How to Use a Searing Burner On a Gas Grill | Is a Searing Burner Worth It?

No matter if it’s grilled chicken or smoked ribs, tasting one kind of food every evening is really really very unfortunate. At least a BBQ enthusiast can never let it happen. 

Here comes the use of a searing burner which can be used even on a gas grill. And right now, I’m going to show you how to use a searing burner on a gas grill.

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As you know, sometimes I change my grilling process since my gas grill offers me six types of cooking including grilling, baking, braising, searing, roasting, and barbecuing. So, don’t worry! You’re going to see something exclusive as well as topcellent today.

Some Must-Haves To Try Searing On Your Gas Grill

You will need some tools and materials during your searing procedure. If you make the tools ready earlier, it will be great. The tools are 

  • A sear burner for searing the meat steak
  • Gas grill on which the sear station is installed
  • Meat stakes as a cooking ingredient
  • Salt as a cooking ingredient
  • Pepper as a cooking ingredient
  • Serving spoon to hold the hot steak
  • A sharp knife to slice the steak
  • Serving dish to serve the steak
  • BBQ apron

I love to eat searing meat besides grilled dishes. My searing station is attached to my gas grill. But if your grill is of different features, then installing a simple sear station is enough to let you enjoy searing meat steaks. 

In this content, I will share my searing experience to upgrade your searing skill on the gas grill so that you can also do it next time. Are you ready to sear a dozen beef steaks this evening? If yes, then get the ball rolling.

How to Use a Searing Burner On a Gas Grill | An Ultimate Guide On Using a Searing Burner

Whatever you want to learn, you have to go with a step-by-step process to make the learning comfortable and easy. Otherwise, a haphazard approach will make you confused and unmotivated to follow the procedure. 

So it will be great to know the steps of using a searing burner stepwise. Let’s know the steps.

Step-1: Adjust The Meat With Natural Temperature

Usually, you store the meat steak in the refrigerator to avoid rotten it. So the first thing is to adjust the meat with room temperature to start searing.

It’s a straightforward process to adjust meat temperature. Before 2-3 hours, just get the meat out from the refrigerator and keep it in a safe place. Then wait for those specific hours, and meat comes at room temperature.

Step-2: Seasoning The Meat

When you keep the meat for 2-3 hours in the meantime, the ice has melted and created water. So now you have to pat the meat to make the steak dry. If the steak contains water, then the taste of searing isn’t delicious.

You can use a paper towel or tissue to make the steak dry. After drying it, spread salt and pepper to marinate the meat. Then keep the meat steak for 30 minutes to one hour for marinating.

Step-3: Grates Oiling

Now, you have marinated steak. So the next step is preparing the grates to make them ready for searing. To make the grates ready, coat oil on the grates. 

This oil coat will help your steak not to stick with grates. Unless you use oil, there is a high chance of stickiness of meat with the grates. That’s why don’t neglect full grates oiling.

Step-4: Firing The Grill and Sear Burner

This is the time to make a fire in your gas grill and searing burners. Yes, here, don’t forget to follow the grill’s manufacturing instructions to get the best result.

To preheat the grill, set the searing burner’s temperature within 300-400° Fahrenheit. This temperature is enough to sear your steak and offer you evenly spicy searing meat. In the case of searing steak or cooking any meat, a digital thermometer helps a lot.

Step-5: Use Meat Thermometer to Check Inside Temperature

It’ll be a wise decision for you to use a thermometer to check the inside temperature before placing the meat on the grill

If you find the temperature is hovering around 300-400° Fahrenheit, then it’s ok to place the meat. But if the temperature is out of this limit, first bring the temperature within this limit, then place the meat.

Now, you may ask why you should maintain this temperature? The answer is concise and specific. This temperature is perfect for bringing a brown color to your meat with proper cooking. 

Step-6: Placing The Steaks On The Searing Burner 

Since the grill’s temperature is within the limit, what are you waiting for? Place the steak on the grill by angling it at 45° and keep it on this angle for one minute. 

After completing one minute, leave the steak by angling 90° to get a restaurant-style grilling sign. Then again, sear the steak for another one minute. 

In this way, sear the meat’s two sides properly and bring brown color with a crispy texture. At the same time, be careful about time maintenance. 

If you leave the meat for a longer time, it will burn, and if you flip it sooner, it will remain uncooked. So carefully handle the searing procedure to taste a lump of mouthwatering meat.

Step-7: Exchanging The Steak

As you have successfully completed these six steps, that means you are almost done searing. Now, transfer the meat steak from the searing burner to primary grilling grates. 

You already know your steak is too hot to touch with fingers, so use long-handled tongs or a spoon to transfer it.

