Best Bread For Brisket Sandwich (Bun, Roll & Bread)

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Having leftover briskets is not something uncommon for meat lovers. One of the amazing ways to use leftover brisket that I have found is to make a sandwich. As long as you find the perfect bread type, the meat will complement it with perfection.

That’s where the confusion comes in. Between having a delicious meal and maintaining a sugar-free lifestyle becomes a hindrance to the process. However, all that is about to change. Today I will be introducing you to the best bread for brisket sandwich. 

Best Bread For Brisket Sandwich – Here’s My Top 7 Picks

If you want a perfect balance between health and taste, these bread brands I am about to review will be a lifesaver for you. Keep reading to learn what bread works best for a brisket sandwich.  

Quick Decision-making chart –

Key FeaturesLow Carb & Keto Friendly BreadBrioche Hamburger BunSlice, Low Carb Bread Loaf
BrandSOLAWhole Foods MarketKiss My Keto
Weight14 Ounces10.6 Ounces3.46 Pounds
Allergen InformationSoy, Wheat, OatEggs, Milk, WheatMilk
Keto FriendlyYesN/AYes
Specialtylow-carb & low-calorieGreat FlavorSugar & Soy Free
The HallmarksHigh Protein & Fiber, Reduced sugar, Low-carb sweeteners, Less carbs & Less worriesGreat flavor with texture, Value for money, Hamburger bun, Vegetarian diet & FreshnessKeto friendly, Low-calorie bread, 4 varieties, Fresh and ready-to-eat & no nasty additives
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Sola Low Carb Sweet And Buttery Sandwich Bread

If you don’t want to give up rich flavor to cut down sugar, the Sola brand will be your new savior. The bread contains zero sugar despite having a fluffy texture. So, you can expect the bread to work perfectly with your brisket without additional sugar. 

The flavor remains intact with the use of low-carb artificial sweeteners. The same goes for the bread’s texture. 

To sum up, you will be getting delicious bread that compliments your brisket, without having to increase your sugar level.

Sola Low Carb Sweet and Buttery Sandwich Bread

Top Features 

  • Perfect texture
  • Contains 0 g sugar
  • Different flavors available 
  • Only 3 g net carb per slice
  • Can be stored for up to 6 months

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Weight14 Ounces
Pre SlicedYes
Pack of3

If you are thinking about having a wonderful meal of a brisket sandwich, the first product I will recommend is this bread from Sola.

First of all, it’s a low-carb bread that doesn’t contain any sugar whatsoever. It’s the perfect option if you don’t want to gain weight while eating tasty food. 

If I’m enumerating the carbs, it will be easier for you to compare this bread with other options. Whereas a usual bread slice contains about 18 grams of carbs, a Sola bread slice only contains around 3 grams of carbs

So, if you are making a sandwich with two slices, you are only consuming 6 grams of carbs. 

The most attractive feature is that the taste isn’t compromised. You will find different sweetness levels with this bread. The brand uses low-carb artificial sweeteners to keep the bread fluffy and tasty enough for you to consume without feeling blended. 

Another feature that caught my eye with this bread is its freshness. The brand follows a unique way when it comes to freshness. They send frozen bread and the bread is defrosted during transport. That’s why consumers can enjoy fresh products all the time. 

You can store this bread for up to six months in the freezer. Whenever you need the bread, you can simply defrost it.


  • It’s delicious
  • It’s low-carb bread
  • It’s fresh and smells nice
  • Great for sandwiches, cowboy eggs, grilled cheese, and french toast


  • Slices are thin
  • It’s a little pricey
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Enriched Wheat Brioche Hamburger Bun

If you are not into low-carb bread, you can try out this awesome bun for your brisket sandwich. You may have heard people suggesting brioche buns for brisket sandwiches. Most people will argue that this is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to brisket. 

The primary reason is that the bun can offer rich moisture without getting soggy. That’s not something all bread types can offer. 

Enriched Wheat Brioche Hamburger Bun

Top Features 

  • Soft texture 
  • Rich in taste
  • 6 buns in one pack
  • Absorbs juices well
  • Only 150 calories per bun

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandWhole Foods Market
Weight10.6 Ounces
Package Weight0.71 Pounds
AllergenEggs, Wheat, Milk
Diet TypeVegetarian

These brioche buns are made with French recipes so you can only expect the best taste with these.  

