How To Clean Coleman Roadtrip Grill Before And After Grilling

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You know your Coleman Roadtrip isn’t going to clean itself, right? That’s your job to do. But sometimes, people make the mistake of following the wrong method of cleaning the Coleman Roadtrip grill and end up decreasing its longevity.

That’s why today, I’ll talk about  cleaning coleman roadtrip grill using the appropriate way. You must have heard numerous ways of cleaning your grill. 

But the truth is, every grill is different and requires different approaches most of the time. 

As for now, we’ll only learn about cleaning the Coleman Roadtrip grill. Buckle up, and let’s get started. 

How To Clean Coleman Roadtrip Grill Before Grilling

I’ve already told you why you should clean your grill before grilling. Even if I hadn’t, would you take your grill directly out of the storage and start cooking? I believe you wouldn’t. 

So, how do you clean a Coleman Roadtrip Grill before cooking? Before starting the procedure, let’s see the things you’ll need. 

Things You’ll Need

  • Plastic Scraper
  • Spatula 
  • Grill Brush
  • Venturi Brush
  • Mild Soap 
  • Water
  • Clean Cloth
  • Cooking Oil
  • Vegetable Oil

Let’s get started with the procedure..!

Step-1: The Grill Housing: First, remove all the parts of the grill that can be removed. That includes cooking grates, burners, drip trays, and warming racks. Now you’ve got easy access to your grill housing. 

If there’s any food residue or debris inside the housing or the lid, use a plastic scraper to clean it off. New Star Foodservice has a really great one you can use. 

Once you’ve removed all debris, wash the inside with a mixture of water and mild soap. Then, use plain water to wash the soap away. 

Wipe the housing using a dry and clean cloth. Use another clean cloth and dip it in cooking oil. Wipe the inside of the housing with that cloth to restore luster. 

Step-2: Burners: Clean the burners surfaces using a grill brush. Grillart is a sensible choice in matters of a grill brush. Grill brushes are specifically designed for only cleaning grills and will offer you the best result compared to any other methods. 

Sometimes there will be stubborn debris on the burners that you can easily clean with a grill brush. However, not cleaning the burner regularly will result in the debris being permanent and cause low flame even when you use the highest setting. 

The ports can be easily cleaned using a paper clip. To clean the interior side of the burners, use a venturi brush. I’ve used the one GrillPro has, can’t complain. If the valve gas jet has any debris inside, simply use a cotton swab to clean it. 

Once you’re done cleaning the burners, place them where they were. Make sure they’re seated properly.  

Step-3: Cooking Grates: Next comes the most important parts of any grill. Coleman Roadtrip isn’t an exception in this case either. The cooking grates get better every time you season them.

Use your grill brush to clear away any debris and food residue from the grates. Once you’ve removed any food particles or debris visible to the eye, you can now wash your grates. 

Wash them with a mixture of mild soap and water, then rinse with clean water. Make the grates dry using a clean cloth. The manufacturer suggests that you shouldn’t let your cooking grates sit in the water for too long. Also, ensure that they’re dried well. 

The cooking grates are dishwasher safe, so you can also wash them without much hassle. However, I would always advise you to wash everything manually. 

Wipe the grates with a vegetable oil dipped cloth. Be thorough. You can also use a cooking spray. But make sure you don’t use anything non-sticky. Heat the grates for about 15 to 20 minutes at a temperature of around 275 degrees to 300 degrees. You can use either an oven or your grill.

Step-4: Exterior: The exterior part is the easiest to clean. But it does attract dirt while sitting anywhere. Before you can start grilling, making the exterior clean is crucial. Or, all the work you’ve done to make the rest of the grill will be in vain.

You can simply use your water and soap mixture to wipe it and then dry it using a clean cloth. 

Make sure you do not use any detergent that contains chlorine. Avoid any other abrasives too. 

How To Clean Coleman Roadtrip Grill After Grilling

To clean the grill after grilling you will need a grill brush, scraper, dish soap, and a cloth. Have all your elements at hand? 

Let’s get started. 

  • Step-1: Clean The Grates

Immediately after the grilling session, while the grates are still warm, use a grill brush to scrape off the food residue off the grates. If there’s any burnt food on the grates, use the scraper to scrape them off. 

Use dish soap and water to wash the grates and wipe them dry. Don’t keep them soaked in the water. Dry the grates using paper towels or a cloth.

  • Step-2: Clean the Housing

If there’s any fallen food inside the housing, remove them and clean the housing by following the method I’ve already mentioned. 

  • Step-3: Burners

If you remove the cooking grates, you’ll notice the burner in a mess. But luckily for you, Coleman Roadtrip grills are super easy to clean. 

That’s only if you’re cleaning the right way. Make sure not to burn yourself as the cooking grates and burners are still hot. Use paper towels to wipe the burners. Any food residue sitting there should easily come off with paper towels. 

If you are a little late on that and the food got seated, use your grill brush. 

  • Step-3: The Trip Tray

The drip tray catches any extra grease and is situated beneath the burners. It gets greasy with excess oil from your food after you finish cooking. 

The drip pan is dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it. If you want to hand wash it, use mild soap and warm water and then rinse using clean water. Make the tray dry before storing.  

