Butcher Paper vs Parchment Paper | Difference Between Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper

Are you often messed up to understand when to use the right one between butcher paper and parchment paper? 

Relax! I’ll help you to identify when and how the papers have the best use in cooking time. 

Most of us always have lots of paper in our kitchen cupboards. But as they work in versatile styles, we hardly understand which one is appropriate to consume in different cooking stages.

Last week I threw a grill party for my friends to celebrate my graduation. I usually use parchment paper to cover the food while grilling. 

Surprisingly one of my friends noticed this and tried this technique home after a few days. But he wasn’t sure about using parchment paper and butcher paper.

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Today I decided to explain everything based on my experimental cooking journey and the specialized cooking advisors on butcher paper vs parchment paper. 

Let’s keep going through the article not to get confused by holding the papers in the middle of cooking further!

Is Butcher Paper And Parchment Paper The Same

No, the butcher paper and parchment paper aren’t the same. Most people often get confused about their purposes because they are commonly used for the kitchen and cooking goals.

But if you take a close look at both of them, you will find that both have several differences. Also, they have specific application areas in your kitchen. 

I’ll discuss the best uses of each paper. But first, let’s get to know what butcher paper and parchment paper are. 

What is Butcher Paper

From the name, we usually think of it as something used for wrapping raw meat and fish when you buy them from a butcher’s shop. But wait, its work isn’t limited here. 

Butcher paper is efficiently used for wrapping sandwiches and subs to keep it warm.

But in the case of smoking and grilling, there is some controversy about butcher paper. Some like to use it as a fire starter on the grill and keep the foods warm after grilling. 

Therefore, butcher papers let your meat breathe and trap moisture so that you can use this paper to save the meat from being soggy before smoking.

Amazingly, you can also consume this paper to wrap meat while smoking. But be confirmed to use it in indirect heat on the smoker because it will catch up the fire too quickly.

What is Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is a kind of thinner paper famous for its versatile uses. Mostly is renowned for baking and grilling purposes. 

For many years professional chefs and ordinary people also kept it in their kitchens as cooking paper.

You can safely use it in your oven for baking. It is also ideal for use in grilling. But it wise to keep it away from direct heat. 

On top-notch, you’ll love it as it holds the juiciness of foods and doesn’t crumble into ashes.

Butcher Paper vs Parchment Paper – Choose Right One for Cooking

Can’t decide which is best for you? Then let me share with you the best uses of butcher paper and parchment paper. 

Best Uses of Butcher Paper

With my grilling experiment, I saw butcher paper works best for some particular purposes. From expert chefs to backyard enthusiasts also like to use it in their cooking process.

  • Use in BBQ

In recent years pink butcher papers are the most popular to wrap meats for cooking or smoke. Professional BBQ experts also use this paper.

Using pink butcher paper in bbq is popularized by the chef and owner of Franklin bbq, Aaron Franklin. 

If you heard his restaurant name, then you must know how much mouthwatering barbecue it makes. 

Butcher paper is a perfect alternative to aluminum foil. Pink butcher paper lets the meat breathe and allows it to hold moisture, plus the more smokey flavor in the meat while smoking.

So the experts think you should wrap brisket or meat to keep it more tender and juicy, resulting in deliciousness. 

That’s why it amazingly became popular among backyard pitmasters who may once do a beef brisket in a year. 

But you can’t get the same effect by wrapping the brisket with white butcher paper.

  • Durability 

The high-density of butcher paper makes it solid and durable. So you don’t need to be worried about tearing the paper when you carry food items on it. Or to act as a protective cover to rest the meat.

  • Specifications 

Originating from Kraft pulp, the butcher paper is low ligning with the mixture of caustic soda and sulfide, which on top makes the paper heavy-duty that can’t tear easily. 

Otherwise, the construction is absolutely safe for use with food.

No wonder they’re ideal for protecting raw meats and fishes from flavor contamination and airborne contaminant.

  • Price

Butcher papers comparatively come at an affordable price in both sheets and rolls. On Amazon, you’ll find the rolls of butcher paper from around $11-$22, depending on the paper types.

  • Availability 

Butcher papers are available in almost all grocery stores near your home. Otherwise, you can order them from Amazon and the other online stores.

  • Easy to Use

Butcher paper comes in varieties sizes. No matter how large you cut your meat, butcher paper can easily wrap it.

