5 Best Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stove (Large, Medium & Small) in 2022

A kitchen is incomplete if there isn’t at least a cast iron griddle. Whether you need to cook shepherd’s pie, clafoutis, and cornbreads for your breakfast or thick-cut steaks, red snapper fry, and whole roasted chicken for dinner, the best cast iron griddle for gas stove can make it super easy for you to get the job done.

And it’s also very easy to get confused while choosing the best griddle for your kitchen as you’ll get hundreds of thousands of cast iron pans in the market.

But, don’t worry! My wife and my sixteen-year-old daughter use a gas stove for cooking their favorite dishes, and surprisingly they’ve found out exactly what you are looking for.

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5 Best Cast Iron Griddle for Your Gas Stove

When it comes to finding the best product available in the market, you might want to do some research on them. Therefore, after conducting an in-depth analysis, I made a list of 5 cast iron griddles that fit for a gas stove.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

MaterialCast IronCast IronAluminum
ColorBlackBlackGray Granite
Heat DistributionEvenlyEvenlyEvenly
The HallmarksVersatility, Even heating & DurabilityVersatility with great cooking experienceDurability, Best Cooking Experience & Easy cleanup
Special FeaturePre-Seasoned, Also use for grilling & campfire CookingPre-Seasoned, Dual cooking sides, Also use on the open firePre-Seasoned & Has Nonstick Coating, Dishwasher Safe
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Now we will review them with their respective features, pros, and cons. So, let’s start the review. 

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Rectangular Cast Iron Griddle

The lodge is always concerned about consumer demand. For this reason, they have come with this cast iron reversible griddle. This griddle is currently very popular and fashionable.

As it is made of high-grade material, so it ensures excellent temperature efficiency. The maximum heating temperature of this griddle is 502F. As the name says, here used cast iron as a material to build this griddle.

Top Feature

  • Fashionable look
  • Convenient to use
  • Durable Construction
  • Offers great heating temperature
  • Pre-seasoned with natural vegetable oil

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Thus, the griddle is very durable and user-friendly. Also, you can use this griddle in the oven, on the grill, on the stove, and over a campfire. 

Let’s set out the item –

Dimension9.5″ x 0.5″ x 16.75″
Weight8.00 lbs
Size16.75 Inch
MaterialCast Iron
Item ShapeRectangular
Max Temp502 F

However, this rectangular griddle is also suitable to use in two stove top burners. It is pre-seasoned with 1% natural vegetable oil, then uses to sear, broil, grill, fry, and so on. Again, it offers unparalleled heat retention as well.

Furthermore, handling is very important for a cooking item. This rectangular shaped griddle comes with two handling positions on two sides. 

However, while using new cookware, it is natural to have some confusion about the measurement of individual foods. Therefore, you will get a measurement guide with this griddle to know how to use it properly. This guide helps the cook a lot. Overall, this cast iron griddle also has a long-lasting life.


  • It features holding handles to ensure the complete comfort of handling.
  • This durable cast iron griddle offers a long lifetime. 
  • The griddle is usually available in black color.
  • This griddle packs with a measurement guide as well.


  • You can face sticking issues with it

Legend Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

This is a new viable cast iron griddle for the gas stove from Legend, a well-known cookware manufacturing company. This company provides 1000 years of proven performance assurance of this griddle. Therefore, with a single glance at this griddle, anyone will come to realize its quality.

Top features:

  • User friendly 
  • Versatile to use
  • Durable construction
  • Convenient Holding hand
  • Suitable for two stove burners

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This griddle is perfect to use over two stove burners. It is also eligible to use in the highest frame on the stove and the medium heat in the oven. Furthermore, you may use it on live campfire coals. 

Let’s set out the item –

Dimension21.5″ x 10.78″ x 1.25″
Weight12.07 lbs
MaterialCast Iron
Nonstick CoatingNo

Moreover, the remarkable part of this griddle is it comes with 100% vegetable oil foundational seasoning. Although it has no nonstick coating, it is very condign to prepare fried food. Besides, another crucial feature of this griddle is its holding handle, which is different from other typical ones. 

These handles provide sufficient space to hold the griddle during cooking and moving. Overall, it is a versatile griddle along with all the specifications. Therefore, you can consider buying it without any confusion. 


