Which Is The Best Soy Sauce for Fried Rice? My Top 6 Picks

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Do you want to enjoy a bowl of flavorful fried rice? Then you must rely on soy sauces to add an unparalleled smack to it.

But many people get confused between light and dark soy sauces. Although both work great to make the meal more palatable, certainly there are some best choices to spice up the dish.

On that note, let’s explore the six best soy sauces for fried rice below and decide how they can help you make your fried rice tastier than ever to satisfy your taste buds. 

Let’s dig in!

Enhance The Taste with These Best Soy Sauces for Fired Rice

With hundreds of choices in hand, it’s surely intimidating to decide on the right sauce to prepare a flavorful rice dish. That’s why we came up with the following six solutions that will spice up the bland and neutral flavor of fried rice. 

Quick Decision-Making Chart –

Key FeaturesKikkoman Soy Sauce BottlePremium Dark Soy SauceKecap Manis Sweet Soy Sauce
BrandKikkomanLee Kum KeeABC
Package Weight1.07 Kilograms0.94 Kilograms0.02 Kilograms
Package TypeBottleBottleBottle
Quantity2 Bottle1 Bottle1 Bottle
The HallmarksTremendous flavors, Gluten-free, Naturally brewed, Easy to pour & Value for moneyPremium quality, Dark soy sauce, Authentic taste, Awesome in stir-fried & Rich and DeliciousVersatility, Sweet flavored sauce, Famous secret ingredient, Great with chow mein & rich flavor
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Kikkoman All-purpose Soy Sauce For Rice

First, in the list, we have a light flavored soy sauce from Kikkoman, the name needs no introduction. They always offer their signature savoriness in all their soy sauces and this one is no exception. So, let’s check out this flavorsome sauce for fried rice in detail.

Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce For Rice

Top Features 

  • Contains 19% sodium
  • Completely gluten-free
  • Carefully made in the USA
  • Made of healthy ingredients
  • Packaged in a 10-ounce bottle

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package TypeBottle
Weight1.07 Kilograms

Now, let’s move on to the analysis. Talking about the ingredients, it consists of water, soybeans, vinegar, salt, sugar, corn syrup, yeast extract, and some mirin. 

As you can see, all the ingredients are carefully chosen so that the sauce doesn’t go overboard when used with rice. Also, the sweet cooking wine (mirin) adds a unique sweetness to the whole dish.

And Kikkoman does a commendable job by adding no preservatives to the sauce. They follow their traditional brewed formula to prepare this premium-quality sauce. 

Resultantly, it increases the savoriness of the steamed or fried rice to a great extent. The smoothness it offers is out of the world for any dish.

Apart from rice, you can also enhance the flavor of fish, meat, veggies, or salad by using this super savory soy sauce. It is also great to season skewered grilled chicken and glazed grilled meat. 

But the best part is that it won’t mask the actual taste of the fried rice. Meats, eggs, vegetables, or whatever ingredients are used with the rice, will be tasted with their natural flavor. 

Besides, the sauce will entirely bring them together to enhance the taste of the dish to a notable extent. 

However, some people might be confused reading about the sweetness of the sauce. But trust me, the subtle sweet smack just adds an unsurpassed taste to the meal which you have never experienced.

Despite the positives, the high price range might create an issue for some people. Well, it indeed belongs to the expensive list as a soy sauce but it’s not readily available in just any grocery store out there. 

Besides, the unique flavor is so popular that it often runs out. So, collect your bottle right away if you don’t want to miss it out. Once you try it with your favorite recipe, trust me you won’t regret it a bit of the expensive price tag.

So, what are you waiting for? Avail your bottle now!


  • Packaging is satisfactory
  • Offers a sweet smack when used
  • Adds just the perfect amount of sweetness
  • Flavors other dishes as well except fried rice
  • Greatly enhances the taste of fried rice and other foods


  • Costlier than other brands

Kecap Manis Versatile Sweet Thick Sauce

Third, on the lineup, let’s explore one of the most versatile soy sauces for fried rice from ABC. This kecap manis sweet and thick sauce could be a great addition to your kitchen if you like a sweet note in your dish.

