How To Clean A Gas Grill With Minimal Effort (Interior & Exterior)

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Chilling with family or arranging a BBQ party is always fun and also a great party idea for the summer season. And if you have a gas grill your cooking will become easier. 

Whether you are a pro griller or amateur – cleaning can be a big concern and maybe one of the most annoying ones that you cannot skip.

If you do not clean and maintain the grill, your food will absorb an unpleasant taste, and your grill will get damaged. So, cleaning up your grill properly is crucial to get tasty food.

To reduce your time and energy, here I will present you with clear instructions on how to clean your gas grill with minimal effort. So, follow the directions and make your grill ready for your next grilling season!

What Equipment Will You Require For Gas Grill Cleaning

Search on the internet or go to the nearest store – you will find several grill cleaning equipment or cleaners such as detergent, and grill cleaning spray. 

Besides, by using white vinegar, you can also clean your gas grill. As white vinegar has 5% acidity, so it can easily clean the grill. 

But for extra cleaning, you can try cleaning vinegar – which is formulated with 45% acidity with extra grease-cutting power. Also, You can use an oven cleaner to clean the grill. 

Things You’ll Need: 

  • Sponge pad
  • Paper towel
  • Pair of gloves
  • A good wire grill brush
  • A bucket filled with a soapy solution
  • Glass cleaner (if your grill is stainless steel)

How To Clean The Interior Of Gas Grill With Minimal Effort

To avoid all dangerous incidents, you need to turn off the gas supply. Now follow the step-by-step instruction –

  • Turn Off The Gas Supply

To avoid all dangerous incidents, you need to turn off the gas supply. 

  • Use a Wire Brush & Soapy Water

Now it is time to take off the grill grates and give them a good scrub with soapy water and a brush. Try to use a grill brush for easy cleaning. 

Take a teaspoon of liquid dish soap per quart of water and make soapy water. Then dip the brush in the soapy water and start to scrub the grill grates. Remember to clean both sides.

  • Remove Metal Coverings

Now remove the metal coverings, it protects the burners, and it assists in dispersing the heat. By scrubbing with a sponge, clean the protectors. 

  • Clean The Grime

Cleaning the grime is important. First, check the burner’s holes. Are there any clogs or not? You can use a toothpick to check it. Clogs always block the normal gas flow. 

In many gas grill models, burners can easily be removed. So, if your gas grill does not have this option, then you need to wipe it gently to clean it.

  • Scrape Charged Drippings

If your gas grill has a removable pan, then you can easily take it out and scrape the debris materials away. 

If your grill does not have a removable bottom pan, then you can use a grill scraper to scrap the burnt debris through the grease hole. Then collect it in a trash bag.

  • Clean The Bottom Pan

After scrapping all the charged drippings, scrub the bottom by using a sponge. Use soapy water to clean the grime. 

Debris, food scraps, and charged drippings clog together under the burners. Need to pay extra attention to this particular area and clean it; otherwise, corrosion occurs.

  • Wipe The Exterior Part

Now, you need to wipe the outside part by using a grill scraper and a soapy sponge. Remember not to scratch too much of the metal; it may lead to corrosion. 

  • Now Reassemble

Reassemble the metal coverings and put everything back. Put all the items back in the right place. 

  • Set The Fire

Now, you need to turn the grill on high, and you should close the lid for 10 minutes. It will help to burn off the remaining cleaner, if present, any inside the grill’s surface. 

  • Oil The Grill Grates

Turn off the gas and oil the grill grates to help prevent the prepared foods from sticking to the surface area. 

You can use a paper towel and dip it in canola oil. You can use a metal tong to rub the oily towel over the surface of hot grill grates.

How To Clean The Exterior Of A Gas Grill With A Minimal Effort

Turn Off The Gas: First off, before starting to clean the gas grill, remember to turn off the gas valve to avoid any dangerous incidents. 

Check The Dripping Pan: Most gas grills include a dripping disposal pan. So, you need to clean the surface of the dripping pan holder. You can replace the liner with aluminum foil paper. 

In case your dripping pan is not removable, then you need to wipe away the drippings with a paper towel. After cleaning the drippings as much as possible, then rinse the dripping pan with soapy water.

Clean The Outside: Use soapy water to clean the outside of the grill. To make this soapy water, use 1 teaspoon of dish cleaner for every quart of water.

