Best BBQ Sauce For Burnt Ends (Top 6 Pick)

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While talking about burnt ends, you must visualize those sweet, spicy, and sticky meat candies cut from the point half of a smoked brisket.

But do you know what makes them so flavorful? What’s the secret of these crunchy and delicious meat cuts? The answer is- BBQ sauce. 

A thick and sweet BBQ sauce can infuse an incredible flavor into the burnt ends. But make sure it doesn’t overpower the original meaty aroma.

With that said, let’s look forward to the six best BBQ sauces for burnt ends below that can make the difference while preparing those smokey and aromatic meat slices. 

6 Best BBQ Sauce For Burnt Ends You Can Go For

If you have just stepped into the BBQ game, it’s quite a hassle to figure out which sauce will provide you with the best burnt-end experience. But don’t worry, guys! 

With years of experience in this field, I narrowed down the long list and picked the top six products only. 

Hopefully, you can select your favorite sauce after going through the detailed discussion below!

Capital City Sweet Hot & Mild Mambo Sauce 

Well, the very first product on the list comes from the famous Capital City Mambo Sauce, the name needs no preamble. Starting their journey in a small suburb kitchen of Washington, they have come a long way till date to satisfy their customers worldwide. 

However, although it’s basically known as a dipping sauce, especially for chicken wings, you can use it to spice up other meat recipes as well. 

Let’s first get into its core specifications below.

Capital City Sweet Hot & Mild Mambo Sauce

Top Features

  • The whole package weighs 0.98 kg
  • Delivers a sweet and tangy taste to any dish
  • High fructose and corn syrup free healthy sauce
  • A versatile cooking sauce that serves many purposes 
  • 1 mild and I sweet hot sauce come together in a variety pack

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When it comes to buying BBQ sauces, people generally don’t look for BBQ sauces only. They tend to find an all-purpose one that will work as a dipping, smoking, grilling and marinating sauce as well. 

That’s when they go for this famous sauce that is literally an all-purpose sauce to spice up any delicious dishes. 

This deadly combination of mild and sweet hot sauces is so great that it has been featured in world-famous restaurants like The Kitchen, First We Feast, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, and many more. 

Can you imagine the craze for this variety pack?

On that note, it creates a magical smack in the burnt ends of whatever meat you cook it with. The Mild Mambo sauce infuses a light savory flavor once you use it. 

With the basic tomato base, it also pleases your taste buds with a subtly sweet smack. 

On the other hand, the Sweet Hot version features cayenne and habanero pepper to deliver a sweet medium heat. And these two individually great sauces equally enhance the overall savoriness of the smoky burnt ends. 

However, among the key ingredients, tomato ketchup, sugar, onion powder, spice, soy sauce, and natural flavor play a distinctive role to make the BBQ sauce everyone’s favorite.

Overall, this is a pretty decent sauce for any kitchen, especially if you are a fried chicken lover. 


  • Two years of shelf life
  • A mess-free bottle opening
  • Very less preservatives used
  • Best sauce for multipurpose use
  • Creates a unique and savory smack to any dish


  • The mild version is a bit bland 
  • Not suitable for those who dislike ketchup
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Bachan’s BPA Free Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Secondly, I want you to find an amazing Japanese sauce for your next BBQ which will win over you the time you taste it. Yes, it’s that great! 

Well, on that note, check out its key specifications first, and then I will introduce it in detail. 

Bachan's BPA Free Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Top Features

  • Comes in a 17 ounces bottle
  • Completely BPA free packaging
  • Creates a natural and crave-worthy smell 
  • It’s totally a vegan sauce and preservation free
  • High-quality ingredients deliver the freshest flavor

Check today’s price on Amazon

As already mentioned, it’s a vegan sauce. So, no animal products are used here. Moreover, each batch is individually checked before being launched in the market. Therefore, I must say that when it comes to quality control,  Bachan’s is the best so far. 

Besides, they always pick fresh and clean ingredients for making their BBQ sauce. So, rest assured that all the elements you are enjoying inside the bottle are the best in the market.

Probably that’s why it doesn’t need any preservatives or artificial additives. 

However, it is made of the finest quality soy sauce, cane sugar, green onion, tomato, mirin, ginger, garlic, and toasted sesame oil. 

Best of all, the organic rice vinegar spreads a beautiful savoriness throughout the sauce to taste it even better. 

Trust me, you can feel the difference with other contemporary sauces right at the moment you taste it a bit. After all, it’s made of non-GMO ingredients with a natural flavor only. 

Also, you can use it as a multipurpose sauce just like the Capital City Sweet Hot & Mild Mambo Sauce. It fires up any marinated meat, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, wings, veggies, tacos, and any BBQ dishes with its magical aroma.

Keeping these two minor flaws aside, it’s a great sauce to juice up your burnt ends with an amazing smoky aroma.


  • No animal products used
  • Compatible with a lot of recipes
  • A fresh and balanced BBQ sauce 
  • No added water to affect the taste
  • A cold-filled sauce with no preservative


  • Not too spicy
  • The consistency could be a bit thicker
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Traeger Versatile Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce

Barbecuing for a while and don’t know about Traeger yet? Come on, that seems next to impossible. Be it making the top graded pellet grills or producing the perfect BBQ sauces, Traeger always wins over its competitors in no time. 

