Weber Gas Grill Regulator Leaking – Fix It Now

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Got a Weber gas grill but it’s not reaching your desired temperature while BBQing? Chances are, the regulator is at fault. 

Probably, the gas grill is facing a leaking issue. Either the regulator isn’t installed accurately or it’s damaged somehow. You can run a leak test with soapy water to check the Weber gas grill regulator leaking problem.

If it truly leaks gas, you have no other choice other than to replace the regulator. Below, I have some ideal selections if you need to replace the Weber regulator.

Let’s check them out!

Why Is Weber Gas Grill Regulator Leaking?

Well, there could be two reasons for the Weber grill regulator problems. Either it has gone on the bypass mode or it has a leakage issue. 

When both the gas tank and the grill burner are turned on, the bypass mode is also on, and evidently, it causes around 10% less gas flow. Sometimes it’s reduced even more. 

Otherwise, there is a gas leak in your regulator hose. Basically, if you tighten the regulator too much while installing, it can crack and start leaking gas. 

Also, they can be subjected to flooding or water damage and thus start to leak gas. In that case,  you need to replace them immediately to prevent a severe gas explosion. 

Weber Gas Grill Regulator Leaking – Let’s Fix It Now

Unfortunately, there is no part inside the regulator hose that you can fix. If you find it faulty, you need to change the whole kit. That’s the only way to fix your Weber gas grill if it’s causing gas leakage. 

“A gas grill regulator is like the thermostat of your outdoor kitchen, giving you the control to create culinary masterpieces.”

Jeff Koss

Weber Gas Grill Regulator Kit Replacement

The following three products are chosen wisely considering price, performance, and longevity.  I hope they will meet your needs if you are looking for a serviceable regulator and a hose kit for your Weber grill. 

Weber Gas Grill Regulator And Hose

The first option to look for is the Weber 21-inch replacement kit. Being specifically made for Weber grill, it fills the bill quite well when it comes to replacing  a leaky regulator 

It will fit all Weber Genesis and Summit series grills as already discussed. Moreover, I found it a perfect match for the Spirit E-210 as well. 

Weber Hose and Regulator Kit, for select Genesis and Summit Gas Grills
Weber Hose and Regulator Kit, for select Genesis and Summit Gas Grills
MEASUREMENTS: Regulator is 4”, Hose length is 21”
$35.81 Amazon Prime

Top Features

  • Safe and secure rubber construction 
  • Made of original Weber replacement part
  • Fits most of the Weber models of the Genesis and Summit series
  • Establishes an airtight connection between the valve and the tank
  • Comes with a 21-inch QCC1 hose, regulator, and an instruction guide

Check today’s price on Amazon

One of the major striking features of this kit is its durable construction with high-quality rubber. Being super easy to install, it takes a few minutes to attach to the grill. Besides, you get a secured and airtight connection between the grill and the propane tank. 

And the 21″ length of the hose is more than enough for the mentioned model of Weber grill. 

In fact, it is longer than the original regulator in some cases. Also,  the price point is quite reasonable as well. 

All things considered, this genuine Weber OEM part is a must-try kit as a replacement. 


  • Extremely easy to install 
  • Great value for the money
  • Reliable rubber construction 


  • Some users complained about its longevity
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Weber Regulator Kit For Genesis & Summit

Next comes another Weber original regulator kit for their Genesis and Summit series. Let’s check out whether they live up to the expectations or not.

Weber Hose And Regulator Kit, For Genesis 300 & Summit 400/600 Series
Weber Hose And Regulator Kit, For Genesis 300 & Summit 400/600 Series
MEASUREMENTS: Regulator is 4”, Hose length is 30”; Regulates liquid propane flow for consistent, uniform heat distribution
$42.78 Amazon Prime

Top Features

  • Provides two years of warranty
  • Comes with a 30-inch rubber hose 
  • Genuine Weber part for Genesis 300 model
  • Fits only the front-mounted control panel models
  • Supports liquid propane flow for consistent heating

Check today’s price on Amazon

To my utter surprise, this regulator kit for the Weber gas grill performs pretty well. Compared to the previous one, it includes an even longer rubber hose of 30 inches. 

But it shares the same reliable rubber construction as the previous one as this kit is also built with the original Weber replacement part.

Surprisingly, the price is the exact same as the previous one. 

Wondering what Weber grill it fits? Buy this if you have Genesis 300 or Summit 400/600 series. 

When I tried this regulator replacement kit, I found it works as described. So, you can consider it a bang for your bucks. 

If your burner is not suddenly lighting up, probably it’s time to replace the hose and the regulator. And what could beat the performance of a Weber original replacement kit?

Want to get back to your happy grilling days? Try this kit once. Trust me you will feel like using a brand new grill. 

Instead of wasting money on some knock-off kits, invest your hard-earned money in this original version, and rest assured for a couple of years.


  • 30″ longer hose
  • A budget-friendly solution to fix the leaking issue
  • Offers 100% accuracy in building a secure connection with the tank


  • Not suitable for Weber models with side burners
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Universal Grill Regulator Kit and Hose

Thirdly, I will talk about an off-brand regulator kit that competes quite well with the branded ones. As the name suggests, it’s a universal regulator and hoses replacement kit by Shinestar and therefore, fits other propane BBQ grills other than Weber too.

Top Features

  • Includes a ⅚” diameter LP hose
  • Establishes a secured and dealt connection
  • Shuts off automatically when it detects abnormal pressure
  • Suitable for Weber, Brinkmann, Uniflame, Char-Broil, etc. outdoor gas grills
  • Comes with a QCC-1 propane cylinder adapter and a ⅜” female flare fitting

Check today’s price on Amazon

Well, the specialty of this universal kit is that you can count it as a multipurpose one. Any gas grill having a ⅜” male flare fitting can use this regulator and hose. 

