The Best Hot Pot Grill Combos: One Appliance to Rule Them All

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Do you want to take your hot pot experience to the aliens level? Do you want to grill chicken right in your hot pot? Now it is not impossible to do so. Just own one of the best hot pot grill combos and make your dreams come true.

These exclusive cooking kits have been designed with separate control sets for the hot pot and barbecue as well as offer a smokeless grilling experience. Essentially you can also take full control over how much heat you want to use when cooking.

Read on the article below to know more exciting features of this hot pot combo grill 

Simplify Your Cooking Routine with These Best Hot Pot Grill Combos

We’ve selected our top options based on brand popularity, individual product performance, customer reviews, and reasonable price tags. Just look at the key features and choose yours. Also, don’t forget to check the cons which always helps making an informed decision.

Quick Decision-Making Chart-

Key Features2 in 1 Grill and Hot PotMultifunctional Grill & Hot PotShabu Shabu Hot Pot Grill Combo
Item Weight8.5 Pounds10.08 pounds4.84 pounds
Finish TypeNon-StickNon-StickNon-Stick
Capacity1-3 People2 – 12 People1 – 4 People
The HallmarksVersatility, Even Heating Technology, Precise Temperature Control, Easy Cleaning, Smokeless Cooking & Greatest ValueMultifunctionality, Separate Temp Controlling, Decent Size, Fast Heating Efficiency & Anti-Scalding ProtectionPortability, Quality Material, Separate Functionality, High Efficiency, Good Looking Design & Knob Adjustment
Special FeatureComes With A Suitable Gift SetAutomatic Temperature ControlFaster Heading & More Durable
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Food Party Smokeless Electric Hot Pot Grill Combo

This multi-functional cooker includes separate temperature control for the hotpot and grill. You have stable fast and even heating technology. This is the perfect addition to your traditional food party. Meal planning is much easier while using Food Party Hot Pot Grill Combo. The product has an oil port that is designed to hold excessive oil. 

In addition, there won’t be any problem cleaning this gadget with soapy water. You can wash this hotpot and grill after every single use. You can use this product for indoor purposes as well as the device comes with a smokeless grill feature. 

You get a complimentary gift set of 1 silicone brush, 1 cooking tong, and 10 sheets of parchment paper with a user manual.

Food Party Smokeless Electric Hot Pot Grill Combo

Top Features

  • Port for excessive oil
  • Thermal management
  • Easy Cleaning technology
  • Separate  temperature control 
  • Powered by fast and stable heating technology

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandFood Party
Item Dimensions16.5 in. x 16.5 in. x 4.7 in.
Item Weight8.5 Pounds
MaterialGrill & Hotpot
BPA freeYes
Dishwasher SafeNo

During a food party, this product allows the users to cook any kind of meal without any limitations. You shouldn’t worry about the safety issues as the device is made of thermal management. 


This Hot Pot Grill Combo from Food Part is a multi-functional item that comes with separate heat control for the hot pot and the grill. This brings advantages for specific dishes. You have different heat adjustments with stable heating technology.

Port for Excessive Oil

There is a uniquely designed oil port that will hold the excessive oil on the grill. If you are grilling, there will be less oil compared to usual. This makes it easier to clean the oil and protects the device from getting sticky.

Easy Cleaning

To add a better non-stick effect, this device has included a pyramid surface design. You won’t have any hassles to clean this device after cooking. Just drop the whole cookware into the sink filled with soapy water. The top pan is not removable, but it can be cleaned easily.  

Foodie Occasions

The grill combo is a top choice for foodie occasions, especially for family dinners. This hot pot grill combo is very much recommended for Asian-style dinner, American barbecue, and so on. 

Food Party Hot Pot Grill Combo is undoubtedly one of the top picks for electric grills. For gift or personal use, you should consider this product without any doubt. The features have a guarantee of satisfaction, and the build quality is made to last for years.


  • It’s pretty simple to clean
  • Provides easy meal planning
  • Can be used for any meal item
  • The product doesn’t make much smoke


  • Requires a high wattage of power
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SEAAN Electric Indoor Hot Pot Grill Combo 

Here comes a quality hot pot grill combo from SEAAN. Imagine you’re using a single product for bbq grill, seafood feast, and Korean cuisine as well. Yes, this product made it possible to cook almost all kinds of dinner items on a single grill. 

