How To Move Big Green Egg (Mini, Large, Extra Large)

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Big green egg is a kamado-style cooker that works as charcoal grills. It complements outdoor cooking and provides the best of services. These grills are heavy in size, so that you may need someone’s help. But, guess what? This article will let you know how to move a big green egg yourself. 

Those who stay alone should not worry about using and moving their very own big green egg as this article is here to help you out with all the hacks and products you will need to move your big green egg. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

Things You Will Need To Move Your Big Green Egg

The big green egg grills are heavier than any other regular grills. Its parts are quite heavy too. Most of the time, you need another person’s help to move the grill or the parts of the grill. 

Let’s get you introduced to some products you will need to move your big green egg-

  • Grill Grate Lifter 

Grill grate is used to keep the grilling pot covered and safe from external dust. It is too risky to move or uplift the grill grate while cooking because it stays too hot at that time, or you may have to face some sparkled flame. 

Grill Grate Lifter is worth buying and here, cast iron is used as the base material makes the grated lifter more durable, strong, and rust-free. 

These special qualities are the reason why you need this product. If you need to change the placement of the grill grate of the big green egg while cooking, you can use this grate lifter to make your work easy and risk-free. I think this grill grate lifter is best to use. 

  • Big Green Egg Damper Top

This BONPAZ Big Green Egg Ceramic Damper Top Replacement Parts is the best damper for protecting the big green egg and thoroughly replacing its tools. This damper is specially made of big green egg grills. 

This damper is best to cover the vents that ensure the smooth air passing and more easy movements of the parts that were hard before. It helps isolate the air pass and controls the temperature however you want. 

Sometimes changing the position of the vent is hard during cooking. But this damper makes the changes easy. So, give this superb damper of replacing the individual parts of the big green eggs a try. Grab it now!

  • PotLifter – Essential Lifting Tool

This award winning PotLifter Essential Lifting Tool is one of the safest tools for moving any heavy product. The elasticity of the two attached belts is smooth that helps 2 persons work easily and move the grill smoothly. This heavy metal carrier can lift nearly 200 pounds. Can you believe it!

You will be in no loss if you buy this potlifter that can help you in moving your big green egg too. It will also protect your back from straining. This product is for those who want to make their grill moving or lifting easily. So, do not wait and buy it.

How To Move Big Green Egg – A Few Quick & Easy Tips

The big green egg grills come in every size to fulfill your demands. As its base materials are quite heavy and too firm, moving these is sometimes tough for the consumers. But with some easy hacks, you can do it on your own and enjoy cooking.

The easy tips are-

  • The ring of fire inside the grill is heavy and metallic. You should remove that ring from the grill first. Most of the grills have separate fireboxes too. You must remove that too and keep them aside on a long clean cloth so that those do not get dusty. 
  • To uplift the grill and move it to another place, you should use any good quality damper or any uplifting tool so that you should not have to take any other person’s help. Grill grate lifters sometimes give the service of uplifting the grill too. So, you may give it a try.
  • You can add a few short wheels under the grill so that it can be moved easily just by dragging here and there.
  • After removing the ring and too heavy parts, tie the rest of the parts together to make the grab easy for you.
  • Another easy way is to cover the whole cold big green egg with any bubble wrap. Bubble wraps make the product feel light when you carry or drag them. That is why it is a good option to move your grill.

Now, you have come to know that moving the big green eggs is not a tough job at all. No matter how the size is of your grill, you can always replace its parts or carry it to somewhere else safely by using a few techniques or using any important and easy-going tools. 

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Things You Should Consider While Moving Your Green Egg

The big green egg is a versatile cooking device that can be used as both grill oven and smoker simultaneously. They can be found in various sizes according to the user’s choice and need. 

These multi-functional smokers are larger than the usual size, so the benefits can also be highlighted easily. But for its best use, they provide good care. Especially while moving them. 

Considerable things to move a big green egg are given below-

First of all, the big green egg is made with a special type of ceramic which means it might not get rusted or face any other problems. But as it is kept outside due to the required large space. 

It might not be kept inside an enclosed area until it’s completely cool. So after cooking, it should be left for a while to lessen its temperature. And once it’s back to its normal temperature, it’s ready to be packed or kept wherever it should be.

After the cooking session, the egg should not be moved or rolled unless the high temperature might cause the user personal injury during the movement.

Also, it has a high amount of weight which is tough for one to control, so it might get even harder for a person to move it while it’s absorbed so much temperature. 

