Best Rotisserie For Big Green Egg (Top 4 Picks)

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Using Rotisserie with Big Green Egg generates a unique way of cooking. This type of oven rotates on a spit during cooking. This improves the flavor of the meat by making it crispier and adding a golden texture. If you manage to pick the best rotisserie for big green egg, it will help you to achieve such yummy results.

So, how do you choose a rotisserie for Big Green Egg, and what features should you look for? Well, this article is here to guide you in this case. We picked the top four rotisserie for big green egg that you may consider.

Best Rotisserie For Big Green Egg You Can Go For

As a big green egg is larger in size, you should pick the ideal rotisserie to pair with your grill. The below-mentioned rotisseries will surely fit your giant egg. The tools are equipped with exciting features, and the build quality is premium as well.

Here’s the quick decision making chart – 

Key FeaturesJoeTisserie Versatile RotisserieSkyflame Universal RotisserieDreyoo Universal Rotisserie
Motor Power120V120V120V
Compatible withBig Green Egg, Kamado Joe Classic & 18 Inch Width GrillsLarge BGE, Pit Boss K22, Ceramic Grills & Kamado Joe ClassicMost 2- to 6-Burner & Popular Grills (Kamado Joe, BGE, & Ceramic Grills)
Motor Can SpinUp To 50 PoundsUp To 50 PoundsUp To 20 Pounds
The HallmarksVersatility, Durability, Easy Cleaning, Great Efficiency,  Precise Temperature Control & Delicious FlavorInnovative & Universal Design, Versatility, Sturdiness, Broad Adaptability, Very Lightweight & Simple ConstructionAdjustable Design, Simple & Safe Uses, High-Quality Material, Good Looking Construction & Easy Installation
Special FeatureConstant and Steady Rotation With Precise Temp. ControllingHorizontal Rotisserie Cooking With PerfectionWaterproof Switch With Very Easy Assembling Process
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

 JoeTisserie Classic Versatile Rotisserie Kit for Big Green Egg

JoeTisserie Classic Rotisserie is designed for larger grills. The powerful 120v motor delivers smooth and constant rotation to preserve the meat’s natural juices for an even cook. You are going to have a durable performance because of the stainless steel build. This 304 stainless steel is pretty solid and is corrosion resistant as well. 

It’s easier to install the kit and it also features easily adjustable forks to eliminate the hassle during cooking. This provides excellent balance for any meat type. JoeTisserie Classic Versatile Rotisserie comes with a width of 18 inches. Thus, it’ll fit Big Green Egg or Big Green Egg XL. 

joetisserie rotisserie

Top Features – 

  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Built with durable cast aluminum
  • The kit is easy to install and clean
  • Adjustable forks with excellent balance
  • A constant and steady rotation of the motor

Check today’s price on Amazon

Product Dimensions20.5 x 27 x 2 inches
Item Weight10.6 pounds
StyleClassic Joe JoeTisserie
Electric Motor120V
Motor Spin PowerUp to 20 pounds

The tool is compatible with other grills such as Kamado Joe Classic I, II, III, and others. If you prefer a versatile and efficient rotisserie, you should definitely try this one.

Have a glance at the detailed features


The device has a wedge-shaped design that ensures a tight seal with the lid. Thus, the Big Green Egg will have optimal heat retention and temperature control inside.

This is quite important to have a balance during the cooking. The meat will be cooked with a crispy layer to make the dish taste better. For juicy and tender meat, this rotisserie can be picked without any doubt. 

High Durable

Durability is a feature for a device that provides the user with a better experience. Thus, you should ensure the build of a device first.

JoeTisserie comes with a sturdy build of 304 stainless steel. The spit rod and the forks are made to adjust quickly so that you have the best balance for your next cooking session.


The Joetisserie is going to deliver you the best output every single time. This tool will make your dish taste mouth-watering for sure. Whether it’s a turkey, chicken, or small ducks – the constant rotation is going to make your meat perfectly cooked. 

Perfect Build

JoeTisserie is built with a perfectly balanced design. The cast aluminum is thicker in the front of the grill and thinner towards the back. Thus, it allows the kamado lid to close. The kit is easy to clean, eliminates the hassle of grilling, and allows you to enjoy your cooking.

