Best Ceramic Briquettes For Gas Grill (Top 5 Picks)

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Gas grills are now in public demand. Nowadays, the usage of ceramic briquettes has become trendy for all. As you can see the name ‘ceramic,’ you can easily guess that the briquettes made of ceramic are called ceramic briquettes.

These briquettes are a tricky thing that devours less fuel in any gas grill. It makes the flares downward for better safety. And essentially, using the best ceramic briquettes for gas grill helps cooking tastier and flavorful grilled foods. Keep reading to explore other cool things about these briquettes.

5 Best Ceramic Briquettes For Gas Grill With Their The Hallmarks

Ceramic briquettes ensure an even taste of cooking throughout the whole surface of the grill. It enhances the heat management ability of the cook. There are different kinds of ceramic briquettes in the market, but only a few are long-lasting and environmentally friendly. 

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key-Feature ComparisonChef Master Ceramic BriquettesMr. Bar-B-Q Ceramic BriquettesFlamette Ducane Ceramic Briquettes
Self CleaningYesYesYes
Dimensions12 in. x 3 in. x 12 in.9.05 in. x 2.16 in. x 9.44 in.N/A
Weight5 Pounds5.48 PoundsN/A
The HallmarksHigh-quality Material, Evenly heat distribution, Long-Lasting, Great FlavorNo flare-ups, Value for money, Easy installation, Evenly heat distributionLongevity, Unique Design, Genuine bbq flavor, Long Lasting, Even Heat
Special FeaturesEliminates cold spotsReusable & Holds low heat4 – Sided pyramid design
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Let’s know about some best ceramic briquettes you can use for your gas grill.

Chef Master Gas Grill Ceramic Briquettes

Chef Master ceramic gas grill briquettes are one of a kind. No one could even imagine a briquette would have a self-cleaning formula. These briquettes consume heat and radiate them throughout your gas grill for a long time. Not to mention, briquettes are time savers indeed. This is truly magical seeing how easy it makes this work.

Even distribution of heat through the food, making less risk by hindering the upward flares, auto cleaning formulas, and lastly, premium quality materials make this chef master briquettes one of the most demandable products of the market.

chef master ceramic briquettes

Top Features

  • Higher in quality
  • Facile installation
  • Interrupting flare-ups
  • Auto-cleaning process
  • Evenly heat ordination

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions12 x 3 x 12 Inches
Weight5 Pounds
Quantity50 in a Pack

Frequent flare-ups are risky for the users as well as a time killer but chef master is totally different. This can be such a helpful product to manage your feast.

Even-Heat Distribution

Why have I used the word ‘even’ here? That is because when you burn the chef master ceramic briquettes, they spread the heat evenly through the whole grilling pan of your gas grill.

For this reason, few of the particular spaces which stay cold even after heating the grill pan get heated through these ceramic briquettes.

Interrupting Flare-Ups

Ceramic briquettes hinder the flares from rising while cooking to avoid risk. If it wouldn’t do so, you could get your hands burnt accidentally.

It reduces the flare-ups that can turn into danger at any time. Through this, your hands stay safe, but the food does not get stunned.

Auto-Cleaning Process

These ceramic briquettes have a self-cleaning quality which is excellent. Do not think is as a robot. After completing your cooking, wait and let the briquettes cool down.

The easiest way to clean them quickly is to spray some soapy water on them. Wait until they soak it thoroughly. Give a short rub with a short piece of cloth or any scrub, and you are done. Super easy!

High Quality 

These ceramic briquettes are made of high-quality raw materials. This feature ensures its durability and longtime lifespan.

These premium inner materials lessen the need for time-consuming and harsh cleaning processes. You will find the briquettes still like new even after using them several times. 

Immense Quantity

In one pack of Chef Master ceramic gas grill briquettes, there are 50 pieces of briquettes which are more than enough to handle both small and large built in natural gas grills easily. As they are reusable and self-cleaning briquettes, you will not get any constriction while or after using these. 

Its raw materials ensure its longevity, and 50 pieces of briquettes will give you a lot better service for a long time.