Howsoever, talking about their latest Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce, it’s actually a crave-worthy sauce that works as an appetizer on the food. 

Traeger Versatile Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce

Top Features

  • Packed in 0.6 kg bottles
  • Compatible with any BBQ creations 
  • Could be used as a marinade as well
  • Made of premium-quality ingredients
  • A balanced blending of sweet and spicy flavor

Check today’s price on Amazon

The first thing to praise about this pellet sauce is the matchless combination of sweet and spicy smack, that too with an unparalleled balance. Neither of the flavors overpowers the other. Rather they create a magical zest on any food you prepare.

Secondly, the price range is incredibly affordable. I mean you get the sweet molasses and peppery heat in one bottle for just under $10. Isn’t it unimaginable? 

On that note, the price tag doesn’t tell about its quality. All the ingredients used here are carefully chosen to produce a high-quality BBQ sauce with no health hazards. 

Also, the sauce is a USA-made production maintaining all safety concerns. So, besides being affordable, it’s also one of the healthiest items you could add to your BBQ arena. 

I think the most special thing about this super savory sauce is the subtle harmony of sweet and heat flavors. That’s what delivers an exclusive gusto to the whole dish.

Most importantly, you can pair it up not only with proteins but also with Traeger runs and pellet flavors. No wonder you can enjoy the heartiest meal ever.

However, let’s move on to its pluses and minuses below so that you can decide whether to buy it or not. Overall, this is the best BBQ sauce for burnt bends at this price range for chicken, beef, or whatever meat you like. 


  • A very fair price point
  • Complements any barbecued items
  • A perfect combination of sweet and heat
  • Premium-quality ingredients to deliver delightful deliciousness
  • Versatile usage for marinating, dipping, or simply saucing over the food


  • You get a bit strong smell after opening it
  • The cheap plastic bottle should be replaced
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Heinz Mouthwatering Original BBQ Sauce

Next, meet another tested and trusted BBQ sauce from Heinz, a big name in the industry. Whether you use it as a table sauce or a marinating option, in both ways it’s capable of creating wonder.

Let’s check out what prominent qualities let it make its place in this top six list.

Heinz Mouthwatering Original BBQ Sauce

Top Features

  • Thicker inconsistency 
  • 100% natural ingredients 
  • Adds a tangy tone to the entire meal
  • A sweet-flavored classic sauce for BBQ
  • Captures the authentic American BBQ flavor

Check today’s price on Amazon

Do you know the most interesting fact about this delicious BBQ sauce? It can also be used as a final touch on the burnt ends apart from being used in the marination. And the sweet umami flavor it offers is just out of the world. 

Whether you have a small family get-together or a friends’ meet-up, your weekend will surely be special if you have this package in your kitchen.

Coming in a 21.4 ounces bottle, it lasts pretty long, thanks to the upside-down design. Also, you can utilize even its last drop as the sauce has a thick consistency. 

So, if you don’t like the density of Bachan’s BPA Free Japanese Barbecue Sauce, go for this one. 

Being prepared from cane sugar and blackstrap molasses, it offers an exclusive sweetness to any dish. Some people might find it a bit rich but that depends on their taste buds. 

Truth be told, it’s the rich tangy taste that makes it so demandable. So, the intense yummy flavor is considered its USP. All things considered, you must give the savory sauce a try before it runs out! So, hurry up!


  • A great value for the money 
  • All-natural ingredients are used
  • Comes in a ready to eat formula
  • Infuses a natural smokey smack to burnt ends
  • A smooth sweet flavor with a touch of tanginess


  • Some people could find it too heavy
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Famous Dave’s Genuine Flavor BBQ Sauce

Next on the lineup, I picked a sugar-free sauce for those who have issues with sugar. Not many sauces come sugar-free. So, if you really need one, you shouldn’t miss it out. 

Famous Dave's Genuine Flavor BBQ Sauce

Top Features

  • No high fructose corn syrup used
  • Completely sugar-free and gluten-free
  • Prepared from natural herbs and spices
  • A perfect sauce to compliment all BBQ styles
  • Comes in two bottles with 18 ounces of weight

Check today’s price on Amazon

Need a genuine BBQ flavor to make some delighting dishes at your next gathering? Trust me, Famous Dave’s BBQ is a trusted name in this regard that never disappoints. 

The strongest point of this sauce is that it’s totally sugar-free. Resultantly, it’s completely safe for people of all ages including diabetic patients as well. 

Moreover, it doesn’t include high fructose corn syrup just like the Capital City one. So, it’s much healthier than regular BBQ sauces out there. 

What I like the most about this unique seasoning is the subtle blending of hand-picked herbs. Actually, it’s made of 100% natural herbs and spices with no artificial flavor. 

So, rest assured that your dinner guests are going to experience a heavenly pleasure while having those super tasty burnt ends seasoned with this sauce. 

Besides, the gluten-free feature adds some more amenities. Whether you are seasoning beef or chicken, or roasting ribs- the unsurpassed taste will testify to the product’s quality. 

