Best Butcher Paper For Smoking Meat (My Top 6 Picks)

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Butcher paper is quite popular compared to foil papers as it has some advantages for smoking meat or other dishes. The foil paper completely prevents the smoke from coming inside, where the butcher paper adds a smoky flavor to the meat inside. This is why if you use the best butcher paper for smoking, you’ll have the best flavor in your dish.

You should use a quality butcher paper that maintains the quality and does add an amazing flavor to the dish while smoking.

You will get a slice of juicy and tender meat with an amazing taste which is actually not so easy to achieve using any butcher paper substitute. There are some additional features that make butcher paper worth purchasing.

In this article, I picked the top 6 butcher papers that you may consider choosing for smoking.

6 Best Butcher Paper For Smoking You Can Go For

The top 6 were picked based on the quality they’re providing. The butcher papers mentioned in this article come from top manufacturers and have the features to make your smoking taste amazing. 

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key Feature ComparisonBryco Pink Butcher Paper RollMeat Hugger Pink Butcher PaperWhite Butcher Paper Roll
Food GradeYesYesYes
Size18 inch & 24 inch24 Inch by 150 Feet17.25 Inch by 175 Feet
Best forSmoking, Cooking, Freezing, Wrapping & Texas CrutchSmoking Meat, Cooking, & Wrapping MeatSmoking, Meat Packing, & Wrapping
The HallmarksDurability, Versatility, Easy to use & UncoatedSturdiness, Durability Rustic Look & Great FlavorMulti-Purpose, Easy Handling, Sheerness & Durability
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

There is no wax coating or any such harmful coating used on the papers. However, know your requirements, read the detailed reviews and features, and then choose the best one for your smoke cooking adventure-

BRYCO GOODS Food Grade Pink Butcher Paper

With 100% natural virgin pulps, BRYCO GOODS Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll keeps the flavor and purity of your meats. The product comes with different size variants that can be used for a variety of applications. There is no chemical coating used in the paper to make sure you are not getting any harmful ingredients with your food. 

The pink-colored butcher paper comes with reinforced strength that allows you to smoke meats for hours without any leakage. This quality butcher paper will ensure leakage-free smoking for every single use.

BRYCO GOODS pink butcher paper

Top Features – 

  • 100% food grade
  • Non-stick design for easy removal
  • Large size for multiple applications
  • Unbleached, unwaxed, and uncoated
  • Ideal for cooking, smoking, freezing, and wrapping

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions18 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches
Weight3.5 Pounds

As the butcher paper comes in pink color, it can be used for arts and crafts as well. The multi-functional paper will surely make your smoking experience better than usual.

Check the detailed feature of this butcher paper below –  

No Breakage and Durability 

Other than smoking, if you want to wrap or freeze your meat, you can use this paper. You can smoke your meats for hours without breakage issues as the butcher paper comes with reinforced strength. There won’t be any messy leakage while using it for smoking or other purposes.

100% food-grade

The butcher paper from Bryco Goods is not coated or flavored with added wax. It’s 100% safe to use and will deliver you the food without any aftertaste. And there is no chemical or wax. So, it won’t do any harm to your food. 

Moreover, the smoky flavor will make the food more delicious. You can also make your meat even tastier by applying the bbq sauce for burnt ends.

Size Variants

If you use butcher paper frequently, you may look for different sizes for smoking or wrapping. No need to worry as the butcher paper is available in various sizes of 18-inch and 24-inch. 

You can easily use this paper for freezing or wrapping meats as well. The food-grade paper will work great as a wrapping paper for foods. 


Sometimes, it makes the meat challenging to unwrap if the paper is sticky to the meat. You will not face this trouble as the butcher paper is non-sticky to meats. The butcher paper can be easily removed once the meat is cooked.


  • Versatile use
  • Releases steam but traps smoke
  • Effectively absorbs food residual ink
  • Protects food from unexpected things 


  • Not suitable to use in the freezer
  • Meat may stick to the paper if not wrapped properly
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High-Quality BBQ Pink Butcher Paper Roll

Trifecta is a popular food type that will help you to lose weight with balanced nutrition. Pink Butcher paper from Meat Hugger will deliver you the perfect trifecta. This is a non-toxic butcher paper that will be great for smoking. 