  • This griddle comprises viable cast iron material. 
  • Its features a good handling position, which make it convenient


  • Doesn’t come with nonstick coating

Ecolution Reversible Non-Stick Griddle Pan

Evolution is offering the best-cast iron griddle for your gas stoves. If you go through this review, then you come to realize how condign it is. 

Furthermore, this griddle’s expansive 19. 5” x 11” cooking surface can hold more food than the others. It allows people to cook a good number of foods at a time. Also, it is perfect for grilled foods, pancakes, bacon and eggs, and so on.

Top Features:

  • It is easy to clean
  • Excellent finishing 
  • Comes with a nonstick coating
  • Durable cast iron construction 
  • It needs less time to cook food

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Moreover, this griddle comes with a tremendous nonstick coating; therefore, if you continuously use this griddle for cooking or frying, there is no worry. Also, it takes less time to cook food, and the food holds the actual test. 

Let’s set out the item – 

Dimension20.25″ x 11.5″ x 1.3″
Weight3.81 lbs
ColorGray Granite
Cooking surface19. 5″ x 11″
Nonstick CoatingYes

Again, it is effortless to clean after usage. In short, if you want to make your cooking easy and swift, you can give it a try. 


  • Can be used on gas & electric coil stovetops. 
  • Ideal for grill foods, pancakes, bacon, and eggs. 
  • It keeps the taste of the food prominent as well. 
  • It gives pleasure to use it more than the typical one. 


  • A little bit pricey

Sensarte Non Stick Reversible Griddle Pan

SENSE is disclosing a three-in-one item worth as a Griddle Grill Pan, Reversible Grill & Griddle Pan. This durable griddle comprises aluminum and holds a good finish body. It contains a grease trap and hanging hole design that charms the consumer most. Overall, it is a perfect choice to use in the kitchen.

Top features:

  • It features a nonstick coating
  • Reversible, it can do two operations. 
  • You can cook multiple foods at a time.
  • It is SGS approval; thus, it is safe and healthy
  • Aluminum construction with excellent finishing.

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Afterward, it comes with a nonstick coating which makes your cooking very easy and swift. Also, it keeps the taste of various delicious foods. 

Let’s set out the item –

Dimension15.5″ x 10.81″ x 0.9″
Weight3.74 lbs
Nonstick CoatingYes
Dishwasher SafeYes
Cooking surface19.5″*10.7″

Furthermore, the other remarkable part of this griddle is, it is reversible. You make pancakes or sandwiches on one side and grill on another side. Again, its 19.5 “*10.7” surface is also ideal for two stove burners. 

Moreover, this griddle is safe and healthy, and it is SGS approved. Since it is dishwasher safe, and so it is easy to clean and wipe. Also, it offers a great life indeed.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • It keeps the proper taste of food.
  • It is more exceptional than the other griddle. 
  • You can prepare pancakes, sandwiches, and grill.


  • Handle is not convenient.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle 

After having a look at the customer reviews of this fantastic kitchen appliance, I come to know that this cast-iron griddle by Lodge is such a reliable culinary item that every home chef can use it on their gas stove. 

You may think of other griddles. But, because of its round shape and medium size, it’s considered as the best cast iron griddle by the thousands of home chefs who love to cook on the gas stove.

Top Features

  • Pre-Seasoned
  • Perfect for gas stove
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Holds heat for a long time
  • Can use in gas oven or in grill too
  • Bake, fry, broil everything can cook

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Last week, I already told you that we bought a manual meat grinder from a local market and enjoyed a surprising discount offer. 

Since then, my daughter and her mom started cooking delicious dishes with their hand-ground meat.

So, they noticed that one more thing is needed to cook something crispy and started poking me to go out to that shop where we bought that grinder.

But, I was very tired that day. So, I asked my daughter to search that kitchen utensil on Amazon, and she had chosen this excellent griddle for her gas stove.

It’s always on fire because its use is versatile. You can fry various items like saute, bake, broil, braise, and almost anything, and all like burgers, deep-dish pizza, and chocolate chip cookies. 

I think now you can realize why you should need to have this griddle in your kitchen.