Although it’s not a genuine Weber kit, you can certainly go for the kit for a similar outcome. Yes, they last almost similar to the generic ones. 

Shinestar made this kit available in three sizes, 2 feet, 5 feet, and 12 feet. You can pick the one that meets your requirements. 

Aside from that, the 100% solid brass and durable rubber hose fill the bill for the hose kit. And it establishes an airtight connection with a stable gas flow with the help of the brass connectors. 

Next, you will be blown away by the price range. It’s so affordable that anyone can avail of this immediately from any retail store. 

So, try this Shinestar product once and be a fan forever. 


  • Extremely budget-friendly 
  • Provides protection against excess flow
  • Offers a tight and sealed link between the gas grill and the tank


  • Not 100% leak-proof
  • The brass connectors don’t work well
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How Do I Know If My Weber Regulator Is Bad?

When your BBQ grill wouldn’t reach high temperatures quickly as before, rest assured that there is a problem with the regulator. But you need to check that practically, right?

Well, to do so, you can run a quick test. Prepare a solution with 20% soap and 80% water. Now, spray this solution on all the fittings of the regulator. 

Now, turn on the gas supply. Please remember that you need to be very careful and slow while opening the tank valve. 

If you find any bubble around any of the fittings where the Weber grill regulator is connected, undoubtedly the regulator is leaky and needs replacement. 

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How Long Do Weber Regulators Last?

Weber regulators are usually built to last. If you can maintain them properly, they last for more than five years without any issue. But the manufacturers recommend replacing them every five years. 

How Often Do Grill Regulators Need To Be Replaced?

Well, it mostly depends on the manufacturing company. Some gas grill regulators claim to last for 15-20 years. Some last for 5-7 years.

You need to check the lifespan of the gas grill regulators thoroughly while buying them. Due to natural wear and tear, regulators are affected and therefore, they need to be replaced with a new one once any abnormality is detected.

How Do You Check A Propane Regulator For Leaks?

With the soapy water test. If you can hear a noise of gas leakage or smell the gas, immediately spray some soapy water on all the attachments of the regulator. If any bubble is detected, you can easily conclude that the propane regulator is leaky. 

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What Happens When A Propane Regulator Goes Bad?

First of all, the color of the flame is changed when a propane regulator fails. Also, the gas pressure fluctuates and resultantly, you don’t get a stable temperature flow for evenly cooking the food. 

Moreover, the flame height also fluctuates. Sometimes it increases and sometimes decreases. If it goes bad completely, you can even smell gas leaking from the regulator. 

How Do You Know If Your Gas Regulator Is Broken?

Did your gas grill regulator stay underwater for a long time? Then it must be subjected to wear and tear and chances are, it’s already broken. 

But how could you be so sure? Worry not, there are some common signs that indicate that the regulator is broken.

Firstly, you will experience no propane flow if the regulator is not working properly. Even if the gas flows, the pressure would reduce to a notable extent. And you will see yellow flames.

Also, there might be sooty residues or popping sounds if the regulator needs fixing. 

Usually, a non-faulty regulator and hose kit burn the propane clean and quiet. So, if you notice any unusual popping noise or dark spots while using the burner,  it’s because the gas valve regulator is damaged.

Another sign of a broken regulator is the faulty vents. If they are not working properly, it’s time for a replacement. 

Finally, using the same regulator for a decade? Naturally, it will start malfunctioning. After passing its shelf life, it needs to be changed to a new one. 

When Should I Replace My Gas Regulator?

Once it is damaged or gets leaky. Or if it has crossed its shelf life. Although every regulator differs in the date of production, you should change them every five years for a secured propane flow. 

How Do You Replace A Regulator On A Weber Gas Grill?

First, remove the two bolts that secure the brackets outside the cabinet. You need an Allen wrench to bring out the bolts.

Then pull out the hose connection and remove the rubber hose with two adjustable wrenches. 

Once you detach the hose out of the cabinet, install the new regulator and hose. To do so, thread the rubber hose back through the ring and attach it to the bracket tightly. 

Finally, reattach the regulator to the gas bottle, and you are done with your Weber gas grill regulator replacement. 

Most importantly, wash your hands properly after everything is sorted. 

How Do You Clean A Weber Regulator?

To clean the Weber gas grill regulator, you need to turn off the gas flow first. Then detach the hose and the regulator from the grill. 

After that, prepare a mixture of warm soapy water and dip the hose into it. Wait for a while so that it’s thoroughly cleaned. 

Then rinse the hose under running water and let it dry. 

After reattaching the hose, you need to prepare another solution with dish soap and water at a 50:50 ratio. Clean the regulator and all fittings using this solution with the help of a brush. 

How Do You Reset A Weber Gas Regulator?

Like any other gas grill regulator, resetting a Weber one is no rocket science. First, turn off the gas at the propane tank. Then pull off the hose and open the lid of the gas grill. 

Now, you need to turn on all the burner valves high for two minutes and then turn them off. Reconnecting the gas at the propane tank will finish the task. 


Weber is undoubtedly a reliable name when it comes to providing a gas grill both indoors and outdoors. They require less maintenance and last really long. 

But in no way you should leave the propane system unchecked for a long time. Because it’s quite natural that the regulator will wear and tear over time and probably it will leak gas once gone bad.

So, if you are facing a Weber gas grill regulator leaking issue, don’t panic. Just buy a new regulator and hose kit and replace the faulty one. 

As you cannot repair the regulator, make sure you buy a reliable one. On that note, the genuine Weber ones work wonderfully well in terms of providing uniform heat distribution. 

Although the off-brand ones come more budget-friendly. Just go for the one that perfectly matches your grill model not to malfunction.

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