This product has independent temperature control with 5-speed heat adjustment. This allows the user to automatically adjust the temperature when it’s too high. The grill combo is made of an aluminum body with a non-stick coating. There is an advanced oil connection design that automatically drops the frying pan oil into the oil tank. 

The grill is specially designed for a small family, crowd, and for 2-12 people. In addition, the dimension of this product is pretty small. Thus, it makes it a suitable choice for indoor purposes. 

SEAAN Electric Indoor Hot Pot Grill Combo

Top Features 

  • Anti-Scalding Protection
  • Oil leakage port and tank
  • Visual tempered glass cover
  • Separate temperature control
  • Cast aluminum body with non-stick coating

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Dimensions28 in. x 3.1in.  x 10 in.
Item Weight10.08 pounds
Style‎Korean bbq indoor grill
Voltage110 Volts
Rated Power (W)2200W
Applicable number8 Person

Heat Control

The separate heat control for both the heat pot and bbq grill makes it easier for the users to cook as their expectation. You can adjust the heat using the 5-gear adjustment anytime you want. This simple heat configuration controls the temperature automatically when it’s too high.


The product is made to last for a long time. SEAAN Electric Indoor Hot Pot Grill is built with a cast aluminum body with a non-stick coating. Thus, they are very lightweight and durable. In addition, the product doesn’t contain any harmful material and is fully safe for any food item. 

Easy to Clean

The cleaning process is much simpler and easier in this indoor grill. This product is designed to make the customer fall in love with cooking. There is an automatic oil connection that dops the oil to the oil tank. This keeps the device clean and eliminates the hassle for the users.

Ergonomic Design

SEAAN multi-functional indoor electric grill is designed for customer satisfaction. The device comes with a capacity for 2-12 people. Thus, whether it’s a family occasion or personal cooking, this device is always suitable.

If you prefer cooking with perfection, choose this grill combo without any second thought. The device allows the user to monitor the cooking for more perfection. The heat will reach the optimum level faster and eliminate the hassle of grilling. You will definitely enjoy this grill and its features.


  • It has a drawer oil collector
  • Can be used for 2–12 people
  • Tempered glass with visual lid
  • Comes with a non-stick coating


  • The power cord is relatively  short
  • The temperature control isn’t satisfying
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LIVEN Shabu Convenient Hot Pot with Electric Grill 

Made with food-grade material and a non-stick coating, this electric hot pot comes with a combined function. The Liven Hot Pot with Electric Grill is equipped with an anti-scald big handle to make you feel comfortable for indoor grilling. 

The thick aluminum material alloy made this product lightweight and more durable. The gadget heats up quickly and provides enough space to cook meals for two to four people. For cleaning purposes, there won’t be any hassles. 

You may combine bbq, hotpot, and shabu shabu hotpot together or separately in this electric grill.

LIVEN Shabu Convenient Hot Pot with Electric Grill

Top Features

  • Easy to clean 
  • High temperature resistant
  • Combined function together
  • Equipped with an anti-scald big handle
  • Food-grade material with non-stick coating

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions17 x 16 x 7 inches
Product Weight2.2kg
Convenient for1-3 person
Material304 stain steel

It’s pretty easier to clean the devices. With a simple wipe with a soft cloth, you may clean the product. This is an interesting little combo designed to satisfy every customer.

High Power 

The hot pot with grill is designed to provide you better heating experience compared to the traditional devices. This product comes with 1300W heating that is faster and durable as well. For a quick bbq session, this device won’t disappoint you. 

Multiple Choice

LIVEN Shabu Hot Pot Grill Combo provides the ultimate choice of function for the users. You can use this device as bbq, bbq, and hot pot together or only the hot pot. In addition, the bbq and shabu shabu hot pot can be used with combined or separate functions as well.


Here comes one of the most crucial features of a family grill. This product is portable for small to medium groups. In addition, the hot pot with grill is equipped with an anti-scald big handle that provides flexibility to the users while carrying this device. This allows the users to move this device easily when required.


Don’t need to worry about the material of this grill. It is made with food-grade material that includes a non-stick coating. This makes it a high-temperature resistant device. The coating also makes it easier to wipe the product during cleaning.

Liven grill products are made with quality materials. They are simple to use and are convenient as well. The high-power heating with durable built will surely bring you some advantages during your cooking. For a smaller group, this one would be the best choice with no limitations.


