The Fastest Way To Cool Down Big Green Egg (Simple & Effective Hacks)

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Big Green Eggs are designed to quickly accelerate the heat. A Big Green Egg is capable of producing 575F within a short period of time. Once you’re done with cooking, now it’s time to cool down the big green egg. 

Implementing the fastest way to cool down a big green egg saves you time and makes it easier to prepare for the next meal.

There are a couple of methods that you may follow to cool it down. Sometimes, following the wrong instructions will require much more time than usual. The longer the egg stays at a higher temperature, the harder it is to cool it down.

They are made of ceramics that reflect heat and hold the heat as well. This is why you should always make sure that the way you’re following to cool it down is the ideal way depending on the surrounding. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Cool Down Big Green Egg

To guide you regarding this matter, I am going to discuss 4 ways to cool down the Big Green Egg. They are implemented by the users and do have an output for sure. You may follow the one that seems suitable to you. 

Closing The Vents

Here comes the first way that is closing the vents. This is pretty simple to follow. You will just need to reduce the airflow that will reduce the heat and the fire as well. The process may take time but will eventually reduce the inner heat. 

While closing the vent, make sure the vent is closed perfectly. There should not be any way for the air to flow inside. Just prevent the oxygen from getting in and this will automatically cool down your big green egg.

Sometimes, searing requires a lower temperature than usual. You will need heat around 250F. Thus, if you need to slow down the heat during the cooking, you may follow this process. 

You may use a rain cap to ensure the airflow is completely off. There are rain caps available for BGE with different size variants. You may try them as well. 

The adjustable rain caps are made to keep the rain out and also do a great job to prevent the airflow during cooling down the BGE. They are made of cast iron. Thus, they won’t get damaged easily.

Closing the vents and using the rain cap is the easiest and fastest way to cool down big green egg a user may follow. 

You won’t need any additional equipment. As the BGE will stay heated, use heat-resistant gloves while closing the vent. Just hold the handle of the vent wearing gloves and place it to block the airflow. BGE comes with both top and bottom vents. 

Thus, closing them both will make the process more effective. It will take a couple of hours or less to completely cool down but the temperature will drop in a matter of time.

This is a natural process that is very much useful when you are done with your cooking. If you are planning to cool down the BGE for cleaning or further cooking then you may follow this process.

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Another Great Method Is Using A Pot Of Water

This approach reduces the interior temperature efficiently. The energy from the ceramic material can be extracted by placing a pot of water inside the grid. Don’t let the pot get overfilled which may spill water on you. 

Maintain a minimum distance while placing the pot inside the grid. Use the highest possible size of the pot as you are required to change the pot after a specific amount of time. This method can be done without any additional instruments. 

You can use a round drip pan as an alternative to a water pan to get the job done well.

Using water at room temperature or less will make the cooling down process more faster and efficient. The process will take time to get the heat normal. 

Thus, don’t rush and wait for a couple of hours. The heat from the BGE will be absorbed by given water. 

If you wish to speed up the cooling process, change the pot of water every half hour until the BGE temperature returns to normal. This will cause the heat to dissipate more quickly than usual.

As you are placing the pot of water into a heated BGE, take precautions as needed. Don’t get too close with the BGE. While changing the pot of water with a new one, use heat-resistant gloves. 

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Using A Big Green Egg Genius

This process requires an additional device. The Big Green Egg Genius helps to cool down the inner heat and also keeps the food warm. This device automatically detects the temperature and starts lowering the heat once the cooking is complete. 

This allows you to control the inner heat with your smartphone. The variable-speed blower automatically adjusts with the help of this device. BGE Genius is an interactive temperature controller that does a really fine job to cool down the BGE.

You have full temperature control while using this device. There won’t be any issue controlling the inner heat. Once the cooking is complete, the device will automatically cool down as needed. 

The installation is pretty simple. You will have the installation guide with the package. 

This will be a top purchase for sure. The device will detect the temperature continuously and inform you of any sudden change in the heat. You have the standard heat all the time. The heat won’t get too high for any cooking. 

