6 Different Propane Tank Sizes For Grills Including Size Chart

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Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes. The different dimensions are made for specific purposes. Having an in-depth idea about the propane tank sizes for grills is important before purchasing one. 

You will have a better experience with grilling by choosing the perfect size. They are portable and do have an option to refill or exchange.

The capacity and run-time should be checked if you don’t want to have an incomplete cooking session. Apart from grilling sessions, you may use the tanks for other purposes as well. 

Here, we picked the 6 most common propane tank sizes that can be considered for grills. This article will guide you to pick the best and will also save you from hassles. Check them out –

6 Different Propane Tank Sizes For Grills

There are a total of 6 common sizes of propane tanks available for grills. They all have different capacities and purposes. You should have a solid understanding of the differences that may help you to choose the ideal one for your grill. 

Check the detailed specifications of individual propane tanks below –

Tank SizeIdeal forOur Top PickPrice
1 lb Propane TankCamping stoves, Tailgating grills, Portable heaters, & Small cooking sessionColeman Propane TankCheck on Amazon
5 lb Propane TankSmall outdoor cooking, Camping, Ice fishingFlame King 5 lbs TankCheck on Amazon
11 lb Propane TankBackyard grilling, Fishing, Camping cooking, OverlandingFlame King 11 lbs TankCheck on Amazon
20 lb Propane TankPropane grills, Patio heaters, Outdoor equipment & Other propane applicationsFlame King 20 Pound TankCheck on Amazon
30 lb Propane TankCamper trailers, Space heaters, Construction heaters, stove top & RefridgeratorFlame King 30 Pound Propane TankCheck on Amazon
40 lb Propane TankCommercial grills, RVs or trailers, Outdoor kitchens Heaters, and Other Propane applicationsYSN  40 Pound OPD TankCheck on Amazon

Every user has a different requirement. This is why there are a variety of sizes available for propane tanks. You should first examine the capacity, runtime, and other features of the tanks. This will help you while choosing the precise one for your grill. 

1 lb Propane Tank

1 lb propane tank is the smallest size available for grills. They are capable of holding 0.236 gallons of fuel. A 1 lb propane tank will produce 21,712 BTU of heat which will last for about 3-4 hours. They weigh around 15-17 pounds. 

1 lb Propane Tanks

Top Features

  • Easy to carry
  • Portable Design
  • Runtime – 3-4 hours
  • 17 pounds of weight
  • Capacity: 0.236 gallons

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You may use this tank for camp or picnic where you are going to cook for a small group. It’s better to purchase a new one or exchange the empty 1 lb tank rather than refilling it. 

In addition, as it holds only 1 pound of propane gas, it will be quite difficult to confirm if the tank is completely empty or not. You will be able to exchange the empty tank easily from nearby retailers. 

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5 lb. Propane Tank

5lb propane tanks can be easily carried and will provide you with a decent amount of fuel as well. For a small outdoor event, this tank will be undoubtedly the best choice so far. Though the weight depends on the manufacturers, the average weight of the 5lb tank will be around 10-15 pounds when empty. 

5 lb. Propane Tanks

Top Features

  • Alloy steel material
  • 9 pounds of weight
  • Runtime – 10 hours
  • Capacity of 1.2 gallons
  • Dimensions of 8.1 x 8.1 x 12.38 inches

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A 5 lb propane tank will have a capacity of 1.2 gallons. A 5lb propane tank won’t last for more than 10 hours.  They can be refilled or exchanged from authorized retailers. 

The portable size of this tank made them suitable for outdoor purposes. You will be easily able to carry them outside for camp or ice fishing.

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11 lb. Propane Tank

11 lb propane tanks will be perfect for backyard grilling. This tank weighs around 22 pounds with a capacity of 2.5 gallons. The average dimension of this sized tank is 9 x 9 x 17.8 inches.

11 lb. Propane Tanks

Top Features

  • Alloy steel material
  • Weight – 11 pounds
  • Run-time – 15 hours
  • Capacity – 2.5 gallons
  • X-ray and Hydrostatic tested
  • Dimensions of 9 x 9 x 17.8 inches

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You will be able to refill an 11 lb propane tank from any authorized retailers. You can even exchange the 11 lb tank from exchange points. An 11 lb propane tank will last for 15 hours if cooked in medium heat. 

If you are using an 11 lb tank for ice fishing or a small cooking session, you will be able to use this tank multiple times. They can be easily refilled and the portable design will allow you to refill them without any hassle.

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20 lb. Propane Tank

20 lb propane tanks can be considered as the most standard tank for residential or non-residential purposes. This tank comes with a capacity of 4.5 gallons. You will be able to cook for 18-20 hours with this tank. The dimension of a 20 lb tank is 12 x 12 x 16 inches.