  • Designed for health coating
  • Rotary switch with easy control
  • Portable for small to medium groups
  • Can be moved easily with the handles
  • A thick aluminum layer provides better durability


  • The electric cord is not durable
  • Not recommended for large groups
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4YANG Multi-function BBQ Grill Hot Pot Combo

Here comes another combo with a smokeless feature that has a user-friendly design as well. The hot pot comes with color and size variants so that users can pick the one they need. You get the desired temperature within a very short period of time as the device includes a rapid heating feature that will take only seconds. 

You may clean the device with a cleansing cloth or a non-abrasive sponge with warm water for cleaning purposes. 4YANG multi-function hot pot is built with safe and food-grade materials. 

The electric grill won’t leave any weird smoky flavor to your meal. Thus, there won’t be any damage to flavor for sure.

4YANG Multi-function BBQ Grill Hot Pot Combo

Top Features 

  • Separate washing feature
  • Less oil with non-sticky built
  • Rapid heating within 8 seconds
  • It comes with a user-friendly design
  • Doesn’t damage the natural flavor of food

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions22 in. x 20 in. x 9 in.
Hot Pot Diameter11.42 in/29cm
Grill Diameter16.5 in/42cm
Item Weight12.1 pounds
Rated voltage110V 60Hz
Suitable number2-8
BPA freeYes

The hot pot comes with high thermal efficiency with a five-layered thickened disc body. You don’t need to worry about the cleaning once the cooking is done.

Rapid Heating

It takes only 8 seconds to get the device the optimum heat. With the heat collecting circle, the grill will reach the required heat faster than the traditional devices. The device is integrated with a 2000W double tube with 110V voltage. This enables the hot pot for higher thermal efficiency.


For indoor cooking, this one is the most significant feature you should look for. The hot pot and grill combo is totally smokeless and maintains a standard flavor in your dish. The device won’t damage the flavor of your dish, rather it will add a distinct flavor to enhance the taste.

Dual Heat Control

To provide you with more flexibility, this combo comes with an independent heat control for both the hot pot and barbecue. In addition, this feature saves your time and effort as well. This enables the user to choose the settings according to the cooking methods.

Different Size

If you are looking for a size variant, you may check this combo. There are two different size variants available for this one. The size variants are 42cm and 50cm. 4YANG Multi-function BBQ Grill Hot Pot Combo is available in two different color variants as well. Pick the one from black and red.


  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Can be used for 4-8 people
  • Offers size and color variants
  • Simple to use with easy configuration
  • Doesn’t damage the flavor or smell at all


  • The control isn’t that simple
  • The Grill portion isn’t top-notch

Well, this one is a combo with lots of features. The multi-functional hot pot is surely a great addition to your table. This is a perfect choice for family gatherings and other foodie occasions. 4YANG Multi-function BBQ Grill Hot Pot Combo is the best option for a small to medium-sized gathering.

Maple Must-Have Versatile Hot Pots and Grill 

If you want to have a product to make Suki and BBQ with other features, you should definitely try this product from Maple. The hot pot with bbq grill allows the user to enjoy the meal with just a simple plug configuration. 

The non-sticky device has a heat controller for both hot pot and grill that provides more freedom to the users. You have a flavorful meal cooked right at the table. The extended cord makes it simple to operate the device easily. 

This electric device is more comfortable to use compared with traditional devices. For indoor purposes, this one would be a perfect choice to pick. 

Maple Must-Have Versatile Hot Pots and Grill

Top Features

  • Sperate heat control
  • See-through glass lid
  • Provides enough space 
  • Requires short time to heat up
  • Ergonomic design with carrying handle
  • Compatible with suki, bbq, and fried items

Check today’s price on Amazon

Product Dimensions16 in. x 9 in. x 16 in.
Item Weight12.82 pounds
Person Capacity1-6 People
Rated voltage120V~60HZ
Capacity4.5L (35.5CM)

The versatile device won’t create any smoke, plus retains the flavor as well. You will be able to clean the device with just a simple scrub. 

Simple Configuration

Maple grill combo comes with a pretty simple configuration that can be operated by anyone. The individual heat controllers are placed on the front of this device. You need to just plug the power cord and the device is ready to use.

Plenty of Space

The grill combo comes with enough space for a small to medium group. The design of this device makes it possible to cook for 1-6 people comfortably. You will be able to cook suki, bbq, and fried items on this single device.