Clean The Exterior Surfaces: To reduce the chance of corrosion due to food drippings, clean the grill surface properly. Need to pay more attention to the particular area around the knob to clean the dripping. Also, wipe the burners with a soapy solution.

Rinse All The Soapy Water: After that, rinse all the soapy solution with a hosepipe and clean the soapy water properly.  

Use a Cleaner: If your gas grill includes a stainless steel lid, then use a glass cleaner and spray it on the surface. Now wipe it using a paper towel to keep the surface looking glossy. 

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A Few Extra Tips For You

While you are going to clean the gas grill, you need to take some precautions and know some safety tips. Here, we want to share some tips with you –

  • Clean the grill grates after each use. 
  • You should wear gloves.
  • Before starting to clean, remove all the coverings and grates.
  • Regularly check the burner protectors and need to replace them if needed.
  • Keep more attention – when cleaning the stainless steel part.
  • Always turn off the gas supply to the gas grill after use.
  • Stay careful while using the wire brush.
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When Do You Need To Clean Your Gas Grill

Cleaning your gas grill mainly depends on how much you use it. If you notice your gas grill cannot make much heat – so it can be a sign of overdue cleaning. According to many experts, they recommend cleaning the gas grill 1 – 2 times a year. 

But it should be better if you clean it every few months as the veggies fall through the grill grates, extra grease from steak – all these things hamper the heating system and also look dirty. 

Also, the prepared foods absorb an unpleasant taste and flavor. Besides, food debris is clogged together. Also, it may cause a greasy build-up that leads to dangerous flare-ups.

So, it is essential to clean your gas grill properly and regularly. But if you are unable to clean it on a regular basis. Then do it just before and after the summer grilling season. 

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How To Maintain Your Gas Grill To Use For A Longer Time

You should not do a lot of stuff to maintain a shiny gas grill. By following some tips, you can maintain the gas grill successfully for years.

  • Check Gas Line

You need to check and inspect your gas lines on a regular basis. Apply a very small amount of soapy solution to the connector and line’s surface. 

You should do this each season. With a brush, apply the soapy solution generously around the valve and connector. 

If you observe any bubbles forming, it indicates your gas line has a leak that leads to a dangerous situation. So, you need to take some actions first – either you should be tightening the connector or replace the gas line.

  • Oil The Surface

Apply oil on the surface of grill grates to keep them clean. Try to do this before every single use. Use a paper towel and dip it in vegetable oil. 

You can also use a metal tong to rub that oil-dipped towel on the hot grill grates before placing the food.

  • Clean After Each Use

You need to clean the grill grates properly after a single use. The easy and effective way to clean the grates when they are hot. 

You can use a wire grill brush to scrape all the remaining food particles or debris away by rubbing it through the length of the grill grates.

  • Burn Off Any Drippings

Food dripping may cause a grimy build-up. So, to prevent the grimy build-up, you need to burn off any drippings. Every 3 – 4 times you grill, you need to heat it up without any food. 

Turn it on high and close the lip. So, any drippings can burn up and fall on the protector. Allow to build up the heat inside the grill grates for around 15 minutes.

  • Cover The Grill Grates 

It is very important to cover the grill grates when it is not used because a cover will protect the grates from being damaged. 

If you keep it uncovered outside, rain or storms can harper its color. A cover will extend its durability and keep it protected from rust and corrosion.

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Can I clean my gas grill with a water hose?

If you have a pressure washer in your collection, then definitely you can use it to clean the gas grill and make it polished. But in case you do not have any pressure washer – then you can use your garden hose and a brush to clean the grill. Garden hose also gives you a better result. 

How can I protect my gas grill from moisture?

To protect the gas grill from moisture and insects, you can coat the burners and other metal parts with cooking oil. You can wrap or cover the gas line edge with a plastic bag to prevent rust and corrosion. It keeps your grill protected from bugs, spiders, or other insects. 

When should I cover my gas grill?

However, it is suggested to cover up the gas grill, but it is not important to cover it 24/7. Just cover it when necessary. If you do not cover it properly, moisture and humidity can damage the grill. 

So, try to use a grill cover to protect from rust. Never cover your grill when it is wet or too hot. Remember, the more you take proper care of your grills, the longer time you will enjoy its service.

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