  • Provides longer radiant heat
  • Helps enhancing grill flavor
  • You’ll get more than enough briquettes in one box
  • Create a flash of smoke when oil drips on them


  • Though you clean the ceramic briquettes after every use, those get greasy day by day because of heat and gas. 
  • Mostly you will find the briquettes thinner, so order and check for the thicker ones.
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Mr. Bar-B-Q Self Cleaning Ceramic Briquettes

BBQ lovers must-have BBQ grills or any gas grills at their homes. Ceramic briquettes are a must for them not only effectively but also financially. After all, working with traditional coal rocks is a time killer as well as risky for the user because of its frequent flare-ups. 

Good quality ceramic briquettes, which have premium raw materials as a base and serve pretty well, are in huge demand.

Who does not want self-cleaning briquettes that will save time and money along with providing delicious food? Mr. Bar-B-Q briquettes are a perfect choice if you want to.

mr. bar-b-q ceramic briquettes

Top Features

  • Masterful materials
  • Heat distributing ability
  • Self-cleaning briquettes
  • It keeps the flares downwards
  • Enormously wealthy in quantity
  • Enough in quantity and quality both

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions9.05 x 2.16 x 9.44 Inches
Weight5.48 Pounds
Quantity60 in a Pack

How easy and helpful it would be to have briquettes which you don’t need to wash by yourself! Then why not choose this amazing product for a better experience?

Let’s know in detail what BBQ lovers should buy to have extremely and tasty heavenly grills.

Good Quantity

A regular-sized box of Mr. Bar-B-Q ceramic briquettes contains 60 pieces of briquettes which are very good in quantity.

This is enough to handle the giant grills, too, for a long time. Enthusiasts of BBQ would love that. These 2inches thick briquettes are money-saving items.

Self-Cleaning Briquettes

Self-cleaning briquettes are every grill lovers’ favorite thing as it saves the time of cleaning. Just throw them out when you think they have become too greasy to use.

If you want to reuse it and make the best use of it, you may spray some clear water to dust away all the dirt.

Heat Distribution

The briquette is considered as an even one because of its evenly heat distributing ability. It improves the quality of heat distribution.

Though it takes a little more time, it gives you a smooth and even spread of heat across the grilling tray that keeps the food hot for a long time, even after the cooking is done.

Premium Materials

The materials of these briquettes are just top-notch. You will consume its 100% benefits. The ceramics are high and good in quality.

One of the examples is that its proficiency and quality remain the same even after a few usages. This quality attracts people to use these briquettes at least once. 


  • Easier to place on the lower grill grate
  • Produce consistent heat
  • Keep the flame down
  • Distribute heat evenly


  • It takes a lot of time to heat the briquettes.
  • They are powdery inside and fragile.
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Blue Ridge Ceramic Briquettes for Gas Grill

Ceramic briquettes consume heat even after you turn off your gas grill and radiate the heat for a long time in your grill for a better experience. Briquettes can be used as an alternative to coal rocks. But these briquettes save a lot of time for the user and a straightforward cleaning process. Then why not briquettes? 

There are plenty of choices of briquettes in the market for BBQ lovers. But not all of them can satisfy your choices. There’s nothing to worry about when you have this amazing product, Blue ridge ceramic briquettes. 

These briquettes consume a very little amount of fuel which is of course what a user wants.

blue ridge brand ceramic briquettes

Top Features

  • Saves time
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves money
  • Consumes the least amount of fuel
  • It doesn’t spread the in-cook flavors

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions8.7 x 7.5 x 5.2 inches
Weight6.19 Pounds
Quantity60 in a pack

This can save you money and serve you a good quality feast at the same time. How amazing that would be! 

Let’s get to know more about Blue Ridge ceramic briquettes-

Time Saver

Using coal rocks for grilling was the forever used formula, but the heat couldn’t remain for a long time. But briquettes are different.

They consume heat for a long time in them and save its user from the embarrassment of being late in front of their extra-hungry guests.

