Should you buy a steamer basket for pressure cooker without knowing the benefits of eating steam food?

A steamer basket for pressure cooker helps you prepare healthy as well as delicious food without using any cooking oil which contains extra fat. Moreover, cooking with steamer basket never reduce any nutritious ingredients from your food.

This cooking method uses the water vapor rising from the boiling water which makes it one of the healthiest ways to cook food and there are immeasurable health benefits of eating steamed food. But, I’m sure that only knowing those benefits isn’t enough to consider buying this peculiar type of kitchen utensil.

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To ensure the best use of your steamer basket, you have to know how to steam food using a steamer basket and also you have to know how to clean it after every use.

But thank God, steaming food using a steamer basket is very easy and so is to clean it. No need to trust me. Just keep reading for two more minutes and you’ll see everything…

As you can see in the above picture, a steamer basket is a metal basket, made of metal (such as stainless steel) which is used to hold various delicate food items over the boiling hot water so that those food items can be cooked by the hot steam.

So it’s just a steamer inserter into the instant pot of your pressure cooker. Steamer basket is a kitchen device and made of various colors, various size, shape and style.

It is designed to be inserted within another kitchen device suitable to steam food in a healthy way. Now let’s have a look at the amazing features of this silicone handled steamer basket by Hatrigo……

Features of this excellent steamer basket for pressure cooker:

You may get even more exciting features in other steamer basket. But here I’m gonna represent the cool features of the Hatrigo steamer basket which is designed for your favorite pressure cooker-

  • Body is made of rust free stainless steel. And handle is fully wrapped in nice looking silicone.
  • Small, medium and large  size (3,5,6 and 8 quart) are available for your needs.
  • You’ll get this steamer basket having silicone wrapped feet which automatically prevents scratching on your inner pot.
  • Easy to take out from the pressure cooker when cooking is done.
  • Made of high quality material, there is no possibility of rust or loose handle.
  • This basket is suitable to cook new recipes.
  • Its silicone legs help prevent slipping when placing it on the counter So, there’s no chance of your cooked food getting spilled on the floor.
  • You can enjoy cooking with your friends, family, even with your kids too. It will provide you a lot of fun while steaming asparagus, broccoli, egg, rice or even a whole chicken too.

Surprising benefits of eating steam food:

Basically all foods have some benefits if they can be cooked by maintaining their quality. The best way to cook any dish is to boil it with steam.

Cook the food with hot steam. Sprinkle with salt, take it down after some time, or add a little spice to the meal before cooking. It is healthy as well as delicious.

Steam foods usually contain fibers, vitamins and other minerals that help fight off a variety of diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These are the 5 surprising benefits of eating steamed food-

1] Safe food:

Different micro-organisms are exposed to heat, and died overall. And this is what makes your food safe and healthy while steaming at a high temperature. 

2] Preserves nutrients:

Research says that steamed vegetables like carrots, basil and broccoli have many benefits because they are rich in nutrients. As steaming is done without boiling in water, so all the water dissolving vitamins and minerals remain very safe while cooking by steam. 

3] The risk of disease is reduced:

The recommended amount of vegetables grown in your daily life reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc. in your body.  Keeps you healthy as well. As use of any types of oil is not required here, so all the disease associated with eating oil is just stay far  from any type of steamed food.

4] Increases antioxidants:

Heat increases the antioxidants of vegetables, which neutralize the chemicals (unstable molecules) produced by oxidation and help fight various diseases.

5] Easy digestion:

Steam food can be chewed, digested easily and is helpful for elderly people who have no teeth or are sick / diseased and unable to eat any fried foods.

Other cool advantages of this cooking method:

Variety of delicious dishes:

The taste of the cooked food is different. For example, tomato sauce, cinnamon, which does not taste good without some steamed potatoes.

Saves time:

Steam cooking is the easiest and quickest way to prepare food. This cooking process is very simple and it requires very little ingredients.

A healthy way:

If you want a healthy diet that is full of nutrients and contains no harmful substances, then definitely try to choose stem foods.

The key to weight loss:

If you are looking for a diet to lose weight, then there is no better option because it prevents your body fat to grow.

Why steam cooking comes into limelight and how steamer basket is invented:

Sometimes the oil in the cooking pan is so high that the amount of gravy and oil becomes evenly balanced. There was a time when everyone thought that if oil and spices are not equal then the curry won’t be tasty. The taste of any food cooked in oil increases a lot.

