How To Clean George Foreman Grill (Basic & Advance)

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Foreman grills aren’t as complicated to clean as other heavy-duty grills. Use these proper methods on how to clean george foreman grill to keep your Foreman grill clean and make it last longer.

There are so many right and wrong ways to clean Foreman Grills. I have seen people suggest soaking the entire grill in the sink for cleaning. That’s far from being the proper way of cleaning any electric device. 

Never soak anything electric in the water except for the removable parts, or you will end up damaging the heating element. 

Don’t scrub your grill to clean either. Scrubbing will result in scratching the nonstick surface. That was the ‘don’ts’ while cleaning a Foreman Grill. Before moving on to the ‘dos’, Consider the following things before you start cleaning. 

Things To Consider Before Cleaning

Everyone knows that cleaning is a tiresome chore. If you follow a few things before using your Foreman grill, the cleaning process becomes a lot easier. 

  • Keep your grill covered with a cloth to protect it from dust. This way, you eliminate the necessity of cleaning the grill exterior regularly. 
  • Use aluminum foil rather than placing the food directly on your grill. It prevents your grill from getting too dirty and makes cleaning easier.
  • Unplug your grill as soon as you finish using it to avoid any accidents. Also, the food residue remaining inside the grill tends to harden over time if you keep heating the grill even after you’ve finished cooking.     

What Are The Basic Tools You Need For Cleaning

The methods I’m going to describe can require versatile tools to clean your grill. Let me be clear here. You do not need all of them to clean the grill. 

It depends on what technique you decide to follow. I summed up all the tools and ingredients here so you can take a look before getting started. 

  • Paper towels for cleaning non-removable Foreman grill
  • Soapy warm water to provide thorough cleaning to the plates and the drip tray
  • Towel or cloth for wiping the plates, drip tray, and exterior dry
  • Spray bottle for spraying water on the plates from a distance without burning your hands
  • Tongs to hold a cloth or towel to wipe your hot grill clean.
  • Plastic scraper or spatula to scrape any stubborn debris from the surface without damaging the nonstick coating 
  • Sponge for cleaning in between ridges 

How To Clean George Foreman Grill – Step By Step Process

Cleaning any electric device doesn’t require a lot of effort. The same goes for your Foreman Grill. If your grill has removable plates, then the cleaning process becomes a lot easier. 

If the plates are fixed, I’ve got it covered for you too. Keep reading further to find answers to all your Foreman grill cleaning procedures.  

Cleaning Process Of Foreman Grill With Removable Plates

Almost all electric appliances require a basic rule of cleaning. Remove whatever is removable, clean them separately and re-attach them after drying. 

While other appliances may contain a lot of removable parts, George Foreman grills only have two. The plates and the drip tray. 

A few Foreman grills come with removable plates. Cleaning them is comparatively more convenient than other ones. Follow some easy instructions, and you’ll have a clean grill in no time. 

  • Unplug The Grill

Never, ever start washing your grill while keeping it plugged. Many people think that turning the switch off is enough before they start cleaning. Well, it’s not. Turn off the power switch. And then unplug the grill from the socket. 

Once safely unplugged, let it cool for 15 minutes. If your grill is still hot after 15 minutes, wait till it’s completely cool. 

  • Remove The Plates

I will suggest you use oven mitts to remove the plates. If the plates have cooled down, at least use gloves to avoid making your hand sticky.

Lay some paper towels on the kitchen counter and place the plates on the. Paper towels are necessary because you can damage your kitchen counter with dirty plates. 

  • Use Dishwasher

Foreman grill plates are dishwasher safe. Use your dishwasher to clean the plates effortlessly. I will suggest you clean them without any other dishes to get the best result. 

Keep in mind that hand washing these plates will always result better because, let’s be honest, machines are no match for humans.

But if you are a busy person or don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning your grill, a dishwasher would be a wise choice for you.   

  • In Case You Don’t Have a Dishwasher

Not all of us have a dishwasher in our home. That doesn’t have to be bad news. It’s true that dishwashers save you time and reduce your work. But, you can clean the plates better without a dishwasher.

  • Fill your sink or a container that’s large enough to hold the plates with warm water. 
  • Add a little amount of dishwasher soap to the water. 
  • Submerge the whole plates underwater. 
  • Keep them soaked for a while. 
  • Then use a rag or a cloth to wash the plates. 
  • Be gentle while doing it. 
  • Rinse them with water by placing them under running water.   
  • Use your bathroom sink if your kitchen sink is not large enough.  

Dry The Plates

Wipe the plates with a dry and clean cloth or paper towel. It will absorb any dripping water. You must dry the plates before re-attaching them to the grill. 

The wiring inside the appliance will short-circuit if any water comes in contact with it. Make sure the plates are completely dry. 

  • Re-attach The Plates

After cleaning the plates and drying them, you can re-attach the plates, and you’re done with the cleaning process. Make sure you’ve attached them properly before you store them or use them again. 


