Best Small Propane Tanks For Grills (My Top 5 Picks)

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Propane tanks are a useful tool for grills. They will make it easier for you to enjoy outdoor cooking. Propane tanks have other applications too. They are compact and convenient to use. 

Small propane tanks for grills will make it easier to enjoy your outdoor cooking with family and friends. They will last for quite a few hours and can be refilled for further uses.

Propane tanks are safe to use and don’t require any complex assembly as well. You should surely have one in your collection to make your moments more special. They are beneficial in so many ways. You will definitely have the advantages of owning one. 

5 Best Small Propane Tanks For Gas Grills

The market is full of different tanks with unique features. To help you decide, we picked the top 5 small propane tanks for you grills. Check them out to choose the appropriate one that matches your expectations and requirements – 

Flame King Propane Tank for Grills 

Flame King Propane Tank will be a top pick for grills for the premium quality and the unique specifications it includes. This tank is available in two different sizes and comes in an alloy steel material. There is no assembly required, and the tank is ready to be filled with gas.

Flame King Propane Tank is constructed with high-grade steel welded construction. The tank comes after facing multiple tests, such as x-ray and hydrostatic. Thus, there should not be any safety concerns. 

The tank is DOT approved as well. For camping and fire pits, this one will be an ideal choice for sure. 

Flame King 5 Pound Propane Tank Cylinder

Top Features

  • Pre-purged cylinder
  • Comfortable to carry 
  • X-ray and hydrostatic tested
  • High-grade steel construction
  • Premium OPD valve assembly

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Dimensions8.1 in. x 8.1 in. x 12.38 in.
Weight9 lbs
Size‎5 lb.
Available Size2 (5 lb, 11 lb)
Material‎Alloy Steel
Power SourcePropane

The body is powder-coated to make the tank more durable for exterior purposes. You will be able to pick one between 5lb and 11lb as per your requirement.

Quality Construction

The Flame King propane tank is built with high-grade steel welded construction. The build quality of this tank is capable of withstanding rough handling. You will have a durable service as the tank is built with premium alloy steel material.


This will bring you pretty advantages while using this tank in different situations. You will be able to carry them easily as they don’t weigh that much. There is an easy to hold collar to make you feel comfortable while carrying this tank. This tank will be an ideal choice for camping, ice fishing, or BBQ. 


Safety will always be a primary issue for propane tanks. The tanks should ensure the highest possible safety for the users. Flame King Propane Tank for Grills comes with premium OPD valve assembly. 

Ready to Use

Flame King Propane Tank for Grills is pre-purged. There is no assembly required as well. That means they are ready to use once purchased. You will be able to fill them with gas and start cooking. 


  • Easy to carry
  • It’s reusable and environment-friendly


  • The after-sales service isn’t satisfactory
  • The tank is too tall to fit in the cargo box
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Worthington 1-Gallon Propane Cylinder 

If you are looking for a lightweight tank with all the features, this will be a top pick for sure. The tank comes with an engineered design that makes the body lightweight with solid strength. This is a pro-grade tank with damage-resistant all-steel construction. There is a hand-hold included to make it easier to lift the tank.  

Worthington 1-Gallon Propane Cylinder is manufactured by following the DOT (Department of Transportation) specifications. There is a rust-inhibiting dura bond powder coating in the body of this tank. 

For car camping, this will be the best propane tank available in the market. The tank is portable and convenient for outdoor parties.

Worthington Steel Propane Cylinder

Top Features

  • Damage resistant 
  • Small and portable 
  • Durabond powder coating 
  • Hand-holds for easy lifting
  • Engineered for lightweight strength

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Package Dimensions12 x 12 x 12 in.
Item Weight10 lbs
Capacity1 Gallon

Thus, the exterior will stay safe from debris and other dust materials. This tank comes with a capacity of 1 gallon, which is enough for most outdoor or indoor purposes. 


Worthington 1-Gallon Propane Cylinder is engineered for comfortable use. This propane tank weighs only 10 pounds and has a capacity of 1 gallon. The lightweight tank will provide you with a solid performance as there is no compromise in terms of build quality.


This one is a pro-grade propane cylinder that can be used for both industrial and residential applications. The portable propane tank is economical and damage-resistant. The all-steel construction of this tank will provide you with a long durable service without any issue.

Best Quality

Worthington 1-Gallon Propane Cylinder will provide you with the best quality and service. They are manufactured by following ISO 9001 requirements and also satisfy the DOT and Transport Canada (TC) specifications.


  • It’s lightweight yet durable
  • Very easy to lift even when it’s fully loaded
  • It’s convenient for outdoor camping


  • The safety valve isn’t top-notch
  • There is some issue with the pressure
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Coleman Propane 4 Pound Fuel Cylinder 

Coleman is one of the finest brands for outdoor appliances. The fuel cylinder is reliable and constructed with durable steel materials, and easily disposable. The cylinders are prefilled and do come with a stable base. Coleman Propane 4 Pound Fuel Cylinder offers a long lifespan without any issue or damage.

