How To Wrap Brisket In Foil, Butcher Paper & Parchment Paper

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Smoking a juicy, crispy, and delicious brisket and testing some slices from there can be a good memory you can share with your grandson or granddaughter, right? This memory will turn into a bad memory if you don’t know the exact way of grilling.

Wrapping is an essential part of getting delicious and juicy smoked brisket. But most cooks don’t know when to wrap and how to wrap brisket in foil paper. Again, how long can you keep brisket wrapped is crucial to know. 

So, let’s get started to know –

When And What Temperature To Wrap Brisket In Foil

Before taking the brisket for wrapping, ensure the internal temperature will reach between 165-170° f. 

When you cook the brisket at this temperature for a range of times, the brisket starts to release juice, fat, and grease. 

When you can see a brown shade on your brisket, then remove it from the grill and take it for wrapping.

How Long Do You Smoke A Brisket Before You Wrap It In Foil

You have to smoke a brisket for at least 6 hours before wrapping it in foil. The brisket will hold a reddish-brown color when you cook the brisket at 160-170° f temperature. This time you can understand that now the brisket is ready for wrapping.

How To Wrap Brisket In Foil – 5 Steps 

Before going to the steps, let’s know what things you need to wrap

  • A pair of hand gloves to hold the hot brisket 
  • 2 pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil to fold brisket
  • Two long-handled tongs to remove the brisket from the smoker

Step 1- Unroll the aluminum foil

First, take a piece of heavy-duty 18″ to 12″ aluminum foil paper in your hand and spread it gently on the workstation so there won’t have any fold to the foil. 

Step 2- Place the brisket

Remove the 165°f temperature brisket from the smoker with the tongs. Then take and keep it on one side of the foil paper. Then give one fold of the foil with the brisket. 

After that, gently fold the two sides of the foil paper. While folding, press the foil to make the fold as tight as possible because if there are any inches of loosening space, the air will enter into the wrapping. 

Step 3 – Wrap the rest of the foil paper

By following the above two steps, you are getting the shape of wrapping. This time flips the brisket one or two more times to cover the brisket’s basement to finish the first stage wrapping. 

Step 4 – Start the second layer of wrapping

Take the second piece of aluminum foil, unroll and spread it the same way as you did for the first piece. Then place the one-layer wrapped brisket on the second piece of aluminum foil.

While placing the brisket, keep the above side of the wrapping down. It helps to make a hindrance to air passing. 

Step 5 – Wrap the second layer. 

Basically, it’s the recap of the first layer of wrapping. So wrap it. After completing wrapping, fold the extra parts of foil beneath the brisket. 

Let’s watch a YouTube Video: 

How Long Do You Keep a Brisket Wrapped

Now, you have to know how much time you should keep your brisket in a wrapping position. If you keep it for a longer time, that will have significant effects on the brisket. 

Most grill masters say you have to keep the brisket wrapped for more than 2 hours at room temperature. In the meantime, the wrapped brisket’s internal temperature will cool down, which makes the meat tasty. 

So always try to maintain this time frame to cool down the brisket, then remove the wrapping paper from the brisket and slice it with a sharp knife to serve. 

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How To Wrap Brisket In Butcher Paper 

Butcher paper is always available in any butcher shop, so you can easily collect them while buying brisket. It is one kind of longer and broader grey color paper which you can use except foil paper.

  • First, spread the butcher paper on the workstation and place the brisket on the butcher paper to the paper’s longer side by leaving three to four inches. 
  • Then fold the leaving space and the wider two sides of the paper. 
  • After that, flip the brisket with the paper. 
  • Now, press all the butcher paper’s sides to make it tight enough not to enter the air. 
  • Again flip the brisket to cover the rest of the paper. 

Thus you can complete the brisket wrapping with butcher paper.

How To Wrap Brisket In Parchment Paper

Parchment paper a butcher paper substitute also available paper that you can also use for wrapping brisket. It is made from deoxidized elements, so it is healthier and environment-friendly. 

If you don’t have aluminum foil and butcher paper, then you can use this Parchment paper for wrapping. 

  • Unroll and spread the paper and keep your brisket in the center of the paper. 
  • Fold all the sides of the paper by pressing your fingers. 
  • Take the second piece of paper and put the first layer of wrapped brisket on it. 
  • Then flip the brisket for the second layer of wrapping. 

Can You Plastic Wrap Brisket? 

Plastic is one of the most common and always available kitchen elements. So you can use this to wrap your brisket. For this, spread the plastic and keep the brisket on one side of it. 

Then tightly fold all three sides of the plastic. Then flip the brisket until it covers all the plastic. Finally, use some pieces of a toothpick to seal it with the brisket. 

Wrapping Brisket In Wax Paper

Wax paper is another kind of paper used to wrap vegetables, pizza, sandwiches, or anything. But, you try to avoid using wax paper for wrapping brisket because it isn’t heat resistant. 

When you smoke the brisket, the wax paper will melt and mix up with the brisket, which is unhealthy. Even wax paper tends to catch fire if it gets high heat. So never use wax paper for wrapping brisket.

Wrapping Brisket In Butcher Paper Vs. Foil

You can wrap your brisket by using both butcher paper and aluminum foil. Still, you find some differences between them in juicer, taste, tenderness, color, and softness. 

Here, I provide you with a piece of simple information about wrapping brisket in butcher paper and foil.

  • Butcher Paper

If you wrap the brisket in butcher paper, you will get juicier, more bark, less tender, and good taste in your brisket. 

  • Aluminum Foil

If you wrap the brisket in foil paper, you will get less juicy, more tender, and better taste in your brisket. That means both are almost equal in their performance. 