This excellent griddle is made of cast iron in such a perfect dimension that it distributes heat equally from the bottom through its sidewalls. So, your meals get the proper heat from all sides to be cooked perfectly.

This cast iron griddle comes with a broader cooking surface which makes your cooking more comfortable. Moreover, taking care of this griddle is not so complicated as it comes already seasoned and in a ready-to-use condition.

Other Cool Features of The Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

  • User’s Choice

Over the years, griddles have occupied a significant place in many people’s kitchens. Many users like to cook with a griddle even after having three to four non-stick pans. 

Some users are so health-conscious that it is impossible for them to use any other pan other than this griddle as Lodge, a trusted brand, manufactures this pan.

  • Heavy-duty Performance

In some families, the number of members is so high that the pressure of cooking is very high. 

You can’t cook too much in a nonstick pan, but if you cook on a griddle all day long, this griddle will not damage anyhow.

  • Seasoned Kitchen Utensils

These griddles are seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. Because of the seasoning with vegetable oil, the quality of this griddle stays outstanding.

  • Made in The USA

They are manufactured directly in Pittsburgh, USA. Each of the cast iron griddles is well qualified, beautiful in design, and durable. 

Lodge family is showing off their craftsmanship in manufacturing these griddles with over 120 years of experience.

  • Carrying Memories

When you use this griddle, you will notice that you will have different feelings in your heart each time you use that griddle. 

It seems this griddle is recalling some of your sweetest memories of your mother and grandmother as they also used this griddle!

Pros of Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

  • Do you have an iron deficiency in your body? However, a cast iron griddle is a good choice for you.
    When cooking a meal, the iron comes out of this griddle and increases the amount of iron in the food by mixing it during the cooking process.
  • Cast iron griddles manufactured by Lodge are very long-lasting. There are other pans you can’t use well for several months.
    You can use this fantastic griddle for years after years. This griddle survives so long that Grandma’s cast iron griddle is still in use in some families.
  • This griddle can hold the temperature for a long time. If you need to save electricity or gas, if you turn off your oven, even then, this griddle remains hot enough to help keep your cooked food hot.
  • Seasoned cast iron griddles are a lot easier to use and are also easily cleanable.
    A seasoned cast iron griddle is much easier to clean than any stainless steel pan, and you’ll get this griddle pre-seasoned by the manufacturer.
  • Cast iron griddles are much less expensive than many other available pans in the supermarket.
  • The best aspect of cast iron griddle is that it does not emit any harmful toxins or chemicals when cooking.
    So, you can use this cast iron griddle without worrying about your health.

Cons of This Griddle

  • Although some cast iron griddle brand handles may have a separate rubber pad installed on the handle.
    This griddle’s handle does not have such pads that is why they are easily heated during your cooking.
    As a result, you are more prone to have an accident on your hands randomly if you forget to use cooking gloves.
  • Nowadays, where other kitchen utensils are becoming as thin as possible day by day, cast iron griddles are so heavy that many people never feel comfortable using them.
  • You cannot boil water in a cast iron griddle. You will not be able to cook any sour dishes into this griddle.
  • Although once heated, the griddle stays hot for a long time, but the problem is that the cast iron griddle takes a long time to heat first.
    So in a rush, it creates an extra hassle.
  • One of the major problems with this cast iron griddle is that they have to be seasoned repeatedly. For this extra trouble, many people never want to use it.
  • Cast iron griddles are so heavy and hard that if they fall back onto the tiles’ floor, the tiles are more likely to break.
  • An iron pot is not very good to look at when cooked on it. The food is often turned into black color, especially with tomato, lemon juice, or vinegar.
    But if you use iron curry without thinking of it, mixing iron with curry will increase your nutrition.
  • Though every Lodge cast griddle is pre-seasoned, the fact is that all the cast iron griddles are very rough in their nature.
    So if anybody wants to use it for a long time, they have to use it repeatedly seasoning it.
    Seasoning procedure is not any complex process, but often doing it is manual labor which kills your time too.

Four Things You Must Know Before Cooking With a Cast Iron Griddle 

  • Before Each Use, Never Wash It!