Easy Cleaning

Briquettes are easy to clean. Once the heat is drained, you have to use a wire brush or rubbing pad on them. And then let it dry, and it will be ready for its next heating mission again. This can save so much of your time and as well as labor at the same time. 

These briquettes can be used more than once, which is one of its best qualities. Heat it every time you want, and then use the long-lasting heat in your food.

Gives In-cook Flavours

Briquettes are not toxic. They don’t create any issues with your food. It doesn’t even spread in cook flavors in your food which traditional coal rocks make.

Unlike coal rocks, ceramic briquettes can last up to years of their regular usage. Imagine this much long-lasting ceramic with no harm to you and your family’s health, amazing!

Money Saver

Briquettes don’t cost much as they are made of raw materials and often with ceramics too. They are handy and can be found easily. Ordinary coal rocks cannot be used more than a few times, but briquettes can last for a long time with a guaranteed easy regular usage. How good is this?


  • Distribute heat evenly throughout the grill
  • Cleaning is very easy
  • Warm faster and provides radiant heat for a long time
  • Sit perfectly on the grill grate


  • Similar to many other products, some briquettes can get you some issues too.
  • These briquettes often don’t even last much after one use.
  • The ceramic rocks might break after you flame a high heat.
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Long-Lasting Pyramid Design Ceramic Briquettes

Flamette Ducane ceramic briquettes are used for the users who choose gas grills. These ceramic briquettes might be a little too expensive, but the result is absolutely what you wanted. Ceramic briquettes can be used more than just once which means it’s beneficial. Also, they are worth buying.

A lot of gas grill users go through the problem of frequent flare-ups which is absolutely risky sometimes. But Flamette Ducane gas grill ceramic briquettes ensure the user’s briquettes’ safety. 

It consumes less amount of fuel which is also good for BBQ lovers. It also doesn’t spread that coaly odor in your food which the ordinary coal rocks create.

flamette ducane gas grill ceramic briquettes

Top Features

  • Hygienic
  • Long-lasting
  • Worthy buying
  • Quality material
  • Less fuel consumption

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions3.5 x 2 x 0.25 Inches
Weight8 Ounces
Quantity70 in a pack

Regular usage also doesn’t create a problem with its performance. So how about trying this product and having the best experience with your BBQ?

Let’s know about the facilities you’ll be provided with, along with this product-

Quality Material

Flamette Ducane briquettes are made with qualified ceramic, which may help you with your grilling process. As mentioned already, these briquettes are ceramic so that the ceramic stones won’t break in a high flame. 

So flame your poultry with no tension of getting any issues with your food. These pyramid-shaped briquettes consume the heat for a long time, and that’s when you cannot be happier with them. How amazing that would be!

Hygiene Maintenance

Coal rock grills can get an in-cook smell on your food. Probably, none of us would like that in our feast. Sometimes overcooking can make that problem even worse.

At the same time, Flamette Ducane gas grill ceramic briquette doesn’t let this smell take over your precious food. 

There is no more embarrassment of stinky coal flavored poultry when you can have freshly and perfectly cooked poultry with your flatmate Ducane gas grill briquettes. Through your coal rocks and try out this fantastic product at a reasonable price.


These briquettes are made with raw ceramic materials, which may cause a self-washing process but will surprise you with its extended, lasting usage. 

This has a high flame resistance formula which is probably what a user can want for the best experience, as most of the users deal with the problem of broken rocks. But these flatmate Ducane briquettes will not let you down. Never better!

Worthy Buying

Flamette Ducane gas grill briquettes can be more than enough to be bought once a year. This might cost a little much, but the high-quality ceramic and other qualities will be enough for you to be convinced to try it out. Worth it!


  • Exclusive pyramid style briquettes
  • Reduce unexpected flare-ups
  • Ensure proper heat distribution
  • Don’t crumble and aren’t fragile
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • It is a little too costly than any other regular briquettes.
  • Briquettes might often break due to insincerity during transportation.

Grill Greats Self Cleaning Ceramic Briquettes

Grill Greats is a good choice for users looking for some good briquettes for their grills with fewer issues and easy usage. These briquettes consume high heat and last up to a long time for your food to remain palatable. 