Do you prefer a sweet umami flavor in your fried rice? Then you have got your pick. We came with a sweet and thick syrupy sauce to please your taste buds. 

The key specifications of this sauce are as follows-

Kecap Manis Versatile Sweet Thick Sauce

Top Features

  • A subtle sweet soy flavor
  • Comes in a 20.2 Fl Oz bottle 
  • The item weighs 1.95 pounds
  • Contains sodium benzoate as a preservative
  • Suitable for fried rice, BBQ, steaks, and marinades
  • An Indonesian sweet sauce for cooking and seasoning

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package InformationBottle
Package Weight0.02 Kilograms

Coming in a plastic bottle, a little amount of sauce goes a long way, thanks to its consistency. Similar to the Lee Kum Kee Rich & Premium Soy Sauce, it will also last pretty long to try more recipes.

Aside from fried rice, it also tastes awesome with Korean-style noodles( ramen). 

As it’s sweetened with cane sugar, the amount of sugar is a bit high. The sauce contains 79% sugar and 2% soybean. So, you can easily assume that it’s only for sweet lovers.

Compared to a black soy sauce, it’s both sweeter and stickier. That’s what makes this soy sauce so special. 

As it consists of preservatives in the form of sodium benzoate, the ingredients don’t get wasted easily. And the consistency remains the same even after a long time. Just be sure to check the expiry date and use this sauce before that given date. 

Being an Indonesian sauce, it’s hard to find it in any Asian store. And it’s mostly used with Indonesian-style dishes. 

If you want to try something different, you can marinate your barbecue with it too. It tastes even better when mixed with peanut sauce. On top of that, adding some chopped onions and garlic would enhance the BBQ smack way more.

Best of all, it makes a huge difference in taste in any dish compared to its contemporary sweet sauces. So, it can be a decent alternative to any sweet sauce out there, thanks to its unparalleled sweetness and deliciousness. 

In a word, it’s a must-try for fried food lovers with a bit of different smack. 


  • One bottle lasts for a good while
  • Perfectly balances the sweetness and saltiness
  • The stickiness makes all the ingredients fit together
  • Even a little amount adds so much flavor to the food


  • Sweeter than other soy sauces
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Premium Quality Lite Soy Sauce – Best of Thailand

Next comes an amazing sauce from Best of Thailand, a well-known soy sauce manufacturer. If you crave an authentic Asian taste in your meal, this intense sauce is made for you. 

This deep and dark sauce is specially made for those who are very health conscious. All the ingredients are carefully picked to avoid the harmful ones. Even the making equipment is inspected.   

However, let’s move on to its top amenities below.

Premium Quality Lite Soy Sauce

Top Features

  • Slightly sweet in taste
  • Top-notch quality control
  • 70% low sodium than regular soy sauces
  • A well-proportioned sauce with 100% Asian taste
  • The package contains two bottles of Lite soy sauce
  • Squeezable container to maintain a consistent sauce flow

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandBest of Thailand
FlavorLite Soy
Package InformationBottle
Weight23.65 Ounces
Package Weight1.63 Kilograms

However, having a low sodium percentage, it tastes a bit different from any other dark sauce. It’s basically a dipping sauce with a subtle sweet savor. 

Unlike other dipping sauces, it’s more intense in taste and texture. That’s why you get a matchless savoriness in your fried and grilled & smoked foods including rice, fish, veggies, meats, etc.

Most importantly, all the ingredients are KOSHER certified which is a top-rated quality control system. No wonder, this is the healthiest soy sauce for fried rice on the list.

Moreover, it’s quite easy to use. The bottles are very nicely made and they are squeezable. You just need to squeeze in a bit to have a balanced sauce flow. 

Also, the bottles are sturdy enough not to break accidentally. So, if it slips off your hands, rest assured that you will get the sauce intact.

