How to Light A Gas Grill With Minimal Effort In 2 Quick Ways

What will happen – if you are a first-time griller and host a summer BBQ party, but you are not able to light the gas grill properly? 

All of my guests arrived just on time. We know nothing is more frustrating than this. As everything is set to go – but your gas grill refuses to help you.

There are many reasons for not lighting the grill. Also, maybe you do not use the right starting procedure.

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Without wasting any time, today, I will provide clear guidance on how to light a gas grill with some exclusive tips. You can easily follow the steps and arrange a successful BBQ party for the upcoming summer season.

Let’s get started!

What Materials Require to Light a Gas Grill

Grilling is nothing but a lot of fun. If you are a first-time griller and do not know the right way of using a gas grill then our upcoming section is important for you. Gather the following requirements first before going to set up the fire.

Required Materials:

  • Propane or natural gas source. 
  • You can choose one based on your gas grill model. 
  • A lighter wand or long match sticks if needed.
  • Curled holder

Two Quick Ways on How to Light a Gas Grill

Now it’s time to light the gas grill. In this section, I will keep and present our discussion on the two methods of lighting the gas grill. 

You can choose the most convenient one between these two based on your grill model. So, let’s get started!

Using an Automatic Starter

The gas grill makes your cooking easier and quicker. With an automatic starter, you can effortlessly start your grill. So, follow the steps below –

Open The Lid: First off, you need to open the lid during lighting. It will protect you from any exploding hazard. 

In case if you start the process without opening the lid, then immediately open the lid and wait for some time to dissipate the gas. After this, continue the process. 

Supply The Gas: When you are going to start the gas grill, check the gas supply. Based on your grill model, the setup may vary. 

So, we suggest you read through the user manual and follow the steps with extra caution. If you lost the user booklet, then search on the internet. 

However, it is better to use the grill outside. In case you make up your mind to use it in your kitchen, then you can use your main gas source. 

Some models are directly connected to the supplied gas line of your home. It acts the same as a tank.

Turn On The Gas Connection: Once you ensure your gas connection is safe, now it’s time to turn on the gas. For a propane gas grill, you need to turn the valve clockwise or anti-clockwise. 

Some grill models include a secondary valve, so open it to collect gas. So, open it fully and wait for a few minutes so that the gas can easily pass through the gas line to the grill. 

Light the grill: It is the last step in turning on the grill with an automatic starter. After you turn on the gas connection, now it’s time to push the ignition button. Different grill models come with different designs. 

Like some models include a gas knob, and some of them have a starter. So, it is better to follow the usage instructions if any confusion arises about it. After lighting one burner successfully, the next one will light without the igniter.

How to Light Gas Grill Manually 

Now we will talk about how to light a gas grill manually. Models include manual start – requires more grilling skill to get it done smoothly. For this reason, many people do not want to use a manual gas grill. 

So, if you have a manual grill and are unable to start it successfully, then we are here to fix your problem. By following our mentioned instructions, you can easily turn on your manual grill just like the automatic one. 

Open The Lid: The initial steps will remain the same, just like the previous one. Here too, you need to open the lid to avoid any potential damage. 

Otherwise, fumes can build up, and they can be dangerous. So, open the lid to prevent the gas buildup.  

Supply The Gas: Now, you need to attach the gas line to the tank. You can follow the step just like we do for the automatic starter. 

Open The Valve: Once you successfully attach the gas source, you need to fully open the shutoff valve. It will successfully supply gas, and you need to wait for a few minutes to fill it fully after opening the valve.

Find The Ignition Hole: Now, you need to find the lighting hole. This small ignition hole usually is placed near the burners. In case you cannot find it out. Then go for the user manual. 

Use a Curled Holder: Once you successfully find it out, then place the longer match on the holder. Usually, a manual grill includes a curled holder. In case you do not get it with your grill, then buy one. 

We recommend using a curled holder because it helps to protect your hands from flame exposure. Some gas grill models have a small and narrow ignition hole. For this reason, it is hard to put the match directly. 

So, the long holder helps to enter the match easily in the lighting hole. If you are a first-time griller and trying to light your manual grill without a holder, then sorry, my mate, you are nothing but wasting your time, energy, and also matchsticks.

Light The Grill: After placing the matchstick on the holder, put it into the igniting hole. Remember to turn on the nearest burner. Your grill will light in your very first attempt if it is working fine. 

Once a single burner is lit, then you need to turn on the knobs and wait for some time to light it fully. After that, your grill is ready! 


  1. Never overfill the gas tank. 
  2. Keep the grill in a well-ventilated area. Never store in an indoor space. Or in case you store it indoors, then you need to disconnect the cylinder.
  3. Never close the lids of the grill; always, you should keep the lid open while lighting the gas grill to avoid any flame exposure.
  4. While lighting or cooking, never lean over the grill. 
  5. If the burner does not light, then immediately turn off the gas supply.
  6. Never use the gas tank if it has any leakage or dents. It can be dangerous.

Why Do You Need to Light Your Gas Grill

You need to light your gas grill properly. As proper lighting will give you well-prepared food with smoky flavor, and you can easily control its temperature. 

Besides, it will give a better taste than a charcoal grill. So, we suggest if you want to purchase a grill, then go for the gas grill for convenience and better results.

