this insulation blanket for your smoker, the fire-resistant feature would be one of the top facts that you should prioritize. Hisencn Grill Thermal Insulated Blanket is fire-resistant, and the outer layer will save the blanket from the heat of the fire.

Quick Temp Jump

The blanket is thermally insulated with a PU coating on the outer layer. This coating will reflect the grill heat. In addition, the middle layer will reduce heat loss that will allow the blanket to store the heat inside. 

This will also help the smoker to reach the ideal temperature efficiently. By minimizing the heat, you are going to use fewer pellets and fuel. That means the product is going to save your time as well. 

Size Variations

The insulation blanket has different size variations available that can be selected while purchasing the product. The mentioned blanket will fit Pit Boss 1000 series grills. There are insulation blankets available for other series also.

If you are using Pit Boss 800 series, you may check Insulated Blanket for 800 Series Grills. There are blankets available for the series Pit Boss 700 & 110 as well.

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Uniflasy High-Quality Insulated Blanket – Traeger Grills 34 Series

If you are looking for quality material at a decent price then you should definitely try this insulated blanket from Uniflasy. This product comes with advanced features that will indeed protect your smoker from any extreme weather conditions. Uniflasy Insulated blanket requires fewer fuel pellets thus, you will be able to minimize the heat loss. 

For Traeger smokers, this one will be the perfect choice with the premium performance. You should not worry about the perfect fitting as there are variations available with multiple dimensions thus, you will be able to pick the one that matches your smoker.

Uniflasy High-Quality Insulated Blanket

Top Features

  • Easy to put on
  • Requires fewer fuel pellets
  • Build with high-quality fabrics
  • An ideal choice for winter BBQ
  • Less expensive than usual blankets
  • It stays in top condition in any weather

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions42 x 17.25 x 3 inches
Weight12.51 pounds
Available Size4 Sizes are available

The blanket will be easy to put on your grill with perfect protection. The heat-loss prevention made this blanket a top choice for winter bbq.

Have a glance at the detailed features of Uniflasy Insulated Blanket

High-Quality Materials

The insulated blanket comes with three heat-resistant materials, which function as a barrier between the weather and the grill. You will be required to use fewer numbers of fuel, especially in cold outdoor temperatures. There will be consistent temperature doesn’t matter how the weather is.

Easy Put On

The blankets will have an easy fit on your smoker. There are hooks to hang on the edge of the grills. You will have a solid fit by using magnets that will help you to wrap the blanket perfectly.

Save Pallets Fuel

There is a PU-coated fiberglass fabric in the blanket that will reduce the heat loss to store most of the heat inside the grill chamber. The smoker will reach the required temperature within the shortest possible time. 

This makes you save pellet fuel while cooking. Because of these handy features, Uniflasy will be a perfect insulation blanket for pellet smokers.

Numerous Dimensions

If you are confused about whether the blanket will fit your smoker or not, there are multiple models available with different dimensions. You can easily pick up the one you need. There is a detailed dimension box while purchasing that you can crossmatch with your smoker. 

All the products come with the same features so don’t worry about the effectiveness of the blankets. There are insulation blankets available for Traeger 34 & 22 Series. You will get blankets for the Traeger All Texas version as well.

Best for Winter BBQ

BBQ in winter is kind of a mess because of the temperature fluctuations. Using this blanket will make your BBQ smooth as the product will make your dish ready in less time than usual.

The blanket will burn fewer pellets as well. Uniflasy Thermal Insulator will become a must-needed material for your winter BBQ if you use it for once.

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Green Mountain Grills Heavy-Duty Insulation Blanket 

This product from Green Mountain Grill is another great insulated blanket with heavy-duty performance and weather-resistant features. The blanket comes with a durable build quality that will surely provide you with a long-lasting performance. 

If you are struggling to maintain the grill temperature in the cold, using this blanket will solve your problem. You will be able to save pellets as well to make your grill hot fast. The thermal blanket will provide you with a satisfying performance that you will definitely enjoy.

Green Mountain Grills Heavy-Duty Insulation Blanket

Top Features

  • Sewn-in magnets for a perfect fit
  • Maintain the temperature in the cold
  • Completely wraps around to cover well
  • Build with durable materials for longevity
  • Can be used for Crockett/Daniel grill models

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions20 in. x 14.6 in. x 2.3 in.
Weight1.38 Kilograms

Green Mountain Grill blanket is crafted with high-quality materials thus there won’t be an issue of durability. The product is designed to fit most of the grill models so you’ll be able to easily fit this one into your grill.

