How to Sharpen meat slicer Blade | 101 Rules for Sharpening Your Meat Slicer Blade

Your meat slicer isnt slicing smoothly? No worries. Just sharpen it‘s blade and hopefully it’ll be okay again. So, let’s see how to sharpen meat slicer blade?

There are two different and easy processes you can follow to sharpen the blades. But before starting the process, you need to follow some safety guidelines and use some safety tools. 

A meat slicer blade is a kitchen tool used for slicing, cutting, and chopping meats in uniform sizes and shapes.

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If you have a meat slicer, you can slice meat without any hassle in no time. But the slicer does not always stay in the same way it used to before,and I think you’ve experienced it today.. 

With frequent use, it loses its sharpness, but how to sharpen the meat slicer blade? 

Today, you will know the process of sharpening your meat slicer blades with the safety tools, precautions, some guidelines, the cleaning and sanitizing process. 

There is another interesting part after the whole discussion, and the frequently asked questions are also included. Let’s jump into the main content-

How to Sharpen Meat Slicer Blade at The Comfort of Your Own Apartment

Once you take the proper precautions, you are now ready to sharpen the blades. Here I’ve described each process with essential precautions. 

You can choose to follow one process as per your wish.

|⇒ Using Built-in sharpener

If your meat slicer does not have any sharpening stone, you can follow this way to sharpen the blades:


  • Wear protective gloves to prevent cuts 
  • Hold the blades or other components away from the body
  • Try to make a slow movement 

Step 1: Turn off and disconnect the meat slicer from the outlet. If it has been used recently, allow it to cool first. 

Step 2: Open the blade cover, clean the blades. I’ve mentioned the cleaning process below.

Step 3: Apply lubricating oil, water according to the machine’s requirement. If you have a whetstone, fix it close to the blades. 

The instructions may vary in different machines, so do not forget to check the manual.

Step 4: Turn back the power on, let the blades spin. While spinning or grinding, make sure they don’t fall off if you are using a whetstone. 

Step 5: Turn off the machine and check the sharpness of the blades. If they are still not sharp enough, repeat step 4.

Step 6: Clean the blades again using soapy water or dishcloth and remove the remaining particles. Now apply sanitizer or disinfectant to the whole device. 

Step 7: Let the slicer dry completely. Fix all the parts and blade cover together. Now run the device for a while to see whether it is running smoothly or not. 

Step 8: Unplug and cover up the slicer, and you are all done.

Warning: Always put the slicer machine away from your Kitchen in a dry place. It will help the slicer to last longer.

|⇒ Using Sharpening Stones 

Some slicer machines do not come with the sharpening stone. If you purchase sharpening stone, sharpening the blades will become easier. 


  • Check the documents or manual to know whether the sharpening stone needs water or oil
  • Never apply any vegetable oil or food oils to your sharpening stone.  
  • Diamond stones do not require any lubricant, so don’t forget to check the instructions. 

Step 1: Place the sharpening stone to the slicer securely in case your slicer doesn’t have one. You can read the manual to attach it with the slicer correctly. 

Step 2: Before starting sharpening, clean the blades of the meat slicer. Apply rubbing alcohol to the blades to clean and disinfect them. 

You can rinse it with running water because if the blades are clean, it becomes easy to sharpen them.

Step 3: Find the sharpening locking knob of the meat slicer. It is usually seen at the bottom area of the base shaft. It looks similar to a black plastic knob.

Step 4: Unscrew the locking knob and insert the sharpening stone on the base shaft; screw the knob in place. Now put the blade on the sharpening stone.

Lock the sharpening stone and the blade in place. If everything is in place, you will feel a small click sound. 

Step 5: Plug the device, switch it on for sharpening the blades for about 30 seconds. Turn off the sharpener for four seconds, and again repeat the method three times. 

Step 6: Unscrew the locking knob, slide off the sharpening stone. Now return the slicer to the right side within the base shaft. 

Lastly, you need to tighten the locking knob back to its place.

When Does The Blade Need to Be Sharpened?

There are a few indications by which you can realize the blades need to sharpen. The techniques are simple—

  • If the meat slicer starts making a mess with your meat while slicing, 
  • If the slicer is unable to produce a uniform cut of the meat because of dullness,
  • If the meat begins to shred while cutting it.

When you notice the above changes while using your meat slicer blades, you need to sharpen them; otherwise, they won’t provide perfect meat slices.

Important Facts to Know Before Sharpening

To avoid potential problems, you should know some important measures before sharpening the meat slicer blades:

  • People under 18 years old should not operate meat slicer machines.
  • Always use cut-resistant gloves while slicing, cleaning, and sharpening. 
  • Make sure to free the area from clutter to do the task safely. 
  • Always keep your eyes on the machine while using it.
  • Do not push meat with your hands. Use a tamper or food pusher instead of your bare hands.
  • Do not lift the sharpener cover if your slicer is connected or plugged. 
  • Clean and sanitize the blades before sharpening. 

Maintaining these simple rules will make the sharpening task easier. Additionally, you will get the work done safely and quickly as well.

Wait a Sec, Also Don’t Forget to Look @ The Following Things When Sharpening Your Meat Slicer Blade

As you know, there are two ways you can follow while sharpening the meat slicer–

  • Using Built-in sharpener 

This is one of the easiest ways of sharpening the slicer blades. All you need to do is, follow some simple steps, and your slicer will be ready to slice even pieces of meat. 