During the cooking session in the big green egg, the lids and cooking grids are supposed to be held by the user. So it is suggested to use grill papers while holding on to them. This tip is given to avoid the high amount of temperature mostly. 

The egg should be placed on an exact spot. Placing them on uneven surfaces, under trees, or branches hold the chances of tipping off. And this might cause personal and property damage. Using locking casters on the nest wheels might be helpful in some ways, as it prevents the egg from changing positions from the surface.

While moving the big green egg, it should always be pulled and never be pushed. Also, while the coals in them are hot, they shouldn’t be moved in any way. While moving the egg from the nest, it should be gripped tight, and the egg shouldn’t be pushed ahead. 

A stable footing is necessary for this work. Also, moving this alone might get you in trouble, so having someone else while moving the egg is suggested.

Although the usage and movement of the big green egg might get you a lot of works to do, it still won’t let you down with its multifunctioning tools.

Big green egg is mostly used for a huge amount of cooking, and it might help you with just a few batches. This can be your best companion while dealing with your extra-hungry guests.

And that’s why the tips and precautions should be followed before using this amazing product for a better experience.

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Tips To Move Your Large Big Green Egg

Big green egg is a great, multi-functioning tool that can work as both a smoker and grill oven. This can be found in different sizes according to the user’s choice and need. Large eggs are one of the most used smokers. But as it has a very heavy weight, moving it might cause a little work. 

Here’s to the tips for moving a large egg is given below:

  • It should always be pulled and never pushed ahead. Unless it might cause damage.
  • The fire ring and the firebox have to be removed from the egg before packing it.
  • The egg should be packed with bubble wraps or a blanket to ensure its safety.
  • Moving the egg is a multi-person job. It is suggested not to try moving this alone due to its heavyweight. 
  • Finally, the vehicle has to be secured with belts and braced down to avoid movements.

Large eggs are the medium size of big green eggs in the market. But the weight it bears is not enough for one person to handle or pull over. That’s why the mentioned tips should be followed for a safer experience with this multi-functioning product. 

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Tips To Move Extra Large (XL) BGE

When it comes to arranging a feast with lots of guests to deal with, extra-large big green eggs are exactly what you need. Extra-large green eggs are one of the largest big green eggs to use. They have a larger rack to smoke that can help you manage time, especially when you’re attending with your hungry guests. 

Tips for moving extra-large big green eggs are given below:

  • Alike every other egg, the fire rings from extra-large ones should be removed beforehand. 
  • Due to its heavyweight, it has to be dragged using the nest or base.
  • It is suggested to have someone to help during the movement as it’s tough to handle, and it might cause personal or property damage. 
  • The egg shouldn’t be placed inside any structure; rather, it should be covered with bubble wraps for its safety while traveling. 
  • Extra-large eggs aren’t suggested to be carried in vehicles. But one can carry it in the car if it’s properly cooled down and covered with something.

Extra-large big green eggs can be helpful enough for you whether you’re traveling or not. But as it takes a good space, it fit in the user has to follow all the tips mentioned before. And this is how one can have a great experience using it.

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Tips To Move Mini Big Green Egg

Mini big green eggs are the light-weight and smaller big green egg family members. If you want to have the experience of big green eggs and require a smaller space for them, a mini big green egg is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Mini eggs might help a user with the same facilities that any other egg will give but will require a smaller area. 

Tips for moving mini big green eggs are given below:

  • As the mini eggs are lighter in weight, the user can carry them along.
  • The mini size is vehicle-friendly, so it will be alright by just securing with a seatbelt.
  • It should be transported only when it’s properly cooled down. 
  • The eggs shouldn’t be rolled or tipped off, which might cause personal damage.
  • It’s optional, but it can be braced down while transporting to avoid extra movement.

As mentioned before, mini big green eggs are the smaller and handier size of big green eggs found in the market. That’s why it’s an ideal product to use during picnics or get to gathers. This can also be transported in vehicles easily. 

By attaching the seat belt around it, one can ensure its safety and move it wherever one wants. Also, it can handle multifunction just like any other big green egg will. The functions and tasks are just the same. And you’re getting all these in a smaller area and probably at a lower price. 

That’s why one should follow the tips mentioned above before moving the mini big green egg and enjoying their feast.


The confused or upset people about moving a big green egg can now breathe out of peace. This article has discussed all the consequences and steps to move your favorite big green eggs easily. 

Grilling is simple and easy if easily used, and for this easy usage, the movements should be easier. The big green eggs are known for their heavy metallic construction and tough moving ability. I hope now you can apply all these products and techniques to your big green eggs and enjoy grilling at home.