If you are interested to know more about Green Mountain Blanket check the detailed features below –

Davy Crockett / Daniel Boone

The blanket will fit well with Crockett grill models.  There are two variations of Crockett grills, Choice and Prime. The blanket will fit with both. If you have any other model, no need to worry as the blanket can be used for any grill with 219-square inches.

There is another variant for the Daniel Boone grills. This one will be compatible with smokers with 432-square inches.

Sewn-in Magnets

Most of the time, it became quite tough to wrap the blanket perfectly in the grill. To solve this issue, there are sewn-in magnets in the blanket that will help you to wrap the blanket well.

This will keep the grill safe and dry during extreme weather. There are mounting holes as well to allow the blanket to withstand tough situations.

Complete Security

The blanket will provide your grill with complete security from any dust or other materials. As the thermal blanket wraps completely the grill’s hood and body thus your grill will have total security by using this product.

Green Mountain Grills Thermal Blankets are crafted from high-quality materials to provide you with a long usage without any defects.

Maintain Consistent Temperature

The premium build quality of the blanket will ensure a consistent temperature outdoors. There is a protective outer layer that will save the smoker from heat loss to maintain a top condition even in harsh weather.

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Insulation Blanket for Masterbuilt Smoker -32 Inch

Masterbuilt is one of the oldest manufacturers in the insulated blanket industry. They are delivering some of the best quality products in the market. Masterbuilt MB20100513 is a top-quality blanket that will surely satisfy you with solid performance. The blanket contains all the required features that made it one of the ideal choices for smokers. 

Using this product will allow you to enjoy smoked food all year long. This product will deliver you the best performance while used in a condition of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or less. 

Masterbuilt insulated blanket will fit any Masterbuilt digital electric smoker using interchangeable panels.

masterbuilt insulated smoker blanket

Top Features

  • Solid build quality 
  • Stays in a consistent heat 
  • An ideal choice for winter weather
  • Compatible with Masterbuilt smokers
  • Interchangeable panels for adjustment
  • It uses less energy and provides the same heat

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions16.54 x 17.72 x 29.92 inches
Weight2.68 Pounds

There are three different panels for the top to adjust the model with your grill. Thus, if your smoker is from Masterbuilt, then you may pick this blanket without any doubt. 

Interested to know more about this Masterbuilt smoker blanket? Check the features below –

Masterbuilt Smoker

If you are using a Masterbuilt Smoker, this product will fit your grill perfectly. There are interchangeable panels that can be used for adjusting the blanket with any Masterbuilt Model.

There are two variations of this Masterbuilt smoker insulation blanket. One comes with a 32-inch, and the other one comes with a 40-inch width. 

Well Built

The build quality of the insulated blanket is one of the significant features that you should always consider while purchasing one.

Masterbuilt insulated blanket is built well and will last for years for sure. The product doesn’t weigh much but has a durable build structure that will enable you to use it comfortably.

Winter Smoking

If you want to enjoy smoked food in the winter season, you may consider this blanket. The blanket will provide you with consistent heat in the winter season. While using the smoker outside, there won’t be any loss of heat, and you will have a constant temperature all the time. 

This will save you from heat loss as well. As the blanket is for electric smokers, you are going to save power by using this product. The insulation blanket for electric smokers will indeed make you cook perfectly.


Your grill will have a safe cover by using this blanket. The premium build quality of this blanket will protect your grill from any harsh weather. In addition, the blanket will completely wrap your blanket all around. 

Make sure you’re purchasing the ideal variant for your smoker that will wrap the smoker exactly how it should be.

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Hisencn Insulation Fire-Resistant Blanket for Camp Chef 24 inch 

This is one of the top insulation blankets from Hisencn. The blanket is made of special fade-resistant fabric and includes innovative features that will provide your grill solid protection in every season. Using the blanket will enhance the lifetime of your grill. 

The product is made with multiple layers with a PU coating that makes the blanket fire and water-resistant. There is inner insulation used in the middle to reduce heat loss. Hisencn solved one of the major problems of an insulation blanket that is to wrap the grill completely.

Hisencn Insulation Fire-Resistant Blanket

Top Features

  • Excellent Temperature stability
  • Snow-proof blanket for winter use
  • Can be folded to store for next use
  • PU-Coated fiberglass for durable use
  • Inner insulation cotton to reduce heat loss
  • Includes magnets to wrap the grill perfectly

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions26.2 x 15.8 x 3.3 inches
Weight7.54 pounds
Available models8

There are magnets used in the blanket that will help you to cover the grill. This is one of the most portable insulation blankets as the product can be folded. Thus, you will be able to store it conveniently. 