The paper will enhance the flavor of your meat during BBQ. There are multiple size variants available in this paper. Thus, you will be able to use this paper for any purpose. 

For meat smoking or barbeque, this will be a top choice for sure. The butcher paper complies with all FDA regulations. 

high quality pink butcher paper

Top Features

  • Food contact safe 
  • It comes with a rustic look
  • Non-toxic and smoker safe
  • Perfect choice for Texas-style bbq
  • Maintains physical integrity during juicy conditions

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions24.13 x 3.31 x 3.23 inches
Weight4.16 pounds
Available Size7

The papers will maintain the physical integrity no matter how juicy the bbq is. If you are smoking for brisket or larger pieces, then this butcher paper will be surely recommended.

Have a glance at the detailed features below –

Rustic Look

Pink Butcher BBQ Paper Roll from Huggers comes with a rustic look that is perfect for BBQ or smoking. The taste will be amazing with the smoky flavors. You’re getting the expected flavor with an amazing presentation.

Perfect Trifecta

This butcher paper will be great if you’re making Texas Style BBQ. The paper will ensure you have tender meat inside and a smoked flavor throughout. There will be a caramelized bark on the outside of the meat.

Built Tough

Pink Butcher BBQ Paper Roll comes with a tough build and does provide a solid performance. The paper will maintain its physical integrity and will handle the strength even if the meat goes juicy.

There are different size variants available so that you can pick the one you need according to the meat size or packaging.

Food Contact Safe

This is one of the facts that should always be considered while purchasing butcher paper for smoking. In order to ensure food safety and quality control, butcher paper is made under strict conditions. Thus, there was no compromise on this fact while manufacturing. This product also received standard ratings from expert inspectors of the industry.


  • Makes your meat juicier and tender
  • Helps meat reach the target temperature faster
  • Doesn’t fall apart when soaked in food juices, fat, or oil
  • Brilliantly designed to preserve the real taste of your meat


  • You’ve to carefully select the size when placing order
  • It may tear when removing if your meat is too greasy
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White Food Grade Multi-purpose Butcher Paper

This is a specially engineered butcher paper that has durable physical integrity and will withstand juice and moisture while smoking. White Butcher Paper from Meat Hugger comes with a dispenser box to save the paper from getting damaged. The butcher paper is premium in quality and does a great job while smoking meats. 

The butcher paper is perfect for heavy-duty and can be used for wrapping, smoking, or even for meat packaging. There are variants available of different sizes so that you can pick the one you need. The butcher paper comes in three different color variants.

white butcher paper

Top Features

  • Ideal for multi-purpose
  • Heavy duty and unwaxed
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Available in pink, natural and white
  • Specially engineered for durable physical integrity

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions17.83 x 3.94 x 3.9 inches
Weight3.83 pounds
Available Size4

The different colors can be used for specific purposes. White, Pink, or Natural – you may pick the one you are required to while smoking.

Readout below If you are interested to know more about this product –


This is a multi-purpose butcher paper that means having this paper at your house will be pretty much useful for other applications as well. There are several ways to utilize this versatile material, including wrapping or book covers. 

You can even use this butcher paper for drawing and painting as well. Butcher paper from Meat Hugger is also appropriate with rustic drip tray liners, table runners, and floor coverings.

Specially Engineered

To provide you with a more durable physical integrity, the butcher paper comes with a specially engineered process. The paper will withstand meat juices or moisture while smoking and will do the process smoothly without any leakage. 

Food Grade

The butcher paper is approved for direct food contact while smoking the food. You will be able to smoke brisket, steaks, or ribs with this paper as this will help the meat to reach the optimum temp faster and also keep the meat juicy and tender. 


Ordinary butcher papers come with wax coating and don’t provide the expected flavor. The butcher paper from Meat Hugger doesn’t come with any wax coating and still has the strength to withstand the moisture and heat of the meat. That’s why this is considered one of the best butcher papers for smoking.