To add more, you will find no trans-fat here. And due to this, the soy sauce tastes lite and fresh. 

As it’s a low-sodium sauce, unlike the high-sodium ones you need to keep it away from a direct heat source. On that note, try to store it in the refrigerator. 

However, if you are on a diet and prescribed to have low-sodium meals only, what could be healthier than this Best of Thailand Premium Lite Soy Sauce?


  • Affordable pricing
  • Free of health risks
  • Perfect for fried rice, noodles, and marination
  • A squeezable container prevents excessive pouring


  • Contains too much sugar
  • Cannot be used as a dipping sauce
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Sempio Most Delightful Soy Sauce

Are you looking for a soy sauce that goes best with rice? Then look no further and follow the discussion below on this extremely budget-friendly Korean sauce, again with the original Asian touch in your dishes.

Sempio Most Delightful Soy Sauce

Top Features

  • Packaged in a tube
  • Extremely budget-friendly 
  • Comes in an authentic soy sauce flavor
  • 60% less sodium than its contemporary soy sauces
  • Known as an egg sauce, goes along with fried rice too

Check today’s price on Amazon

FlavorSoy Sauce
Package InformationTube
Weight6.76 Ounces
Package Weight0.28 Kilograms

Well, it’s also a low-sodium soy sauce, similar to the previous one. Therefore, it certainly tastes sweet but tasty at the same time. 

The deliciousness offers in your hard-cooked food, especially fried egg or vegetable fried rice is truly unparalleled. 

Moreover, you can use it as a salad dressing too. 

Being made in Korea, this is a must-try sauce to prepare Korean pancakes. Apart from that, the kelp and katsuobushi seasoning enhances its taste a lot more. 

However, there is a Japanese version of this sauce as well. But the Korean package is both cheaper and larger.

Talking about the price, you get a 200 ml product for under $10. Can you imagine?

If you go through the ingredient list, you’ll see what the sauce is made of. Except for kelp and katsuobushi extract, it consists of water, sugar, yeast extract, defatted soybean, wheat, salt, spirits, and Thiamine Dilauryl Sulfate.

All things considered, this is one of the best soy sauces for fried rice under a shoe-string budget. So, if you want to multiply the taste of your fried items, be it egg or rice, just go for it.

Rest assured that you won’t regret it once you experience its super delightful sapidity.


  • Increases the taste of every savory item
  • The texture stays consistent even after many uses
  • The quantity is greater than other brands of similar pricings
  • Works as a cooking sauce, dipping sauce, and salad dressing, a three-in-one!


  • A bit less flavorful
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San-J Soy Sauce With Rich & Complex Taste

Tired of that subtle savoriness in your fried rice?  Looking for something rich, bold, and more complex? Why not try something different then? 

On the final spot, meet an exclusive soy sauce from San-J, of course, in an elegant black 10 Oz bottle.

San j Soy Sauce With Rich & Complex Taste

Top Features

  • No wheat used
  • A gluten-free sauce
  • Made of 100% authentic soy
  • Comes in  a 10-ounce black bottle
  • Offers a rich and intense soy flavor
  • Adds thicker and stronger texture to fried rice

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package InformationBottle
Weight10 Ounces
Package Weight0.68 Kilograms

Similar to the Kikkoman, it too offers a gluten-free formula. But who wins the race in terms of taste and texture? Although it’s a tough competition, the San-J Tamari Sauce wins here as it’s more complex in flavor. 

Furthermore, it has a wider flavor range than any other traditional soy sauce. And the flavor-enhancing properties are also stronger here. So, it easily infuses the unique savoriness throughout the meal. 

Being gluten-free, it can be a perfect choice for a gluten-free diet. Besides, it’s a tamari sauce. That means only original soybeans are fermented with water to prepare this sauce. 

Unlike regular soy sauces, it has no wheat on the ingredient list. That’s probably the reason it provides a strong smack in the dishes. 