If you are more of a brioche person, you can’t find a better option than this one. These buns are so rich in moisture that you will love to pair them up with your brisket. Even though they are not entirely sugar-free, 150 calories per bun are not as wild as they taste. 

The buns may seem a bit pricey. However, anyone who has tried them will tell you that they’re worth the price. If you want to use an example of a perfect balance between texture and flavor, these buns will surely be on top of the list. 

The primary ingredients of these buns are wheat, non-fat milk, and egg. There are, of course, other ingredients, including cane sugar.

The money you are paying for these buns may seem a bit extra, but once you taste them, you will realize that they are superior to any other buns. 

Brioche buns in general have an advantage over anything else when it comes to making brisket sandwiches. One reason is the perfect moisture level.

You will notice these buns getting neither too dry nor too soggy. They stay somewhere in-between, offering you the perfect texture. 

The buns are also great when it comes to absorbing juices. So, even if you are using an extra sauce with your brisket, these buns will hold up excellently. 

However, considering how tasty these buns are, the sandwich will taste a lot better if you didn’t add anything extra. 


  • Very good flavor
  • It’s extra soft and tasty
  • Suitable to store in the freezer


  • Poor packaging
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Kiss My Keto Sugar-Free Sandwich Bread

As the name suggests, this is your super solution if you’re following a keto diet. This sandwich bread contains no sugar so you can enjoy it without adding any carbs to your diet plan. 

The good news is, you don’t need to sacrifice the taste only because the bread doesn’t have any sugar in it. In other words, you can enjoy a healthy diet, along with enjoying a tasty meal.

Kiss My Keto Sugar-Free Sandwich Bread

Top Features 

  • Gluten-free
  • 4 variations
  • No added sugars
  • 2 g net carb per slice
  • Can be stored for 6 months

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandKiss My Keto
FlavorSeeded Wheat
Weight42 Ounces
Pack of3

The bread is free from any high fructose, GMO, and gluten. All in all, this is the perfect addition to your diet if you are searching for something tasty to add. 

It’s always difficult to find sugar-free bread that tastes good. This sandwich bread from kiss my keto is something entirely different from what you expect from diet-friendly bread. Despite having no added sugar, the bread tastes amazing. 

A perfect mixture between the ingredients allows this bread to be perfect for adventurous food lovers. As for your brisket, it can’t be paired with a better piece of bread. 

Storing the bread is easy. You can simply freeze them and they’ll last up to six months. The seller also sends you the frozen bread. They get defrosted during the transition. 

However, the brand bakes the bread twice a week so you can always expect fresh loaves of bread from the seller. 

There are four variations with this bread. These flavors will allow you to change your meal’s taste from time to time. Besides, you can combine the bread with different food to see which works better with what. 

If you are making brisket sandwiches, any of the flavors will work great with this bread. People who love bread for their sandwiches more than anything else will fall in love with this bread immediately.


  • Great flavor
  • Best for keto diet
  • Amazing textures
  • Known for excellent flavor and consistency


  • Gets hard quickly in the toaster
  • Dries out and molds faster if not stored in the freezer

Sola Golden Wheat Sandwich Bread Bun

I’ve talked about Sola sandwich bread at the beginning of the article. So, you already have some idea about the brand. Now I will be talking about what these buns can offer. Note that these buns are also keto-friendly and won’t interrupt your diet if you’re trying to cut down on carbs. 

However, the dietary benefit is not all that these buns have to offer. The texture you can get with these buns is on-point. They’re not too dry, so you can enjoy sandwiches or burgers without complaints. 

Sola Golden Wheat Sandwich Bread Bun

Top Features 

  • Keto-friendly 
  • Perfect texture
  • Delicious flavor 
  • 6 g net carb per bun
  • Can be stored for up to 6 months

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Weight0.93 Kilograms
Pack of3

Combining these buns with brisket will result in an amazing brisket sandwich, without messing up your diet routine. Besides, you can use these buns for any recipes requiring buns or bread. 

Let me be honest with you, these buns will not taste as the usual buns do. These are low-carb buns and you can’t expect them to taste like buns that are high in carbs. However, that doesn’t mean that these buns don’t taste good.

Even though they taste different, they are absolutely delicious. You can enjoy a yummy meal without worrying about gaining weight. Besides, it won’t count as cheat food either. 

The texture is what makes the bun perfect compared to other options. It’s not dry at all, even though it doesn’t have a high carb. If you have been looking for keto bread that doesn’t taste bad, there can’t be a better brand than Sola. 

