Best Dutch Oven For Smoker (My Top 5 Picks)

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Seeing the title, perhaps, the first question that hits your head is- can you use a Dutch oven with a smoker? 

Well, the answer is an absolute yes. With a little bit of tricks, you can even prepare traditional grilled or barbecued foods in this oven.

Having years of experience in smoking, grilling, open fire cooking, Dutch oven cooking, and BBQing- I have narrowed down the best Dutch oven for smoker below. 

They are so expedient to use on a smoker that many people consider Dutch ovens as the tomorrow of outdoor cooking. 

So, let’s look forward to how these convenient cooking tools come in handy to prepare tasty treats in a pinch!

5 Best Dutch Oven For Smoker To Make Your Smoker Versatile

Dutch ovens are popular for their multifunctional use with extreme amenities. These versatile deep cooking pots are the best thing you can have to retain heat for the longest period.  

Here’s the quick decision making chart –

Key FeaturesLodge Dutch OvenPit Boss Dutch OvenBruntmor Dutch Oven
Available Size (Qt)1qt, 2qt, 5qt, 7qt8 Quarts5 Quarts
MaterialCast IronCast IronCast Iron
Ideal ForSmoker, Stove, Grill, Campfire, Induction CooktopsCamping, Smoker, Grill & OvenStoves, Grills, Smoker, Open Fire & Induction Cooktops
The HallmarksVersatility, Even Heating, Easy Cleaning, Durability & High-Temperature RatingHigh-Quality Material, Even Heating, Perfect Shape, Tight-fitting Lid & Versatile UsesFuss-free Cooking, Quality Material, Perfect Heat Distribution Easy Cleanups, Versatility & Large Capacity
Special FeaturesLoop Handles, 5 Extra Item Included & Secure ControlBuilt-in Legs, Built-in Notch & Stainless-steel Bail Handle2 in 1 Dutch Oven, Secure Transportation & Non-stick Surface
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Below, meet the five best Dutch ovens for smokers that are tried and trusted in cooking lots of flavorful foods over the years! 

Lodge Dutch Oven with Loop Handles

When you are looking for Dutch ovens, Lodge is the first destination you should visit. They make the best cast iron Dutch ovens in a reasonable price range.

Moreover, all their ovens are fully seasoned to be used for a long time. Being dishwasher safe, Lodge ovens are also quite easy to clean without much difficulty. Let’s check out its top features below!

Lodge Dutch Oven with Loop Handles

Top Features

  • Features loop handles 
  • 5 Quarts cooking capacity
  • 500° F high-temperature range 
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron cooking pot 
  • Unbeatable heat retention capability 
  • Includes seasoning spray, pan scraper, and silicone handle holder

Check today’s price on Amazon

Now, let’s move on to the detailed of this industry-standard cooking pot.

Perfect Sizing

To be honest, it’s a cute little oven but perfectly fits your needs. The depth of this 5 Quarts pot is 6-¼” with the lid and 4-½” without it. 

And talking about the handle to handle width, it is 12-⅝” spacious. Moreover, you can turn the lid into a 10.25-inch skillet. That’s surely an invincible amenity for any oven out there!

With a diameter of 10 inches and an overall depth of 5 inches, the double Dutch oven is perfect for cooking a small family’s meal efficiently. Also, the perfect shape and size make it a great gift item for your neighbors or someone else. 

Lasts Lifetime

Living up to the expectations of Lodge, this oven lasts a lifetime if taken care of properly. Being pre-seasoned, it comes with the ultimate durability with premium cast iron material. 

The lodge is the most reliable name as the Dutch oven manufacturer and they prove that again in this top-grade oven. 

By collecting the finest raw materials, the makers pre-seasoned each piece of them and thus produced a caramelized surface for this cooker to withstand high temperatures. 

Versatile Cooking Range

Well, you might wonder how versatile this cooking pot is? Can you cook your favorite dishes in it? Or can you use it with different cooktops?

Absolutely yes. This small yet sturdy pot is so expedient that you can use it with smokers, campfires, grills, induction systems, etc.

And for recipes, be it roasting, frying, sauteing, searing, grilling, BBQing, or anything else- this double Dutch oven won’t ever disappoint you. 

You can even try making stews or curries with the perfect consistency. Yes, apart from baking bread, this can let you enjoy hundreds of other traditional recipes at ease.

Easy to Use

As already mentioned, it comes with two loop handles. That’s why it’s a great purchase for those who find it difficult to use ovens on a smoker. 

Surely, it’s risky to use such ovens directly on smokers. But the handles make it easy and effortless to carry the cooking pot quite conveniently. 

On top of that, the legs of this double Dutch oven are big enough to sit on the coals easily. Also, the lid can be used as a frying pan, which too is a non-sticky one. 