It is better to use salt and any cooking oil to clean the griddle. However, many of us may like to clean the griddle with hot soapy water and harder scrubbers. 

Please don’t do it with your cast iron griddle. A little use of your griddle may not require any deep cleaning. 

So wash it with normal water, wipe it thoroughly with a kitchen towel, and store the griddle on your kitchen rack shelf.

  • Clean Deep When You Burn Any Meal

If any burned meal residue is stuck heavily onto the griddle, you have to clean the griddle profoundly. 

First, remove the stuck in meal residue by scrubbing with steel wool, soft scrubber, or sponge and scrubbing the cooking surface deeply.

Then wash the griddle with hot and soapy water. 

Always keep in mind never use any aggressive soap or detergent which may cause unwanted erosion to your griddle upper layer.

  • Cook Smartly

Never start to cook just after buying a cast iron griddle. Though it may be a preseason griddle, it always brings more benefits if you can season it before the first use of it in your home.

Never cook any acidic food by an iron griddle. Avoid boiling water into a griddle. Any sticky food, we never suggest it to cook by an iron griddle.

Never keep your cooked meal for a long time unnecessarily into your griddle.

  • Remove Any Metals Spot

You may observe some black metal spots are present on your griddle layer sharply. It’s nothing to worry about at all. 

This black spot may occur due to the burning of your meal, or it may create due to the deposition of iron from the griddle.

Very gently scrub the griddle with a rubber scrubber and wipe it with soft clothes. 

Don’t use any metal scrubber to avoid any damage to the seasoning layer of your griddle.

Why Cast Iron Griddle in the Age of Non-Stick Frying Pan

There are several factors for which every cast iron griddle has very superior usability rather than a non-stick frying pan. 

Let’s explore them.

Durability: A cast iron griddle will be able to provide you with the same service day after day if you use it poorly or as long as you use it. 

Cast iron griddles are much stronger and durable than any other non-stick pan.

Safety: Teflon lining in any non-stick pan can slowly mix with food and cause cancer. 

The ceramic pan has a health hazard, as the chemical layer that is placed on them to keep them beautiful is also harmful. 

But, the cast iron griddle is completely free from those health issues.

The Absence of Chemicals: In various super shops, you will find many types of non-stick pans that are very comfortable in use, but the fact is that all of them may have a harmful chemical coating on them. 

As a result, the health risk for you and everyone in your family increases so much that it is hazardous. If you are 100% aware of your health, start using a cast iron griddle.

Non-stick When Well Seasoned: Even though modern griddles are relatively very rough, they will give you good service if you regularly season your griddles. 

When you season your griddle with natural cooking oil, this seasoning oil actually acts as a barrier between your griddle’s iron and food. 

By doing So, your cooking takes less oil.

High heat, unlike Aluminum or Teflon: Aluminum or Teflon pans are so thin that they cannot provide any high temperature. 

But, as you can see, the cast iron griddles are so heavy that they can raise the temperature as high as you wish. 

And surprisingly, cast iron griddles never damage at a high temperature.

Heat Radiation Enabled More Even Cooking: Another advantage of cast iron griddle is that it can hold the temperature for longer. 

Even if you stop providing heat, the griddles’ food stays hot for a long time. So those who like to eat hot food can cook in these griddles. 

Besides, chefs from various restaurants also can use these cast iron griddles.

Moreover, doctors have confirmed that non-stick coating can cause many types of diseases, including tumors.

As you know, non-stick cooking utensils contain chemical ingredients that go into the food during cooking. 

During cooking, heat releases toxins from these items, which poisons the food. Therefore, experts say that cooking in non-stick containers is worse than cooking in an iron griddle. 

However, it is not only the non-stick vessel that can put your health at risk. This risk can be derived from many other cooking things.

Keeping health and nutrition in mind, there is no substitute for cooking at home, but it is equally essential to use cooking dishes.

Because, in the kitchen, if cooked incorrectly, it can poison the food by mixing some ingredients with the dishes. Various illnesses can occur.

So, Let’s See How Safe It Is That Most of The Containers We Usually Cook or Eat.

Nonstick Pan

Non-stick pan is a widely used cooking pot in the kitchen. We use non-stick pans for cooking any meal. 