But with the change of time, people now realize that the food that gives the taste to the mouth is very harmful to our health. So people are aware now of eating oil. Being aware of their health, people started eating less cooked food now.

As well as learning how to cook without oil, everyone is turning to an oil-free diet to keep the body healthy and fit. For this reason, instead of cooking with oil, the cooking style has been changed to something different like steam, poached, baked or completely cooked.

According to fitness experts, whether using olive oil, soybeans or any other oil, neither is good for the body.  As much as the presence of fat in oil, other nutrients are neglected there.

It has now become a common scenario that people are suffering from many diseases. Needless to say, just being obese also. The reason for this is because of not being in physical labor, but because of not being aware of their food habit.

Roasted food is preferred everywhere. Even when cooked in homes, more oil is being used which is actually not a good practice. In order to stay healthy, we need to eat healthy foods.

People do so many things every day for the sake of their wellness. Turning to oil-free food is one of these things. So, they’ve started looking for the recipes on how to cook low oil or oil less.

Various research and experiments are taking place in this regard. At this point, steam cooking comes into limelight and steamer basket hits upon the subconscious mind of the health enthusiasts as it helps to cook without using any oil.

The effect of the cooking method on food:

You’ll be flabbergasted to know that different methods of cooking, roasting, microwave, grill, store frying, baking, frying in oil and steaming, etc. have different effects on food. Boiling takes away the necessary nutrients from the food during cooking and eating fried food is tasty but not good for health. Let’s dive deep into these facts-


Certain herbs contain water-soluble vitamins. Keeping vegetables in water for a long time can help to mix these vitamins into the water. Therefore, vegetables are a major source of vitamin C, but most of the vitamin C contained in it is lost when cooked following this method. Vitamin B, on the other hand, is heat sensitive. However, it is possible to recover only 80 percent of the lost vitamin when consumed with the water in which these vegetables are cooked.


In this dry cooking method, the food is set on fire. Due to exposure to high temperature for a long time, heat-sensitive vitamin ‘B’ is wasted from the diet. However, no other vitamin is wasted in this culinary process. That is why it is called a healthy cooking method.


According to a study by Harvard University, cooking in the microwave oven is the safest way to preserve the nutritional value of a food, but conditions apply.

  • First, the food cannot be cooked for more than half a minute to one minute.
  • Second, food cannot be heated in plastic containers.


Another dry cooking method, where heat is provided from the bottom to make a meal. This method should not be called healthy because of the high temperature used and the smoky taste of the food which may cause cancer.

But who cares, day by day grilling is also becoming so popular that chefs are now competing with each other to bring different smoky flavors using different types of smoking woods. Anyway, it is possible to reduce the risk of cancer by reducing smoke.  However, by cooking this method, vitamin B will be lost.

Store-fry or light-fry:

This is a cooking method where food is cooked in a pan with a light oil or fat.  The difference, however, is that it takes a lot of heat to ‘stir-fry’.

In this cooking method, you can control the amount of oil. So it can be considered as a healthy cooking method. It also helps to absorb fat soluble vitamins in the body.


This is also a dry cooking method. So that higher temperatures are needed. However, it is healthy because it can control fat levels. The food is well cooked as heat is applied from all around.  As a result, the rate of vitamin C and other vitamin wastes is low.

Fry in oil:

In this way, the taste of food increases the risk to health.  Hot oil is cooked evenly around food and inside and outside.

However, the nutrients of fish or such foods are destroyed in this way. Heating oils at high altitudes produces some toxic material that can cause cancer. Therefore, it is best not to use this method in cooking.  And if you have to, then healthy oils should be used.


This method is considered as the best way to keep the nutritional quality of the food intact. The ideal way to cook all kinds of vegetables (meat also) is to steam them. The best part of it is that the vitamins that are soluble in water come out when it is boiled, it goes back to the food. Because the water used to boil the steam is absorbed into the food. When boiling in this method, adding 1 tablespoon of healthy oils, such as mustard or sesame oil, will enhance the taste of the food.

Why cooking with steam is better than cooking in oil?

cooking with steam vs cooking in oil

Chefs have tested that food quality and taste depends not on oil, but on spices. The oil does not add any taste. Coronary Artery Disease Prevention and Regression (CADPR) is working on an oil less cooking method. They encourages oil-free cooking. CADPR calls for cooking with various flavors and colors of spices and water.