But before starting the process, you should have some essential tools to facilitate the overall process —

Cut-Proof Gloves: You need to put on the cut-proof gloves on both hands. They will protect your hands from sharp objects while sharpening the slicer blades. 

Safety Glasses: It is common to spark the hard and small stone particles and come out during the sharpening process, and these particles can damage your eyes. It would help if you used thick glasses to protect your eyes.

Soft Washcloths: You will need to clean and wipe the whole device after the sharpening process; for this, you will need a soft washcloth. 

Blade Sanitizer: You have to sanitize the device frequently and after the sharpening process to avoid bacterial growth. If you don’t have blade sanitizer, you can use rubbing alcohol. 

  • Using Sharpening Stones 

Like the above method, it is also an easy way of sharpening. Also, you will need the same safety tools for this method as well. Other tools are—

Sharpening Stone: Some slicer machine comes with this tool. If you do not have one, you will need to buy it on your own.

Lubricant: It is useful for some of the sharpening stones.

Topcellent Guidelines for Safety

The sharpening process will expose the knives, so you should maintain some precautions; otherwise, serious injuries may occur. 

  • The blades must be sharpened while it becomes blunt
  • The device must be disconnected and cooled before the process
  • You must clean it thoroughly and remove any grease or debris 
  • Don’t carry out the process for more than a few seconds. 
  • Follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

These are some safety guidelines that you must maintain while sharpening the slicer to avoid any unwanted issues.

How Often to Sharpen Meat Slicer Blade

Sharpening the meat slicer blades is an essential part of maintaining the machine. If you sharpen the blades regularly, it will enhance the workability and shelf life of this machine.

However, many people are confused about how many times they should sharpen the blades. Well, you should sharpen the blades every two weeks, or at least twice a month. 

Oil the machine at least once a month to use it effortlessly.

Must a Meat Slicer be Cleaned and Sanitized ?

Your meat slicer should be often cleaned and sanitized. It will help you to get perfect performance from the slicer. 

Other Importances are mentioned below–

  • Importance of Cleaning and Sanitizing a Meat Slicer

Cleaning and sanitizing your meat slicer maintains the hygiene of the blades. A meat slicer uses for many food items. 

If you don’t clean and sanitize the slicer, food debris and residues may get entrapped there and cause bacteria and other microorganisms’ growth.  

These microorganisms ( fungus and bacteria) will contaminate the foods that you slice using the slicer blades. They will cause food poisoning and other foodborne illness. 

Also, your slicer can shift the small particles of food or flavors to the items you slice later and alter the food’s original taste and texture.

How to Clean Meat Slicer

Here, I am going to describe the easy way of cleaning your slicer without having trouble:

Firstly, set the thickness to zero. When the slicer is moving, use a gentle pad of scrub to wipe both sides of the blade. 

Once you have done removing the large food particles from the blade, turn the slicer off and unplug it.

If you have a sharpening stone, remove it and place the gauge plate at a fully closed position. Remove the slice deflector, product tray, and center plate. 

Now wash and rinse these parts and lastly, sanitize and then let them air dry.

You can remove the blade or leave it in the place while cleaning. Clean the blade thoroughly with a 1:1 amount of warm water and soap if you leave it in place. 

Also, you can spray degreaser to the blade. Wipe the blade from the center to outward and clean both the front and backside of the blade.

Wipe all the remaining pieces and the slicer’s exterior, rinse them using a clean towel and hot water.

Sanitizing Meat Slicer: Use a meat slicer-sanitizing spray bottle to sanitize the slicer. Coat the whole machine thoroughly with the spray and let it air dry.

Now It’s time to lubricate slide rods with a spray lubricant. When the slicer is completely dry, replace the faceplate, blade, and product tray.

Make sure to dry all the areas of the slicer. You can use a non-linting towel. You may also need to replace the other components, like gaskets, if they keep water. Lubricate them to prevent corrosion and rust.

Maintenance of Your Meat Slicer Blades

No matter what device or equipment you use, it is important to maintain them to increase their shelf life; the same method goes for slicer blades. 

You need to maintain it properly and correctly to get the desired service from them. There is nothing much to do to look after the blades. 

Do not forget to wipe your slicer blades after every use. It will help to prevent the appearance of dullness and bluntness. 

Also, oil the machine at least once every month. It is important for the smooth performance of the blades.    

Sharpening the blades can keep your blades workable for a long time. You can consider it as a part of the maintenance. 

If you take proper care of the blades, they will last for a long time and provide much better meat slices.


How often does a meat slicer need to be cleaned?

The FDA recommends cleaning the meat slicer every four hours if it is being used continuously. 

If you clean the slicer at this frequency, there will be much less debris and contamination on your slicer. 

Which should you not do before cleaning a slicer?

The things you should not do before cleaning your slicer are–

  • Putting the slicer into any dish machine or dish sink, 
  • Doing pressure wash, spraying the slicer, or using steel wool

When must a meat slicer be cleaned and sanitized?

You should clean and sanitize your meat slicer as frequently as possible. It is recommended to clean and sanitize it every four hours if used continuously to decrease bacterial growth.


There is no electronic device or tool that will last forever, but if we take proper care of any of the machines, it will last for a long time. 

Now you know how to sharpen meat slicer blades at home. If you follow all the steps properly, your machine will have no complaints and will be there for you to slice meat just like a new device.

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