In addition, the smokiness and sweetness it combines will let you taste the most memorable meal ever with an award-winning flavor. 


  • No unhealthy substances used
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients 
  • An all-purpose sauce in a super savory texture
  • Delivers a scrumptious smack, not too sweet or spicy


  • Sometimes it leaves an irritating aftertaste

Kraft Cholesterol Free Sweet Barbecue Sauce

Lastly, I have an outstanding BBQ sauce in the sweet honey flavor from Kraft, a trustworthy name in the industry. Although it is available in three other flavors as well. 

Needless to say, all four flavors work incredibly great whether you are barbecuing on a stove, oven, crockpot, or grill.

Kraft  Cholesterol Free Sweet Barbecue Sauce

Top Features 

  • Fat-free and cholesterol-free
  • Offers a classic barbecue taste
  • Offers 60 calories in one serving
  • Adds a bold note to your hard-cooked dishes
  • Used for grilling, barbecuing, marinating, dipping, and spreading

Check today’s price on Amazon

If you prefer a bold note of sweetness in combination with a touch of tanginess, then this is the sauce you are looking for.  

The Slow Simmered Sweet Honey Barbecue Sauce is truly enriched with a classic barbecue smack with premium quality essences.

Honestly speaking, this is the best sauce to impregnate your favorite burnt ends with an absolutely delightful flavor. 

The pure tomato puree adds the perfect tangy tone being mixed with the original honey. 

Besides, the 100% natural paprika, dried garlic, apple cider vinegar, dried onions, and molasses create an unforgettable taste whenever you marinate beef briskets or chicken wings. 

Best of all, all these flavorful essences don’t overpower the authenticity of those crunchy burnt ends. Instead, they are finely blended with each other to create a smooth smokiness overall. 

Being fat and cholesterol-free, it’s also considered healthy. 

However, it includes high fructose corn syrup and potassium sorbate to preserve its freshness. But don’t be taken aback as all these are used in a moderate amount. 

Aside from the marination option, it works great as a dipping sauce as well. So, if you want to spice up your beloved burnt ends, try this tasty topping right away!

However, a friendly reminder is to refrigerate the bottle right after you open it. That’s how you can enjoy the flavoring to the fullest.


  • A certified Kosher BBQ sauce
  • Prepares mouthwatering meals
  • Works as a wonderful dipping sauce too
  • Available in three sizes- 18 oz, 28 oz, and 40 oz
  • Delivers sweet and tangy flavor in the most decent way


  • A bit high priced
  • Contains preservative

What To Look For Before Buying The Best BBQ Sauce For Burnt Ends

With no prior knowledge, it’s certainly challenging to figure out the right sauce to cook your favorite meat candies perfectly. 

So, dive deep into the prominent factors below that decide how well a BBQ sauce performs in smothering those crunchy meat slices.


You don’t want to experience any health risk due to enjoying those flavors, right? Then look for the ingredients carefully. It’s better if the sauce includes 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial essence. 

I have handpicked Bachan’s BPA Free Japanese Sauce in this regard which is totally vegan and preservative-free. Also, try the Kraftone if you look for a cholesterol-free option.


The texture does matter as it determines how much you should use it. If the sauce is too thick, then use it as little as possible. Otherwise, it will mask up the authentic meat flavor. 

On the contrary, a thin sauce will be runny. So, you should use it carefully too. Thinner sauces are especially good when used in recipes. 

Kansas Style/Vinegar Based

For those who prefer the original American BBQ smack with less spice, Kansas-style sauces are great such as the  Heinz one.

Otherwise, vinegar-based sauces are there to satisfy your tummy with a strong tangy flavor. Usually, spice lovers always aim at these types of sauces.


It’s true that we all love that addictive smokey smell while preparing burnt ends. But choose a sauce carefully that doesn’t leave the smell even after you finish the food. This will overkill the basic meaty aroma. So, go with one that comes with a mild fragrance.


Hopefully, you have understood by now that BBQ sauces offer different flavors. So, you should pick one that suits your taste buds the best.

For example, if you like your meat slices sweeter, I highly suggest the Heinz Original Sweet & Thick BBQ Sauce with a bold blending. 

On the other hand, some people prefer sweet and heat together. So, they should try the Traeger one as it combines both sweetness and spiciness. 


In the article above, I got you covered with the six best BBQ sauces for burnt ends with all their amenities and drawbacks. If you have gone through the review part mindfully, you can definitely decide on your pick by now. 

Burnt ends are surely a treat to your stomach. So, if you want them to taste more, go for the right sauce to smother them better.

However, if you count on expert recommendation, I will suggest the Heinz Mouthwatering Original BBQ Sauce as the race winner here due to its heavy consistency. Because burnt ends are best cooked with a thick flavoring.

Next, the Traeger Versatile Sweet & Heat BBQ Sauce is the most budget-friendly pick on the list. 

Or else, you can try the Capital City Mambo Sauce if you prefer a high fructose corn syrup-free healthy option.

Although, the rest of the three sauces are equally great for treating you right.

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