Steaming can be done using water instead of cooking oil. The flavors of the dishes cooked by the steam do not vary. On the contrary, consuming oils where there are many opportunities for diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and gastric, ulcer, etc., cooked food with vapor is very healthy and does not harm to the body.

What to cook in a steamer basket:

If you are a regular user of any instant pot or if you are a steamed food lover, you may then have a steamer basket always in your kitchen.

Actually a steam basket is necessary for two reasons. Firstly, this basket holds those foods on top of instant pot water when the food is cooked in water, leaving the nutrients dissolved in the water. And secondly, it makes a less turbulent cooking environment for some special categorized food such as egg.

steamed egg

This basket is helpful to elevate the food from sitting on the surface of the inserted instant pot/bowl. So cooking of several foods such as meatloaf or certain desert can easily cook by this basket without resting in the water/liquid. 

Although a good recipe always describes how to use a steam basket to cook your delicate food, but as a foodie I don’t mind describing here some of the delicious yummy toothsome dishes:


It’s the first thing I’ve cooked in my steamer basket. Since eggs are not seated directly onto the inner surface of the instant pot so it is less chance here to jostled or damage the egg while cooking.

Hard vegetables:

The pressure cooker function of your instant pot can provide you the easiest way to cook any tough or firm vegetables just at a flash. Using steamer basket will also show you a smart solution not let soak excessive liquid from the pressure cooker. So you can very easily cook any tough vegetables ( such as potatoes, carrots, beets etc.) without destroying their nutrients value dissolving in water.

Meat(whole chicken, meatloaf or other meat):

Well, if you don’t want to make your meat become soggy, you can use a steam basket to cook them into the pressure cooker’s inner bowl. You can cook various types of meat, or a meatloaf or whole chicken by this process.    

Bread and cake:

If you are a cake or bread lover but don’t have an oven then you can easily make your choice able bread or cake into a pressure cooker. But for this, you have to use a steam basket so that your bread or cake cannot soak any water from the inner bowl of the pressure cooker. 

Advantages and disadvantages of steamer basket:

disadvantages vs advantages

Advantage :

Durable: As it is made of stainless steel so we can assure you that, this steamer basket will provide you a better service for a long time. It is extremely durable and might not to replace for a couple of years.

Smooth and hard surface: This steamer surface is hardly very smooth and provide no chance for any cracks, dents or leaks.

Easily can clean: This utensils can clean very easily by using various cleaning procedures.

Appearance: After proper cleaning this device  shines very well and looks so pretty.


Poor heat conductor: If coating is done with copper or aluminum to improve its cooking time to the basket surface, then it acts as a poor heat conductor.

Salt exposing: Long time of salt exposing may make an erosion to the steamer basket.

Bamboo steamer basket vs metal steamer basket:

Actually both of them have the same purpose of action. Steaming by bamboo steamer basket is a conventional and traditional process whereas  metal steamer basket is just a new invention. 

Which one is better amongst two, it is a controversial matter. Some thought bamboo steamer basket is natural and it is very good but again some are thinking that it is not mandatory to destroy the natural resource of bamboo using this natural steamer basket, hence we can use a metal steamer basket made of stainless steel where there is no health issue. 

However, the only difference between the two types of steamer basket is that, bamboo steamer basket is capable of absorbing some moisture from the steam rather than allowing it to condensed and fall back onto food.

It is possible that recondense moisture can contain some amount of water soluble nutrients and vitamins into it but the limited ability of the bamboo to absorb the moisture and the limited amount of time that water could come into contact with the food is very negligible.

So it doesn’t make any sense particularly If anybody think that bamboo steamer basket is capable of absorbing a lot of water from the steam.

Steaming procedure by both the steamer basket is more or less same but our metallic steamer basket becomes more hot compared with the bamboo steamer basket. So the bottom of the food of any of your metal steamer basket remain more crispy than from bamboo steamer basket.

So it actually depends on your food category weather you want to make it more crispy or not. Less heat means less sticking on the basket wall, so some may choose bamboo basket for this purpose too.

Bamboo steamer basket can absorb some flavor while steaming but again it will retain the absorbed flavor (which can be good or bad) onto the food after steaming finished.

