Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Egg – My Top 5 Picks

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You’ll need the best temperature controller for big green egg if you want to serve evenly cooked dishes every time. As you know, a temperature controller is a common device used to adjust the heat of a cooking kit.

The latest controllers include LED Screen, wifi, voice assistant, app control and some other cool features that make it easier for you to control the heat and enhance the flavor of your meal.

A smart temperature controller does the job automatically. Most of the time, you don’t even need to check the cooking frequently as the device will do the job with the help of sensors. These devices made the cooking more enjoyable and delicious as well.

Check the article below to find out which one offers better features – 

5 Best Temperature Controller For Big Green Egg

The top 5 were picked based on the advanced features they provide. These controllers will be a great addition to your outdoor cooking. There won’t be any overcooking or complex maintenance required after using these kits.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key FeaturesFlame Boss 500 WiFi ControllerBBQ Guru DigiQ DX3 ControllerTempMaster BBQ Temp. Controller
WiFi CompatibleYesNoNo
App ControlYesNo Yes
Voice AssistantGoogle/Alexa/VeraN/AN/A
The HallmarksLatest Technology, Smooth Experience, Easy Controlling, Accurate MonitoringHigh Performance, Exclusive Ramp Mode, Smart TechnologySimple Operation, Portability, Award-Winning Technology
Special FeaturesAll Device Configuration, Compatible with Alexa & GoogleRevolutionary Fan, High Visibility LED ScreenFlexible Silicone Air Hose, Startup Manual
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Readout the features to find out which one matches your expectations – 

Flame Boss 500-WiFi temperature Controller

Flame Boss Controller comes with some impressive features. This device focused on making cooking more easier and used advanced technology. There is an online dashboard that will provide you the details about the cooking conditions.

The controller can be used with up to 3 meat problems and doesn’t require any Y-cables. You can even get the pit and meat temp by using Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The compatibility with the voice assistant made it easier to check the pit and meat temperature. 

flame boss 500

Top Features

  • Advanced Patented Technology
  • Compatible with three meat probes
  • Compatible with smart voice assistants
  • Keep you updated with alarms and alerts
  • Online dashboard with the graph of cooks

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions7.87 in. x 4.72 in. x 114.17 in.
Weight2.12 lbs
BrandFlame Boss
Controller TypeGoogle, Alexa, Vera
Compatible withKamado, BGE, Primo, Saffire, & More

The newly designed controller is pretty easy to configure and can be used with most of the cooking grills. The kit is easily portable as it weighs only 2.14 pounds. 

If you are interested to know more about Flame Boss Smoker Controller, here are the detailed features of this device  –

Latest Technology

Flame Boss Smoker Controller comes with patented software that is combined with a variable-speed blower. There will be precise temperature and air intake control. 

The blower and the air intake will be regulated automatically with the help of this patented software. You just need to light the fire and set the control.    

Online Dashboard

There is an online dashboard on the Flame Boss Controller that will provide you a graph of your cook. This will keep you updated about the cooking conditions. You will be able to monitor and change the pit temperature through the controller. 

The pit temperature can be turned down if the pit has reached your desired heat. There is also an option to receive text messages on your phone or tablet for a specific range of heat.

Simple Configuration

Here is one of the top reasons to pick this controller. There is no complex configuration needed while setting this controller. You will have control of this device by using the Flame Boss mobile app. There are multiple advanced options available that will make the cooking more enjoyable. 

Newly Designed

Flame Boss controllers implemented advanced unique features in their controllers. The controller uses a variable-speed blower that will make it easier for you to control the temperature of your smoker. Everything you will need is included with the product.

Alarm & Alerts

The controller allows you to set the alarm for a specific time. You will be automatically notified if the meal is finished cooking. The controller will also notify you of a high or low temperature. These features will save you from an overcooked meal.


  • The smartest temp controller
  • You can control it directly from your mobile phone (once the app is installed)
  • No need to stay next to your grill when cooking low and slow
  • You can also control it manually (In case you get any internet issues)
  • Offers excellent customer service to fix any issue


  • Have to know how to install the app and connect wifi
  • Probes are not long-lasting
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DigiQ DX3 Temperature Controller by BBQ Guru

BBQ Guru DigiQ is undoubtedly one of the best available in the market. There are so many advanced features available on this kit that you’ll surely love to use this device. The thermometer of this controller can track the inner heat of the food, thus allowing you to know entirely about the stage of the meal. 

