How to Dispose of Coleman Propane Tanks (Small and Large)

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If you are a propane tank user, you should be aware of what to do when there is no more gas remaining in the tank. You should either dispose of the tank or recycle based on the condition of the tank. Before that, you should make sure the tank is empty and doesn’t have any gas remaining inside. 

As a propane tank user, you should have a proper understanding on how to dispose of Coleman propane tanks. There are some additional facts that you should check before submitting your tank for disposal or recycling.

Read on this article that will guide you to have safe disposal of your Coleman propane tank without any risk – 

 How To Dispose Of Coleman Propane Tanks

Well, Coleman propane tanks are a top choice for the users as they are easy to use and do come in a convenient shape. After using, they should be disposed of or recycled. 

The disposal should be done in the proper method to avoid further casualties. Don’t just throw them into a bin or trash as there is a chance of fire even if there is a small amount of gas remaining. 

Check out the following instructions for both small, medium, and large propane tanks – 

For Small Propane Tanks

The small propane tanks can be easily disposed of compared to the larger tanks. Tanks from a one-pound cylinder to 20-pound cylinders will be considered small propane tanks. You can dispose of the small propane tanks by handing them to a nearby licensed propane company that receives propane tanks for disposal. 

There are a couple of retailers available such as Blue Rhino and Ferellgas who accept small propane tanks. These swap locations will accept your tank if it’s not damaged. You should place a tag as ‘recycle’ on the body of the propane tank before submitting them to the retailers. 

Check the conditions that make a tank acceptable for exchange or disposal from the official site of Blue Rhino and Ferellgas. 

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For Medium and Large Propane Tanks

For a larger tank, contact a licensed propane company. It’s essential to remove the remaining propane from the tank. They will also have specialized tools to dispose of the tank safely. You may check the nearby drop-off location for the Propane tanks and canisters as well. 

Thus, you will be able to dispose of the propane tank on your own. Before throwing them out, make sure the propane tank is completely empty. You should check this by taking the tank into an open space.

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How To Recycle Coleman Propane Tanks

If you don’t need your Coleman tanks anymore you should recycle them. Before recycling, check if the tank is still serviceable. Recycling of Coleman Propane tanks can be done in different ways. You should always choose a professional recycler to ensure safety. 

First of all, check if your local municipal refuse center accepts propane gas recycling. If they accept, then this will be the easiest solution you may attempt. 

If they don’t, contact the local authorized propane supplier who might help you in this case. They know recyclers and may get you a specialized recycler. An authorized propane supplier will always maintain proper safety. There are some requirements a recycler may check before accepting your tank. 

Here are some alternatives you may try To Recycle Coleman Propane Tanks – 

  • Refill the propane tank if it’s still serviceable
  • For recycling, contact the local authorized propane supplier
  • Contact hazardous waste disposal unit 
  • The local Public Department may also help you regarding this issue
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Refill or Exchange For Propane Users

Refill and exchange are two options a user may choose when their tank is empty. Both have some pros and cons. You should choose the one that you find suitable for your surroundings. Let’s check more about refill and exchange below – 


Refilling a propane tank is cheaper than exchanging. During refilling, You will fill in only how much you need. This one is a cost-efficient solution for propane users. There won’t be any confusion about the tank as you are using your own tank. 

The only problem you may face with this option is, you need to carry your tank to the store wait till it’s filled, and bring it back as well. 

In addition, this takes time compared to the exchanging option. 


Well, exchanging propane tanks is quite convenient. There are a couple of retailers available who provide this service professionally, such as Blue Rhino. They are trusted, and the tanks are regularly inspected as well. 

So you will just need to bring your old tank and pick a new one instantly. You may bring any brand of a tank if you are exchanging through Blue Rhino.

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Propane Cylinder Safety Tips

Small propane cylinders are popular because of their convenience. However, utilizing them incorrectly might be hazardous as well. This is why it’s important to handle the cylinders exactly how they should be. 