Some said that, bamboo steamer basket has no delicate qualities, they just opposed to use bamboo steamer basket.

Steaming is a job of steamer equipment and steaming process not wheatear the steamer is of bamboo or of metallic!

Bamboo steamer is made from natural plant ( bamboo) and is very sustainable. But metal steamer basket is also made of food grade metal. I usually tend to avoid any plastic made steamer basket (weather made of BPH or not). But bamboo steamer basket and stainless steel basket steamer both are sensed to be very similar and normal to me.

Some of the world’s most popular dishes cooked with steamer baskets:

Xiaolongbao, China:

Xiaolongbao is also one of the famous Chinese cuisine. Originally a Shiolongpao looks like a bun or a hunt, in China this food is called baoji. Xiaolongbao is also a popular food in many countries of the world, not just China, but Asia. The food originates from the commercial city of Shanghai, China.

This food is made from flour, the inside is filled with meat or vegetables, which is very tasty to eat. Although traditionally made with steam in bamboo baskets and served hot, many people now make this meal using a metal steamer basket inside a pressure cooker.

Momos, Nepal:

Momos is a popular food in South Asia. Momos are a popular dish in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Ladakh, Sikkim, Assam and Darjeeling, India. It is also well known in China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia. The inside of the dough, traditionally made with a little baking powder with flour, which is filled with meat.

Usually, chicken, cows or sheep are used to make momos, in addition to meat, different vegetables are also used. Momos are made inside the doe by mixing various spices including ginger, garlic, onion, coriander with meat.  After that the momos are cooked on a steamer and served with hot sauce.

Kimchi, Korea:

Kimchi, a popular Korean food. Korea’s cuisine has spread in popularity across Asia. Kimchi is made from a traditional beneficial salad  and crunchy vegetables. Kimchi is eaten with almost all Korean food.

Seasonal vegetables, Korean shrimp, scallions, garlic, ginger, oatmeal (salty sea food) are used as the main ingredients. Kimchi is one of Korea’s most traditional dishes. However, the use of Steam Basket is important when making kimchi.

Beef Rendang, Indonesia:

This dish is a spicy dish or meat dish originating from the Minangkabau ethnic group in Indonesia. People from the Minangkabau ethnic group used to serve this meal primarily for their various ceremonies and honored guests. Beef Rendang is currently gaining huge popularity in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The food is also popular in different countries of Asia. Today, Indonesia and Malaysia have a wide variety of royal ceremonies, wedding banquets and Eid-ul-Fitr.  Beef Rendang is made by mixing various spices with beef and placing it on the steam basket on the steamer.

Dim Sum, Hong Kong:

One of the most popular dishes from Chinese cuisine is Dim Sum, which is currently one of Hong Kong’s most popular dishes. Dim sum is a type of bun made from rice or wheat, the inside of which is filled with chicken or beef and various vegetables.

The dish is made by steaming it in a basket made of bamboo or metal steamer. The meal is served in small bamboo or wooden bowls.  Dim sum is a popular food in many countries of Asia, including China and Hong Kong.

Sushi, Japan

Sushi is another popular dish cooked with steam or steamer baskets. Sushi is one of Japan’s most popular dishes, which is mainly made with sushi rice, various seafood, vegetables, salt, sugar and various ingredients.

This dish is traditionally made with white rice, though it can be prepared with brown rice. This food is a famous food in many countries of the world besides Japan. This meal is served with sesame and soy sauce.

Fish Head Curry, Singapore:

Fish Head Curry is a popular food in Singapore and Malaysia. The origin of these foods is mainly from South Indian cuisine. Since the arrival of the South Indians to Singapore and Malaysia, the popularity of this food has spread widely. Apart from Singapore and Malaysia, this food is popular in many countries of Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines.

Fish Head Curry is a dish in which basically the fish head curry is cooked with red snapper fish head. Fish head curry is cooked by mixing various delicious spices with fish head. And occasionally Ladies Fingers are also needed to make this meal. The food cooked with steam is served in the dish.

Beef noodles, Taiwan and China:

Beef noodles are a popular food in many countries of the world, including China, Taiwan and North America. Beef, vegetables and Chinese noodles are used as the main ingredients for making these noodles.