What Is The Actual Meaning of Lighting a Gas Grill

Lighting a gas grill basically means how to start a gas grill effectively and safely. Properly lighting the gas grill is very important for efficient cooking. 

However, gas grills come with a simple design. But if you do not have proper knowledge of grilling, then you must be in trouble. 

Though you can light the basic models manually, some gas grill models include a push-button ignition option in recent times. 

There are basically three types of gas grills – propane, natural, and infrared gas grill. So, you can choose the model according to your preference.

When The Gas Grill Won’t Light

If your gas grill is not lighting properly, then do not get worried. Weather can be an issue for not lighting the grill. Besides, there are many other reasons behind it, so try to find out the reason. 

Faulty Burners: It is one of the main reasons if your grill won’t light. Sometimes the control panel and other valves do not stay in the right position inside the burner tubes. It will cause no lighting of the grill. Besides pests, insects can also block the burner.

Dead Ignition Battery: Here comes another reason, faulty or dead ignition battery and inappropriate position of the battery. Your grill won’t turn on if the battery is wet or corroded. 

Wrong Setup: If all the electrode wires are not connected or placed properly, your grill won’t light. Besides, dirty electrode wires also create trouble for lighting the gas grill. 

In case there are any faulty wires, then you need to replace them. Otherwise, it can be hazardous.

Check The Gas Tank: Ensure the gas tank is properly connected to the grill. Otherwise, it may create a problem to turn on. 

Check the coupling nut and gas tank; they need to be fully connected. Try to turn it until a solid stop. Do it with your hand. Never use any tools or instruments to tighten. 

What Will You Do if Your Gas Grill Won’t Light Properly

Nothing is more depressing at a BBQ party than when your grill won’t turn on. So, do not get stressed.

Deal it with PATIENCE!

  • Check Ignition System

If there is a shortage of gas, then there is nothing to ignite. So you cannot start your grill. There are many ignition systems available in the market nowadays. 

  • Follow The Accurate Starting Procedure

Use the accurate process to start the grill. We have already mentioned two methods; you can use one based on your grill model. If any confusion arises, then go through the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Dirty or Clogged Burners

A dirty or clogged burner prevents your grill from turning on. So, check, inspect and clean the burners regularly to avoid problems. 

If you find any problem, immediately replace the burner. Do not forget to bring the same size as the burner.

  • Check The Pressure Regulator

Most of the time, a grill not turning on – is an indicator of a bad regulator. 

If you face this problem, then we recommend you reset the regulator with the help of the user manual. If the grill still does not allow gas to flow after doing this, replace the pressure regularly.

  • Gas Issues

If everything is OKAY, but still your grill won’t light. What will you do then? Check the gas source. 

If you have a propane gas grill but instead of using propane, you use a direct gas line – it might be a serious problem. So, check out the grill model and gas source to avoid problems.

  • Weather Problems

It is difficult to start the grill in the dump weather. Also, it is hard to use a grill in the middle of winter. Propane or natural gas acts differently in cold weather. 

A simple solution to these weather problems – bring an extra fuel tank with you. It will keep your grill at the proper grilling temperature during the summer season.

Check If There Is a Gas Leakage

In most cases, your nose will help you out. You will get an odor of leakage gas or can hear a whistling noise. Except this, there are few symptoms that will also help you to identify gas leakage problems. 

I present a ‘soapy water test’ – a simple solution to check if the grill has any gas leakage problem or not.

Before starting the procedure, close the valve of the tank. Now make soapy water with water and dish detergent. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. 

You need to bring your grill outside at least 4 feet away from your home and place it in a well-ventilated area.

Then spray it on the connection of the grill and gas tank. Remember, you need to turn off the gas before spraying. If you observe any bubbles, then no doubt it has a gas leakage. 

In this case, immediately turn off the gas. Instantly, you should consult the manufacturer. But if you do not find any leakage, then simply rinse with clean water and keep it dry.


  • Is it safe to light a gas grill with a lighter?

Yes, you can use a lighter to light a gas grill, and it is safe to use. But try to use the long-reach butane lighter as it is refillable and perfect for lighting.

  • Should the grill lid be opened or closed when lighting?

Never start to turn the grill with a closed lid. You should always keep the lid opened while lighting for better airflow because it will help to protect you from any potential flame hazard. 

  • Can you use a lighter to start a propane grill?

Yes, you can use a lighter to start a propane grill. 

  • Do you need lighter fluid for a gas grill?

Gas grill users can avoid using lighter fluid. It is wise not to use a liquid lighter, as it leaves a bad smell in the prepared foods. Also, the petroleum residue of it can cause respiratory damage. 

  • What is a lighting hook for a gas grill?

A lighting hook is used to turn on the burner in case the igniter does not perform. It is safer and easy to use. You just mount a long matchstick in the coiled end and then turn on the burner.


Hope that by now, you will learn how to light a gas grill safely and easily. We try to discuss every important single topic related to a gas grill. 

Inspect the instrument regularly, clean and maintain the gas grill to extend its durability, and redouble the performance. Use the right starting process based on your model. Do not let your BBQ dream fade away! Let the fire and make some mouthwatering BBQ for your guest.

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