Highlighted cautions you should keep in mind-

  • Do not scrub the plates to avoid damaging the nonstick coating
  • Do not soak the whole grill in water, only the plates 
  • Check if you’ve unplugged the grill from the power
  • Make sure your grill isn’t hot while cleaning to prevent burning yourself
  • Use paper towels on the kitchen counter before putting the plates
  • Re-attach the plates only after entirely drying them
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Cleaning Process Of  Foreman Grill Without Removable Plates

In case your grill doesn’t have removable plates, the cleaning process will be completely different than the prior one. The process is a comparatively complicated one but not too difficult or time-consuming. 

  • Cool Down The Grill

Waiting for your electric appliance to cool down to a safe level is the same with each one. It’s better to be cautious because cleaning a grill without removable plates requires you to use paper towels on them. 

And if you clean the grill while hot, it may result in a fire, and you can burn yourself. But the grill should be lightly warm. Unplug the grill and keep it seated till it cools down from hot to warm.   

Wait for about 15 minutes before touching the grill. See if it’s in a touchable state. If it’s not, wait a few more minutes.  

Place Damp Paper Towels: Take enough paper towels to create three layers on the grill plates. Lightly dampen them with water and place them on the plates. The damp paper towels help remove the grease caused by grilling.

Using a water spray bottle to make the paper towels wet is a good idea too. This way, you don’t wet them too much and avoid damaging the grill’s heating elements. 

  • Close The Grill

Close the grill and keep it closed for about 15 minutes. You don’t have to sit around with it while the paper towels absorb the grease. 

One smart way is to do this step right before you eat so that you can remove them when you are done eating. 

The warmth of the grill combined with the damp paper towels results in the best. You may not get your desired result if your grill is too cold or if the paper towels are dry.

  • An Alternative to Paper Towels

Paper towels and hot grills don’t blend together. But if you don’t want to use paper towels, there are multiple alternatives. 

For starters, you can spray water on a hot grill surface. Make sure the grill is unplugged while you water spray the plates. Be careful not to burn yourself. Keep your hands away from the grill and spray from a distance. 

If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can try another method. Hold a wet towel with tongs and wipe the hot grill clean. You can even clean obscure areas like between the ridges with this method. 

  • Use a Scraper

You get a plastic scraper with your Foreman grill. Use this scraper to remove any residue or debris. If you don’t have a scraper, you can always use a plastic spatula. 

Never use any kind of metal utensils on your grill, or you will scratch the surface. How long your grill will survive depends a lot on the nonstick surface. You protect the surface to protect the grill.  

  • Wet Sponge to Loosen Any Debris

Try using a wet sponge to remove food residue. Use this method on a cool grill. Mix soap with warm water and soak a sponge with the mixture. 

Gently wipe any dirt or debris from the plates. Take your time while cleaning using this method. Reach to the corners and between ridges to make sure that your grill is entirely clean.   


Highlighted cautions you should keep in mind-

  • Do not pour water directly into the grill lest you should short-circuit the wiring
  • Keep your grill unplugged the whole time of cleaning
  • No metal utensils on the surface 
  • Follow these steps every time, and your grill will remain as good as new.
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How To Clean George Foreman Grill Drip Tray

The drip tray is for holding any extra oil or grease dripping from the food. Most likely, the drip tray will fill after every use. 

  • Pour the grease out of the tray into your sink. 
  • Clean your sink and the tray with warm water. 
  • Wipe the tray to make it dry. 
  • You can wash the drip tray in your dishwasher too. 

How To Clean George Foreman Grill Exterior

Like, I said, it would be foolish to rinse your grill with water because it’s an electric appliance. 

You only need to wipe the exterior using a damp cloth. The exterior usually doesn’t get too dirty but needs harsh cleaning. 

After wiping it with a damp cloth, dry it with another towel. Make sure the grill is completely dry before you start using it again. You don’t need to clean the exterior every time you use your grill. 

How To Clean Advanced George Foreman Grills

Advanced Grills and Panini presses come with ceramic or nonstick coated plates. They have removable plates. You can easily clean them using the method I mentioned above. 

  • Soak them in a sink with warm soapy water. 
  • Let them soak to wash away leftover food. 
  • Then clean them with a soft sponge. 
  • Before putting the plates back on the grill, wash them and allow them to dry. 
  • Clean the drip tray using the same way.
  • The removable plates are dishwasher safe—both the nonstick coated ones and the ceramic ones. 

Advanced grill plates are sized to fit in the bottom rack of the dishwasher. The drip tray can fit in the dishwasher, too, on the top rack.

Cleaning Process For Basic Foreman  Grills

The basic Foreman doesn’t have removable plates, so clean them using the method I described for grills with non-removable plates. You can pick one of the many techniques according to your convenience. 