DigiQ DX3 comes with one of the best and reliable food thermometers to track the temperature of your meat. The precise temperature monitor will ensure that dangerous bacteria are eradicated. 

The display of this device is relatively larger than the traditional controllers so that you can read the metrics easily.

bbq guru digiq dx3

Top Features

  • Audible “food-ready alert”
  • It comes with a revolutionary fan
  • Compatible with most of the grills
  • It comes with an innovative Ramp mode
  • Includes high-performance thermometer

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions9.09 in. x 8.46 in. x 3.46 in.
Weight2.56 lbs
BrandBBQ Guru
Controller TypeDigital
Compatible withWeber, BGE, Kamado, Ceramic & More

As you will be able to track the internal temperature, it will be easier for you to have an idea about the meat or food condition.

Have a look at the detailed features below –   

Accuracy & Precision

Accurate measurement and precision is crucial feature for a temperature controller. This device does both and provides a solid performance as well. 

The probes will allow you to measure the PIT and food temperature with high precision. These metrics will make your food more enjoyable and delicious too.

Revolutionary Fan

The temperature controller comes with a revolutionary controller that gets adapted to the grills’ cooking thermodynamics.

The smart fan system will regulate the perfect temperature by pulsing the standard amount of oxygen. The fan is placed over the smoker’s air vents. Thus you won’t need any manual adjustment. 

Exclusive Ramp Mode

One of the most common issues for BBQ cooking is overcooked food. This happens due to not monitoring the meat. DigiQ DX3 comes with a solution to this problem. The Exclusive Ramp Mode of this controller will automatically lower the pit temperature to save the meat from overcooking. 

The ramp mode will adjust the temperature exactly when it is about to get perfectly cooked. You are not getting any chewy or burnt meat again by using this controller.

Ultimate Compatibility

The kit is compatible with most of the grill and smokers available in the market. DigiQ DX3 will perfectly fit with your charcoal or wood-fired grill.

You will be able to use this controller with Big Green Egg, DragonFire Grill, or even Vision Classic grills as well.


  • It’s very easy to set up
  • Comes with sturdy meat probes
  • Maintains the temperature flawlessly even when smoking low and slow
  • There’s a built-in fan to recover the heat (if lost)


  • Cheaply made
  • You may need additional probes to get accurate result
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TempMaster Wireless BBQ Temperature Controller

With award-winning technology, the TempMaster controller would be a great pick. The controller is compatible with both Bluetooth & WiFi, so you will easily receive an alert about the food condition. 

There is a dedicated app named BBQube that will provide you with details about your food. The portable controller comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 20 hours of backup with a single charge.

tempmaster bbq temperature controller

Top Features: 

  • Fast responding probes
  • The device is easy to configure
  • Second generation smoker controller
  • Portable and wireless with a compact size
  • Free adapter and carrying case for protection

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions10.1 in. x 6.8 in. x 5.5 in.
Weight2.35 lbs
Controller TypeWireless
Power Source12v Ac Adapter
Compatible withBGE, Kamado, Primo & More

The BBQube app will make it easier for you to monitor your food. You will get an alert through the app if your food is ready. Using this app to control the device will be a totally new experience for you with BBQ.

Check out the other detailed features below –  

Award-winning Technology

TempMaster comes with an award-winning technology that features precise temperature control. From Kamado grills to offset smokers, this controller is compatible with all.

In addition, you will be able to deliver precise airflow as there is a built-in variable speed fan with an advanced chipset.

One-Dial Operation

The controller from TempMaster comes with a simple configuration that you will love to use. The simple dial and click operation will make it the easiest controller available in the market. 

The small-sized controller is capable of running for 20+ hours with a 6000mAh rechargeable battery. The portable controller can be used anywhere at any time.

Compact & Powerful

TempMaster Wireless controller will provide you with a long-lasting service for sure. There is a carry-all-Hard Case included with the controller that will keep the rain out to protect the device. With the controller, you will get one adapter for Kamado with a Large Vent.