Do you think any other pot will provide you with such benefits? I don’t think so! So, hurry up and add this amazing accessory to your cooking armory!


  • Sturdy architecture 
  • Matchless heat holding capacity
  • Cooking gets better with every use
  • Entirely pre-seasoned to last longer
  • The lid offers a non-stick frying service


  • Initially, food gets brownish due to the seasoning
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Pit Boss Easy to Clean Dutch Oven

Next on the list, I have included another heavy-duty Dutch oven from Pit Boss, the name that needs no introduction. It too is a cast-iron oven with high cooking capacity. The round shape is even more attractive with an elegant black color. 

Similar to the Lodge one, it is also suitable for cooking versatile dishes with ultimate convenience. On top of that, you can try any recipes from your kitchen over a smoker with this flexible utensil set.

Best of all, this single oven can serve the purpose of baking, braising, searing, stewing, and many more with no extra pot needed. 

Pit Boss Easy to Clean Dutch Oven

Top Features

  • 14″ cast iron pot 
  • Ready to use on arrival
  • 8 Quarts cooking capacity
  • Fully pre-seasoned material 
  • Seals both heat and moisture
  • Built-in side handles for added portability 

Check today’s price on Amazon

However, let’s look forward to how these key features come in handy in on-spot outdoor cooking.

Matchless Heat Retention 

Perhaps, the best feature of this high-tech cast iron oven is the tightly fitted lid. Not only does it seal the heat inside for the longest period but also retains the juiciness of the food. 

Saying that the lid helps even heat spread for cooking consistently. No matter how long you need to cook, it doesn’t cause any temperature fluctuation rather maintains persistent heat flow throughout.

Also, it can withstand the highest temperature level to produce well-cooked foods. 

Easy to Handle

As this pot comes with a long handle, it’s very easy to move. There is an extra grip to make the pot even handier. 

What’s more exciting is the inclusion of a heavy-duty leather glove measuring 15.5″. Not only does it save your hand from the extreme heat while cooking on a smoker but also makes the cooking oven a breeze to put on fire. 

Even more, there is a stainless steel bail handle for further maneuverability. You can hang the oven over a campfire tripod. Isn’t that great?

Consistent Cooking

While cooking in an oven, that too putting the lid on, it’s quite difficult to maintain consistent temperature throughout. But here you can easily observe whether the heat flow is accurate or not. 

Wondering how is that? By inserting a thermometer through the inbuilt notch. And more importantly, you don’t even need to take off the lid. Therefore, there’s no possibility of heat drop. 

Wider Cooking Surface

As the lid can work as an additional cooking surface when turned over, the oven offers wider cooking space than you expect. The 14″ diameter is already big enough as a cooking pot. But the versatile lid makes it happen to cook more meals at a time by playing the role of a side griddle. 

Reasonable Price Tag

Compared to other contemporary cooking ovens, this one is way more reasonable. Firstly, you get six items in one pack. The combo includes a 10″ pre-seasoned cast iron skillet, a 12″ deep skillet with a kid, a 10″ camp oven with a cast iron lid, and a 15.5″ leather glove. 

All these things come in a package that you can avail of only under a hundred bucks. Can you imagine? So, in terms of the price range, this is surely a great purchase! 


  • Great price point
  • Very easy to clean
  • Wide cooking space
  • Even heat distribution 
  • Pre-seasoned for instant use


  • The inbuilt legs don’t always work
  • Sometimes, it spills food all around
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Bruntmor 2 In 1 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

We all know that Bruntmor makes outstanding cooking accessories and this 2 in 1 double Dutch oven is no exception. 

Like the previous two ovens, this is also a pre-seasoned pan to provide better results in outdoor cooking. Above all, it comes with a non-stick finish as a perfect camping oven for easy clean-up and maintenance.

With this extraordinary cooking skillet, you can carry your kitchen convenience to any outdoor adventure no matter what the occasion is.  

Bruntmor 2 In 1 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Top Features

  • Quick and easy cleanup
  • 2 in 1 heavy duty camping oven
  • 5 Quart cast iron cooking surface
  • Even heating with efficient cooking
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Takes care of a wide range of recipes

Check today’s price on Amazon

Now, it’s time to dive into the detailed specifications. 

Ease of Use

Long gone are those days of struggling with a heavy cooking tool. Bruntmor puts a full stop to that struggle by engineering a handy cooking pot with ultimate ease of use. 

First of all, it has a sleek finish for fuss-free cooking. Thus, it keeps the hassle at bay while preparing malleable meals for your dinner guests.

On top of that, there are two handles with holes to carry the cooking pan easily. Also, you can hang it anywhere if your kitchen is not that spacious. 

Chemical Free Cooking

Yes, it contains no chemicals.  Thus, you can bless yourself with 100% safe and natural nutrients that will boost your energy level. 

