Big Green Egg Size Comparison Chart With Buyer’s Guide

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Do you know the most confusing part of being a BGE lover? Yes, it’s their vast array of size ranges. They are available in seven different sizes, can you imagine?

At the same time, it’s the most advantageous part as well. Whether you are a hobbyist griller or an expert pitmaster, there is an Egg for all.

Saying that choosing the right big green egg size makes your job half done in terms of kamado-style grilling. 

Therefore, here I go with the Big Green Egg size comparison followed by their weight, dimensions, and cooking capabilities. 

Hope this guides you to get the right model that suits your needs!

Big Green Egg Size Comparison for Outdoor Cooking Excellence

With the seven available sizes, each BGE model serves its own purpose. However, the deciding factor should be based on what types of food you usually smoke and how many people you generally cook for. Decide on the diameter and cooking space of your desired Egg accordingly.

Let’s have a look at the chart below that informs us about the physical specs of all BGE models.

Big Green Egg size chart & dimensions

Model NameGrid DiameterWeightCooking Area
2XL29 in / 74 cm375 lbs672 sq in
XLarge24 in / 61 cm219 lbs452 sq in
Large18.25 in / 46 cm162 lbs262 sq in
Medium15 in / 38 cm114 lbs177 sq in
Small13 in / 33 cm80 lbs133 sq in
MiniMax13 in / 33 cm76 lbs133 sq in
Mini10 in / 25 cm39 lbs79 sq in

As you can see, the seven convenient BGE sizes offer different dimensions and cooking areas.

Let’s kickstart with the Mini Egg. For basic grilling, it could indeed be a game changer. With 79 square inches of cooking area, this is a pretty decent Kamado cooking companion for picnics or small get-togethers.

You can smoke 1 steak or 2 chicken breasts on this mini-model at a time. However, if you need an Egg with a larger smoking surface, try the MiniMax series

It offers 133 square inches of grilling space with 13 inches of grid diameter. Therefore, you can cook 2 steaks, 4 burgers, or a large 12-pound turkey at a time.

Apart from offering a larger cooking surface, it’s also very compact both in size and performance. You can carry it literally anywhere, be it camping, or tailgating. The 76-pound weight is not a big deal for transportation. 

Do you live in a small apartment with even smaller balconies? Don’t worry, you can still be a proud Egg owner. Go for the Small Egg size with the same diameter as the MiniMax.

A small Egg has the same 133 square inches of cooking space as well. So, you can smoke the same amount of food at a time. But it’s a bit heavier than MiniMax, weighing 80 lbs.

Apparently, the Small Eggs have a deeper charcoal chamber which lets you cook for longer.

Compared to cooking one rack of ribs in a Small or MiniMax BGE, you can choose the Medium size Egg to smoke 4 racks of ribs vertically.

Plus, it lets you smoke a large 18-pound turkey, 4 steaks, 6 burgers, or 3 chickens vertically. Wondering about the cooking chamber? It’s 177 square inches. Perfect for a small family gathering, isn’t it?

And yes, you can use any sort of accessories to enhance the grill’s performance. 

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Now, let’s talk about the most popular Egg size. Yes, it’s their Large lineup.

At the same time, it’s the most versatile model from Big Green Egg. You can accommodate all Eggcessories with this grill whether it’s for baking, smoking, or roasting. 

With 262 square inches of grilling space, it weighs 162 lbs. And the grid diameter is 18.25 inches.

As a result, you can smoke up to 6 chickens vertically, 12 burgers, 8 steaks, or 7 racks of ribs at a time. Besides, it can accommodate a 20-pound turkey as well.

No wonder this big boy is considered the best buddy for average to large families who like to BBQ frequently. 

Nevertheless, if you are a professional griller and own a BBQ business, getting the XLarge Egg would be wiser.

The most crucial aspect of an XLarge Egg is that it lets you cook several meals simultaneously over the coals. It certainly increases the charcoal efficiency the most.

However, the 24 inches grill surface offers 452 square inches of smoking space. Resultantly, you can grill 11 chickens, 12 steaks, 12 racks of ribs, 24 burgers, or 2 20-pound turkeys easily. 

Here comes the biggest Egg for you all! The unparalleled 2XL size with countless culinary possibilities. 

With 29 inches of grid diameter along with 672 square inches of grilling space, it’s literally a giant. 

Naturally, it weighs a lot more compared to other Egg models. The weight is 375 lbs. Yes, it’s the largest Kamado-style grill on the market!

Talking about the cooking capabilities, it’s more than enough to take care of your catering needs.

Along with grilling up to 40 burgers, 16 whole chickens, 20 steaks, or 20 racks of ribs, it can even handle a suckling pig with no difficulties. 

Finding Your Perfect Fit: What Size Green Egg Do You Need?

Now, the biggest question is- what size Big Green Egg do you actually need? How to choose the most suitable size of Egg to meet your culinary demands? 

Truth be told, it’s the toughest part while buying an Egg. However, let me make it a little easier. If you focus on some basic aspects, you can easily select the most convenient Egg size for you. So, let’s break down the aspects below-

Grill Diameter

First comes the diameter of the BGE. Because it decides how much space the grill will occupy. 

With the smallest diameter of 10″, the Mini BGE fits even in the narrowest balcony of your flat. 

And the largest 29″ grill surface of a 2XL model requires a huge space to be placed. 

Nevertheless, if you live in a small apartment, the Mini, Small, or Medium size Egg is your perfect fit. All these grills come in around 10-15″ of grid diameter. 

