13 Best Searzall Alternative And Hacks Including Diy Methods

Searzall is a popular tool among cooking professionals. It allows them to make perfectly seared recipes. Whereas a searzall may be suitable for melting cheese, it becomes a bit bothersome when you have to sear meat. The tool is comparatively slower compared to other options.

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Besides, the price is a lot for a simple tool like this. So, people who don’t want to jump to spending that much money on a tool should consider some alternatives. There are some amazing searzall alternatives that you can consider. 

13 Useful Searzall Alternatives You Can Follow 

As a solution to the limitations that come with a searzall, I’ve created a list of the best searzall alternatives. Go through the 13 options I have included below and stick with the one that makes the most sense to you.  

Bernzomatic Flame Torch

There are some amazing features if you choose to go with the Bernzomatic flame torch. It not only features some advanced options to make it more convenient but is also reasonably priced. 

So, if you don’t want to go too crazy with your budget for searing, the Bernzomatic flame torch is one of the most viable alternatives to searzall for you. 

The good news is that the use of this tool isn’t limited to searing. You can solder, heat treat, and do brazing with this torch too. The versatility is what makes it worth your money. If you want to know what features you will be getting, take a look below.

Top Features 

  • Diverse use
  • Durable body
  • Adjustable flame
  • Auto start and stop ignition
  • Ultra swirl flame creates high heat

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The torch isn’t primarily created for searing. It’s a multi-purpose tool that creates high heat. However, the heat is entirely adjustable, so you won’t have to worry about slow cooking or burnt meat. 

You can control the flame using a comfortable knob to create perfection on a plate. 

The ignition is automatic. So, there shouldn’t be any issues regarding ignition and extinguishing the flame. The tool also allows you to operate it using one hand. So, you get full control over the food you’re searing. 

One downside of this product is the brand’s customer service. People have complained about their response to being rude. However, as long as the torch is concerned, it’s perfect.

Weed Burner Propane Torch

I’m sure you’ve heard about using a weed burner torch for barbeque. It’s not recent to think of using this tool as a blow torch for cooking. Why else would they market it as a multi-purpose tool? 

It’s reasonably priced. More than you can imagine. So, if you are looking for an affordable replacement for a searzall, I recommend looking into this weed burner propane torch. 

As I have mentioned, this tool works way beyond burning woods. But its uses aren’t limited to barbeques either.

Top Features 

  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Controllable flame
  • No assembly required
  • Integrated self-ignition
  • Cheaper than other options

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Believe it or not, assembly is a hassling chore for me. That’s why I always prefer tools that come assembled. This tool is one of those. But this is the least exciting feature. Let’s get into versatility. 

It’s a multi-purpose tool that you can use for burning weed, barbecuing, and melting ice. The structure is different compared to other options. It has a long handle and a controllable knob for convenience. 

However, many people find the long structure to be a bit bothersome when using it for cooking. 

In addition to the feature I’ve mentioned, it also comes with an integrated ignition system. Besides, the handle is pretty ergonomic so you can easily maneuver it without any issues. 

Electric Charcoal Starter

One thing no one thinks of using is an electric charcoal starter. It not only lights your charcoal in the fastest way possible but also can sear your food. The one I’m about to review here is one of the most convenient tools you can have in your kitchen. 

If you don’t want to use fuel for searing, one great way is using electricity as a power source. This is where tools like an electric charcoal starter come in. 

Let’s see what features you will be getting from this tool.

Top Features 

  • Built-in blower
  • Long power cord
  • Perfect for camping 
  • Heats up to 1500 degrees F
  • No matches or lighter fluid required

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Many people are skeptical of this idea. But professionals have given thumbs up after trying this method. Even though electric charcoal lighters are the most efficient way of lighting charcoal, they can beautifully sear your steak too. 

There is no reason to spend on a searzall when you can get the exact result faster using this tool. The power cord is 6 feet long. So, you shouldn’t have any difficulty reaching a power outlet. 