Have a look at the following tips to use the Propane Cylinders with a bit more safety – 


Whenever you are carrying or transporting a cylinder through your vehicle, place the cylinder in its upright position. Make sure the valve is turned off. Don’t transport the cylinder if the interior of the car is hot. Heat will make the propane extend and may cause a leak or explosion as well.


First and foremost, place the cylinder away from the flame. If they anyhow get in touch with flame, this will turn out as devastating. Store them in a cool and dry place. It’s always recommended to store the propane gas in an open space. Always avoid the indoors or enclosed area while storing them.

Regular Inspection

Don’t forget to make a regular inspection of your cylinder. You should check if there is any leak or damage. The smell of propane gas is like rotten eggs or dead animals. If you smell something near the tank, immediately turn the valve off and contact professionals.


If your tank has an overfill protection device, this will help you to fill perfectly. Contact a professional and take your tank to the refill points of the retailers. The cylinder should be tested before it’s refilled. 

In addition, if the tank is damaged you should dispose of the tank as early as possible.

How To Increase Lifespan of A Propane Tank

Propane tanks require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they survive as long as possible. You may improve the lifespan of a Propane Tank by following the steps outlined below –


Proper maintenance will surely enhance the lifespan of a propane tank. After each refill, get your cylinder tank recertified by an authorized merchant or professional. A professional will be able to detect any damage or fault of your tank that may save you from trouble.

Routine Refill & Leak Test

Don’t forget to refill the propane tank on a routine basis. Maintain a fixed percentage of gauge drop for refilling. Don’t refill the tank at the very last moment, as this may affect the tank’s lifespan and damage the appliances you’re cooking in. Also, do a leak test by professionals if you are not sure or confused about the smell. This will 


This one is the crucial factor you should consider while installing a propane tank into your space. The propane tanks should be installed in a safe place. The surroundings of the tank should be open and free that will allow the tank to stay fresh and clean. If you are placing the propane tank underground, do a soil test by the professionals to have less impact on the tank. 

Don’t forget to turn the tank off after every use. Most of the accidents happen because of this mistake. For any unavoidable situations, don’t forget to contact a professional. 

You should always store the important contact numbers collected to contact them when needed. These simple maintenance will help you to have a better lifespan of the tank. 

Can I Throw Away Coleman Propane Tanks

It actually depends on where you are throwing your Coleman Propane tank. If you are throwing the tank on propane tanks and canisters drop-off location, you can do it. There are residential recycling and disposal areas available for each state. 

You should check the instructions and throw away your propane tank. Have a check at the size restriction before taking the tanks to the drop-off location. 

Most of the area accepts tanks that are 30lbs or less. Thus, you are allowed to throw small and medium Coleman propane tanks in such locations. The drop-off locations don’t accept vehicle tanks. There are specific time instructions as well. 

So, have a contact with the local department to know more about the restrictions and guidelines before throwing one. 

Will Home Depot take old propane tanks?

Yes. Home Depot will accept your old empty propane tank if it’s not damaged. You are instructed not to bring the tank to the store as it may be pretty risky. Just let them know you want to donate or exchange your old propane tank through Home Depot.

Will Lowes take old propane tanks?

Sure. Lowes also accepts old propane tanks for exchange. Lowes accepts old propane tanks and will provide you with a refurbished pre-filled one. 

What do you do with out-of-date propane tanks?

You should either dispose of your tank or contact the retailers for recycling. If it’s still serviceable, they will paint it and refill it with gas for exchange. Otherwise, they will just dispose of the tank.


Disposal or recycling of propane tank can be done without any problem if you manage to follow the instructions mentioned above. Propane tanks are explosive if they get in tough with flames. The safety instructions will allow you to follow the regulations and have safe disposal. Whatever you do, don’t forget to contact professionals and authorized retailers. 

There are drop-off locations available for almost every state as well. You should be aware of how to dispose of Coleman propane tanks to avoid further casualties. By going through this article,  you will be able to have safe disposal without any hassle.