Thus, it’s easier to cool down the BGE once the cooking is done. This device is recommended for newbies as this will protect them from any unwanted situations.

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Putting Cold Materials

Here comes the most interesting method to cool down BGE. You may put a cold material that will absorb the heat effectively. For example, fire brick or pizza stone will be fine in this case. 

Throw them inside, maintaining a safe distance. As the BGE is made of ceramics, they retain the heat for a long time. Thus, you should focus on diverting the heat from the ceramics. 

This is why putting cold materials into a big green egg will make it easier for you to cool down in a very short time. 

The materials will reduce the ambient temp. Once the BGE reaches the standard temperature, you may clean the inner portion with a brush for your next meal.

This is an effective solution and can be done with any nearby material. There will be fire bricks or pizza stones available near a BGE. You may cover the lid while implementing this method. This will make the process work faster.

There are no specific instructions for the material. You may put any material that is not flammable. The material is being used just to transfer the heat from the ceramic as the ceramic takes much time to get the heat out. Don’t throw any heavy objects inside the BGE. 

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Which Is The Fastest Way To Cool Down Big Green Egg Among Them 

The steps mentioned in this article are based on customer feedback. They will surely provide results and the outcome depends on how accurately you are following the methods. If you are confused to try one and look for the most effective one try the first one. 

Closing the vents is the most effective and simplest method one may follow while cooling down a Big Green Egg. 

First of all, this method doesn’t require any additional instruments. Once the cooking is complete, you can immediately follow this method to cool down your BGE.

Closing the vents with an additional rain cap completely shuts the air to flow inside. This prevents the oxygen from flowing and reduces the temperature. The process is safe for newbies. 

It’s easier to follow the steps without getting injured.  If you manage to stop the airflow completely, this reduces the heat in the fastest possible time. 

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A Few Safety Tips You Must Follow While Cooling Down BGE

BGE is made of ceramics and they retain the heat for a long period. Thus, if you don’t maintain proper safety regulations you will damage yourself. First of all, place your BGE on safe and level ground. 

Here are some additional safety tips you should follow while working near a BGE – 

  • Use heat-resistant gloves  and gripping tools
  • Don’t completely fill the water while using the Pot of Water method 
  • Don’t touch the BGE until it’s completely cooled down
  • Don’t let the children and pets come close to BGE
  • Use the specially designed gripper and lifter while using a BGE
  • Don’t throw anything into the grid from a long distance
  • Maintain a minimum distance from the BGE
  • Always use the BGE in a level ground or spot
  • Don’t move the BGE while cooking
  • Don’t move the BGE until the charcoals are cooled down

If you are struggling to follow the steps and you’re totally failed to reduce the heat of BGE, you should purchase another BGE. Having multiple BGE is common as you need to start searing your meat. If the heat is not reduced as required, you won’t be able to sear the meat. 

In addition, some meals require a specific range of heat to get the best result.

How long does the BGE stay hot?

The Big Green Egg usually stays hot for 16 to 18 hours, depending on the cooking method.

How long does it take for an egg to cool down?

An Egg will start cooling down after 15 to 30 minutes. It may take a couple of hours to get the BGE completely cooled down.

How do you keep the temperature low on a Big Green Egg?

If you are cooking, the temperature will naturally get high. However, using the slow cooking method may keep the temperature low for the first few periods.

After cooling down, is it safe to clean inside of the big green egg?

Definitely, it’s recommended not to use any chemicals inside the egg. You may use a plastic paint scraper to clean any gunk inside the Big Green Egg.


Big Green Eggs are popular because of the high heat they produce. For oven-baked items or steaks, BGE is always a top choice. A user should have a proper idea about the pros and cons of a BGE. Once the cook is complete, the user should follow the fastest way to cool down a big green egg. This allows him to prepare for the next meal. 

In addition, it will be easier to get the exact heat once required without any waste of time. Following the above-mentioned methods, a user will be capable of getting the BGE cooled down comfortably. 

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