However, to preserve its freshness, it contains a little amount of alcohol. And in one tablespoon of this sauce, you get 980 mg of sodium. 

Best of all, you will get this organic soy sauce for fried rice in a black bottle which is very elegant. Those who have indigestion issues from wheat-made soy sauce can try this as a healthy alternative. 

And the affordable price range is totally worth it considering its great flavor.  Whether you love the mild or rich flavor in your fried rice, try this at least once. We are pretty sure that you will go for the second bottle. 


  • The packaging is great
  • Perfect for a gluten-free diet
  • A healthier alternative to other soy sauces
  • Adds an intense taste to the dishes, making them restaurant-quality


  • Should be avoided by kidney patients, as it contains too much sodium

Lee Kum Kee Rich & Premium Soy Sauce

As the name suggests, it’s a premium soy sauce. But don’t get confused with the word “rich”. It means the sauce is rich in flavor, not in color. It’s a dark soy sauce from the world-famous brand Lee Kum Kee. Being thicker, you need to use it very little in amount. Otherwise, your dish will be saltier. 

However, let’s discuss its core specifications below.

Top Features

  • 49% sodium count
  • Comes in a rich soy flavor
  • Pretty affordable price range
  • Nicely packaged in a 16.9 Fl Oz bottle
  • A dark sauce having a thicker consistency 
  • All ingredients are perfectly brewed to enhance the taste

Compared to the Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce, it contains more sodium. Also, it’s way more affordable. That’s surely a big plus for this rich and dark sauce. 

But don’t expect too much consistency from it. Indeed, they are not as runny as regular sauces. But not too thick as well. Of course, it adds some more savoriness to the dishes, be it fried rice or stirs fry.

Talking about the ingredients, it contains a bit of potassium sorbate as a preservative. But the tiny amount doesn’t make the sauce harmful. 

Among other contents, the disodium 5-inosinate and the disodium 5-guanylate are two central substances to enhance food flavor. 

However, it’s brewed with the regular soy sauce made of water, salt, soybean, and wheat flour in accordance with caramel color and sugar. Therefore, it makes the rice a bit brownish. 

So, beware to use it in a moderate amount not to cook the rice deep brown.

Now, we want you to learn a special trick to make the sauce the tastiest. Mix it with some honey and minced ginger and see the magic. It will surprisingly increase the taste of the dish just like in a restaurant. 

So, if you want a restaurant-like flavor in your homemade fried rice, we highly recommend this Lee Kum Kee sauce any day. 

Nevertheless, you might be taken aback by the high amount of sodium. But if you are a bit careful, it will create no issues at all. Just make sure to use it in the right amount. 

And the positive side is that the bottle will last longer than your expectation as you only need a little bit of the sauce. How amazing is that?


  • Worthy of its price
  • Free of overpowering smells
  • One bottle lasts for a long time
  • The taste is richer and more intense than other soy sauces


  • Some people find it too salty
  • Makes the fried rice brown-ish

What To Look for Before Choosing The Best Soy Sauce For Fried Rice

Having a hard time choosing the right soy sauce for fried rice? Let’s get straight to the deciding factors which will eventually lead you toward your ideal option. 

We know that there are countless soy sauces on the market. All of them are advertised as the best ones. But are they? You can easily check some crucial factors before buying a bottle. They are as follows-

  • Ingredients

First, you need to check on the ingredients. For a healthy life, it’s very important to know what you eat. 

A soy sauce should have a few ingredients with no/fewer preservatives. Moreover, any artificial color and chemical are harmful to your health. So, avoid sauces that have these. 

  • Size

Always opt for smaller bottles. We know these sauces last pretty long. But you won’t use the whole bottle at once, right? So, once you open it, you must store it carefully. In that case, storing in the refrigerator will preserve its freshness more.

  • Naturally Brewed/ Chemically Produced

The next thing to look for is whether it’s naturally brewed or not. If yes, then the ingredients will be fermented for months.