Pros and Cons of Butcher Paper

May you can’t get a clear clue about the advantages and disadvantages of butcher paper? So I like to list the pros and cons of it. I’m sure it’ll help you to overcome half of your hesitation. 

Pros @ a Glance

  • Non-toxic paper approved by FDA
  • High density for heat resistance 
  • It comes with both in roll and sheets
  • Affordable comparing other cooking papers
  • Durable to tear resistance 

Cons @ a Glance

  • Not suitable for wet foods
  • Can’t prevent stickiness 
  • Doesn’t greaseproof

Best Uses of Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is famous for years in the cooking and baking field. But to be sure, check out below the most practical and best uses of parchment paper.

  • Lining a Baking Sheet for Cake Moulds or Cookies

Parchment paper is ideal for making cookies and cakes evenly in the oven. It is more effective than using an oil brush in a baking tray. 

As this paper eliminates sticking, the cookies and cakes nicely shift from the sheet without cracking or breaking. 

  • Grilling or Smoking 

If you can use the parchment paper in the oven, you can also use it in the grill. This is common sense because this paper comes in contact with heat with both devices. 

At the start of this grilling method, I burnt the paper in the grill because I put it directly on the fire. 

So you must avoid this and try to keep the paper away from the fire. Otherwise, your grilling or smoking will go in vain.

You can simply grill meats, fish, or potatoes plus vegetables on parchment paper.

  • Durability 

Parchment paper may not be durable as butcher paper as it is not tear-resistant. But if you’re handling it softly, then it can be reusable.

  • Specifications 

This paper is made with cellulose properties which allow more heat resistance. Besides, the silicon used for coating the paper made it non-sticky, which is a great thing to use in an oven.

However, you get parchment paper in bleached and unbleached form. Unbleached parchment is found in brown color free from chlorine. 

At the same time, the bleached parchment added chlorine and gave it a white color. It’s your wish to choose the suitable one for you.

  • Price

On Amazon, you’ll find the parchment paper sheets around $11-$20.

Pros and Cons of Parchment Paper

There I also put together some significant advantages and disadvantages of parchment paper to get a possible idea.

Pros @ a Glance

  • Applicable for multiple times 
  • Non-stick and ideal for baking
  • Heat resistance 
  • Grease resistant 
  • Suitable for use in the oven

Cons @ a Glance

  • Bleached parchment contains toxic dioxin.

Difference Between Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper

You might think, how can you differentiate the butcher paper and parchment paper from each other. If you want to figure out which one is specialized for which purpose, you must distinguish them.

  • Construction 

The first difference I notice between the papers is in their making materials. For butcher paper, paper pulp, sulfide, and caustic soda are used in its construction. 

These chemicals make the butcher paper strong and thicker, plus tear resistance. 

On the contrary, parchment papers have sulfuric acid, paper pulp, and silicone properties. Silicon helps to hold the food moist, prevents stickiness and grease. On top, make the paper heatproof.

  •  Difference Uses for Food Types

As I mentioned earlier, the butcher paper is stuck with wet foods. But it works best for preparing the dry foods item.

Alternatively, parchment paper is ideal for wet foods rather than dry foods for its non-stick properties. 

  • Tear-Resistant

The material used in butcher paper makes its density solid and tear-resistant. But this quality you can’t find on parchment paper.

  • Color Variation

The butcher paper comes in a variety of color options, from tan to dark pink. 

On the other side, the parchment paper only comes in brown color, but sometimes in white if it bleaches.

  • Use of Papers

The main difference between the papers is their using purpose. The butcher paper is specially used for consuming brisket or meat, and here the parchment paper is best for cooking or baking in the oven. 

  • Grilling

When it comes to the grill, parchment paper is good at grilling. But for butcher paper, most people don’t recommend using it in a grill.

Similarities Between Butcher Paper and Parchment Paper

Despite the dissimilarities, there are also some similarities between both papers. You should know them and keep them in your mind. 

Gladly, you can use parchment paper instead of butcher paper if you want to use one paper instead of another in these cases.

  • Heat-Resists

If you’re looking for a high heat-resistance paper, you can use both butcher paper and parchment paper. 

The butcher paper can withstand temperatures up to 420°F. Besides, the parchment paper can withstand temperatures beyond 450°F. 

But if you go over 450°F temperature, both the parchment paper and butcher paper indeed burn before your food is cooked.

