7 Best Degreaser For Smoker – Quick, Safe and Easy Cleaning

If you want to have the best flavor every time you grill, make sure you clean the smoker thoroughly. A degreaser is among the major tools required to clean the smoker from grease and oily stains. 

To assure the finest cleaning with no dangerous chemicals being injected into the cooking surface, using the best degreaser for smoker is obvious. You should ensure the quality as it’s cleaning the surface you are going to cook on.

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Using an ordinary degreaser may add toxic chemicals into your smoker. So, you should never compromise the supremacy of the quality while purchasing a degreaser.

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Best Degreaser For Smoker Review

The market is flooded with many items, making it difficult to choose the finest one. To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 smoker degreasers. These are manufactured by the best brands and do have premium quality with excellent performance. 

Here’s the quick Decision-Making Chart –

Key FeaturesProfessional Strength DegreaserBBQ Grill Cleaner &  DegreaserGrill & Grate Degreaser
BrandWeberParker & BaileyGoo Gone
Item FormSpraySprayGel, Spray
Item Weight1.01 Pounds709 MillilitersN/A
Specific UsesGrill, Smoker & OvenGrill, Smoker, Tile & CountertopGrill & Smoker
The HallmarksPowerful Cleaning, Versatility, Non-toxic Formula &  Natural ProductsMulti-use Product, Sparkling Clean, Streak Free Formula & Lasting ProtectionSuper-strength Degreaser,  Pro-Power Elements, Versatile Uses & Effortless Cleaning
Special FeatureMulti-use Powerful SprayLeaves No Oily ResiduePrevent Any Disease
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Weber Non-Toxic Cleaning Spray and Degreaser

The USDA-approved cleaning spray from Weber is crafted with a non-toxic formula. This degreaser will be completely safe for your grills, smokers, or cookers. Weber cleaning spray will save your fuel and time by maintaining the supremacy of your beloved smokers.

The degreaser will remove the crusted oil, therefore enhancing the taste of your dish. A good degreaser will make the cleaning more effortless. 

Top Features

  • Loosens the food burnt
  • USDA-approved formula 
  • Safe and powerful cleaning 
  • Non-corrosive and biodegradable
  • Works great on grills, smokers, and others
Item FormSpray
Used ForGrill, Smoker, Oven

Weber cleaning spray with a degreaser is going to make your cleaning effective with no hassle. It will be easier to clean grease and oily surfaces with this degreaser.

The degreaser is USDA-approved means the processing and crafting of the product maintained the federal guidelines. Weber degreaser is a powerful formulation of spray that is suitable for any kind of grilling equipment. 

A degreaser should be constructed of non-toxic components as it will be cleaning the material you will be cooking on. Weber cleaning spray and degreaser are made of non-toxic elements.

The degreaser is non-flammable and non-corrosive which makes it the degreaser for electric smokers. Your food items will be completely safe with this degreaser. 

You can clean your smoker, oven, or even cooker with this cleaner. Based on the grilling method, you can save fuel from the burn process. The cleaner will maintain the tip-top shape of the grill for heat. 


  • Very effective to remove debris
  • Effectively cleans the smoker grates
  • Suitable for deep cleaning


  • Can’t remove rust properly

 Parker & Bailey BBQ Cleaner and Degreaser

Parker & Bailey will make cleaning a breeze. The degreaser from Parker & Bailey is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used for smokers, grills, tile and is also good for countertops. 

To maintain a clean and natural-looking home or grill, this degreaser will be a top pick for sure. 

Top Features

  • Streak-free formula
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Safe for food prep surfaces
  • Cleans interior and exterior 
  • Dirt and grease remove formula
BrandParker & Bailey
Item Volume709 Milliliters
Item FormSpray
Used ForGrill, Smoker, Tile, Countertop

Safety should be the major concern while purchasing a cleaner for smokers. Parker & Bailey degreaser will thoroughly remove any odor or stain from the smoker or others. The product is natural and non-abrasive making it safe for any kind of surface. 

Parker & Bailey is crafted to deliver you a solid cleaning. The product will deliver you an excellent cleaning for both interior and exterior grates. You will have the perfect polish with lasting protection.  

The degreaser is formulated with a streak-free formula to deliver you the best possible cleaning with no oily residue. Thus, the degreaser can be used on grills, smokers countertops, stainless steel, and glazed tile as well. Your smoker will be ready for the next use.

Safety should be the major concern while purchasing a cleaner for smokers. Parker & Bailey degreaser will thoroughly remove any odor or stain from the smoker or others. The product is natural and non-abrasive making it safe for any kind of surface. 

The degreaser is formulated with a streak-free formula to deliver you the best possible cleaning with no oily residue. Thus, the degreaser can be used on grills, smokers countertops, stainless steel, and glazed tile as well. Your smoker will be ready for the next use.


  • Cleans perfectly
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Thoroughly removes odor and stain


  • Need extra amount if the smoker is too dirty

Goo Gone BBQ Cleaner Spray and Degreaser

Goo Gone is another bbq cleaner spray with a solid performance. It is made of a high-strength gel that makes the surface safe for food preparation. You may use this degreaser for caked-on and baked-on deposits. It works great on grease and carbon as well. 