  • Makes your meat smoky and crunchy
  • Effectively holds juices yet lets the steam go out
  • Tempered enough to withstand moisture and heat
  • Expedite the whole smoking process


  • Packaging is not up to the mark
  • You may need a cutter to cut the paper in size
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Brown Kraft Food Grade Butcher Paper Roll by YRYM HT

With no harmful coating, Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll will be a perfect choice for smoking or wrapping meats. The top-quality paper is made of 100% natural virgin pulps. As the paper is recycled, there won’t be any natural impact of using this paper. 

The ultra-durable paper will work better than foils. For bbq briskets or smoking, the Brown Kraft Butcher Paper will be a great choice. While cooking, the paper will absorb the extra oil and provide you with a pleasant taste of the experience. The butcher paper is recommended by professionals.

brown butcher paper

Top Features

  • Multiple food serving
  • It works better than foil
  • Waxless food-grade paper
  • Superior breathability that absorbs the oil
  • Top-quality paper with natural virgin pulps

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions17.6 x 3.8 x 3.7 inches
Weight4.05 pounds
Available ColorBrown and Pink
Available Size5

There will be a distinct texture by using this butcher paper. The product is safer and pretty much affordable as well. You may use butcher paper for gift wrapping as well.

Find out the detailed specifications below – 

Ultra Durable

Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll will work better than foils. The paper is ultra-durable and strong. There will be enough smoke trapped inside the food for a perfect flavor. The steam will be released to prevent soggy foods. These features made the brown paper a perfect item for smoking. 

Top Quality

The paper comes with top-quality materials that will make your smoking amazing with the flavor. The paper is unwaxed, unbleached, and uncoated. The paper provides all the health protection you will need.

Multiple Food Serving

You will be able to use the butcher paper for multiple purposes. For example, this butcher paper can be used for cooking, wrapping, and storing raw chicken or meats as well. The waxless paper will be an aesthetic choice for serving sandwiches and burgers etc.

Oil Absorption

Brown Kraft Butcher Paper Roll comes with an oil absorption feature that will keep the oil out of the food. This makes the food tastier for your health and also keeps the oil out of your body.  With superior breathability, this paper will keep you a pleasant taste experience of meat.


  • Specially designed to trap in smoke
  • Absorbs extra oil from meat
  • Releases steam to prevent your meat from getting soggy
  • Enhances the appearance of your meat
  • Designed to withstand high heat


  • Excessively greasy meat may stick to paper
  • The end of this paper is sharp, so be careful when cutting/using

Peach Highest Grade Pink Butcher Paper

Pink butcher paper from DIY Crew comes with premium quality and is available in larger sizes than traditional papers. This paper will make the meat breathe to have the best flavor. Your meat will also reach the optimum temperature faster. 

You will definitely have a distinct smoky flavor and tasty, crunchy bark by using this pink butcher paper from DIY Crew. If you prefer Texas-style barbeque, then this paper would be indeed a top choice for you. The USA-made, large roll will make you able to wrap large pieces perfectly.

Peach Highest Grade Pink Butcher Paper

Top Features

  • Large-sized roll
  • Preferred  for food serving
  • It comes with the highest grade
  • Made of red butcher paper fibers
  • Engineered to resist heat and moisture

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions23.78 x 3.94 x 3.78 inches
Weight5.51 Pounds
Available ColorPink

There is no wax-coating used in the butcher paper thus you are getting the best paper that won’t change the flavor of your food as well. This one can be considered a great alternative to foil for smoking meats.

Have a glance at the detailed features below –  

Magnificent Smoking

This paper will be a top choice for Texas-style barbeque. Using this paper for smoking will make your meat get cooked in a shorter time. The smoky flavor will get inside the meat to make the dish more delicious. There will be a distinct smoky flavor by using this butcher paper.

Highest Grade

If you are concerned about the food safety of this butcher paper, no need to worry as this product comes with the highest grade and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. 

The paper is made of the highest grade red butcher fibers. It is capable of holding the humidity or the oil while smoking. If you soak the paper in oil or food liquids, it will not fall for sure. 