Powerful Motor 

This is the most important feature to look for in a rotisserie as this allows the spit to provide a smooth rotation. JoeTisserie comes with a 120V quiet but powerful motor that won’t disappoint you for sure. With the motor, the spit is strong enough to use with different meat items. 

You can comfortably cook turkeys with this JoeTisserie classic rotisserie. The motor is capable of spinning with up to 50 pounds of meat.


  • Distinctive wedge shape
  • It fits with Big Green Egg and other similar grills 
  • The well-made forks work for securing the meats
  • It can be used multiple times without leakage of smoke
  • Versatile features will give you the ultimate cooking experience 
  • This kit works as a game-changer in controlling the temperature


  • The back of the ring is too high 
  • The motor is not durable for repeat use

JoeTisserie rotisserie kit is a winner. Whether it’s the features or the build quality, this kit is going to satisfy you for sure. For optimal heat retention and excellent balance, you may consider this kit.

This is very easy to install and doesn’t make any noise during operation. You will definitely love the performance of this kit by pairing it with your Big Green Egg.

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 Skyflame Universal Stainless Steel Rotisserie Kit

With so many exciting features and an innovative design, Skyflame Rotisserie Kit is a top choice among bbq enthusiasts. Your Big Green Egg can be transformed into an automatic chicken roaster grill with this kit. The electric motor with a waterproof switch makes the kit more durable. In addition, the motor has an auto-reverse function to enhance the efficiency of this kit. 

There are four prong rotisserie forks made of stainless steel to hold food securely.  They include easy and quick thumb screw adjustment as well. The motor is capable of turning loads up to 50lbs. Thus, you can cook large roasts or turkeys without any difficulties. 

skyflame stainless steel rotisserie kit

Top Features-

  • Comes with simple operation
  • The kit is easy to install and use
  • Lightweight with a powerful motor
  • Can hold meat loads up to 50 pounds
  • Perfect for horizontal rotisserie cooking 
  • It can be switched into different sizes easily

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Weight4.53 pounds
Rotisserie Forks4
Holds MeatUp to 50 lbs
Electric Motor120-volt/4W (AC)

Skyflame Rotisserie Kit comes with the simplest structure and high-quality materials to provide the users with the best cooking experience with smooth operation.

Powerful Motor

Skyflame Rotisserie Kit comes with a powerful electric motor with a waterproof switch. The motor includes an auto-reverse function and is capable of turning loads up to 50lbs. For a constant and better performance with large roasts and turkey, the motor will deliver a finer performance for sure.

Simple Construction

Skyflame Universal Rotisserie Kit comes with the simplest structure maintaining quality materials. There are two special brackets and a gasket that helps to place the rotisserie firmly on the kamado grill. In addition, for a better operation, the bracket allows the spit rod to pass through and rotate smoothly. 

Easy Installation

You don’t need to worry about the installation. The kit can be installed by reading the instructions provided. It’s easy to switch the kit into different sizes. The simple and straightforward assembly process is going to make your grilling experience better than before. 

Perfect Package

You are going to have all the parts needed for a rotisserie session. The kit includes a powerful 120V/4W electric motor with 1 pair of 4 premium rotisserie forks.

You will also have a contoured handle and hexagon spit rod of standard size and bracket set as well. The kit comes with a counterbalanced weight to allow you a smooth grilling experience. 

Spit Rod Connection Tube

The kit comes with two connecting tubes of different lengths. Thus, you are allowed to use the one according to your kamado-style grill. The kit can be used with a grill with different size variants as well.

For Large Big Green Egg or other 21-23-inches and 28-29.5-inches ceramic grills, this rotisserie kit can be used without any difficulties.


  • Innovation design makes the horizontal cooking easier than ever
  • The rotisserie kit comes with all the instructions, manual and assembly process
  • The food great material used in the forks to hold the meat securely while cooking
  • This lightweight, well-suited kit is a package of all the essential accessories for ultimate rotisserie cooking


  • The clip may not fit while closing the lid for specific models

The kit is built with premium components that ensure a long-lasting operation. The rotisserie kit from Skyflame is going to provide you a hassle-free grilling experience as it offers easy switching to different sizes. The auto-reverse function of the motor will bring you some advantages during operation. The instruction guide with the simple assembly process is going to make you enjoy your grilling. 