The procedure doesn’t take much time either. Besides, you can use a heat gun to light your charcoal in no time. 

Electric Heat Gun

Another efficient way of searing meat is using a heat gun. Many people are embracing this method to enrich their kitchen with a multi-purpose tool. 

If you don’t light charcoal very often, you may not find it necessary to buy an electric heat gun. But when you can use the same heat gun for searing, it’s worth the money. 

So, let’s see the features of this electric heat gun that I am about to review.

Top Features 

  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Four nozzle accessories
  • Heats up to 1200 degrees F
  • Variable temperature control

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Owning a heat gun will open a lot of doors. Not only can you use it for lighting charcoal but it can also help you if you are a craft-lover. And above all, it can help create the perfect sear. 

You don’t see a lot of electric options for searing. If you have been struggling with the smell of fuel on your food, it’s time to use a heat gun to create the perfect sear without any smell. Believe it or not, a heat gun works just like a searzall, if not better. 

Besides, it overcomes all the limitations that a searzall has. It’s affordable, works faster, and doesn’t overcook your meat from the inside. 

If you’re looking for a flaw, this product has one. It’s an economic product and you can’t perform any heavy or production-level work with this one. 

Butane Adjustable Flame Torch

One of the basic features that you will like about this flame torch is that it’s designed for your kitchen. Unlike the options I have reviewed so far, the primary job of this torch is to use the flame on your food. It’s also one of the safest options you can use. 

I will tell you just how safe this tool is in a minute. But first, let’s see what significant features the flame torch offers.

Top Features 

  • Safety lock 
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable flame 
  • Fits all butane tank
  • Continuous flame mode

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Instead of carrying a tank with the torch, this is a refillable option. I’m sure many users will choose this option based on how convenient it is to operate. Use any butane tank to refill the torch and you will be good to go for any type of searing. 

What amazes me the most is how safe the tool is. There’s a safety lock to prevent accidental flames. Besides, the product is shipped to you without any gas to ensure safety. You can either adjust the flame or choose a continuous flame mode according to your preference. 

You will be surprised to know that it’s one of the cheapest tools on my list. If you admire a simple and straightforward tool for searing, I will tell you to go for this one. 

As for the downsides, you can only apply it to a small area due to a narrow nozzle. On the plus side, you can use it for craft projects or welding projects too.   

Searing Torch Attachment

The torch attachment I’ll be talking about now will blow your mind. Creating the perfect sear doesn’t always require an expensive tool like a searzall. Once you attach this to your torch, you will realize that people have been spending money on the wrong thing. 

The iconic feature that makes this torch attachment triumph over searzall is how quick this is. Where a searzall takes about 1.40 minutes to sear each side, this one only takes 40 seconds. Talk about fast foods!

Top Features 

  • Lightweight 
  • Perfect sears in seconds
  • Evenly spreads the flame
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Eliminates torch taste on your food

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Let’s talk about flaws first. The only flaw about this product is that it’s only an attachment. That means you will need to buy the compatible torch separately. 

However, considering how efficient this head makes your searing process, it’s worth spending the money on it. Besides, it’s crazily affordable too. So, don’t worry about emptying your pockets. 

The attachments distribute the flame evenly on the food, eliminating any chance of burning. Besides, it doesn’t leave the taste of the torch on your food that everybody is so annoyed about. All in all, it’s one of the best searzall alternatives you can find. 

Kitchen Blow Torch Lighter – Adjustable Flame

A kitchen blow torch lighter eases your way around the kitchen in many ways. One of the simplest ways to sear your food is to connect a blow touch to a butane tank. The tool is also unbelievably affordable. 

If you don’t want to spend an unnecessary amount of money for searing your food, getting a blow torch will be your savior.

Top Features 

  • Safe to use
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Made of aluminum 
  • Up to 2370 degrees F
  • 2 butane cans included

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An adjustable blow torch can take your cooking experience to another level. If you’re tired of hearing about searzalls all over the internet, you should consider an affordable alternative like this one. 