On that note, the longer it’s fermented, the better it tastes. We have an organic soy sauce on the list which is the San-J Tamari Sauce. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a milder flavor, chemically produced sauces are the best choices such as the Lee Kum Kee Rich & Premium Soy Sauce. 

They are less complex in texture and add some caramel to give the rice a brown color. Moreover, they are saltier than the brewed ones.  

  • Low-Sodium

As you are already informed, soy sauces are usually salty. So, to cut down the saltiness, you should go for low-sodium sauces that come with a sweet note. 

For example, you can get the Lite Premium Soy Sauce from Best of Thailand. It contains 70% less sodium than any regular soy sauce. It also produces a genuine Asian flavor in your fried rice which is pretty good.

  • Light/Dark

Certainly, you want to achieve that nice brown color while cooking fried rice, right? Then dark soy sauce is an absolute must. But as it’s not as flavorful as the light version, try using it in combination with a light sauce to taste better.

Light Soy Sauce Vs Dark Soy Sauce For Fried Rice

Now, we will be discussing the key distinctions between light and dark soy sauces. Although both are equally popular based on the recipe requirements, let’s check out what makes them different from each other. 

Well, don’t get confused by the name. Light soy sauce doesn’t mean it’s less flavorful. It means that it’s lighter in color than its dark counterpart.

But they are enriched with sodium and resultantly, saltier in taste. 

On the contrary, dark soy sauces are more intense in color but lack the intensity in aroma and flavor. Being low sodium-based, they are less salty. Also, they offer a subtle touch of sweetness to your favorite fried rice. 

Another key factor to differentiate light soy sauces is that they have a runnier texture. But the dark ones have a much thicker consistency. 

However, you can use both in making fried rice. After all, you don’t want to sacrifice taste for color and vice versa. But be sure to use the right proportion if you don’t want to spoil the food flavor. 

Truth be told, authentic Chinese fried rice recipes generally use dark soy sauces to get a dark brown color. But many Asian people are fond of the light flavor more. After all, it’s way more flavorful. 

That’s the basic difference between these two popular soy sauces. Now you better decide which suits your palate more!

What Can I Use If I Don’t Have Soy Sauce For Rice?

As much as we love the kick that soy sauce adds to fried rice, we sometimes have to look for substitutes. Say you are making fried rice for someone who is allergic to soy, or you’ve run out of soy sauce and need a quick fix to make your dish taste authentic! 

Whatever the situation might be, here are two great alternatives to soy sauce for rice-

Coconut amino: This may be slightly sweeter than soy sauce, but it is way healthier and adds a very similar flavor and color as soy sauce to your fried rice. 

For every cup of rice, add a tablespoon of coconut amino, and once you’re done cooking, you won’t even remember that your fried rice doesn’t have any soy sauce in it!

Garlic-infused sesame oil: If you want to substitute soy sauce with the items right on your pantry, try this method. 

Start with 3 tablespoons of sesame oil in your pan and let it slightly heat up. Next, add 5 chopped garlic cloves into the oil and cook it on low flame for about 2 minutes. Finally, add your eggs, veggies, rice, and spices as you usually would. 

An extra tip, make sure to use some freshly ground pepper in your fried rice to add a delightful taste to it. 

While it does not necessarily taste the same as soy sauce, the garlic and sesame flavor is to die for, and your family is sure to love this new fusion of fried rice!


Whether you want to cook fried rice or garnish your rice dishes, we came up with the best soy sauce for fried rice above to serve both purposes. All of them belong to different manufacturers having different consistency. 

Also, they differ in taste and texture. But we carefully chose the items that consist of healthier ingredients instead of harmful preservatives. 

Moreover, the list combines all sorts of sauces to give your fried rice a sweet, sour, or spicy flavor. You can decide on your pick based on your taste bud. 

However, we highly recommend the Kikkoman or the San-J sauce as they are gluten-free. Furthermore, the latter is an organic sauce offering more health value. 

So, try your favorite sauce from the list above and let us know how it makes a difference in your fried rice. 

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