Find out more amazing features of Hisencn Grill Insulated Blanket

Fire Resistant

The product is designed to resist fire and harsh conditions. There won’t be any such problem in any weather. Hisencn Grill Thermal Insulated Blanket is built with three different layers that are fire-resistant. Thus, your blanket will be completely safe for smokers.

Minimize Heat Loss

Minimizing the heat loss allows you to save fuel. This will also save you time as well. Especially if you are using the smoker in winter or cold conditions, this feature will surely save a lot for you. The outer layer of this blanket will trap the heat inside, that will minimize the heat loss.   


As you’re not going to use the blanket all the time, you may want to store the blanket in any place when it’s not required. The blanket is designed for convenient use. 

You will be able to fold the blanket to store for the next use. This feature will allow you to keep the blanket as new. The foldable option allows you to store the blanket handily.

PU Coated Fiberglass

There is polyurethane in short PU coating in the outer layer of the blanket. This allows the device to withstand extreme conditions. This is what makes the product more durable. 

The fiberglass will help the blanket to reach the optimum temperature within the shortest possible time. The design made it easier for you to fit the blanket on most of the smoker models.


The blanket is compatible with most of the smoker models. The model can be used with SmokePro DLX, XT, SE, SG, and STX models. Thus, if you are using a SmokePro smoker, you should definitely try this blanket.

The blanket can be used with Woodwind smokers as well. Hisencn Grill Thermal Insulated Blanket is compatible with both Woodwind Classic and SG smokers.

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Insulation Blanket for Z GRILLS 700 Series

Z Grills is one of the finest thermal insulation blankets available in the market. The above-mentioned product from Z Grills comes with so many features that you’re definitely gonna love this product. Your grill will stay warm at any temperature because of the protection from the blanket. 

The insulated blankets from this manufacturer are customized for most of the grills models. So, it will be compatible with your grill model comfortably. As the product saves pellets, there won’t be any problem with fuels. 

You are going to save a significant amount of fuel for your next use. The blanket comes with a perfect shape that will fit the grill snugly and save the grill from bbq flowing.

z grills thermal insulation blanket

Top Features

  • Gets to dial temperature fast
  • Reduces the number of pellets
  • Includes unique magnetic design
  • Protect the grill from bbq flowing
  • Compatible with most grill models
  • The blanket maintains a consistent temperature

Check today’s price on Amazon

Weight6.2 pounds
Available models5

This will be a great insulation blanket for Bradley smokers. Purchasing this product will be a great choice and will be worth every single penny you’re investing.

Pellet Saver

Z Grills Thermal Insulation Blanket will keep your grill warm in any temperature condition. This will make your cooking done by using fewer number pellets.

Thus, you will be able to save fuels that will save your time as well. The insulated blanket will be an ideal addition during cold temperatures to have maximum fuel efficiency.


The insulated blanket can be considered one of the most versatile blankets available in the market. You will be able to cover your grill easily with this blanket.

The blanket is tailored to suit most of the grills. Z Grills blanket is customized to cover your grill snugly that will protect your grill from all dust or bbq flowing.

Consistent Heat

Getting consistent heat during bbq or cooking will make your dish perfectly cooked. The blanket will deliver you consistent heat during cooking.

There is a protective layer used on the outside of this blanket that will shield the smoker from fire or other elements. You are going to have safe cooking in harsh weather.

Unique Design

Sometimes a well-featured blanket fails to provide a premium service because of the bad design. You should not worry about this fact while using the Z GRILLS thermal insulation blanket. The product is perfectly designed for grills. 

The magnetic design will surely wrap up the device grill completely to deliver you the best performance. The built-in magnets are heat-resistant as well to ensure a more effective attachment.

What To Look Before You Buy A Insulation Blanket For Your Smoker

Insulation Blanket is a common addition to enhance the durability of your smoker as the product will protect your grill in harsh conditions and from bbq flowing as well. 

If you are confused while choosing an insulation blanket, here are some common features that you should consider – 

Build Quality

A premium build quality will provide you with a better service than an ordinary blanket. The blankets mentioned above are manufactured by some of the best companies in the world. The layer of the insulation should have standard material that will withstand heat and water. 

Heat Loss

An Insulating blanket should trap the heat inside while using it in cold weather. This will help you to reduce the heat loss while using it in outdoor bbq. PU-coated layers are perfect for a consistent temperature as the layer works as a shield for the inner heat.

Convenient Use

There are insulated blankets available that can be folded for the next use. This will allow you to store the blanket easily after use. A foldable blanket will enhance the longevity of the product.