Easy Cleaning

Maple hot pot with grill comes with adjustable plates that provide you some advantage during cleaning. You can clean the whole plate without scrub pads. In addition, the parts are separate from the heating unit. Thus, there won’t be any complexation while cleaning the device after a session.

Ergonomic Shape

You Don’t need to worry if you are using this device on a family occasion. The combo comes in a circular shape that is suitable for family dining. In addition, there are two ergonomic handles provided in this device so that you can carry this bbq without any hassle.


  • Perfect for 1-6 people
  • Comes with simple operation
  • The heat can be adjusted easily
  • It Doesn’t damage the flavor of the meal
  • The pot and grill can be removed for cleaning


  • It Makes a bit of noise
  • The lid is not perfect in size

Maple Hot Pot and Grill is a versatile device with so many features. The device can be used for a long time with the same impressing performance. You get a healthy and delicious meal without any change of flavor. The grill comes with a simple operation that makes it easier to get the expected taste without any hassle.

Topwit Non-Stick Hot Pot with Electric Grill

The product comes in a premium look with a durable look that will surely satisfy the customers. The top tempered glass cover allows the user to check the status of the meal without any lifting. This makes the process much easier. 

Topwit Hot Pot with Electric grill comes with a superior non-stick coating that offers exceptional performance in terms of food release and cleaning. This product makes it possible to cook with less oil and less smoke as well. The hot pot and grill require a concise time to get heated and can be adjusted separately. 

Also, The ergonomically designed handles provide a safe touch for the consumers while carrying the device.

Topwit Non-Stick Hot Pot with Electric Grill

Top Features 

  • Safe touch handle 
  • Tempered glass cover
  • Efficient and convenient
  • Separate temperature control
  • Overheating protection technology
  • Premium look with a non-stick coating

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Weight5.99 pounds
Wattage600 watts
Temperature ControlDual

There won’t be any stains once you’re done with cooking. Thus, there is no hassle of cleaning. Just enjoy the meals.

High Efficiency

Topwit Non-Stick Hot Pot with Electric Grill is equipped with high efficiency that heats up faster. There is an overheating protection technology that controls the heat when the temperature is too high. Thus, there will be a flawless cooking experience by using this device. 

Double Fun

This device is integrated with a hot pot and grill innovatively. This allows the user to enjoy grilling and hotpot at the same time. For perfect Korean bbq and grilling – this device is a perfect combo. The different foods are easy to store because of their practical dimensions. 

Premium Look

This one is the most premium-looking item on this list. The device will surely enhance the look of your table. There are two color variants available for this device. You may pick one between green and pink. It will be comfortable to carry this device as there are two handles provided.

Indoor Specialist

You may call this combo an indoor specialist. The device is designed to make your indoor grilling more enjoyable. The device provides restaurant-style food at your house.

You will be able to grill fish, fried steak, hot pot, and other items with this device. There are dedicated power settings available for different items.


Topwit Non-Stick Hot Pot with Electric Grill comes with an eco-friendly coating that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. Thus, your meal will stay completely healthy and safe.

The coating offers excellent food release and prevents the food from sticking. This allows you to enjoy the meal without any hassle of cleaning.


  • The heat stays in the range
  • The device heats up very fast
  • It Doesn’t get any stain easily
  • Requires less oil while cooking
  • The status can be checked without lifting the lid


  • The grill can’t be separated

This is a premium quality grill combo that cooks perfectly. The device is well-organized and is recommended for most grilling types. The dual temperature control and fast heating will make your cooking experience enjoyable. Eco-friendly features with superior food release with no sticking ensure healthy cooking with better taste.

Smokeless Electric Hot Pot with Grill 

With so many exciting features, this product will surely top the list for the 7 best hot pot grill combo. The device is designed to satisfy the users for both the performance and the build as well. The high power with capacity is designed to satisfy the family meal. 

This is a smokeless Electric hot pot with a grill made of five-layer with heat-resistance materials. You can use this device to boil, fry, roast, and others. The individual heat controller makes it easier to adjust the heat during any cook. 

For family cooking, this one is the top choice without any doubt.  

Smokeless Electric Hot Pot with Grill

Top Features

  • Non-stick coating 
  • Cast aluminum body 
  • Suitable for 4-8 people
  • Available in black and red
  • Separate temperature control
  • Five-layer thickened disc body

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Dimensions21.26 x 8.66 x 19.69 inches
Item Weight5.5 Kilograms
Heating Power1.2 Kilowatts
Rated Power (W)2200W
Capacityup to 12 people

You don’t need to worry about the cleaning session as the device can be cleaned with water. You can even clean the heavy oil as well.