But if you have a spacious patio or a large backyard garden, the Large or XL Egg would easily fit in.

Smoking Area

Here comes the most crucial factor to select a particular size of BGE grill. The cooking surface basically defines your smoking needs in choosing a Kamado-style cooker.

If you want a compact smoker with a moderate grilling space, go with the MiniMax, Small, or Medium BGE. 

The Medium Egg is howsoever, the perfect pick for a small family or couples with 177 square inches of cooking area.

On the other hand, grilling for a group of people in a get-together needs more cooking surface. 

On that note, you can go with the Large or XL size based on your requirements. 

The Large Egg, however, is the most common and convenient model for most Eggheads in terms of versatility and fuel efficiency. 

With a generous 262 square inches of grilling area, it can smoke up to 6 chickens,  7 rib racks, 8 steaks, or 12 burgers at once. So, it’s more than enough for a friends’ gathering or a large pizza party.

The XL or 2XL sizes are basically designed for cooking professionals who run restaurants or catering businesses.

They provide 452 and 672 square inches of smoking surfaces respectively to cook for big groups of crowds.

Grilling Efficiency

Finding the right Big Green Egg size also depends on your grilling efficiency. Have you just stepped into Kamado-style cooking? Then start with a smaller size. It would be easier to handle and get the smoke right.

Contrarily, you should choose a bigger buddy after gathering a certain level of experience in Kamado cooking. 

Also, please note that you can cook less food in a large Egg but cannot smoke more food when needed having a small one.

So, if you are a decent griller, it would be wiser to go with the medium or large Egg for best results.

Value for Money 

Well, the value for money is generally decided on how frequently you grill on a BGE. If you occasionally grill meat, that too for a smaller crowd, a small or medium size would do.

However, cooking for larger groups more often not only demands more smoking surface but also better buildup.

On that note, go with an Egg that can cook at least for 10 people at a go. At the same time, it should be able to survive those frequent grilling sessions to seal the deal.

Weight and Construction 

Weight and construction matter when you aim at grilling outdoors. When you carry an Egg to camping, boating, or tailgating, the more lightweight the grill, the better it is.

Also, a compact construction lets it fit in a narrow fireplace to make BBQing more pleasant. 

For frequent travelers, I suggest going with the Mini or MiniMax Egg. They are extremely portable and handy.


Do you want to enhance the efficiency of your grill? Then check for the EGGcessories list it is compatible with.

Based on the size of the Egg, it works with different grilling accessories such as a cast iron skillet, Dutch oven, chicken holder, table mest, conveggtor, etc.

Shortlist the accessories you need the most and then look for an Egg that supports those.

Which Green Egg Size Is Best?

In my opinion, the medium or large size is the best for an Egghead. I know, most people tend to choose smaller models just because they are cheaper.

Actually, you can cook little food on a large Egg. But once you are stuck with a small size Egg, can you use it when you need to smoke a large amount of food?

That’s why a medium or large Egg is more preferable to satisfy your culinary demands. Even when you are smoking less amount of meat, they don’t consume more fuel compared to their dimensions.

Is The Xl Green Egg Too Big?

Umm, that’s a debatable question though. Yes, it will be considered too big if you belong to a small to average family.

The XL Egg is actually meant for larger families who often tend to cook for a big group of crowd.

The 452 square inches of grilling area can accommodate 2 20-pound turkeys, a dozen steaks, or 24 burgers at once.

So, if you are a caterer or a professional pitmaster, this size is great for you. Otherwise, it’s a bit too much to use in small gatherings. 

What Is The Largest Green Egg Size?

It’s the 2XL. With a 29″ diameter of the grill surface, it’s not only the biggest Egg but also the largest Kamado cooker.

The 375-pound smoker offers a massive 672 square inches of cooking surface. Resultantly, it’s perfect to meet the BBQ needs of professional chefs to cover a large cooking event.

What Is The Most Popular Egg Size?

Apparently, the Large BGE is the most popular Egg size for all. When it comes to entertaining your friends and families by smoking a large batch of meat, it’s totally unrivaled.

The 262 square inches of dedicated grilling surface can cook for 10 or more people at a time.

Besides, it’s a versatile Kamado smoker that goes very well with convEGGtor, intEGGrated, Pizza and Baking Stones, Dutch Oven, ceramic chicken roaster, etc.

How Many Chickens Fit In A Big Green Egg?

Well, it depends on what size Egg you own. With the Mini Egg, you can smoke 2 chicken breasts at once. And the Minimax and Small size can fit one chicken vertically. 

For the medium size, you can smoke up to 3 chickens vertically. The Large and XL Egg can accommodate 6 and 11 chickens respectively.

In the biggest BGE of 2XL size, you can grill 14-16 whole chickens at a time. 

What Is The Smallest Big Green Egg?

The Mini Big Green Egg, for sure. With just 10 inches of grid diameter, it offers the smallest grilling surface of 79 square inches. The lightweight 39 lbs architecture is perfect to carry for camping or boating.


That’s all about Big Green Egg size comparison along with a detailed buying guide. I hope you got the trick on how to select the right Egg size in terms of cooking convenience.

Although you should decide on the Egg size primarily based on how much space is left in your fireplace, the cooking surface, food type, and grilling frequency also equally matter.

Now, analyze the features of each BGE lineup and match them with your requirements. Getting a better grilling experience with the correct Egg size won’t seem hard anymore. 

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