During the Thang dynasty of China, the food was circulated by the Chinese minority Muslim population (Hui tribe). Currently, beef noodles are spreading in many countries around the world. Beef noodles are available in almost all restaurants in China and Taiwan. Beef noodles are cooked with steam mixed with beef, onion, various vegetables and spices with Chinese noodles.

Bicol Express, Philippines:

Bicol Express is a popular food in the Philippines, currently a popular name for Bicol Express in various countries of Asia including the Philippines. The food was originally served to the passengers of the Bicol Express train in the Philippines, which is traditionally called the Bicol Express. Coconut, milk, shrimp paste or stock fish, onions, raw peppers, and garlic are used as the main ingredients for making the meal. Bicol Express is served in a dish or food packet.

Biriyani, India:

Biriyani is a popular food in the Indian subcontinent. The food was originally introduced from Indian Muslims. Biryani is cooked with white aromatic rice, delicious spices, meat or vegetables, sometimes eggs are added to biryani to enhance taste.

Currently, biryani is a popular food in many countries of Asia, including India. In keeping with the traditions of biryani, various types of biryani have been introduced, such as beef biryani, sour kashi biryani, chicken biryani, Delhi biryani, shrimp biryani etc.  This is the most popular food in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Though preliminarily this food is cooked with oil, but after some steps of its cooking process, it’s just subjected to long time steaming By tightly closing the lids of the biryani pot. So, actually it’s a mixed method cooking recipe.

Steam Tuna fish Recipe:

Tuna fish are now available everywhere in the USA. But the problem is that cleaning and cooking these fish are very difficult for many people. There are many people who do not eat its ordinary cuisine, while many dislike farming tuna. With a little technicality, tuna fish can be cooked very easily in various ways. And if you can cook with a few exceptions, this simple tuna fish becomes a favorite of everyone.


  • Medium-sized tuna fish, 3-4 pcs.
  • 1 cup of onion paste.
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice,
  • 1 tablespoon of mustard paste. 
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic and Ginger paste mix.
  • Half a teaspoon of fish sauce.
  • Half a teaspoon of soy sauce.
  • Half a teaspoon of chili powder.
  • 1 teaspoon of cumin powder.
  • Salt is Just  one pinch or as your taste.
  • One tablespoon of vegetable oil.


Clean the fish and cut the spots on the fish, add salt and lemon juice and leave it for 20 minutes.

Now mix all the ingredients together and apply it on the fish.  This time, wrapping the fish with aluminum foil, put it in the steamer basket and cook in Pressure Cooker Instant Bowl for 20-30 minutes.

Turn off the heat and let it simmer for another 20-25 minutes. Then serve with hot sticky black rice or mix vegetable salad. Here’s another steamed tuna fish recipe that you can steam even if you don’t have any steamer basket-

Exclusive Cooking techniques for steaming meal:

Every meal has its own rules for cooking, but many of us do not know if that cooking is in the right order. By cultivating this precision, we can protect the highest quality of food and nutrition. Let us know today some proper rules for cooking food using steam basket. Properly cooked fish, meat and vegetables, etc., reduce the wastage of colors and flavors with nutrients.  Here are a few ways:

  • Different foods are cooked in different ways. For example, meat, eggs, vegetables are cooked on a separate basis. So before cooking, check out the recipe for how long it has been asked to steam.
  • When steaming hard-smelling vegetables such as radishes, cabbage, etc., after opening the lid for some time in the open container, their own strong odor is removed. So when steaming such vegetables, first you need to open the lid and do the steaming. After a few minutes, cover with a lid and then steam again.
  • Greens, vegetables such as various bean cooking is best not to cover them first. This is because the volatile organic acids of these foods are removed during steaming and the green color is not wasted. Because chlorophyll ( which is responsible to retain the green color) is dissolved in organic acids. Vegetables should never be cooked for too long. It spoils the color, texture and nutrients of food.
  • The usual color of vegetables should be kept in mind when giving steam. Cauliflower, cabbage, radish to maintain their white feel, so it is better not to use too many spices.  The cabbage is better if steaming for 15-20 minutes and the other vegetables if 10-15 minutes.
  • If the water is boiling too fast while boiling it in steam, water will enter the pot. So keep your concern here.
  • Wrap the paper in an instant container with oil.  This oil will absorb the water inside the paper container.  And when steaming, the vessel should be well covered.
  • When the meat is cooked on low heat, it becomes soft and tasty. At high altitude, protein and fat in the meat become stiff. So high-pitched meat should not be steaming.  And yes, before steaming, cut the meat into thin slices.
  • Notice if the steamer basket is well set inside the Instant Pot. So before buying a steamer basket, check the instant pot size of your pressure cooker.
  • After completing your steaming turn of the electric supply of your pressure cooker and let the steamed food cool at room temperature. Once it became cool, serve it to eat.