So I can’t actually say anyone wins at the debate of using foil or butcher paper for wrapping brisket. You can use anyone between foil and butcher paper according to your preference and availability.

Some Precautions While Wrapping Brisket in Foil

In which level griller are you a novice, mid-level, or pro? That doesn’t matter. You have to be careful in all the activities you perform to make yourself, your environment, and everybody safe. 

In this case, wrapping the brisket will be no exception to maintaining precautions. You have to take some precautions. For example

  • Take the aluminum foil, which can bear high heat because you will continue the brisket cooking with this foil. Otherwise, if the foil melts because of high heat, it will make a mess of cooking.
  • Keep your aluminum foil germ-free to maintain hygiene.
  • While removing the brisket from the smoker, use two long-handled tongs. Please don’t touch it without wearing hand gloves.
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The Disadvantage Of Using Foil To Wrap The Brisket

Don’t you think there are no disadvantages to wrapping a brisket in foil? The advantages of wrapping brisket are more than disadvantages, but still you have to know both of the advantages and disadvantages. 

Some of the drawbacks of brisket wrappings are

When you wrap the brisket with foil paper, it doesn’t get direct heat from the wood chips or chunks. As a result, the smoke can’t enter the brisket. So you can get a little bit less smoky flavor in your brisket because of wrapping.  

Most of the time, your appetite increases by seeing an excellent texture in your grilled food. But, this time, you may lose a superb grilling texture in your wrapped brisket. 

The third downside of wrapping brisket is overcooked. Basically, you cover the brisket to increase heat for faster cooking. 

It increases the inside temperature so that if you overlook the cooking procedure for a long time, there is a high chance of getting oversmoked on your brisket. It depends on some factors. 

  • The humidity of the grill
  • The density of the brisket
  • The quality of wood chips etc.
  • The quality of using foil and wrapping process

The other consideration is the time frame of the recipe. If you just think the recipe requires this time and you follow it without checking, then the brisket may overcook. 

So utilize your common sense and thermometer to check the inside temperature of the smoker to avoid brisket overcooking.

These three are the most common drawbacks of using foil for wrapping a brisket. But, as the disadvantages aren’t so severe and avoidable so you can use foil for wrapping your brisket without giving a second thought.

Why Do You Wrap Brisket In Foil 

As a person, I always like to get benefits from all my activities. That gives me inner pleasure. While studying about it, I came to know some attractive and practical benefits. Now, I’d share all that I have learned from the study. 

  • Faster Cooking Process

Smoking a meat steak or brisket takes almost 11-12 hours, which means a long cooking process. So how would you feel if you can cut off some time by wrapping the brisket in foil? Excellent, right? Yes, faster cooking is the first benefit of wrapped brisket.

  • Fuel Economy

The less time you take to cook the meat, the less fuel you need, and the more you save your bucks. So only by wrapping your half-done brisket can you enjoy your desired food early by saving some fuel costs. 

  • Crisper and juicer meat

When you wrap your brisket in the foil, the food grease, fat, and juice will fall in the foil and also it helps to get good bark on the brisket. Since you properly wrap the large piece of brisket to eliminate the air passing into the smoke; so the falling meat juice and grease will remain hot, which you can use to garnish the brisket slice while serving. This meat juice will multiply your brisket taste. 

Do you wrap brisket fat side up or down?

Keeping the fat side down or up while wrapping it actually depends on your wish. There is no myth or hard and fast rule of that. Some prefer the fat side down, and some prefer the fat side up.

If you like to cook your brisket on braise and mix the fat grease with the brisket, keep the fat side up. But if you don’t want to mix the fat oil all over the brisket, then wrap it fat side down.

Do you add liquid when wrapping brisket?

There are two options for adding liquid while wrapping the brisket. If you use aluminum foil paper to cover the brisket, you can use a little bit of liquid as aluminum foil is liquid-proof, so there is no problem with using liquid. 

If you use butcher paper for wrapping, then don’t add any juice because the liquid will wet the butcher paper. 

What happens if you wrap a brisket too early?

If you wrap the brisket too early and before reaching enough temperature, then you don’t get the desired taste of your meat. Ensure the meat’s proper precooking to get a crispy, zesty, and juicy flavor of your brisket.

How long do you let the brisket rest?

If you find your brisket goes softer, then keep it resting for 35-40 minutes. It’s the perfect time range for resting brisket. Never cross the upper limit that will make a mess-up of your brisket.

What temperature do you wrap brisket flat?

While each flat’s exact temperature reaches 160° f or 71°c, then remove the brisket from the smoker to wrap in aluminum foil. You can add a medium-sized cup of beef broth when wrapping the brisket to increase its flavor.

What kind of paper do you wrap the brisket in?

Butcher paper and Parchment paper are available for wrapping brisket. But between them, you have to use butcher paper because it increases the temperature and makes the cooking process faster. 

Even it permits smoke to enter into the paper to offer you a smoky flavor on the brisket.

What do I use if I don’t have parchment paper?

If you don’t have parchment paper, you can use Silpat paper, aluminum foil, wax paper, or butcher paper. 

What temp do you wrap the brisket in butcher paper?

Most master and grill experts recommend 165- 170° Fahrenheit temperature to wrap the brisket in butcher paper. So you should maintain this range of temperature of your smoker before removing the brisket for wrapping.

Is parchment paper safer than aluminum foil?

Yes, parchment paper is safer than aluminum for roasting vegetables, smoking brisket, and baking. It contains silicone which is why the paper is moist, heat, and oil-resistant. Even, it doesn’t have any toxic elements, it is healthier to use.

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