This cylinder will be compatible with most lanterns and heating devices. You will definitely enjoy using this cylinder for outdoor purposes.  This product comes with a compact design, and it’s lightweight as well. 

Thus, there won’t be any problem carrying this one for outdoor camp or parties. You can even fit them into a backpack or duffle bag. The dimension of this cylinder is suitable for camping. 

Coleman Propane Fuel

Top Features

  • Prefilled with fuel
  • Ideal for backyard
  • It comes, with reliable valves
  • Universal size with a stable base
  • Made with quality steel construction

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Dimensions8 in. x 8 in. x 8 in.
Item Weight8.3 lbs
Capacity16 oz, (4-pack)

Unique Design

Users will definitely enjoy the unique design of the Coleman Propane 4 Pound Fuel Cylinder. They are totally different from the traditional fuel containers. The black-colored cylinders have a stable base on the bottom. This will help you to store them conveniently at any corner of your house. 


Don’t need to worry about the compatibility of this cylinder. This product is compatible with most of the heating devices available in the market. You will be able to use this cylinder with lanterns as well. 


This feature will make your experience enjoyable. You will be able to carry these cylinders easily from one place to another. They come in a compact size for camping. You can easily carry multiple Coleman fuel cylinders comfortably.


The containers are prefilled with fuel. Thus, there is no hassle of refilling them with gas or fuel. You are ready to start using them once they are delivered to your doorstep. They don’t require any assembly as well. 


  • It’s prefilled. So, there is no hassle of refilling
  • Compatible with almost every gas grill


  • Not suitable to carry
  • Height won’t fit in smaller spaces
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Flame King 11 Pound Propane Cylinder

Flame King is always recommended for its premium quality. This cylinder from Flame King will also satisfy the users with its super quality. The product offers some unique features to make your camping more enjoyable. This is an 11-pounds tank container with an overflow protection device valve. Flame King  11 Pound Propane Cylinder comes with a high-steel construction and a premium finish. 

The product is DOT approved and passed several quality tests. There is a powder coating on the exterior to enhance the performance of this cylinder in extreme situations. For the size variants, they will be an ideal choice for commercial or industrial applications. 

It will be pretty much comfortable to carry this tank from one place to another as there is a hand-holder included on the top.

Flame King 11 Pound Propane Tank

Top Features

  • DOT approved
  • OPD valve assembly
  • Powder-coated for long-lasting
  • Premium steel welded construction

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BrandFlame King
Dimensions9 in. x 9 in. x 17.8 in.
Item Weight13.42 lbs
Capacity11 lbs
MaterialHigh-grade Steel
Power SourcePropane

The propane tanks are manufactured in such facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices. For a satisfying performance, you should definitely try this tank from Flame King.


This is the primary feature a user should look for before purchasing a propane cylinder. They are completely safe for any kind of application. The cylinders are DOT approved and do maintain the industry standards.


The manufacturer focused on durability and ensured the best quality structure for gas cans. They are built with premium steel and do offer a durable service for sure.

Flame King  11 Pound Propane Cylinder comes with powder coating on the exterior. This will enhance durability in extreme conditions. Feel free to use this product on any outdoor application.  

Size Variants

Flame King is probably the most universal propane tank manufacturer in the market. They have a variety of sizes available for different applications.

You will indeed, find the suitable one for yours. If you are looking for a portable cylinder, check the different variants of Flame King. There are individual models available for several applications.


  • Designed to last long
  • Fits perfectly in the camping van


  • The capacity isn’t as described
  • The valve isn’t durable for regular use
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Manchester 5lb Propane White Tank

This one is the most unique shaped propane tank on this list. With a vertical cylinder design, this tank is pretty much lightweight and weighs only 5 pounds. A full tank will weigh around 10 pounds. The tank has a colonial white powder-coated finish on the exterior. This will save them from rust and enhance their durability as well. 

The tank comes with a scalloped foot ring. This will allow them to have a stable place at any corner. You will be able to carry this tank easily without any complexation as there are holders included on the top. 

For outside camping, this tank will surely bring you some advantages. You will be able to easily fit this tank in the cart or van.

Manchester Propane Tank

Top Features

  • Vertical design
  • Maximum rust protection
  • Triple-tested with try pneumatic air
  • Colonial white powder-coated finish

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandManchester Tank
Dimensions8 in. x 8 in. x 12 in.
Item Weight10 lbs
Contains5 lbs

Manchester 5lb Propane White Tank conforms strict compliance to DOT specifications. They are triple-tested with dry pneumatic air. Thus, you will have the best quality tank for your application.