How to use steamer basket into your pressure cooker:

Using Of steamer basket into any pressure cooker is a very simple matter. Actually user instruction is always supply with the manufacturer guideline, which is provided with the steamer basket or with the pressure cooker.

So this manufacturer guidelines will tell you how to use the steamer basket, for how long you have to steam the food etc. Anyway, I am giving you some additional instructions of using steamer basket into your pressure cooker. 

  1. Before start steaming, set the instant pot/bowl  into your pressure cooker.
  2. Raise water level up to one inch or two inch into the instant pot.
  3. Put the power supply on.
  4. Wait until the water is boiled for 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Set the steamer basket into the instant bowl very carefully so that hot water cannot burn your hand.
  6. Place the meal one the bottom of the steamer basket.
  7. Close the lid of the instant pot.
  8. Let the food steaming as your desired time and choice.
  9. If your pressure cooker has a facility to adjust the pressure level, always try to steam your food at the lowest pressure (unless it is indicated in the  recipe). 
  10. For steaming of seafood, always try to steam at the recommended cooking setting because over steaming of these type of food may degrade the food taste and quality. 
  11. For steaming of any succulent food or fish, always breeze your steamer basket by a few drops of oil brushing so that it can prevent adhering of soggy food with the basket.
  12. After finishing of steaming, turn off the power supply and let the pressure cooker cool at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. And then serve the food by opening the lid of the instant bowl.

Cleaning procedure using stainless steel steamer basket:

Cleaning procedure for this steamer basket is little bit complex. As it is a mesh basket so very often it has a probability to adhere the cooked food into its various pores.

That’s why cleaning of steamer basket requires one extra step than other stainless steel pan or bowl. So just follow all the steps below accordingly to get your basket clean……

At first, remove all food residues which is adhere to the mesh basket. Use a smooth metal brush or simple toothbrush to remove all the stacked food residue into the mesh of the steamer. 

Rub the steamer busker using mild soap or detergent water. For rubbing purpose please use a gentle metal sponge or smooth scrubber to rub the steamer basket.

Rinse thoroughly with mild hot water. If you have any chance to wash it into your washing pan, never wash it here because it has a delicate mesh design, which may destroy upon contact with other sharp utensils. 

Wipe the steamer basket with a dry cloths. Then let it dry by hanging it into any corner of your kitchen.

If it is necessary to store unused for a long time, wipe the steamer basket by a kitchen towel (which is already wet by a few drops of vegetable oil). Then cover it with a poly bag. Seal it and store in a safe place.

Quick ways to remove rust from the steam basket:

Stainless steel can be rusty even though it is anti-rust steel. If your stainless steel steamer basket is rusty, it does not need to be replaced. There are a few ways you can remove the rust of your stainless steel basket very easily and in a short time. 

Rinsing of stainless steel steamer baskets storing with cast iron dishes and knives, spoons or forks, and so on, will cause rust.

The metal is reactive with water and causes galvanic corrosion, causing the basket to lose its color. There are different types of stainless steel and they are more corrosive to each other.  Generally, stainless steel chromium is high in steel and rust is low.

So when buying a metal steamer basket, look for its structural components or warranty. We will now look at some simple ways to make your stainless steel steamer basket shine like new.


Vinegar is a substitute for intense chemicals and environmentally friendly ingredients. Pour enough vinegar into a soft scrubber and rub it on the stainless steel steamer basket. It will remove the stain very quickly.

Baking soda:

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in two cups of water.  Rub this mixture over the stain with a toothbrush. It will remove stains or rust and will not damage the stainless steel.  After rubbing, wipe the place with a soft wet towel or tissue. You will see rust in the tissues.

Lemon juice:

Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and baking soda. Apply the mixture to a soft scrubber and rub it on stainless steel stains. If the stain is too hard, apply the mixture on the stain for 5-6 minutes, then remove the spot and see that the stain is gone.