Read more about the detailed features of  Goo Gone BBQ Cleaner Spray and Degreaser below –

Top Features

  • Perfect for cooking grates
  • Formulated with Citrus Power
  • Biodegradable that reduces smoke
  • Safe alternative to abrasive cleaners
  • Super-strength gel for quick removal
BrandGoo Gone
Used forGrill & Smoker
Item FormGel, Spray

Goo Gone is a strong degreaser that works great to remove tough messes. The spray contains a powerful gel capable of eliminating oils or any other sticky debris. The cleaner is surface safe means you can use this cleaner anywhere you want. 

Goo Gone is crafted to remove the grease off your grill without any waste of time. You will have the best result for both interior and exterior. From gum to grease, fabric to fiberglass Goo Gone will clean them all. 

The cleaning spray from Goo Gone is biodegradable, which means it will decompose with less dangerous elements. It reduces smoke or flare-ups and will affect the environment less. You are using a product that has less effect on the surroundings.

Goo Gone is one of the top choices for deep cleaning of a grill. This degreaser will provide you the best cleaning with no damage to your surface. You will get a deep cleaning of grates, racks or even drip pains. The deep cleaning will keep the surface safe for food items.  


  • Cleans evenly
  • It cuts through grease
  • It’s safe for smoker surface
  • Takes less time to finish cleaning


  • Not so effective to remove rust
  • Not suitable for refurbishing very old smoker

Citrusafe Non-corrosive Natural Degreaser

Citrusafe cleaner is a pioneer in the grilling industry and you should definitely give it a try. The degreaser is specially formulated for cleaning barbeque grills means this one is the dedicated cleaner for your smoker.

The cooking surface of your grill and smoker will stay completely safe for the next cooking session. With no harmful chemicals being ingested into your smokers, you will be able to save fuel and money as well.

Unlike other degreasers, CitruSafe is formulated especially for barbeque grills. Thus, you are having the safest cleaning with no side effects. 

Top Features

  • Citrus-based degreaser
  • Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Doesn’t ingest toxic chemicals
  • Specially formulated for bbq grills
  • Doesn’t damage burners or discolor logs
Item FormSpray
Used forGrill, Oven, Smoker
Unit Count23.0 Ounce
Item Volume680 Milliliters

CitruSafe is a natural degreaser designed to be safe and effective. You just need to spray the degreaser directly on the grill’s cooking surface and surrounding areas.

Scrub the surface with a grill scrubber. That’s it, now wipe the surface with a paper towel and it’s ready for the next use. 

The degreaser from CitruSafe is a citrus-based cleaner that provides safe cleaning of your grilling equipment. It’s non-flammable and non-corrosive.

The degreaser is biodegradable and phosphate-free means it won’t ingest any toxic chemicals into your grills.  

By utilizing the power of d-limonene, CitruSafe degreaser is going to effectively clean the cooking surface of your bbq grills. It’s quite efficient and provides a fantastic cleaning that restores the luster to your grill.


  • Ensures safe cleaning
  • Effectively cuts the grease
  • Gives off a nice smell when cleaning


  • Not so effective to clean strong debris

Kona Grill Cleaner Spray and Degreaser

The eco-friendly cleaner from Kona is here to eliminate your hassles. This is a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser safe for all food surfaces. Kona grill cleanser successfully removes difficult oil and char stains, preparing the barbecue for the next grilling session. 

If you are looking for a safe cleaner with powerful performance, you should definitely try Kona Grill Degreaser.  

Top Features

  • Safe for all grill types
  • Cleans away flaky carbon
  • Eco-friendly & smell-free cleaner
  • Reduces scrubbing time and effort
  • Water-based non-flammable degreaser
Item FormSpray
Used forGrill, Oven, Smoker

The degreaser from Kona is recommended for all grill types. You can clean the exterior or interior of a grill grates. The cleaner can be used for smokers, ovens and microwaves as well. Kona degreaser is designed to clean your surfaces effectively.

The cleaner is crafted to eliminate the oily grease no matter how old it is. The water-based formulations will cut through the grease and make it totally disappear. Because of the excellent grill cleaning, you will have the new grill feel.

Kona degreaser is formulated to deliver you the best performance without impacting the environment. The cleaner is going to clean away flaky carbon and grease completely. In addition, the degreaser is eco-friendly and doesn’t leave any smell into the cleaning items.

Here comes one of the major advantages of this degreaser. The cleaner is going to eliminate the hassle of cleaning with less scrubbing features. It doesn’t require much scrubbing means you will have the same superior result with less effort and time being consumed.


  • It’s eco-friendly
  • Requires less scrubbing
  • Makes the cleaning very easy
  • Perfectly sticks to the smoker surface


  • The sprayer is not up to the mark
  • Takes time to clean stubborn grime

Heavy-Duty Degreaser for Smoker by KH-7

The heavy-duty degreaser from KH-7 will deliver you an effective cleaning with less scrubbing and effort. This is a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used for your entire kitchen and outdoor grill. The KH-7 is undoubtedly a must-have item in your household supplies. 