Being pre-seasoned, the cooking surface is completely non-stick. So, you don’t need to struggle with the food residue and grease.

Trusted Performance 

Bruntmor carefully architectured this cooking oven with heavy-duty cast iron. So, you can trust it for cooking a variety of meals. 

Whether you try baking, grilling, frying, broiling, searing, or braising, this double Dutch oven with a cast iron lid leaves no room for complaints. 

On the same note, this pan can withstand extremely high heat in any cooking atmosphere. That surely seals the deal as a trusted kitchen tool to pick right away!

Flavorful Foods

Having a cooking capacity of 5 Quarts, this double Dutch cooking pot is a great tool to prepare delicious meals. Be it meats, veggies, seafood, or sausage, it evenly cooks all food retaining the heat. 

Moreover, it doesn’t dry up the food. Instead, it retains the moisture level as well to maintain the exact juicy flavor. Whether you like soups or stew, you’ll have the same savory smack in every dish you prepare.


Best of all, this premium cooking tool is highly compatible with all types of heat sources. For instance, you can use it with a stove, smoker, grill, induction cooktop, or even with an open campfire. 

Besides, it is safe to use with any type of grills such as pellet grills, electric grills, gas grills, or charcoal ones. 

This wide range of compatibility makes this cooking oven one of the best Dutch ovens for a smoker that anyone should definitely give a try.


  • An affordable kitchen tool 
  • Very easy to clean and maintain 
  • The lid works as a skillet as well
  • Compatible with any heat source
  • High-quality oven with premium performance


  • Requires a thorough scrubbing while cleaning
  • Needs proper reseasoning before the first use
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Lodge Non-Stick Deep Camp Dutch Oven

In the fourth place, let’s review another exclusive Dutch oven from Lodge, the most famous cast iron oven manufacturer.

This is a deep camp Dutch oven, particularly designed for outdoor cooking. Like any other Lodge cookware, it also includes a cookbook with detailed tips for cooking. 

As you all know, Lodge started their journey back in 1896. Over the years, it has been ruling the cookware industry by making outstanding products. And I can assure you that this 8 Quart cooking pan also lives up to the promises Lodge once made. 

Lodge Non Stick Deep Camp Dutch Oven

Top Features

  • Non-stick finish
  • Includes a cookbook
  • No synthetic chemicals added
  • Properly seasoned to last longer 
  • Premium quality cast iron material
  • Deep camp Dutch oven with 8 Quart capacity 

Check today’s price on Amazon

At this point, let’s explore the key specifications elaborately. 

Integral Legs

One of the most advantageous amenities of this Dutch pan is that it features three integral legs. The legs keep it standing over hot coals persistently. 

As a result, you can place the pot over consistent heat flow for cooking magical meals. Moreover, it manages to be heated evenly so that the temperature never fluctuates. 

Effortless Cleaning

Being architectured with a non-stick surface, it makes cleaning a breeze. You can clean the entire oven with the minimum possible effort.

Just use regular water after scrubbing the surface with a brush. And after washing it, make sure to dry it thoroughly.

As it is constructed with heavy-duty cast iron, proper seasoning after every wash is an absolute must if you want the pan to last a lifetime. 

On that note, use natural vegetable oil to season the surface and see the magic. Each time you re-oil it, it gets better.

USA Made

Compared to the cheaper counterparts, you might find this cookware a bit expensive. But please remember that it’s the original Lodge oven made in the USA.

Resultantly, this oven is structured very carefully with premium material. Furthermore, it is heavily pre-seasoned with a non-stick sleek finish. 

Even no synthetic chemicals are used here. Only 100% natural oil from vegetables is carefully sourced to season the surface. 

In other words, Lodge made this product to last. So, invest in quality cookware once and enjoy the conveniences for years! 

Versatile Lid

Most importantly, it comes with a super versatile lid with absolute flexibility. You can use the flanged lid as a griddle if needed. 

Besides, it can hold hot coals for a convenient cooking process. Thus, the oven stands out from others holding high heat for longer. Whether you sear meats or bake biscuits, the temperature control is on the next level with this flexible cast iron dutch oven.


  • Can cook lots of items
  • Holds heat pretty well
  • Perfect for heavy camping trips
  • Even and efficient cooking in any environment 
  • Comes with a detailed cookbook as a guideline


  • A bit more expensive 
  • Some customers raised the issue that it cracked too fast

Camp Chef True Seasoned Classic Dutch Oven

Finally, I came up with the most affordable Dutch oven that belongs to Camp Chef. It’s a black round cooking pot that features some exclusive opportunities for cooking both indoors and outdoors.

Although it’s a lightweight cooking oven, it doesn’t fall behind when it comes to experimenting with new recipes. And rest assured that everything and anything you cook in this oven will retain the originality of that dish.

Let’s check out its core specifications below.