Fast-Responding Probes

The fast-responding probes are one of the reasons that made this controller more accepted among the customers. There are three probes included in this controller. The probes have a practical wire wrap, and they are as fast as steak probes.


  • Very smart to maintain the target temperature
  • Works faultlessly even with large size egg
  • Allows you to enjoy set it and forget smoking
  • Available at a very reasonable price


  • May reboot when cooking overnight
  • At times, temperature probes show inaccurate results
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DynaQ Wireless BBQ Temperature Controller by BBQ Guru 

Here comes one of the most compact-sized BBQ temperature controllers. The DynaQ BBQ temperature controller is pretty simple to use and doesn’t require any complex installation. The innovative, versatile mount will allow you to use the device at your convenient setup. There will be visual feedback about the status of your food on the screen. 

Open Lid detection and the Ramp mode will protect your food from getting overcooked. Smart fan technology is being used to make sure your food has the best heat for a delicious meal. 

The Automatic Ramp Mode will make sure that your food is not overcooked. There is a certain range of temperature for a perfectly cooked meal.

dynaq bluetooth bbq temperature control

Top Features

  • Advanced ramp mode
  • Smart fan technology
  • Guru Status Light Ring
  • Open lid detection for accurate cook
  • Guru App to monitor the cook settings

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions9.13 in. x 8.54 in. x 3.46 in.
Weight2.67 lbs
BrandBBQ Guru
Controller TypeBluetooth
Compatible withWeber, BGE, Kamado, Ceramic & More

This Ramp Mode will lower the temperature when the food is within 30-degrees of being cooked. You won’t get any overcooked and chewy meat because of this feature.

Have a look at the detailed features below –  

Status Light Ring

This is one of the unique features available in a smoke controller. The status light ring will provide you visual feedback on the food you’re cooking. You will be able to identify crucial cooking moments because of this Status Light Ring.

Open Lid Detection

If you open the lid, the temperature will drop as the heat escapes, and this is one of the reasons that it damages the food taste. For a better cook, there are some advanced features included on the controller devices. 

This is one of them. The intelligent Lid detection of this DynaQ controller will adjust the temperature quickly whenever a spike is recorded. 

Durable Temperature Probes

BBQ Guru’s DynaQ comes with durable temperature probes that are dishwasher safe. Thus, the probes can be washed after every cook.

The sturdy sheathed wires won’t get any breakage or kinks. There won’t be an issue for a temperature of 500℉ as well. 

Smart Fan Technology

The smart fan technology of this controller will learn the grills cooking thermodynamics. This will help the controller pulsing the right amount of oxygen to get the perfect temperature.

DynaQ will automatically adjust an oscillating fan blade system that will control the charcoal heat as needed.

Versatile Guru Mount

The 5-in-1 Guru Mount will allow you to use the controller in a more convenient way. The mount has an anti-skid rubber fit to provide you with a more secure placement on a flat surface.

If you want to place the mount on a metal surface, the heat-resistant magnet will help the mount to have a more stable attachment to the surface.


  • Heat up the BGE very fast
  • Prevents temperature spike
  • Really excellent in maintaining the temp
  • The app is user-friendly 


  • Bluetooth connection is not very good
  • Syncing takes extra time
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BBQ Temperature Controller with Dual Probe for BGE

With a dual display, the temperature controller from Briidea is one of the smartest and portable devices on this list. The device has a temperature alarm to notify you about the stages of food. 

The fan rotation will get automatically adjusted based on the temperature you inserted. You will have a flexible neck mount as well to have the best viewing angle while using the device.

briidea automatic smoker fan controller

Top Features

  • Flexible neck mount 
  • Smart Cook functions 
  • Dual stainless steel probes
  • Dual display for food and PIT
  • Compatible with most of the grills
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries

Check today’s price on Amazon

Package Dimensions12.01 in. x 8.78 in. x 5.51 in.
Weight1.98 lbs
Power SourceBattery Powered
Compatible withBGE, Cypress, Vision, Ceramic & More

The detailed instruction with the device will guide you for a hassle-free installation. You will be able to easily control the PIT and food temperature using this device. 