Much like the bread from Sola, these buns will ship to you frozen and they’ll defrost during the transit. The manufacturer suggests storing them in the freezer as soon as you receive them and defrosting them as required.


  • Keto friendly
  • Soft and delicious
  • Perfect for sandwich


  • It’s not cheaper
  • Its crust doesn’t taste good

Brioche Bread Roll for Sandwich

Another suitable option from Whole Foods Market is this Brioche Bread Roll. It’s a perfect option for making sandwiches. This French recipe will surely make you want to have more, no matter what you are pairing it with. 

Note that it’s not one of the bread brands that offer a zero carb deal. If you are following a hard diet, consider other options that complement your diet routine. 

Brioche Bread Roll for Sandwich

Top Features 

  • French recipe 
  • Rich in texture
  • Tasty and delicious
  • Certified vegetarian 
  • Made with cage-free eggs

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandWhole Foods Market
FlavorFrench Recipe
Weight0.59 Pounds
AllergenDairy, Eggs, Gluten
Diet TypeVegetarian

If you are into brioche rolls, you will absolutely love these ones from Whole Food Market. 

The fresh and buttery texture will complement anything that you put inside these rolls. As for briskets, you can expect the sandwiches to be perfect if you’re using this brioche roll. 

A buttery and tender texture makes sure that the meal you’re serving can offer you everything you wish in a meal. Besides, the bread is also perfect when served without anything at all. 

If you are a vegetarian, you would be happy to know that this bread is a certified vegetarian. The eggs used in this brioche are also cage-free. 

Other than the taste, the brioche is also very versatile. You can get creative with almost all food types that require bread. It doesn’t feel dry, even when you toast it. Neither does it get soggy when combined with sauces. 

Overall, this bread may not be the perfect option for someone on a diet. However, if you’re looking for the best bread for brisket sandwich, this is certainly an option that will make the top list.


  • Tastes so delicious
  • Incredibly soft and fresh
  • Perfect texture for sandwich


  • Contains sugar
  • Not suitable for savory dishes

Natures Own Pre-sliced Sandwich Bread

There are several reasons to love this bread from Natures Own. First of all, it’s a low-fat bread that you can add to your diet. In addition, the buttery flavor of this bread works great with anything you want. That’s why I kept this on the list of the best bread for brisket sandwiches. 

Whether you’re slicing the brisket or using a large piece, this bread will bring out all the flavors from the meat. 

The bread has some amazing features that keep it ahead of its competitors. Let’s take a look at the top features you are getting. 

Natures Own Pre-sliced Sandwich Bread

Top Features 

  • Low fat 
  • No high fructose 
  • Comes pre-sliced
  • Subtle buttery flavor 
  • No added colors, preservatives, or flavors

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandNature’s Own
Weight1.25 Pounds
Package Weight0.57 Kilograms

The first feature I would like to discuss is that the bread comes pre-sliced. A lot of bread is delivered to you as a whole. 

It’s a bothersome chore to slice them into perfect pieces for making sandwiches. Besides, you can hardly get the perfect shape when you’re slicing it on your own. 

The buttery flavor is strong enough to provide rich moisture. On the contrary, it’s also subtle enough so it won’t dominate the flavor of the brisket. 

So, if you’re about to make a brisket sandwich, this is one of the most suitable options to consider. 

Another feature to consider about this bread is the low-fat attribute. There is zero gram trans fat on this bread. Besides, the bread doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup either. So, if that’s something you want to avoid, it’s a perfect bread choice for your brisket sandwiches.  

Speaking of additives, there are no added preservatives, colors, or flavors on this bread either. So, health-conscious users can enjoy this bread with whatever filling they want.


  • Great flavor
  • It’s sweet and yummy
  • It’s light, soft, and fluffy


  • It’s not keto friendly
  • Don’t forget to check the expiration date

Schar Gluten-Free White Bread for Sandwich

Schar Gluten-Free White Bread is a reminder of tasty meals. The bread allows us to enjoy a tasty meal without having to give up our diet plan. Whether you want to enjoy a simple toast or try out a complex sandwich, there’s nothing more appropriate than a slice of white bread. 

Among other features, this bread is suitable for a brisket sandwich too. If people have been suggesting you go for white bread when making sandwiches with a brisket, there can’t be a better option than this one from Schar. 