The multi-purpose cleaner will be great for your entire kitchen. With this degreaser, you can simply clean any outdoor grill, smoker, vehicle, bike, or ATV. 

Top Features

  • Multi-purpose cleaner 
  • Safe and non-irritating
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Compatible with clothing
  • Degreaser with concentrated formula
Item FormLiquid
Item Volume25 Fluid Ounces

This cleaner will keep the surfaces shiny with just a wipe. You may also clean the pet areas and get rid of oily stains on your clothes and shoes. 

The degreaser from KH-7 is formulated to high standards. Because it contains no toxic chemicals, it is completely safe for cleaning your grilling equipment. 

To maintain the high European ecological standards it comes with a water-based formula. It’s completely safe and non-irritating as well.

KH-7 cleaners are completely different from traditional degreasers. The cleaning spray is made with a strong concentrated formula, which makes it easier to eliminate even the most embedded grease.

By using the KH-7 degreaser, you will be able to wipe-off the grime and grease with less effort. Just open the trigger and spray the degreaser into the item to be cleaned. It can be used for tougher jobs with higher efficacy.


  • Leaves no chemical odor
  • Gives the smoker a shiny look
  • Suitable for versatile cleaning


  • You may require a bit extra amount to clean heavy grease

Easy-Off BBQ High Quality Degreaser for Smoker

Here comes the final degreaser of this list. Easy-Off BBQ cleaner comes with a heavy-duty formula that requires less scrubbing. It won’t damage your grill, but it will clean it better than other degreasers. 

It completely eliminates difficult burned-on stains in a minimal level of effort and time. You should definitely give it a try.

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty formula 
  • NSF and Kosher certified
  • Minimal scrubbing required
  • Requires less time and effort
  • Removes tough burnt on food and grease

Easy-Off degreaser is capable of removing tough stains with minimal scrubbing. With just a little scrubbing, you’ll have a sparkling clean of surfaces.

You just need to spray the degreaser onto the surface and wipe off with a cloth. The cleaner is going to eliminate the hassle you used to face with scrubbing. 

Sometimes, using cheap degreasers scratch into the surface and make things look bad. The high-quality degreaser from Easy-Off is going to clean your surfaces without any scratch. The surface is going to maintain the new look for a long period. 

The degreaser is NSF and Kosher certified means it’s completely safe for your smoker. You can use this cleaner for any outdoor grill with no risk to your food.

Easy-Off degreaser is a great choice for the oven and grill as it cleans and prepares your grill for the next usage. Your food will taste better than ever.

Sometimes, it’s quite tough to clean a smoker as the degreaser doesn’t make any change to the grease and oily surfaces. Easy-Off  is here to eliminate the hassle.

You just need to spray and wait to get the grease cleaned. The powerful formula will help you to get an effortless cleaning with maximum efficacy.


  • Effectively cleans tough stains
  • Easily clean thick layer of grease
  • Great for both interior and exterior


  • It’s very expensive
  • Not suitable for painted surface

What Makes The Best Degreaser for Smoker

If you are planning to clean your smoker, the degreaser should not contain any toxic chemicals or formula. As it’s not possible to expertise about the product overnight, here is a quick guide about degreaser for smoker –

  • Formula

Every degreaser comes with a specific formula. Whether it’s a water-based formula or gel-based, make sure the cleaner is strong enough to eliminate the greaser from the surface. 

They are crafted to damage the grease and clean the sticky or oily mess from the smokers. 

Most of the degreasers come with Citrus power that works great to eliminate the grease from the surfaces. It adds a nice smell as well that encounters the bad smell from the smoker.

  • Versatility

A versatile degreaser will be great for the entire kitchen. You will be able to clean your surroundings with the same item. There are degreasers available that can be used to clean wood products and others. 

As you are looking for the degreaser for smokers, the first priority should be the kitchen items. The cleaner should provide an effective cleaning of the grill, oven and other cooking surfaces.

  • Safety

Safety is always the major concern while purchasing a product. You should get a degreaser that doesn’t add any toxic elements to the cooking surface. This makes the surface ideal for cooking food items and also maintains the taste and flavor of the food.

  • Duration 

Here, duration indicates the time consumed by the degreaser to clean the smoker. The cleaner should provide a fast and effective cleaning with no waste of time. 

This will allow you to have an effective cleaning of the grease and messes. Because you will have to wait after spraying, it is preferable to have a quick action with efficacy. 

  • Less Scrubbing

Scrubbing is quite a hassle. You will obviously look for a cleaner that requires less scrubbing. The strength of the degreaser is responsible for breaking down the grease. If the degreaser is crafted with quality materials, it will work great on the grease and dirts. This will eventually require less scrubbing. 

You will be pleased with the performance if you choose one that meets the degreaser’s specifications mentioned in this guide.


A degreaser plays a crucial role to maintain the quality of your smoker. This also ensures the taste and the flavor a well. It’s not that tough to get the best degreaser for smokers as you need to ensure only a few features. A degreaser with a powerful formula and no toxic elements will be the ideal one for your smoker.