As most butcher paper uses wax to enhance durability, Peach Butcher Paper doesn’t have any wax coating or other materials. The product is manufactured with all-natural elements. You will have the original taste of smoking meats. The product is designed to avoid slip-ups.

Large Roll

The butcher paper from DIY Crew will be great for a large stock of meats. This paper is 200-feet long and will make it easier to perfectly wrap larger meats easily. You will get a superior blend of paper that will make it easier for you to wrap meats. 


  • Helps achieve the desired smoky flavor
  • Doesn’t affect the real flavor and juiciness
  • It’s natural and extra-long
  • Can be used for other purposes like storing, wrapping, crafting, etc.


  • It’s not so thick
  • Not perfect to use in the freezer

PIT BOSS Professional Peach Butcher Paper

Pit Boss Butcher paper will be an excellent choice for smoking, brisket, chicken, and other meat types. The professional food-grade butcher paper adds a superb flavor to the dish and also maintains its durability. You will be able to use this paper for the grill and oven as well. The paper will make the outer layer crispy, and the meat tastes amazing. 

The butcher paper will allow your food to breathe thus the meat will stay tender and flavorful. Unlike aluminum foil, the butcher paper will allow the smoke to reach the meat. Thus, you will have an amazing flavor in your meat after smoking.

pit boss butcher paper

Top Features

  • Safe to use in Grill and oven
  • Excellent for brisket & smoking 
  • Works great as wrapping paper
  • It comes with a professional grade
  • Seals in moisture to keep the flavor

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions18.3 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
Weight2.84 pounds
Available ColorPeach

Pit Boss butcher paper comes in 150-square feet of size. So, you will be able to wrap any meat or other food items easily.

Have a look at the complete features below – 


PIT BOSS 67294 Butcher Paper, Peach is a professional-grade butcher paper that will make your smoking great by adding smoky flavor. The butcher paper comes with a 91% five-star rating.

As a result, the product’s quality is apparent. Smoking or wrapping, the dish will turn out great by using this butcher paper.

Tender & Flavorful

If you don’t get the meat in your expected situation, it won’t satisfy you for sure. Using PIT BOSS 67294 Butcher Paper, Peach will make the meat tender and juicy that will taste amazing.

The paper will keep the juice with the meat. You will surely enjoy your dish that will be cooked by using this butcher paper from Dansons.

Multiple Purposes

The butcher paper can be used for the grill and oven as well. There won’t be any issue with the heat of the oven. As the paper is safe for the oven, you can use this paper for baking as well.

Perfect Size

You will get the butcher paper in the exact sizes you’ll need. The butcher paper comes with 18-inch width and a total of 150-square feet of paper. There won’t be any problem wrapping large sizes of meat for smoking.


  • Keeps the meat tender and flavorful
  • Allows your meat to breathe and release steam
  • It’s professional-grade
  • Easily withstands high cooking temperatures
  • Gives your brisket a very good bark


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • It’s only 150 square feet in total

Butcher Paper Vs Foil For Smoking 

Butcher Paper and Foil are two different materials used for smoking. You’ll get a different taste of flavor by using individuals. If you are confused about the difference between these two, check below to know more about the mechanisms.


Butcher paper allows a bit of airflow. This is why it adds a smoky flavor to your meat. Butcher paper allows steam to escape during the heat, while foil paper doesn’t let the steam escape. The meat won’t get wet and will still have a juicy and tender flavor by using the butcher paper.


Another feature you may prefer is the duration. Butcher paper makes the meat gets cooked in less period of time. You will get the expected heat in a shorter time compared to the foil papers. If you prefer a quick meal, then you should definitely try butcher paper over foil papers.


Butcher paper can be utilized for multiple applications. For example – you may use butcher paper for food serving to add an aesthetic vibe to your food.

In addition, butcher paper can also be used for painting or book covers as well. Though foil paper also has multiple applications, it won’t have a great contribution to the smoking category especially. 


Butcher paper absorbs the grease or the oil of the brisket to keep the meat stay dry while smoking. In addition, the upper layer stays crispy if you use butcher paper. On the other hand, foil makes the inside oily. This is why, if you prefer a flavorful dish while smoking, you should choose the butcher paper without a second thought.