Cast Aluminum Body

This feature makes it easier for the user to clean this device once the cook is finished. The non-stick coating with cast aluminum body doesn’t let the stain get permanent. You can even put the whole cookware into the sink. So there won’t be any hassle of cleaning if you’re using this device.  

Heat Control

The individual heat control for the hot pot and grill provides flexibility to the users. The heat can be controlled automatically as well. In addition, the device gets into sleep mode if the heat has crossed the safe range. During sleep mode, the temperature stays down.  

Quality Build

Smokeless Electric Hot Pot with Grill is built of a five-layer thickened disc. For any grilling item, this device provides the same performance to satisfy your needs.

The thickened cooling base can be separated from the baking tray. This design provides several advantages to the user and makes the device more durable as well.


  • Very simple to clean
  • It Can be used for large groups
  • Ensures safety for any heat range
  • Automatic heat control for safety
  • Hot pot and barbecue at the same time
  • Ergonomically designed with simple control


  • The coating is not satisfying
  • It is not detachable while cleaning

Smokeless Electric Hot Pot with Grill is a quality product with stunning features. The product is designed for customer satisfaction and won’t disappoint you for sure. This is a durable grill combo for indoor purposes. If you are looking for a hot pot with a grill for a large group, this one can be a good option for you.

How to Select A Perfect Hot Pot Grill Combo 

Having a good idea about electric grills is required if you want to pick the best combo. You won’t be able to get the idea instantly as it requires long research and experience as well. 

You need to compare different products to get the compatible one as per your requirements. As is not possible for a general consumer, we have done this job for you. 

Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best. The features below will make it possible for a customer to pick the ideal one without wasting any time. Check them out –  


This one is the most basic and easiest specification you may check while purchasing a  Hot Pot Grill Combo. Brands are popular when they produce durable goods. Make sure the product is manufactured by the top quality brands. 

The top brands always care about the customer and the feedback. There won’t be any compromise in terms of quality. If you manage to buy the  Hot Pot Grill Combo from a well-known brand, the experience of using the product will be as expected. 

However, there are some new brands producing quality electric grills. So, make sure you are focusing on the brand and the feedback of its products.


Hot pot and grill combo come with space for two different grilling methods. Thus, it should be checked if the space is enough for the group you’re going to cook. The circular and square shapes are designed to provide more space to the customers.

The capacity depends on how organized the design is. Some of the products come in different size variants. Thus, you may pick the one based on your requirements.

 Heat Control

Here comes one of the most important features of an electric grill. The temperature control plays a crucial role to get you the dish as per your expectation. Individual heat control for the hot pot and grill makes it easier for the customer to control the temperature whenever it’s needed. 

If the device offers intelligent heat control then this will be a plus. The intelligent heat control automatically cools down the device if it crosses the heat range. Thus, there won’t be any damage to food and you will have the perfect dish every time.

Build Quality

You won’t get a durable service if the device doesn’t offer a solid build quality. The grill combo should come in premium build as the device will be used indoor and outdoor as well. This allows the user to clean them easily and the device won’t get damaged as well. 

Customer Reviews

Here comes an easy yet interesting point that needs to be checked. If you manage to find the customer reviews, you can have real feedback on the products. Thus, you can see the ratio of 5-stars, 4-stars, and others. This will get the job done for you. 

Pros and Cons

Users should have a brief idea about the pros and cons of a product. If the pros satisfy the user then he/she should check the cons as well. Sometimes, the cons may seem trivial for the user. This will make it pretty much easier to compare different products well.

Warranty and After Sales Service

Once you manage to finalize the product, you should now look for the warranty and the after-sales service of the product. There will be a smooth experience if the device provides a long-term warranty. In addition, the after-sales service is important as well. 

If you don’t get a proper response from the manufacturer then it’s totally useless to have that product. So, make sure there will be a decent period of warranty with good after-sales service.


Hot pot grill combo is a single device that makes grilling more versatile. The single electric grill provides separate space for cooking different items. This is why they are more popular for indoor applications. Simple operation with good temperature control is the primary feature that you should look for while purchasing one. You will manage to get the best hot pot grill combo if you follow the instructions provided in this article. The products have all the features to satisfy you with grilling.

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