But, cooking in a non-stick pan is very harmful to the body.

The non-stick pan is covered with an acidic ingredient called perfluorooctanoic. 

When the pan is heated during your cooking, heat releases toxins from these items, which poisons the food. Because the ingredient goes into the food.

And eating these foods is likely to cause problems in the body. This can cause many types of diseases, including tumors. 

So, it is safer to use a cast iron pot than a non-stick pan. Its health risks are low.

Copper Pan

Copper and nickel pots are harmful to the body. When copper and nickel containers are heated, a toxin is produced. It enters the diet and puts your health at risk.

Aluminum Pan

Experts say that cooking in aluminum containers increases the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Plastic Utensils

Heating with plastic containers in the microwave oven is harmful to health. It poisons food, contains an ingredient called bisphosphonate (BPA), and increases heart disease risk. 

Therefore, heating and storing food in plastic containers is detrimental to health.

Lead Pan

Pan or utensils made of lead is harmful to health. Leads are often used in cooking utensils to shine. So. it is important to be aware of these things.

Melamine Pan

Melamine resin is made in a mixture of urea and formaldehyde. In the absence of heat, this melamine resin remains unchanged. 

Melamine products can never be given in the oven. The chemical elements of melamine resin are separated by heat which is responsible for the poisoning.

So it is confirmed that alternatives to all those harmful pans in your kitchen can be a cast iron griddle. It is much safer to use a cast iron griddle than any other pan. So, what keeps you waiting

101 Rules of Using Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

Keeping in mind the need, you bought a new iron pan from the market, then started cooking it. After a few days, you find that the egg is roasting or the fish are not reversed properly.

You may think in such a situation that you have purchased a bad one. The main thing is not the brand or the pan’s price. 

But its duration depends on what you are doing wrong with the griddle. 

So, some clues to use it properly-

  • Season before cooking in a new iron griddle. If you are surprised to hear that, then for your information, many well-known chefs recommend this.
    And the task is very simple. Do not wash the pan with ordinary water before use. Wash it in hot soapy water.
    This will leave the chemical or harmful oil in the pan.
  • Understand the type of pan then cook. It is better not to cook food that has been burning for a long time.
    However, it is a fitting pan for cooking different types of vegetables, various fish, meats, from pizza to cake, and light curry can also cook freely in this griddle.
  • When cooking on the stove, make sure there is heat everywhere. In this case, you need to take a pre-hit before cooking.
    Heat the medium-low setting on the stove for five to six minutes.
    You can leave a few drops of water for the test, and if the water droplets leap over the griddle, you know that the griddle is ready to cook.
  • An iron pan is not the same as a non-stick pan. However, the benefit is that it does not spread toxins in food.
    To make it non-stick, sprinkle a little oil on it before cooking, adding a cloth of oil, and wiping the griddle will still work.
    Every so often, do this occasionally before cooking (such as baking bread or pizza or heating a meal).
    As long as you keep going through this, the iron pan will become non-stick.
  • It is better not to cook sour foods in a cast iron pan. For example, make tomato sauce.
    If tomatoes are burned in this pan for hours, they will lose their effectiveness within a few days.
  • In a pan, metal spoons, sleeves, etc., should not be used, whether iron or non-stick.
    They spoil the surface of the griddle slowly but effectively. Day by day, the non-stick pan becomes more and more ineffective.
    In this case, it is best to use a spoon made of wood or heat-resistant plastic.
  • Many times, after cooking, some people dip the water in the pan sink, which is wrong.
    Remove the spice stains in the pan with a plastic spoon as hard as possible. If heavy stains, lightly heat the stove with water in the pan.
    After a while, rub lightly with a spoon. The stain will go away.
  • Many use dishwashers to save time. However, the iron pan should never clean with a dishwasher.
    Your favorite pans will be damaged by long exposure to the detergent.
  • You should not use any steel wool scrubber to clean your griddle. Use a simple sponge instead.
  • After washing, drop as much water as possible, and then dry and hold the pan to an iron stand. 

Now your cast iron griddle is 100% safe for your next use.

Round-shaped VS Square-shaped Iron Griddle:

Cast iron griddles of different brands and different shapes are available in your nearest market. 