Check the detailed features of this controller below – 

Temperature Alarm

You will get an alert from the device if the food and the pit have reached the assigned temperature. The smart alarm system will also beep if the food has been cooked. The alarm can be turned off by pressing any button. 

Dual Stainless Steel Probes

The stainless steel probe of the controller can measure the temperature of food and the pit at the same time. Another advantage of using the probe is, it will provide you with the internal temperature of the food. 

Thus you will have the exact idea of what’s going inside. This will provide you with more high-quality food.

Smart Cook

There is no chance of any overcooking as you have the smart cook feature. The smart cooking system of the Briidea Automatic Smoker Fan Controller will adjust the fan rotation automatically based on the temperature you inserted. This will provide you a stable grill heat and doesn’t require any manual check as well. 

Flexible Neck Mount

You will be able to flex the controller as there is a flexible neck mount available with the device. This will provide you with multiple viewing angles. The neck mount is strong enough to hold the controller in a stable position.

Portable & Rechargeable

This feature made the controller handier to its user. There won’t be any complexation while using Briidea Temperature Controller as the device is powered by rechargeable batteries. 

With a single charge, you will be able to use the controller for up to 6 hours. There is an option to run the device with a charger as well if the battery is dead. 


  • Smart cook feature helps to cook evenly
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Can control your cooking up to 6 hours with a single charge


  • The instructions are not clear
  • Mounting plate may not fit with some grills
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What To Look Before You Buy A Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg

It’s pretty tough to choose a temperature controller as there are so many brands with a variety of collections. There are some common facts that you should check before purchasing a temperature controller. 

If a device includes the below features, then you may get it without any second thought.

Temperature Control

The primary purpose of a temperature controller is to control the heat. The accuracy and precision should be in a standard range every time you use it. If the device allows you to control the temperature automatically, it’ll be preferable. 

Almost all the temperature controllers come with an automatic control feature. The sensors adjust the device with the perfect range. 

Simple Configuration

Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to use a temperature controller as they have so many features. A simple configuration will make the user feel comfortable while using the controller. A user-friendly interface will make the features effective for a user. 

A user manual should be provided with the device if further installation is required while using the device. The kit should have an easy and simple assembly that won’t require any professional installation.


A readable display will make it easier to check the metrics without any complexation. Some of the devices don’t include a standard display for reading the metrics. Check the display dimension if you prefer reading the graphs more comfortably. 

Heat Alarm

A temperature controller should warn you of high or low heat. A good quality controller warns the user of unusual heat so that the meal doesn’t get overcooked. The sensor should sense the temperature accurately so that you don’t need to monitor the food manually.


A well-engineered probe will provide you with solid information about the heat. You will be able to get the internal temperature of the food you’re cooking. This will make the meal more delicious as you will have the idea of exactly what’s going on inside.


It doesn’t matter how many features a controller includes if the device isn’t compatible with the grill you have.  A temperature controller should be compatible with most of the grills types. A compatible kit will be more useful as you will be able to use it with multiple controllers.


The temperature controller should have a compact size so that it can be easily carried away. The battery-powered devices are recommended for an outdoor cooking temperature controller. 

A durable run-time will make it easier to cover a whole session with a single charge. Thus, check the run-time of the battery before purchasing one. 


If the controller allows you to check the readings through your phone then it will be a handier option to choose. An app with iOS and Android compatibility will be recommended while purchasing a temperature controller. You will have a detailed graph about the food stages on the app.

These are the common features a temperature controller should offer to its user.  If you want to make your outdoor cooking experience more enjoyable, you may choose a kit that includes the above-mentioned features.

What temperature should a Big Green Egg be?

The standard temperature range for a Big Green Egg is 230-250℃. 

What does a temperature controller do?

A temperature controller is a device that controls a heater or BBQ machine by using sensors. The controller also has an alert system that notifies the user of a specific range of heat. 


A temperature controller is like an assistant during cooking. The device is here to eliminate your hassles. Thus, it should have the essential features to fulfill the intentions. Getting the best device will make cooking better than the traditional methods. You won’t need to check your meal manually again and again if you have this device during your outdoor cooking. It’s recommended to use the best temperature controller for big green egg that comes with updated sensors and advanced technology.