Vertical Design

This cylinder has the most distinct design on this list. The tank comes in a vertical shape design and will fit spaces with less height. The overall dimension of this propane tank is 8 x 8 x 12 inches. 

Rust Protection

Manchester 5lb Propane White Tank is crafted with premium materials and the build quality is made for durable service. There is powder-coated paint on this tank to save the tank from rust and other debris.  


You will be able to easily move this tank if you’re required to. For outside camping, you will be able to comfortably shift this tank. The container weighs only 5 pounds when empty.

Though it’s lightweight, you should not doubt the build quality as it is available in the market after passing so many tests.


The propane tanks are triple-tested to ensure the user’s safety. There should not be any doubt while using the tanks in residential or commercial spaces. Manchester cylinders are tested with dry pneumatic air.


  • Looks great
  • Fits perfectly in the RVs
  • It’s lightweight and easy to refill


  • The fittings are disappointing
  • Requires larger space than usual
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What To Look Before Buying A Small Propane Tank For Your Grill

Propane tanks have multiple purposes for home or office spaces. There are a variety of propane tanks available from different manufacturers. As they require gas to run and are mostly used for fire pits, you should not use any ordinary propane tank. 

Have a look at the following features that makes a propane tank suitable for your grill – 


This should be checked according to your requirement. If you are using the tank for a smaller need, you will be fine with the 5lb tanks. They will require additional space so, and you should not focus on the capacity instead, focus on the requirement. If you think the 5lb is enough for your party, pick it without any second thought.

Build Quality

This will be the most important feature of a propane tank. If you are using the tank for your grill, you need to ensure the quality of the grill you are purchasing. This will provide you with a safe grilling experience. Make sure the tank passes the required tests and does offer the safety standards.

Ready to Use

This will make your experience more enjoyable. The tank should be ready to use after the purchase. There should not be any complex assembly required for the users. This will allow them to use the tank without any professionals.


If you are using the tank for your grill, you may need to carry the tank most often. This is why it will be comfortable for you if the grill does have a lightweight body with a solid structure. This will allow you to carry your grill for outdoor parties and others.


Sometimes, the bad design of a tank suffers a user most. For example, if there is no holder for carrying purposes, you will need to carry the whole weight of the tank. A holder on the top will be perfect for the tanks.

What Type Of Propane Tank Do I Need For My Grill

Well, this question depends on some factors. You will need a propane tank based on your gas grill or blackstone gas griddle and how you’re using it. The most common propane tank for the grill is the 20lb propane tank. This will be an ideal pick for barbeque and outdoor grilling activities.

If you are using a commercial grill for a big-sized party, you should go for the 40lb propane tank. This will provide you with enough fuel to cover the whole occasion. It will be a mess to refill the tank in the middle of a party. So, make sure you have enough fuel during the grilling.

For a medium-range party, you may go for the 30lb propane tank. This tank will be capable of storing around 7-gallons of propane. You will be able to carry the tank easily outdoors or to the party. 

If you are going to a camp or family picnic, 1lb or 5lbs cylinder will be enough. You will get enough fuel to cook the meals. This will be the most convenient and compact solution for the camp. You will be able to carry the tank easily in any space.

As it will be quite impossible to refill the tank in between an occasion, choose accordingly.

How Long Does A Small Propane Tank Last On A Grill

This depends on the capacity and the application. A 5lb tank will hold 1.2 gallons of propane. This will last for  15-18 hours if you are using the heat in a low volume. Small propane tanks are not purchased for regular use. 

They are effective for a specific party or occasion. You need to refill the tank once it’s empty. Pick the one that will fulfill your requirement.

What Is The Smallest Propane Tank Size

The smallest propane tank size is 1lb. They can hold around a quarter of a gallon of propane. You will be able to use 1lb of a tank for not more than 2 hours. 1lb tanks are recommended for small applications such as boiling something or heating meals. They can be refilled for further use. 

Can You Use A 30lb Propane Tank On A Grill

You may. The rest depends on how comfortable you are to use a 30lbs of propane tank for your grill. The 30lb tank will be an ideal choice for medium-range applications. If you are a bbq enthusiast and grill regularly, then you may try a 30lb propane tank for your grill. 

In addition, you may need an adapter if you are using the 30lb propane tank on a large grill during connection. 

Are Propane Tanks Full When You Buy Them

Not all of them. This is mentioned in the description of individuals. You should check the product before purchasing. For example, in the above list, Flame King Propane Tank is not refilled while the Coleman Propane 4 Pound Fuel Cylinder is prefilled with propane gas.


These are all about small propane tanks. You may pick one from the list. They are the best in terms of quality. You will have a satisfying experience for sure. As the capacity and lasting duration are quite fixed, you should focus on the design and the compatibility before purchasing one. While using propane tanks, if you face any difficulties or issues, don’t hesitate to contact professionals. 

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