Step-8: Offering Indirect Heat 

Now, keep the steak on the grill’s cooler side where the gas burners are off for offering indirect heat. While cooking with indirect heat, you can use salt and pepper for another seasoning if you want.

You can wait 6 to 8 minutes for indirect heating and, within this time, flip it once to get heat to the opposite side of the steak. This indirect cooking will make the steak more delicious and easily digestive.

Step-9: Serving Before Hunger Mouth

Now, at last, the time has come for which you all are eagerly waiting for. So be ready to taste the meat. Remove the steak from the grill and keep it some time to cool down to eat. Then take a sharp knife to slice it and then serve the slices on a serving dish.  


There is a proverb, “prevention is better than cure”. In the same way, it’s better to be aware to avoid any danger during grilling or handling fire. That’s why I like to share some of the precaution tips while searing.

  • Never unattended your firing grill while cooking because the fire may spread seconds of ignorance. 
  • Always use the washed grill, kitchen utensils, and cooking ingredients. This simple but effective practice helps you to avoid Covid-19 and other germs-related diseases. 
  • Never entertain your kids and pets besides the grilling area. Please keep them in a safe place far away from the firing grill. 

I hope these simple precautionary steps help you to enjoy your searing without facing any unexpected incidents.

What Is a Sear Station

The searing burner or searing station is a separate and smaller place, which is included as powerful cooking equipment with many gas grills. Usually, the searing burners are located beside the regular gas burners. 

You can make a high heat with a more significant number of little flames for heating a ceramic plate. This rapid hottest plate is useful to quickly sear meat steaks and any other food items. But meat steak is very common in searing.

What Is Searing

Simple word searing is a process of cooking by which you cook the steaks at a higher temperature to make it crispy. But you don’t get a crisp texture on your meat if you always cook it at a high temperature. 

First, offer the high temperature to cook, and when the ¾ of cooking is done, then reduce the temperature to complete the rest of the cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You know human curiosity has no limit. But some questions are repeatedly asked because these are more important than others. That’s why here I have picked 7 frequently asked questions to give you a short answer. Let’s see these 7 questions

  • How do you use a searing burner for steak?

Using a searing burner for steak isn’t too harsh. To use it, just open the grill’s lid, ignite the grill, close the lid, preheat the grill for 15 minutes, and reach the heat 300-400°F. After getting the desired temperature, now ignite the searing burner to sear the steak. 

  • Do you sear a steak before or after grilling?

There is no bindings or hard and fast rule to sear meat steaks before or after grilling. You can do it according to your preference. 

But, if you like to get a juicy and zesty taste on your steak, then it’s better to sear steak before baking, grilling, roasting, or braising. 

  • How long do you sear a steak on a grill?

Searing time depends on the thickness of your steak. In common cases, most people use 2-4 inches thick steak. You have to sear your 2-4 inches thick steak for 2-3 minutes on each side.

Before placing your steak on the grill, you can rub sea salt and pepper on both sides of the steak. It’ll increase the searing steak’s taste. 

  • How do you reverse sear a steak on a gas grill?

For reversing your steak’s sear, place the steak on the hottest burner of your grill and cook it for 1½-2 minutes per side. After completing two sides searing, check if the steak is ready to eat or not. 

If it needs more time to cook, keep it on the grill’s opposite side where the gas burners are off. Then close the grill’s lid and cook extra time until getting your preferred doneness. 

  • How do you sear a marinated steak?

It’s straightforward to sear a marinated steak. For this, first, preheat your grates and coat some cooking oil on it. After that, place your marinated steak on the grates. Searing time depends on the thickness of your marginated steak. 

If your steak thickness is ½ inch, then 2 to 3 minutes and rare to medium heat is enough to sear the steak. When you get a crispy texture on the meat, turn off the grill.

  • How many times should you turn over a steak on the grill?

It’s better to flip your steak one time while you are cooking or searing it. If you frequently flip it, there’s a chance of uneven cooking as this time, the temperature fluctuates. 

So initially, place the steak on the grill, flip the steak in the middle of the cooking and lastly, remove it after finishing cooking. 

  • How to use an infrared searing burner?

It’s effortless to use an infrared searing burner. First, light the grill and burner, and then dry your steak with a paper towel. 

Now, keep the steak on the burner at a 45° angle and sear the steak for one minute per side. This is the way of using the infrared searing burner.

Final Thought

Now I like to announce the end of my words on how to use a searing burner on a gas grill. Hopefully, all the information I share from my personal experience will help you change your meat taste. But, yes, make your mind before starting searing. No matter which types of cooking you are going to follow. Cooking is an art, and unless you feel any passion and love for this, the food’s taste doesn’t reach your desired satisfaction. 

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