Unlike a lot of other options that I have reviewed in this article, this one accompanies the fuel required to operate the tool. Yet, it’s reasonably priced than a searzall. 

Operating is also comparatively easier and safer. Besides, you can always utilize it in other ways like doing crafts. All in all, it’s a perfect option for someone looking for a reasonable and straightforward tool. You will also get a free recipe ebook with the pack. 

Some people complained about the torch that they couldn’t turn it off. However, it’s a rare case because the torch comes with a fully functional safety lock and adjustable flame options.

Flame Spreader- Great Alternative To Searzall

If you already own a torch, you can try a flame spreader as an alternative to a searzall. It’s one of the cheapest and most durable options you can find on the market. 

Before getting into a detailed review, I would like to clarify that this is only an attachment for your torch. It ensures even flame spreading and makes your cooking perfect. It’s also a versatile nozzle that you can utilize for welding purposes. 

Before getting any further, let’s take a look at some features you can expect from this tool.

Top Features 

  • Versatile uses 
  • Durable material
  • Reasonably priced
  • Distributes flame evenly
  • Works quicker than a searzall

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Among other benefits that you can expect from this tool, it will work a lot faster than a searzall. One of the major drawbacks of a searzall is that it works slower than other options. 

So, you won’t have to worry about glazing your meat taking forever if you’re using this flame spreader. 

The material is durable enough so you won’t have to think about another alternative anytime soon. If we are talking about drawbacks, there is one. It’s only an attachment. 

So, you need to buy a torch separately and combine them together for it to work. However, even if you add the cost of buying a torch, it will still cost less than a searzall.  

Chimney Starter & Lighter Cubes

One of the simplest solutions to searing is using a chimney starter with lighter cubes. The primary requirement is high heat, which a chimney starter can do with perfection. 

All you need to do is to use a small grate over the chimney starter and use some lighter cubes to light the charcoal quickly. The temperature will rise in no time and you will have your meat perfectly seared without a searzall.

Top Features 

  • Affordable
  • Brand image 
  • Durable construction 
  • Specially-shaped grate 
  • Quickly reaches a high temperature

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One of the most practical solutions you can find for searing is using a chimney starter with lighter cubes. The first reason is that the use of this tool is not limited to searing. 

The primary goal of a chimney starter is to light charcoal using the fastest possible way. When you add a few lighter cubes along with the tool, it becomes more efficient. 

Using a grate over the chimney can ensure that the meat stays closer to the fire and gets seared using high heat. If you often light charcoal for a grill, it’s a viable option for you to invest your money on. 

Ripping Hot Skillet

Cast iron is the best way to manually sear your steak or any other food. However, this option is limited to searing meat. If you’re making desserts like a Crème Brulee, you will need other options like a torch. 

However, using a skillet for searing isn’t new. Professional cooks have been using cast iron skillets to perfectly sear their recipes. So, why cast iron? 

Using the right oil with a cast iron skillet will create a level of temperature that’s perfect for searing. That’s why the option is called a ripping hot skillet. The skillet should be hot enough that the seasoning starts to smoke at that point. 

Another way to determine hot enough is to place a drop of water on the skillet and it should vaporize almost immediately. 

Using Deep Fryer

Using a deep fryer is another unpopular method of searing meat. If the meat you’re searing is irregular in size, a deep fryer will be an amazing option. Of course, it’s not recommended to get a deep fryer only for searing, but if you own one, it will surely save you some money. 

Instead of buying a searzall, you can utilize your deep fryer and you will get a similar result. 

A deep fryer can offer a beautiful crust on the outside. However, one downside of using a deep fryer is that there’s a chance of overcooking the meat. So, you will have to be careful while using it for searing.  


Hopefully, you will find this article of searzall alternative helpful. Instead of spending a large amount on an attachment of a torch, you can do a lot better with the alternatives. What I like about the alternatives is almost all of them are so versatile that you can use them for other purposes too. So, spend your money wisely so that you don’t have to wait for more than a minute to sear only one side of the meat. 

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