This could absolutely be your game-changer during your feast with BBQ lover guests. No more embarrassment of cheap meals made with any other ordinary briquettes. This product is worth buying for gas grill users. 

If you’re looking for briquettes that heat fast and last long, you are going to have a great choice, choosing Grill Greats briquettes.

grill greats briquettes for grilling

Top Features

  • Lasts long
  • Good quality
  • Self-cleaning
  • Fast heating process
  • High improving cooking performance 

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions3.5 x 2 x 0.25 inches
Weight8 Ounces
Quantity15 of the 45 in a pack

This product can help you deal with your extra-hungry guests with its fast cooking experience. The fast cooking process would be the best experience with this product. So, try it out now!

The description below is about all the benefits you will get-

High Cooking Performance

Briquettes of grill greats provide you with a high-level cooking performance. These briquettes help you to get lesser flare-ups during your cooking experience. 

The ceramic material helps to radiate the heat all over your grill. It also eliminates cold spots from the grill racks. The high quality also has a fast cooking process to save your time.

Fast Heating Process

Traditional coal rocks take a reasonable amount of time to heat up and even cook later onwards. But grill grates briquettes for grills don’t take much time to heat up and cook your feast in time. So, no more tension of being embarrassed in front of your guests anymore. 

Last Longevity

Great grills provide its briquettes with an excellent ceramic material that helps it to last long even with a high flame. Flame as much as you want and get your best taste on the feast. 

The heat tolerance can be a cherry on top for the product you buy. It will be great if your briquettes don’t break in the middle of the usage, and that is what this product will provide you with. 

Self-cleaning Process

Similar to other briquettes, excellent grill briquettes cannot be washed with wire scrubs or brills. This process is self-washing, but only this amount of labor can serve you a superior quality product that will last long even after regular usage. All you have to do is just use your hands to wash the briquettes and let them drain or wipe them off. Easy!


  • Provides even heat
  • Retains heat for long time
  • Perfectly add a mild smoky flavor
  • Great alternative to lava rocks
  • One box is enough to cover your whole grill


  • Self-washing might not be a good idea for every user.
  • The packaging for this product is often inadequate.

Why Use Ceramic Briquettes for Your Gas Grill

Ceramic briquettes are nothing but compressed coal made of ceramic. If you want to have a slow cook dish, replace any gas grill fuel with briquettes. Please use ceramic ones.

There are so many benefits of ceramic briquettes, but few of them cannot be unnoticed at all. These are-

  • Ceramic briquettes provide an even heat through the whole grilling pan and expel the cold areas.
  • These briquettes do not emit carbon-di-oxide.
  • It creates the best usage of the briquettes as fuel in your gas grill.
  • No worries about cleaning.
  • These are pretty easy to handle.
  • Gives a better and traditional smoky taste to the food.
  • They last longer even after few usages.
  • They are environment friendly as they do not let the smoke go upside.
  • Ceramic briquettes not only save fuel but also saves energy.
  • These are worth both your money and time both.

So, these are the reasons why ceramic briquettes should be used in your gas grill to make the best use of it and enjoy cooking.

Ceramic Briquettes Vs. Heat Shields Vs. Lava Rocks

There are few vast differences among the ceramic briquettes, heat shields, and lava rocks. Three of them are fuels but contain a large number of differences too. Let’s know what those are-

Ceramic Briquettes

  • Ceramic briquettes save fuel by ensuring less consumption of it.
  • Distribute the heat across the grilling pan evenly to ensure the food is cooked well from all sides horizontally.
  • It prevents any accident by hindering the flames from rising.
  • These are environmentally friendly because they do not emit harmful gases. 
  • These enhance the traditional grilled taste of the food cooked on the grill.

Heat Shields

  • Heat shields are heated plates that are placed on the top of the gas grill.
  • They provide enough heat to the grilling pan, but it does not spread throughout the surface.
  • As the shields are metallic, they do not hold the temperature for a long time.
  • Their durability is not good enough.
  • When the shield gets greasy, it adds a weird taste to the food and damages it too.