Camp Chef True Seasoned Classic Dutch Oven

Top Features

  • Very lightweight construction 
  • Features an inbuilt thermometer notch
  • A 4 Quart pot with 3.25″ cooking depth
  • The lid features a loop handle for better portability 
  • Comes with Camp Chef’s signature “True Seasoned Finish”

Check today’s price on Amazon

But how can these key features save your time and effort while cooking? Let’s dive into the detailed discussion to find out. 

10″ Dutch Oven

Having a 10″ diameter inside, the outside diameter of this oven is 10.5″. And the 4 Quart volume lets you cook for 10-12 people max at a time.

As a small cooking oven, that is quite convenient I guess. And the 3-¼” depth of the surface is readily available for cooking most of the favorite recipes of your family.

Lightweight Ergonomics

Do you know the weight of this beautifully designed cast iron pan? Only 14 lbs. 

Being lightweight, it’s the easiest Dutch oven out there to be carried from your kitchen to the campfire. Also, cleaning a cooking pot is no more a struggle as you don’t have to lift a heavyweight pan after cooking. 

Quick Cooking

When used outdoors, especially on the campfire, it can cook pretty fast. As the flanged lid can hold hot charcoal briquettes or wood chunks, that contributes to the fast cooking as well. 

And the lid seals the heat inside. That’s why the food remains hot even after you take the oven off the campfire. 

Superbly Seasoned

As already mentioned, this cast iron pot is entirely seasoned with the “True Seasoned Finish” from Camp Chef. Actually, it’s their signature seasoning technology that makes their cookware stand apart from the crowd. 

As a result, you get a non-stick cooking surface that’s ready to cook on arrival. Of course, it’s better to re-season every time. That will only lengthen the lifespan of this cooking pan.

Extremely Affordable 

I highly recommend this Dutch oven for beginners who just stepped into outdoor cooking. Because they don’t need those high-end ovens with loads of features. 

Rather this 10″ cooking pan could be a great addition to their cookware collection. 

Although you can get this pot spending a few bucks only, it offers you a lot more features like an expensive Dutch oven.

For example, there’s a metal bail handle on the kettle to enhance portability. Moreover, it features loop handles to be easily stored anywhere. 

Best of all, the built-in thermometer notch is certainly an out-of-the-box add-on to manage adequate temperature range. 

All these benefits surely make the Dutch oven a great value for the money.


  • Very well priced
  • Natural non-stick surface
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance 
  • Perfect size for effortless portability 
  • Prepare a versatile range of heartiest meals


  • The lid doesn’t fit well

How To Choose The Best Dutch Oven for Smoker

Well, now I will talk about some crucial factors that you must check to find out the best Dutch oven for a smoker. If you check these components beforehand, rest assured that you can make a great purchase. 

  • Weight

Dutch ovens are usually heavyweight. It’s because they don’t compromise with quality. So, if you find an oven that weighs way lighter than the others, maybe it’s a substandard product. Although some lightweight products can be really good such as Camp Chef True Seasoned Classic Dutch Oven.

  • Lid

Another crucial component to look for in an ideal Dutch oven is the lid construction. It must be a great fit over the pan to retain heat and moisture. A slight manufacturing defect on the lid can make your recipe a great failure by not sealing the heat inside. 

In fact, without a tight-fitted lid, a cast iron pan cannot guarantee even heat distribution. So, lids are the most important factor to look for.

  • Size

The size of a cooking pot majorly depends on your demand. Generally, a 14-inch oven with 8 Quart capacity is the standard size. It can cook for 14-18 guests approximately at a time. 

If you need smaller pans, go for the ones with 4-6 Quart capacity. And for larger pans, a 12 Quart Dutch oven with 16-inch depth is highly suggested.

  • Material

Usually, three types of materials are used in forming a Dutch oven- cast iron, aluminum, and enameled cast iron.

Among them, cast iron cooking pots are the most convenient ones as they last longer, retain high heat, and provide a non-stick surface. 

However, aluminum ones are lighter than their cast iron counterparts. But they don’t last that long. 

And enameled cast iron is very expensive. Moreover, it cannot withstand high temperatures like the bare cast iron pans. 

So, all things considered, cast iron ovens are the race winner. And thankfully, our top five picks are made of high-quality cast iron.

So, any of the five you pick, it will surely serve you quite well.


That’s the wrap-up for the best Dutch oven for smoker review. Hopefully, you have understood how these deep cooking pots can be used conveniently over the smokers to cook different dishes with extreme delicacies. 

On that note, a Dutch oven can bring back the home cooking comfort to any outdoor adventure. So, try them out once and be a fan forever. 

That being said, I highly recommend the Lodge Non-Stick Deep Camp Dutch Oven as the overall best to enjoy outdoor cooking the most. You can try the rest four as well because all of them are carefully chosen based on their heavy-duty performances.

Happy cooking!