  • Production

Again, both the paper similarly produces from paper pulps. So initially, they’re common in their primary ingredient. That’s why their texture and flexibility match the scenario of grilling.

Now, What’s Your Opinion

In my opinion, and according to experts’ statement, I think nothing can’t beat the butcher paper for wrapping. 

And nowadays, you can use butcher paper in smoking with indirect heat to get a more smokey flavor. But I don’t tell you to use it to wrap food in grilling. 

Other side, use parchment paper for your baking purposes as it’s non-sticky. Also, you can use it on the grill to make your dishes tastier and save them from drying out. 

On top of this, the paper is excellent to use for cleaning purposes while you’re cooking.

So I think both the papers are incomplete without each other and gives you a beautiful finish in your cooking together. So consider it!

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions to inform you some extra information about both of these papers. 

  • Can you use both sides of parchment paper?

Of course, you can use both sides of parchment paper because both sides are the same in the material. So actually, there is no right or wrong side for using.

  • Can I use parchment paper for meat?

Absolutely yes. You can use parchment paper to wrap the meat while cooking or grilling.

  • Can I bake cookies on butcher paper?

No. The butcher paper doesn’t belong to any non-sticky properties, which makes it unsuitable for baking. 

So you can’t bake the cookies on butcher paper. But you can bake cookies on butcher paper at ease.

  • Does parchment paper breathe?

Unlike foil paper and plastic wrap, parchment allows meat or foods to breathe but in small quantities. 

  • Will parchment paper catch on fire in the oven?

Usually, parchment paper is designed for baking in the oven. It can bear the temperature one uses in an oven. So there is no chance to catch on fire in the oven. 

But if you leave the paper alone in the dry oven for a long time, then it must catch up the fire.

  • Can I cook chicken on parchment paper?

You can cook chicken and even beef on parchment paper. For this, you need to cut a sheet of parchment paper to fit on the bottom of the baking sheet. 

Put the prepared chicken over it and cook as usual in the oven. Once the chicken is done, throw out the parchment paper. 

But remember not to try cooking chicken on butcher paper. 

  • Can you freeze meat in parchment paper?

No, parchment paper is not suitable to freeze the meat. Because the lack of coating doesn’t allow it to lock moisture while freezing; as a result, your meat can’t remain fresh.

But on the other hand, butcher paper can efficiently freeze the meat. But it may not work great as freezer paper. 

  • Should you grease parchment paper?

No, it would be best if you didn’t grease on parchment paper. 

  • Should I wrap my smoked chicken shoulder in butcher paper?

It’s not compulsory to wrap smoked chicken shoulder or other meats after finishing cooking. But if you want to preserve the juiciness of meat until the time to eat, it’s practical to wrap the smoked chicken shoulder in butcher paper. 

  • Can parchment paper go in the microwave?

Parchment paper is designed as microwave-safe. So don’t be scared to put it in your microwave. 

  • What can you cook in parchment paper?

You can bake cake and cookies on parchment paper. Moreover, it is also great for cooking any chicken, meat, or foods on your grill or smoker.

  • Can parchment paper go in the toaster oven?

No, the parchment paper can’t go safely to the toaster oven. Most parchment paper manufacturers and the Reynolds Kitchen also prohibited parchment paper from using in a toaster oven.

  • Does parchment paper burn on the grill?

Parchment paper can be used in an indirect grill within 420°F temperature. But if you’re going to cook something at a higher temperature, then the paper will burn. 

  • Is it safe to broil with parchment paper?

Though the parchment paper is heat-resistant but not heatproof, so wisely, it’s not safe to broil with parchment paper because the paper will start to ignite soon.

The same thing is also applicable for butcher paper.

  • Can you fry eggs on parchment paper?

Yes, you can fry eggs on parchment paper. Just pour the eggs onto the paper and put the pan in your oven. 

Then bake for 15 minutes at 400° F temperature. But this thing you can’t try on butcher paper.

Final Thought

So I am here in the final touch of my today’s topic on butcher paper vs parchment paper. You see, there is nothing to mess up between the accurate use of paper if you once understand it well.

However, both papers are different in their material and their uses. So it would be best if you concentrate on my article and follow it. 

I’m pretty sure if you read it with attention, you must identify when and how you use each paper and also when you can substitute one instead of another.

There is nothing tough to crack a nut but to understand the paper’s efficiency according to your requirements. It depends on your needs because both are goods at their proper place.

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