When you go to the market and see various iron griddles types, you may get confused about which one to buy.

However, for your convenience to make a decision, let’s have a comparative discussion on the round and square-shaped cast iron griddle. 

Hopefully, this will make your selection process a lot easier.

Are you a serious type of camper? Do you like to go camping whenever you get a chance? 

If your answer is yes, then you may know how important a cast iron griddle is for cooking at any campsite.

Do you know that the shape of the grid you use at your campsite is a big factor? 

You may wonder what comes back at a griddle’s shape: A griddle’s shape does not only impact its heat capacity, but it also shows a huge impact on the amount of your cooking meal too.

If you are a good campsite cooker, and you have only a round griddle in your cookware set, then it’s time to immediately change your round griddle into a square griddle. 

Because of the square corners around the square griddle, square griddles can cook more food than any round griddle.

Any square griddle can hold and cook more foods rather than any round griddle of the same size.

As an example, if you want to cook lamb in your campsite by a round griddle it will be difficult to place all the longs & finger-shaped slices into your round griddle.

But you can place any meat of this type in a square shape griddle very easily. All the side portions or even the center of a square griddle can be 100% utilized for cooking.

Now leave the campsite, let’s think of your home. The gas stove in your home has a round burner. 

If you give a square griddle to a round burner, your food will not be cooked because the round burner does not spread the heat evenly to the center and corners of a square griddle.

Finally, food in the middle of the square griddle will get more heat and ultimately become unwanted sticky. 

And remaining food, which is scattered around the square corners, takes less heat and remains raw.

If you want to compare the two griddles, you have to think about your lifestyle, the purpose of griddles usage, etc.

Campfire is not an integral part of your life. You will probably spend some time camping throughout your whole life. 

Practically you have to spend the total of your life in your home.

That’s why you must have a round shape griddle in your kitchen so that you can easily cook with your round gas burner. 

The round griddle is the only matter of considering adjustment fact for your round gas burner.

Moreover, It is not unknown to you anymore how many varieties of recipes you can cook only by a round-shaped griddle!!

How to Make a Cast Iron Griddle Pan Sparkling

How can I clean it?

Cast iron curds, griddles, or such utensils quickly rust. And that is why it is challenging to clean or store it properly. 

We will now discuss one of how the cast iron can be kept clean.

Old wrought iron, griddle, or similar utensils found in many homes; without using it correctly, many leave it in the house and gradually become unusable.

Cast iron dish is suitable for cooking for several reasons. The temperatures they create are handy for baking or cooking certain foods.

They can be made usable again using some simple methods. If the cast iron is kept in the container for several days, it will fall into rust or similar dirt. 

Stainless steel chain mills can be ideal for removing dirt. In this case, after using it, if it is a bit cold, wash it with a solid steel chain mill using a small oven cleaner. 

And the water should be used as a little hot water. Soak it for a while, and then rub it with a chain mill. 

If you want to keep a lasting jolt, you need to take steps to keep your iron lid clean and shiny. 

Otherwise, after a while, it will become the same as before. In this case, you can use cooking oil.

For this, you need to heat the iron to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Then carefully lightly oil it and apply it. You can use paper towels for this.

You can add oil to the entire griddle by cleaning it and then heating it in the oven. 

Be careful to use If your favorite cast iron can be used properly, it is possible to keep it the same for many years.

There are a few things to keep in mind. In this case, the most important thing is not to use soap or soap material. 

It lifts the polymer coating and damages the iron residue. In this case, it is best to wash the rub in hot water.

You can wash it with a little salt if needed. It is best to wash it quickly and drain water after use. If used regularly, the iron will be pretty dazzling.

6 Most Favorite Cooking Recipes for Your Cast Iron Griddle

Let’s enjoy some wonderful recipes which you can cook using a cast iron griddle. 

Beef Steak


  • Beef 250 grams (without bones)
  • Half a teaspoon of ginger paste
  • Half cup of hot tomato sauce
  • A little of chili powder 
  • Half a teaspoon of garlic paste 
  • A little of cumin powder
  • Steak spice a little
  • Olive oil two tablespoons
  • Salt, and pepper is as your taste.