What To Look For Before Buying A Butcher Paper For Smoking Meat 

You may get confused about picking the best one while purchasing butcher paper. Some factors make butcher paper ideal for smoking meat. 

You should check them well before picking this chef paper. Look over the below points that will guide you to choose the best one – 

  • No Wax

Most butcher papers use a wax coating to enhance the durability of the paper. Using wax coating improves the durability, but the wax will damage the flavor and may make the paper sticky. This is why check the description of the paper if it contains wax coating or not. 

  • FOOD Grade

One of the major features that you should focus on is if the butcher paper is food-grade or not. Make sure the paper doesn’t have any coating to maximize durability. This will damage the flavor as well. The butcher paper should come with 100% virgin pulps. 

  • Oil Absorption

Oil absorption is a unique feature that makes smoking more delicious than usual. In addition, the paper will absorb any excess oil, making the meat more tender and delicious.  

Sometimes, the paper gets sticky to the meat when the cook is done. This is why it’s recommended to use non-sticky butcher paper that absorbs the oil as well.

  • Build Quality

You may need to smoke a large stock of meat frequently. Thus it will be great if the paper comes with solid strength and durable build quality. A butcher paper with premium build quality won’t get any breakage due to meat juice or heat.

  • Multiple Purposes  

Though you are purchasing paper for smoking, it will be great if the paper has multiple purposes for other applications. Butcher papers are useful to serve sandwiches and burgers as well. 

This brings an aesthetic look to the food when served. There are butcher papers that can be used for a book cover. Thus pick a butcher paper that has multiple purposes.

  • Size

Finally, but certainly not least, the size of the butcher paper is important as well. During smoking, you may need to wrap the meat perfectly thus a large piece of paper will be required.

A large piece of paper will be easier to wrap a large piece of meat. You will be able to wrap other food items with a large piece of paper easily.

These are the common features of butcher paper. A food-grade butcher paper with the rest of the features will provide you with the best smoking experience. Look over the product’s features before you purchase it to ensure you are getting a delicious meal.

Is Parchment Paper The Same As Butcher Paper For Smoking 

The straight answer to this question will be no, parchment paper is not the same as butcher paper. Parchment paper is specially made for baked items, not for smoking. Also, they are quite thinner than the butcher paper that helps to retain the moisture. 

Consider the following if you’re using parchment paper for smoking. As parchment paper is thinner, make sure the paper is not getting direct contact with the heat.

This may make the paper get damaged. Parchment paper also comes with a wax paraffin coating that may not provide you with the expected flavor.

Though there are differences, you can still use parchment paper as a substitute for butcher paper. They both are compatible with smoking meats. In addition, the papers do a great job of maintaining the optimum heat and making the meat juicy and tender exactly how you want it.

Is Your Pink Butcher Paper 100% FDA Approved?

You will find the approval status in the product manual. Ensure the butcher paper you’re using is FDA-approved by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

Can you use brown butcher paper in a smoker?

You may use the brown butcher paper in smoke, but that won’t make the meat as smoky as the other papers. 

Is brown butcher paper the same as pink butcher paper?

One of the major differences between these two is that – the pink paper allows the moisture to escape during the heat, which means you’ll have a more smoky flavor.

Will pink butcher paper catch on fire?

Normally, butcher paper doesn’t catch fire, but that may catch fire if you use low-quality butcher paper.

Is it better to wrap ribs in foil or butcher paper?

It’s better to wrap ribs in butcher paper. If you want to have the flavor with meat then using butcher paper would be the best choice.

At what temperature will butcher paper ignite?

Butcher paper won’t ignite if it’s in indirect heat. The safe temperature for butcher paper is 400℉. If it crosses 500℉, then it may ignite and damage the taste as well. 


The purpose of this article was to guide food lovers to pick the best butcher paper for smoking. You will indeed get satisfied by choosing the butcher paper mentioned above. They all have excellent customer ratings that mean you will get the best in your hand by selecting any of them. Get a food-grade butcher paper that has a solid build quality to have the best flavor for smoking.