The damp paper towel method is the most popular one because it’s a quick and easy process. Water spraying the grill requires an additional spray bottle which you might not have at home. 

Scraping the grill is a good idea if there’s any stubborn debris that’s not coming off with damp paper towels. You can always go for the traditional sponge method. There are sponges specially made for Foreman grills that you can use for the best results. 

Additional Cleaning Tips

  • From my experience, I realized that cleaning the grill soon after use is the smartest way. When I look at grills that are said to be “damaged” by charred food scraps, it seems to me that the appliance has been allowed to sit and the food residue hardened over time.
  • Always unplug or turn off the grill as soon as you have finished cooking so that the remaining food does not continue to cook or harden.
  • I recommend wiping all the grill plates while they are still hot. Leave the drip tray where it’s supposed to be to catch any food particles while cleaning.
  • Put the removable plates in a sink with warm soapy water for soaking, even if you plan to run them through the dishwasher.
  • Drip trays are easy to clean with soap and water or on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
  • Even though non-stick coatings and ceramic surfaces claim that they can cook without the use of oil, I’ve noticed that a little cooking oil or butter really helps the cleaning procedure easily.
  • Never use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the surface. And never use anything other than plastic, nylon, or wooden utensils to make sure that you don’t scratch the coating.
  • If your grill smells of food you cooked on it, especially fishy, Just take 1/4 lemon and rub it on the clean plates. Then wash the plates with a damp sponge or spray water on them. This should remove any unwanted odors.

How To Maintain Your Foreman Grill After Cleaning

If you maintain your grill after cleaning, the chance of damaging your grill is almost null. Maintenance doesn’t require much work. 

  • Clean your grill after every use
  • Try cleaning it while it’s still hot or at least warm so the food residue doesn’t get hard
  • Keep your grill unplugged when not using
  • Don’t use metal utensils on your grill
  • Always try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Keep your grill covered

Make Your Grill Last Longer

With more care comes durability. Anything you use with care will last longer than expected. When it comes to an electric grill or any other electronic appliance, the care needs more sensitivity. 

  • Keep your grill away from sharp kitchen objects to avoid any scratching. 
  • Place your grill somewhere distant from any water sources. 
  • When relocating from one place to another, be careful not to shake it or drop it on the floor. 
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals on it, even on the exterior. 
  • Never let your grill get hotter than it should.  

What’s the easiest way to clean a George Foreman grill?

The easiest way you can clean a George Foreman grill is to put the plates and drip tray in a dishwasher. It’s an effective, quick, and easy method to get the best result. 

If the grill doesn’t have removable plates, use damp paper towels on the warm grill and keep it covered for a few minutes to release the grill. 

Can you wash a George Foreman grill in the sink?

No, you can not wash the whole George Foreman grill on the sink because the heating element will get damaged. The removable plates, on the other hand, can be cleaned in the sink. Besides, the drip tray can also be washed in the sink. 

Can I spray Pam on my George Foreman grill?

I will advise you NOT to use aerosol cooking spray on a nonstick surface. It can reduce the efficiency of your grill. So, no, you can not spray Pam on your George Foreman grill.

Can you leave a George Foreman grill outside?

The indoor/outdoor grill from George Foreman is suitable for outdoor use. If you intend to leave it on the outside, make sure you use grill covers. 

But just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. It’s always better to store your grill indoors for ultimate safety and durability.

How to clean burns from a Foreman grill?

You can leave damp paper towels on a warm grill surface and keep them closed for a few minutes. By the time your grill cools down, the burns should be wiped out. 

Does the George Foreman grill come apart for cleaning?

Some of the George Foreman grills feature removable plates, whereas others don’t. For example, advanced grills have removable plates, and basic grills don’t.

Is the George Foreman grill dishwasher safe?

The George Foreman grill as a whole isn’t dishwasher safe, like most electric devices. But the removable plates and drip tray are perfectly dishwasher safe. 

Can I use an oven cleaner on a George Foreman grill?

Yes, you can. Oven cleaners work surprisingly well on Foreman grills. So if you want a quick solution for cleaning your grill, an oven cleaner might be a sensible choice for you.

Will the grill plates go in a dishwasher?

George Foreman grill removable plates are sized to fit the bottom rack of your dishwasher. The drip tray, on the other hand, goes to the top rack.  

Should you clean after every use?

Cleaning your grill after every use makes it easier for you, keeps your food hygienic, and makes your grill last longer. 


I’ve covered all the possible things on how to clean george foreman grill but remember all appliances require some special care if you want them to last longer and serve you with the exact same efficiency. It can be boring to clean the grill after every use. But if you don’t do that, you end up creating problems for yourself. 

The dirt and debris keep piling up to the point where they can’t be removed anymore. In the end, it costs you the whole grill. It’s better to use it with care, so it gets dirty within a limit where it’s almost effortless to clean. Don’t forget to maintain your grill once cleaned.

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