Big Green Egg Fire Ring Cracked – Should You Worry?

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The fire ring of Big Green Egg creates an empty space for the smoker where charcoals and other wood-like stuff can burn. Yes, you guessed it pretty much on point; it’s the most vital part of a Green Egg.

However, what if the fire ring gets broken? Is this the end for your lovely ceramic smoker? Don’t worry! This article will render you the solutions of a big green egg fire ring cracked along with tips and tricks so that your fire ring lasts longer than the average.

Go through the article and get your desired solution, and don’t forget to Carpe Diem! 

Big Green Egg Fire Ring Cracked – Here’s The Solution

Long story short, if the fire ring of your Big Green Egg gets damaged, you shouldn’t really worry much about it. You can still operate the smoker without having a shattered fire ring. 

But it’s a bit dangerous. You have two different choices if you ever fall into this mischief. Either you can fix the wrecked old fire ring with some adhesive-type material, or you can change the entire fire ring to a new one. Going for the second one is wise.

In terms of getting a new one, you can make your way to the replacement fire ring directly from the manufacturer.

So, the exact replacement could be the Fire Ring for XL Green Egg. Point to be noted; it comes directly from the manufacture as in the Big Green Egg, as I mentioned above.

It would give you massive ease from getting messed up. And definitely, it will provide you the redemption of using a rusty and wrecked fire ring. 

However, let’s look forward to the top features of it- 

Big Green Egg Fire Ring for XL Egg
Big Green Egg Fire Ring for XL Egg
Big Green Egg Factory Fire Ring; Fit’s XL Big Green Egg Only (always check your model before ordering)

Top Features 

  • Durability
  • More Space 
  • Easy to Place 
  • Ceramic Made
  • Versatile Dimension

Check today’s price on Amazon

You will be lucky enough to avail all these features by purchasing the replacement fire ring. And, the most ironic part is, the replacement could be free for you if you’ve purchased the Big Green Egg from an authorized dealer. 

Just knock your dealer up and provide him with the proof that your fire ring got broken. He will deliver the replacement to you over the time being. Sounds surreal, ain’t it? Yes, it is! 

However, following some of the pre-requisites is mandatory in terms of replacing your fire ring. As it comes in several dimensions, make sure you’ve cross checked the model, aka dimension, with your Big Green Egg.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to place the fire ring in your smoker at all. And it would definitely lead you into a more prominent mess. 

In terms of a safety guide, you have to be careful while you’re putting the fire ring in your smoker. Do it as slowly as you can. Don’t make things fast. That’s what you should keep in your mind.

In a nutshell, if you’re suffering from a ravaged fire ring, directly contact your dealer and get yourself the free replacement that comes under the warranty. 

Crosscheck the dimension with your preferred size and be as slow as you can while you’re setting the fire ring into your Giant Egg. That’s all. There you go!

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How To Fix Cracked Big Green Egg Fire Ring

Now, in case you don’t want to replace your wrecked fire ring, there’s one more option that you can imply. That is, you can fix the broken cracked fire ring. In terms of a big green egg, fire ring cracked, you only need some of the equipment along with the Rutland Castable Cement

Here’s to the equipment that you would need to fix the broken fire ring of Big Green Egg – 

  • Rutland Tub Castable Cement
  • Pressure Washer 
  • Wire Brush 

Let’s get to the step-by-step procedure of fixing the fire ring. 

  • Before you jump into adding adhesive, first clean the broken edge of the fire ring. The object of cleaning the border is making sure that the cement fits perfectly in the edge of the ring. 
  • Apply a pressure washer to the fire ring, and lastly, use the wire brush to clean areas where you’re planning to apply the cement. 
  • Now, it’s time to apply the cement. Don’t wait too long after applying a pressure washer to the fire ring. Apply the cement to the edges of your broken fire ring carefully, and don’t forget to follow the instructions labeled on the product. 
  • In case any piece is missing, do not get afraid because the cement is strong enough to fill up the place. Just apply in an adequate amount, and get yourself going. 
  • As no heat is required to dry up the adhesive, all you can do is, keep the fire ring at room temperature and let it dry by itself. Following this step would allow the fire ring to dry in a good manner. 
  • Now, you’re almost done. Table the fire ring in a secure place before placing it into the egg. 

Following this process is easy from every possible angle. You don’t have to take that much hassle fixing it. But I recommend you take a replacement if you’re desperate to get a new one. 

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What Is The Fire Ring On A Big Green Egg

To be straightforward, a fire ring is a ceramic made round-shaped object that creates a space where charcoal and woods can gather around. Arguably it’s the most vital part of a Big Green Egg after the firebox. You won’t be able to operate the egg without having a perfect and stable fire ring inside of it. 

It also works magically in terms of controlling the amount of smoke. Apparently, it does not interfere with the amount of smoke. Instead, the fire ring occasionally increases or lower the temperature

Lower heat would provide you with more smoke and vice versa. In addition with it, the fire ring constructs a linning where you will find the hottest spot throughout the entire egg. 

I guess you have acquired a brief description of the fire ring. Although using a wrecked fire ring isn’t that futile, it’s better not to consider safety issues. If you feel like changing it into a new one or fixing the old one, you can go through the advice that I have illustrated upwards.

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What If You Use Cracked Fire Ring on Your Big Green Egg

Cracked fire ring performs perfectly and works to the point, no doubt. Except for some security issues, it’s okay to use the broken or cracked fire ring and operate the big green egg. 

In some cases, the heat-generating thing might get more uneventful, and the entire efficiency of your egg might get a bit slow. Implies, you won’t be able to get adequate smoke and heat in times. But certainly, the smoke will never stop working without the fire ring. So, if you want to smoke like a monk, get yourself a new one or fix the broken one ASAP! 

Nonetheless, if the fire ring breaks unevenly, woods that would turn into ashes later on, can get out of the boundary and enter the firebox. It would make things messier and sometimes take too long to fix. 

So far, these are the common problems that might occur if you use the egg along with a cracked fire ring. 

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How To Maintain Fire Ring To Get Long Lasting Experience

You surely will not like to use the cracked fire ring. To get rid of this, you can look after the fire ring that comes with the egg. By looking after it, you can increase its longevity. 

Read the steps below to get an idea about maintaining the fire ring. 

  • Clean the fire ring along with the firebox after every single real-time use of your Big Green Egg.
  • While you’re putting the fire ring out of your egg, be careful and do that slowly. Follow the same process when you’re inputting it into the egg. 
  • Do not move the egg in the to and for direction. If you feel like moving, try using a big green egg mover or sort of stuff to get yourself at ease. 
  • Lastly, refrain from putting much pressure on the egg. Due to stress, the inner portion can get wrecked despite the hard ceramic coating outside. 

There’s that. I guess that’s pretty much sums it up! 


If you’re reading the verdict now, I’m assuming that you have come here by following all the way. Essentially, you got the basic idea of fixing or replacing the fire ring, altogether the solution of the big green egg fire ring cracked and got to know some of the basic phenomena regarding the fire ring and the Big Green Egg itself. It’s enough to be good to go. Happy Smoking!