If these ingredients do not get stained at all, apply a mild liquid cleanser on a soft cloth and rub it on the rust area. Remember, these cleansers can cause inflammation and poison the environment. So it’s best to avoid using it and don’t use it in front of burning flames. When using it, make sure the stove or stove is off.

Keep your stainless steel steamer basket away from cast iron spoons to keep the shine bright.  Other materials made of stainless steel can be removed in the same manner as rust.

Real life experience using this steamer basket:

Lina, my oldest neighbor, she liked the steamer basket very well. She said that she can steam any type of vegetables by this steamer basket. And this steamer can use in pressure cookers so needs less time to cook any raw food.

My friend Reo (who recently opt in for touchless kitchen faucet) said that he was very sick for the last two months. He was suffering from gastritis and it was in a very critical stage. Upon a doctor suggestion he started to eat steamed food by cooking it with the help of this steamer basket into his pressure cooker. So after started eating the steam food, he is actually now feeling much better than in the past.

Kathy, my ex colleague told me that she is enjoying her cooking with fun by this steamer basket with her two  babies. She also told me that she can steam any thin meat by the steamer basket. And any long Marinate or long seasoning is didn’t require to subjected to the steam.

My nephew told me- Oh my God!  Uncle it’s just an amazing utensil I have ever seen. It is easy to clean and besides this, I can cook lots of international dishes with this basket. It’s just very  friendly to me. I even can do something funny using this kitchen utensil.

Though one of my neighbors named July primarily gave me a negative review  about this product, but frankly speaking when I told her to use this steamer basket into an instant pot in pressure cooker rather than any pan, from then she is also always told me that, really, this steamer basket is of many works. And I like it most as I can make various types of delicious cakes using it.

Frequently asked questions:

1]- What type of food can be steamed?

Well you can steam a variety of food ( vegetables, meat, rice) by a steamer basket. You can steam any tough vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, beets etc. by a steamer basket. A whole chicken, or a meat loaf sometimes well marinate beef or lamb meat also can cook by a steamer basket. Any herbs, like spinach, or others also can subjected to a steamer basket.

2]- What type of meat can you steam?

Meat of any seafood such as lobster,crab shrimp etc. can cook by a steamer basket. Also red beef lump or poultry can subjected for steaming but take care not to cut the meat pieces very thick. Steaming always requires a thin layer cut of all meats with a well marinates.

3]- How do you Steam carrots with a steamer basket?

Bring one inch amount water in the instant pot and let it boil. After boiling, carefully place your steamer basket on the bowl surface. Keep the pieces or trimmed carrots on the bottom of the steamer basket and cover the steamer basket very tightly.

After covering the basket, steam until it tender to bite. Again steam another five minutes to make it crispy and another  ten minutes to fully boiled carrots.

4]- Would you please tell me the detail procedure of how I can use this steamer?

Well, yes I will obviously. It’s not any big ask actually. Just insert your steamer basket into an instant pot then place the pot into your pressure cooker or microwave. The next process is much more simple, pour one or two cups of water into the bottom of the instant pot and keep the veggies up to the steamer basket. Close the lid of the pot. And start steaming.

5]- May I know how steaming is better than boiling?

Yes,of course you can. Actually during steaming the food, the process gets progress  by the hot heat of the steam. And during steaming, the food never touch the water. So there is no chance to degrade the water soluble vitamins, minerals and nutrients by the steaming process. Rather the steaming process allow you to preserve your food healthy, remain odor and color of the raw  food mostly same.

But in boiling process, food are subjected to boil into hot water for a certain time. So any water soluble Vitamins or nutrients just solutes in the hot water and spread it away. So this is the reason, why steaming is better than boiling process.

The end:

Cooking without oil won’t be too bad. As everyone knows, the use of cooking oil increases the risk of heart disease. So, many people started cooking with this magical basket as many of them are sitting for a long time at work to get work done, again another may standing on their feet for a long time.

So physical labor may not be the same for all people.  Many people may not always regular in walking or exercise. Thus excess oils and fats cause obesity, diabetes and heart disease in their body. 

That’s why to avoid these unwanted problems, just start cooking by using this steamer basket for pressure cooker as an alternative to cooking using oil, from today. Remember that steamed foods are also yummy if you properly cook it.

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