Cut the meat with your meat cutting knife as you like and wash it. Mix all the ingredients in a container, and make a good paste. Now marinate the steaks with spices, and leave them in the refrigerator for three to four hours.

Now fry the meat pieces in a cast iron griddle and cook over medium heat. Make sure the steak doesn’t become too firm. Then serve the gravy on the steak with your choice and enjoy some yummy steak.

Crispy French Fry


  • 3 large potatoes
  • A pinch of salt, and 
  • Five tablespoons of cooking oil.


To make the French fries of potatoes, first, wash the potatoes well. Then with a knife, remove the rough upper portion of the potatoes. 

Now cut all the potatoes lengthwise and make some potatoes horizontal pieces. Boil the water in a pan and leave the potatoes inside. Give them the amount of kosher salt as well. 

When the potatoes are cooked, the salt will be mixed into the potatoes. The potatoes are supposed as cooked in five to ten minutes. Drain on a sieve when done. 

Drain the water and place it on the tissue on a plate so that all the water drops. After 2/3 minutes, heat the iron griddle and pour the oil and fry the potatoes over medium heat. 

You can see if it is fried. When fried, remove the potatoes from the oil and place them on the tissue to absorb the oil from the potatoes. 

Your French fries are ready to eat now. You can eat these delicious fries with some tomato sauce.

Yummy Pizza


  • Pizza Dough 
  • Flour-1 cup 
  • Yeast-2 teaspoon 
  • baking powder-1 teaspoon hot water 
  • one cup and 
  • a half tablespoons of salt


Stir the warm water and mix with the flour and baking powder. After making a paste, make a soft dough with fine sea salt and hot water in the flour. 

Keep the dough in a covered container and place the container over hot water. Make a topping in between. Topping — Cut two tomatoes (cut like rings). Cook all meat cubes by boiling in one cup of tomato cubes. 

Then heat two tablespoons of oil and mix onions into the hot oil. After a few minutes, give the tomatoes into the oil. After five minutes, when the cooked meal is reduced to a very soft and semisolid state, stop heating.

In a separate container, lay an egg. Apply aluminum foil to a baking pan and pour oil into it. Now make the doe-like a big loaf of bread. 

Spread this bread on a cast iron griddle. Sprinkle the tomato sauce in the center of the doe. Toss it on top.

Fill the eggs with a little filling and fill in the blanks. Once the iron griddle is heated, lower the heat, lift the pot, and place it on a pan stand on the gas stove.

After five minutes with a light stirring, check whether the doe and egg have been done. 

It can be done within 15 minutes, or it may take a little longer. Take care not to be too tight below and not too raw on top.

Beef Chops


  • Ground beef – 250grams, 
  • Cornflower – two tablespoons, 
  • Onion – one (finely pieces ), 
  • Ginger paste-(one teaspoon) 
  • Garlic paste-( one teaspoon) 
  • Clove – 4 or 5 pieces ( dry powder),
  • Raw pepper – one (finely pieces), 
  • Pepper powder -one tablespoon, 
  • Dried chili powder – one teaspoon, 
  • Vinegar- one teaspoon, 
  • Bread crumb- as needed, 
  • Oil- five tablespoons and 
  • Salt- as your taste.


Boil the ground meat in a pressure cooker. Mix all the remaining ingredients, including vinegar and boiled meat. Then mix cornflour with water and give it to the meat mixture.

Shape the mixture into chop by hand. Heat the oil in an iron griddle. Cover all the chops by bread into the crumbs and fry well. Serve hot with sauce.



  • Pane pasta-500 grams, 
  • Small chicken pieces- two cups, 
  • Olive oil- two tablespoons,
  • Onion- one (fine pieces), 
  • Fine garlic pieces – one teaspoon, 
  • Parsley powder- one teaspoon, 
  • Tomato cubes-500 grams, salt, and 
  • Pepper- as your taste.


Bake the pasta, then wash it in cold water with half a teaspoon of olive oil and knead the pasta well. The pasta will not stick like glue. Soak the pasta and chicken in the tomato sauce for two minutes more. 

Drizzle the cheese on top and serve hot chicken pasta.