Note that you’ll have to remove your propane tank to remove the drip pan from its place. So I suggest you remove the propane tank at the beginning. It just makes the whole process a lot easier. 

  • Step-3: The exterior

If the exterior gets too dirty during your road trip, you can wipe it using a wet cloth. If it still needs cleaning, use mild soap but not anything abrasive.

Why You Need To Clean Your Roadtrip Grill

You can’t compare cleaning your regular grill to a Roadtrip Grill. When you use your grill outdoors for camping, picnic events, tailgating, and road trips, your grill stays more exposed to dirt and other particles. 

You can’t cook as neatly as you would at your home. That’s given. There’ll be more mess because you don’t have your house equipment to organize your cooking procedure. But that’s not all. 

The dirtier your grill gets, the more difficult it will be to cook on it. Finally, when you decide to clean your grill, you won’t be able to bring it back to its initial state. 

Doing outdoor grilling means exposure to the weather. And because your grill becomes sticky and messy after cooking, it attracts dust. 

That’s why your Roadtrip grill requires extra attention in cleaning and maintenance compared to your regular grill.

When Do You Need to Clean Your Coleman Grill

So, when do you think it’s most appropriate to clean your Coleman Roadtrip? Before or after grilling? That’s not a valid question. You must clean the grill both times. 

Why? Because you won’t need heavy cleaning, and you’ll increase the grill’s longevity. 

Clean Before Grilling

It’s highly unlikely that you use your grill regularly. Tailgating, camping, and outdoor grilling are common, but not that much. So, dust can build up when you store your grill for some time. It can make your grilling unhealthy. 

Many times, people leave their grill dirty after grilling. They don’t do a thorough cleaning which results in settling the dirt. If you’ve missed cleaning your grill once or twice after grilling, you should put extra effort into cleaning the grill before the next session. 

That’s why I’ll always suggest you clean your Coleman grill before bringing it to your event. 

Clean After Grilling

Cleaning after you’re done with your cooking and eating is also mandatory. You can’t leave your grill with the food residue. There will be food particles that’ll harm your grill’s performance in the long run. 

Also, the longer you leave your grill in this after-cook mess, the harder it will be to make the grill clean like before. 

Also, food residues will permanently stick to the grill resulting in an unhealthy situation. Sometimes people avoid thorough cleaning after cooking. That’s one of the most basic mistakes to ruin your grill. 

Many people think it’s unnecessary to clean your grill before and after grilling. If you think about the result caused by an unclean grill for a moment, you’ll know why you shouldn’t risk it. 

It only takes a little effort to do the cleaning. Why not do it? Other than risking your health, you’re also risking your grill’s life. Before you know it, you’ll see your Coleman grill get damaged in front of your eyes. 

We can not let that happen to your Coleman grill now, can we? 

Care And Maintenance After Cleaning

Properly cleaning your grill isn’t enough if you can’t maintain its consistency. Try to do the following things if you wish to keep your grill always clean. 

  • When you store your grill, always cover it using a protective layer. You can use a regular cloth or a plastic cover to keep it safe from dust. If you’ve never done this before, you’ll notice the difference yourself after doing it. The grill will hardly have any dust on its body.
  • Clean your grill while it’s still warm. The food particles will come off easily when you’re cleaning a warm grill. But it’s equally important to stay safe. Make sure the grills aren’t too hot to touch. It should be warm and easily touchable.  
  • Do not use any soap that contains strong chemicals. Avoid using abrasives to protect your grill from getting damaged. The exterior will wear out if you use strong chemicals to wash it. If you must use something outside of soap and water, try stainless steel cleaners. Bayes has an excellent stainless steel exterior cleaner in that case.
  • Don’t use any sharp tools that can scratch your grill. Apart from the tools I’ve suggested, it’s better not to use any pointy brush or steel wool to clean your grill.  
  • Remember that the more you season your cooking grates, the better they’ll perform. So try to season the grates every time you go for a grilling.

Make Your Coleman Grill Long-Lasting With These Exclusive Tips

Taking care of your Coleman Grill means you get to use it longer than expected. Other than following the basic cleaning and maintenance rules, try to maintain the following tips to make the grill last longer. 

  • When you are storing your grill for winter, remember to remove the ignition batteries. Keeping the batteries inside will make them wear out and also damage the ignition system. 
  • Using cooking spray or rubbing oil on the grates will prevent foods from sticking and make the cleaning easier afterward. Oiling your grates before cooking can also make the grates better because they’ll get seasoned during the grilling procedure.  
  • As you already know, preventing mess is always better than hard cleaning. Try to clean the grill immediately after use to prevent the stickiness from getting permanent. 
  • Remove all removable parts before you store the grill for a long time. 


It’s important to clean and maintain your grill if you don’t want your Coleman Roadtrip grill to wear out too soon. Learn the proper way and spread the knowledge among fellow grill lovers. So, now you know what to say when someone asks how to clean Coleman Roadtrip grill. Every time you act a little more responsible, the longer your grill lasts with efficient performance. I’m assuming you’re a grill enthusiast, so you know how heartbreaking it is to throw away your favorite grill.  Do a little for your grill. It’ll return you a lot more. 

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