Size Variations

Before purchasing the blanket, make sure that blanket will fit well with your smoker. There are clear dimensions available on the websites of the manufacturer that can be checked while purchasing.

In addition, most manufacturers design multiple variants of sizes for the grills so that you can pick the exact size you need.

Perfect Design

Sometimes, a perfect dimension is not enough. If there are magnets and other functions for attachment, then it will be easier to fit it in the grill. The magnets can be used to wrap the grill completely. This will allow you to make sure the blanket is giving your grill solid protection.

What Is Insulation Blanket For Smoker

An insulation Blanket is an equipment used to wrap the smoker to protect it from bbq flowing and extreme conditions. The blanket is also an essential addition to the winter season. During cold weather, it’s quite tough to maintain consistent heat in the smoker. 

The insulation blanket helps the smoker to have a consistent temperature without any heat loss. You are going to save the pellets as well by using an insulation blanket. If you are using the smoker at a normal temperature, you may not need an insulation blanket. 

Using the smoker in freezing weather outdoors will require you an insulation blanket for sure. The insulation blanket also protects the grill from dust and rust. It enhances the durability of the grill or smoker.

Importance of Using Insulation Blanket for Smoker

The importance of an insulating blanket is huge. This budget-friendly product is saving your grill from extreme conditions and allowing it to save your fuels as well. Have a glance at the detailed breakdown below –

  • Perfect Cook

A consistent temperature is crucial for a perfectly cooked meal while using a smoker. Using insulation blankets will make sure you’re getting a consistent temperature all the time you are cooking on the smoker. The product will also save your fuels while cooking. 

  • Durable Grill

As the blanket is protecting your grill from harsh conditions, your grill is going to have a better life than usual. Most of the blankets are fire and oil-resistant. Thus, you won’t have any problem while cooking. The blanket also saves your grill from bbq flowing as well.

  • Save Pellets 

Insulated blankets maintain a consistent temperature while cooking. In addition, the blanket helps to reach the optimum temperature quickly. Thus, you will require less time while cooking. This will save your fuel, and if you are using an electric smoker, you are going to save energy.

Though there are so many advantages of using an insulation blanket, these are some of the major features that will make you realize the importance of using an insulation blanket for smokers.

How To Clean After Using

You should clean your insulation blanket in a proper way to save it for your next use. Here are some instructions that you may follow while cleaning your insulation blanket –

First of all, always try to clean the blanket in a gentle way. Wash the blanket within the shortest possible time. It’s recommended to use a mild laundry detergent while cleaning the blanket. Do not use bleach or any other chemicals that may damage the surface of the blanket.

You won’t be required to clean the whole blanket while cleaning. Only wash the spot where you find stains or oil. There are blankets available with oil-resistant features, and you may try them to avoid oil stains on the blanket surface.

After the wash is done, make sure to dry the blanket completely. Don’t fold or store the blanket without drying it completely. If you are using a foldable blanket, you can fold the blanket and store it conveniently. 

How to Store for Next Uses

This depends on the blanket model. After the use, check if there are any oil stains or defects that may need to be fixed. If there are stains, you should wash them gently with detergent.  Dry it completely in the sun. 

If your blanket is foldable, then there is no need to worry. Just fold the blanket as it should be and store it in a dry place. If the blanket is not foldable, you may roll the blanket and store it. 

Some of the blankets come with an extra cover. You can roll and store in the cover as well. Using the blanket regularly will be better for the blanket. Do not compress the insulating blanket while storing as this may damage the effectiveness. The compressing will also damage the inner layers as well. 

What type of insulation is used in smokers?

Insulation for smokers is made of aluminum that is covered with fabric or silicon. Most of the insulation blanket includes multiple layers to trap the heat.

Is a smoker blanket worth it?

Sure it is. You will be able to save fuel and cook with more ease. A smoker blanket will make you able to save charcoal or pellets for your BBQ.

Do I need a blanket for my smoker?

If you are using the smoker in winter or extreme weather, you may need a blanket for your smoker. The blanket will save your smoker from dust and rust as well. In addition, you will be able to save fuel while cooking on the smoker by using a blanket. 

What material should thermal insulation be?

Well, there is thermal insulation available with different materials. Aerogel is the most expensive one with premium performance. However, fiberglass is also a suitable insulation type with standard performance.


The article tried to cover each and every confusion about insulation blankets. You will have a complete guideline by going through this article. Make sure you check the features carefully before purchasing an insulating blanket. Purchase a suitable blanket that satisfies your requirement with the features. An insulating blanket with premium build quality and consistent temperature will be a wise pick for a customer.

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