My Favorite Pan-cake


  • Oil-One tablespoon, 
  • Flour-350 gram, 
  • Egg- 1piece, 
  • Milk- 100ml, 
  • Sugar- 6/8teaspoons (if you need less sugar, 5/6 teaspoons), 
  • Cocoa powder-3/4 teaspoons, 
  • Baking powder- one teaspoon,
  • Salt- One pinch.


Whisk the egg and place it in a container. In a mixing bowl, mix well flour, sugar, cocoa powder, salt, and baking powder. 

When the ingredients are well mixed, pour the whisked egg into this mixture. Keep stirring. 

To facilitate the making of the doe, add a little milk (you can also add water here if you do not want to eat too rich).

Make sure the doe does not become too thin. When the mixture is fairly soft and dense, here’s how to finish it. 

Now let the griddle sit in the oven and let the temperature rise slightly. Spoon one teaspoon of butter/herbs/ghee/soybean oil into the pan. 

If needed, lift the pan and turn the butter all over. Now, from the pre-made dough, slowly spread the mixture into the pan. Wait for a while.

Once it turns brown, let the pancake fry the other end. If it turns brown on this end, lift it. 

Be careful when making chocolate pancakes because it is not easy to understand whether the mixture is fried because of the chocolate color.

Plain Pancake: If you want to make plain pancakes or white pancakes, refrain from giving cocoa powder in the mixture, everything else has to be done the same way. You can drown it in honey. You will love to eat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you season a cast iron griddle?

The seasoning itself is an effortless procedure. First, clean the griddle thoroughly with hot and soapy water. 

Then dry it. Apply a few drops of vegetable oil or cooking oil onto the griddle. Bake the griddle in a preheated oven at 375 degrees centigrade for one hour.

How do you take care of a cast iron griddle?

Rinse the griddle with hot water. If required, apply a brush or scraper to remove the sticky, dirty residue. 

For very stuck-on food, use oil and salt and rinse the griddle. After wiping the griddle with a kitchen towel to dry it. Store it safely until next use.

Keep a note; you can use a pinch of kitchen salt with a combination of cooking oil to make your iron griddle more shiny and clean. 

What do you use a griddle for?

Griddles are often used for cooking any steak, baking, or frying food. Also, pizza and pancake can cook by a griddle. 

In total, you can cook a variety of food with your cast iron griddle in your kitchen.

Can steak be cooked on a griddle?

Yes, you can cook. Moreover, any cast iron griddle is better designed to cook beef or lamb steak. 

But keep in mind, never try to cook two steaks at a time in one griddle. It will make your steak stew instead of making it a fries.

Is using a griddle healthy?

They are healthy among any other griddle which is found in the super shop. No chemical coating is present on the upper surface of a cast iron griddle. 

Besides this, a natural vegetable oil or cooking oil is used during cast iron griddle’s seasoning, so this type of griddle contains no health hazard at all. 

How to Cook a Rib-eye Steak on the griddle?

Well, you can cook a Rib-eye Steak on your iron griddle too. First, remove your rib-eye steak from the freezer and leave it as it is for 15-20 minutes to be normal.

Season this steak with some black- pepper grind. Start to cook the steak into an iron griddle providing low-medium heat. 

See when your steak is smoking hot and skitters a drop of water.

Can you grill on a griddle?

Grill and Griddle pan are almost always different from each other. You can make a Grill in an electric oven, whereas griddle is used mainly for other purposes. 

But the fact is that, if you wish and if you have an issue with your electric oven, you can make a grill by a griddle too.

Are cast iron pans good?

A Cast iron griddle provides heat evenly to the meal. That means you don’t have to continuously replace your meal position onto the griddle towards its heat source.

Besides this, in the seasoning process, the use of vegetable oil makes the griddle more healthy than any other artificial layer covering the pan.

Your answer is that a cast iron griddle is not only good for your kitchen but also very good for you & your family.


Cast iron griddle is a unique kitchen appliance that never becomes old for its purpose of use. From our grandmothers’ time to us, the cast iron griddle providing us those unique services that never can be old anymore. And as far as I know, the round shape is the oldest design for this kitchen utensil. 

So, how about enjoying another happy cooking with the best cast iron griddle for gas stove today?