Lava Rocks

  • Lava rocks’ lifespan is the shortest of all kinds of fuels.
  • These are less retentive of heat.
  • This old version of fuel is not so reliable now.
  • Health issues and the unhygienic situation can be created through using this, which may hamper our health.
  • It creates excessive smoke that hampers your health and affects the taste of your food.

Tips for Grilling with Ceramic Briquettes

There are many delicious foods you can have by cooking in gas grills using ceramic briquettes. There are- meat, steak, grilled vegetables, fruits, and pizza, etc. Few tips to keep in memory while grilling with ceramic briquettes are-

  • Read the manual instructions at least once for proper usage.
  • A briquette tray is needed to put them in an ordinal way.
  • Put them above the flaming burners to make the best use of them.
  • Use stainless steel tray for better service.
  • A fire extinguisher is needed to keep aside in case there is fire accidentally. This will immediately tackle the situation fast.
  • Children must avoid doing this task.
  • The gas pipelines must be checked professionally before use.
  • Use a hand glove and an apron.
  • Throw the greasy briquettes away and replace the new ones if needed.

These tips will assure you of better performance while grilling through ceramic briquettes. It is way better to do this kind of cooking outside your home. 

But if you can’t go outside, just open the windows near you in case the smoke covers your home somehow. Maintaining some precautions and staying alert will give you a lot better service. 

When To Replace Grill Ceramic Briquettes

Briquettes are made out of ceramic materials that absorb heat and keep it long-lasting for a better experience with your gas grill. Ceramic briquettes can be an excellent replacement for the forever-used common rocks. 

Ceramic briquettes don’t need to be changed often, but sometimes, they should be replaced with new ones. 

Sometimes the briquettes break for some usage issues or transportation insincerities. Those rocks should be replaced very before we use them. High flame might make the situation worse if we use those in our grill. 

Cleaning briquettes provides many ways. Some are self-washing, and some offer wire brushes. But sometimes, the residue grease cannot be washed properly. They either break or don’t work correctly. 

Sometimes the briquettes can create a horrible smell due to the overuse or consumption of fuel. They often develop problems with the cooking because of overuse or over-date. 

Sometimes not replacing them can create accidents with the users. Otherwise, we may get flare-up accidents. Or greasy grills and so on. 

Although briquettes are worth buying because of their long-lasting usage, they often may be expensive for some of their users. Users of briquettes all over provide good reviews, but sometimes transportation system creates harm with it. 

Thus, user get broken rocks or ceramic briquettes, which is probably not usable, and the user is bound to replace it.

Do ceramic briquettes control the temperature too?

Yes, partially they do but not exactly. They first soak the heat and then distribute it across the whole grill pan, remove the cold areas, and heat them. They maintain the heating consistency. They are perfect for slow cooking as they can hold the heat for a long time.

Are ceramic briquettes good to use?

Of course, ceramic briquettes are too easy to use and store. They are away from toxicity. Their taste is similar to charcoal grill as they affect the smoky food nicely by doing the least harm. They are beneficial and safe to use.

Which ceramic briquettes would be best for a gas grill?

Well, there are many to mention, as we have discussed before. But I would suggest buying the Mr. Bar-B-Q Ceramic Briquettes. They are super reasonable and best to use. These briquettes contain every quality you need for your grill. Give them a try!

Do ceramic briquettes last long?

There is no doubt about the lifespan and longevity of ceramic briquettes. They are probably the highest durable fuels you may ever find. It happens because they are made with premium and good quality raw materials. Their base is strong enough. 


Many people do not even think of buying ceramic briquettes seeing their price. They are a little bit pricy, but not all of them can worth your money. I hope through this article you have now known which are the best ceramic briquettes for gas grill. 

Now, do not worry about your penny. Invest some money in a better product with the highest and best usage of it that will surely save your time which is the highest asset you have. This article may clear your confusion now. After gaining critical knowledge about using perfect briquettes, you can enjoy grilling and outdoor cooking and even arrange a BBQ party.