Schar Gluten-Free White Bread for Sandwich

Top Features 

  • Egg-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Wheat-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Perfect for sandwiches

Check today’s price on Amazon

It’s tough to find a gluten-free bread that tastes like regular bread. Well, with this bread from Schar, you can forget about tasteless bread.

Unlike many other bread brands, you can expect a firm texture with this one. However, this firm texture doesn’t make the bread cake or dense. So, you can say that it’s a perfectly balanced bread. 

There is almost nothing in this bread that will interrupt your diet. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, this will only make your journey smoother. You can experience superior taste without consuming anything that will increase your weight. 

The manufacturer suggests not storing it in the freezer. These loaves of bread are freshly baked regularly so you can store them at room temperature. However, if you are making dinner, don’t forget to warm them up a bit. 

The only complaint I could find among the user reviews was that from time to time, the bread would have air bubbles. It’s a rare incident so I don’t want to mark it as an inconsistency in the quality. Other than that, you can decide whether to make it your go-to bread for making briskets or not. 


  • It’s fresh
  • It’s delicious
  • It’s gluten-free


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Some loaves may contain air bubbles

What Makes The Best Bread For Brisket Sandwich

I have included all the bread, rolls, and brioche I came by that I thought was best for making brisket sandwiches. However, you should know what features make a piece of bread more suitable for making brisket sandwiches. Let’s take a look. 

  • Fresh-Baked 

The first thing you want to ensure is the freshness of the bread. Whether you’re buying from a local store or online, make sure that the bread is baked at least weekly. Some loaves of bread are even fresher and are made twice a week or every 48 hours. 

  • Shelf-Life

If you’re buying bulk amounts, the shelf-life is an essential feature to consider. A pack of bread may be consumed within one week but if you are buying a pack of three, you will have to store them for longer. 

Some loaves of bread stay fresh for up to six months if you can store them the right way. So, check the shelf life before ordering bulk amounts. 

  • Low-Carb 

Even though this feature isn’t applicable for all users, it’s one of the major attributes to consider for people on diet. Many people struggle to find suitable bread for their diet. 

When searching for bread to make brisket sandwiches, look out for gluten-free or low-carb options. It will allow you to enjoy a memorable meal without giving up your diet plan. 

  • Price 

Some bread types are overly expensive compared to others. You may have to spend a good amount of money if you want all-rounder bread. However, there’s really no need to go over the top and spend a large amount only on making brisket sandwiches. There are plenty of affordable options you can go for. 

Bread vs Brioche Bun vs Ciabatta Rolls – Which Type of Bread Is Best for Brisket Sandwich

It’s difficult to determine which one is better than the other when it comes to brisket sandwiches. The reason is that everyone prefers different textures and flavors when cooking different dishes. In case you didn’t know the basic differences between these three, I’m stating them so you can determine which one you will like more. 

Bread generally refers to white bread. It’s cheap and conveniently available everywhere near you. So, if you want the easiest option when making brisket sandwiches, there’s nothing better than white bread. This type of bread is usually made with flour, egg, butter, yeast, sugar, etc. Occasionally, other ingredients are added too. 

Brioche buns are also great for making brisket sandwiches. The specialty of this bun is moisture. It neither feels dry nor gets soggy after adding the ingredients to a sandwich. It’s a French recipe that makes the bread light in texture. Even though sandwiches aren’t the primary motive of these buns, you can expect a rich and flavorful meal if you combine them with brisket. 

The texture of a ciabatta roll can vary from place to place. It’s an Italian recipe that works great with all sandwich types. The crust of this bread is chewy, whereas the interior is soft. 

So, depending on what texture you like in your sandwich, the suitability of this bread will vary. 

All in all, it depends on your preference for texture and flavor. If you don’t want to spend much money on bread, the best option is white bread. 

On the contrary, if you feel like making a rich flavored meal with the brisket, you can go for brioche bread or ciabatta bread. No matter which one you go for, remember that the star of the sandwich is your brisket, not the bread you are choosing. 


Hopefully, you will find the best bread for brisket sandwich from the list I provided. It consists of a variety of bread so that you can select one that suits you the most. Someone looking for a rich-tasting bread may not be satisfied with a keto-friendly option. That’s why I have tried to keep all types of bread that go well with brisket on my list. 

Alternatively, you can forget about considering any of them and go for plain white bread that is available near you. If you have time, you can even try to make the bread all by yourself.