20 lb. Propane Tanks

Top Features

  • Built-in gas gauge
  • Weight – 30 pounds
  • Capacity – 4.5 gallons
  • Run-time – 18-20 hours
  • High-grade construction

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A 20 lb tank can be refilled when it’s empty. The average weight of a 20 lb tank is 30 pounds when it’s empty.

30 lb. Propane Tank

If you are a bbq enthusiast and grill regularly, then a 30 lb propane tank will be the best option for you. For group events, you will have the complete session cooked without the hassle of refill. This tank comes with a capacity of 7 gallons and will weigh 55 lb when full.

The average dimension of this tank is 12 x 12 x 24 inches. A 30 lb propane tank will last for more than 20 hours. You will be able to refill or exchange a propane tank if required. 

30 lb. Propane Tanks

Top Features

  • Safety tested
  • Weight – 55 lbs
  • Premium Valve
  • Runtime – 20 hours
  • Capacity of 7 gallons

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As they are quite large in height, you won’t be able to carry them into your vehicles for outside camp or picnic. For backyard grilling, this will be a perfect pick. You will be able to grill without the hassle of refilling.

40 lb. Propane Tank

Here comes the largest propane tank on this list. A 40 lb tank will hold around 9.2 gallons of propane gas. If filled completely, the tank will weigh 72 lb. The diameter of a 40 lb propane tank is 12.16 x 12.16 x 30 inches. 

Due to the heavy weight, it will be quite tough to move a 40 lb propane tank. Thus, it would be recommended to purchase a 40 lb tank for a fixed purpose. For indoor use, this will be the top pick for sure. In addition, if you grill frequently, you should choose a 40 lb propane tank without any second thought. 

40 lb. Propane Tanks

Top Features

  • DOT certified
  • Runtime – 24 hours
  • Engineered Design
  • Weight – 30.5 pounds
  • Capacity – 9.2 gallons
  • Dimension – ‎12.16 x 12.16 x 29.43 inches

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You will be able to refill or exchange a 40 lb propane tank from any authorized propane tank retailers. A 40 lb propane tank will last for more than 24 hours. Thus, using them for a small cooking session will allow you to cook for multiple sessions.

These are the most common propane tank sizes. The recommended tanks are also among the best manufacturers. You won’t be disappointed by the performance of the device for sure. Just pick the one you need and enjoy cooking with your grill.

What Size Propane Tank Do I Need For A Grill

This actually depends on how frequently you grill and how much do you cook. If you cook regularly, you should purchase a medium-range propane tank. This will save you from the hassle of refilling. 

You will be able to cover multiple cooking sessions. However, if you need the propane tank for a single occasion, then pick any small propane tank. If you need the tank in the future, you will be able to refill it. 

If you are purchasing the tank for an outdoor camp or picnic, then a medium-range propane tank will be suitable. You will be able to carry the tank without any complexation.

In addition, the larger tanks will be quite heavy and will have an extended height than the others. Thus, it will be quite tough to carry them into your vehicles. 

If you are purchasing the tank for indoor purposes, then pick the bigger one. Otherwise, choose the small or medium ones based on your requirement. 

How To Tell What Size Propane Tank You Have

If you are confused about the propane tank size, the only way you may find out the size of the tanks is by comparing the diameter of the tank with the pre-described size.

Though the diameter of the tanks varies depending on the manufacturers, it’s quite common for most of the tanks. 

First of all, measure the diameter of the tank. You should also measure the overall height of your propane tank, including the base and metal collar. If you know the manufacturer’s site, check if there is a diameter chart provided of each propane tank based on their size. 

From this list, you will be able to easily confirm the size. You may compare your tank’s dimension with the chart provided in this article as well. 

If you are not sure about the diameter, you may ask the retailers while refilling. They will have an idea based on the amount of gas you’re refilling. For this, you need to make sure the tank is empty while refilling. 

Based on the gallons, you will be able to confirm the size of your tank. This is how you may get an idea of the size of your tank.   

Does Propane Tank Size Matter For A Grill

Sure. You should not waste your bucks if you don’t need the larger ones. In the same way, if you pick a smaller one, you will need to refill it frequently, which will be a matter of trouble. 

To ensure you have selected the ideal one, have a look at the specifications of the tank. This will guide you while choosing tanks for a grill. In addition, choosing larger tanks for outdoor camp will be a hassle. 

You won’t be able to carry them or move them frequently because of the height. Check the dimension and the weight before choosing one as this will help you while moving your tank from one place to another. 

If you are confused about choosing one, pick the 20 lb propane tank. This one is the most standard. You will be able to use this one for both indoor and outdoor purposes. 


Choosing the perfect size of the propane tank is always important. The variety of propane tank sizes for grills are made for different consumers. Why should you waste extra bucks when you can pick the one you need by reading the instructions. A perfect tank will save you from a lot of unwanted hassles.

To make you choose comfortably, there is one premium tank attached with each tank size. You may check them out as well. The performance of the tanks will surely satisfy you.