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Dreyoo UL Certificated Rotisserie Grill Kit for Universal Grills

For Big Green Egg, Dreyoo Grill Kit can be picked without any hesitation. The rotisserie grill kit comes with a 28-inch spit rod that makes it able to be used with any Big Green Egg variants. The kit is integrated with a powerful 120V 4W motor that allows the kit to deliver a smooth rotation. 

There is a waterproof on/off switch to save the kit from extreme conditions. For different length use, there are spit rod holders with 5 slots. The forks are built well and have a solid capacity of holding meat up to 20lbs. The screw splicing design of the roasting rods provides better storage. 

The kit comes with a practical design and is easy to install as well. This kit will surely make your process a happy hour to enjoy. 

dreyoo rotisserie grill kit

Top Features –

  • Designed to provide better storage
  • Designed to hold a variety of meats
  • 5 slots spite for different length use
  • Electric motor with waterproof switch
  • Easy installation with three simple steps
  • UL certificated with food-grade materials

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Weight3.69 pounds
Spit Rod28”
Forks2 x 4
Skewers2 x 14 inch
Holds MeatUp to 20lbs

Dreyoo is made with food-grade materials and includes safer chrome-plated kits that keep the food safe. 

Includes Everything

You are going to have all the required components with this kit. The kit is basically a complete package for grilling. There are a total of 23 pieces of mounting hardware included with this rotisserie kit. 

In addition to the basic component, you will also have fixing screws with motor holders and spit rod support. These components are going to enhance the efficiency of your device multiple times. 

Innovative Design

If you are worried about the spacing, this kit is going to solve your problem. The spite rod holder includes 5 slots that make the kit adjustable for different length use.

In addition, the roasting rods help a lot in storage as they are made by a screw splicing design. The oil and waterproof button enhanced the versatility of this device in different conditions.

UL Certified

Don’t worry about the material of this kit as they are UL certificated. The food-grade materials are going to ensure you a healthy and safer dish for sure. The kits are chrome plated that are safe for family use as well. 

Easy to Use

Well, you will feel pretty much comfortable while using the rotisserie grill kit from Dreyoo. They are well-designed and feature enough capacity. By following three simple steps, you are ready to go. 

You just need to secure the spit rod holder and assemble the spit rod meat fork before the activation. The motor support is easily detachable and makes it able to be used with different grills without any hassle.

Dual Mode

For your convenience, there are two different motor modes available during cooking. The medium power can be used for evenly rotating on the grill rod.

There is another grilling option available in the Dreyoo kit. The second option will generate juicy meat. This option can be used to evenly brown roasts and prepare succulent food.


  • It makes your grilling process a happy hour to enjoy 
  • Very easy to use, easy to set up, and hassle-free cleaning
  • It can hold a variety  size of meat and support up to 20 lb of food
  • It keeps the perfect balance without a counter balancer while rotating the meat


  • It’s pretty tough to rotate the rated weights
  • The support mounted in the grill is not well-designed

If you prefer a kit with balance, this one is the most recommended. You will have the same result for different meat types or sizes. In addition, the food-grade material with the UL certification ensures the safety issue for family use. Dreyoo rotisserie kit has a better space and adjustment design as well.

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Onlyfire Rotisserie Kit for Large Big Green Egg

The final rotisserie kit in this list comes from Onlyfire that is going to upgrade your grilling experience. Onlyfire kit comes with a strong steel body and sturdy build that allows the users to place the food directly into the rotisserie. The kit includes a powerful AC motor that provides a consistent rotation throughout the cooking process. 

In addition, there are perfectly designed meat forks that secure the food in place firmly. The rotisserie kit is designed with a balanced counterweight that stabilizes the equipment during grilling. 

It’s easy to assemble and clean the kit, so there is no hassle during a grilling session. For Big Green Egg, this one would be a standard choice, and you will be able to close the lid as well. 

Onlyfire ring Rotisserie Kit

Top Features – 

  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Steady and consistent rotation
  • Tighter fit for better heat control
  • Food grade fork to secure the food in place
  • Balance counterweight for balanced operation

Check today’s price on Amazon

Upgraded Design

Onlyfire Rotisserie Kit comes with an upgraded design that provides a tighter fit and better temp control. The meat will have an evenly spread heat to deliver the user the expected output. You will have juicy and tender meat because of this upgraded design.

Sturdy Spit Rod

The spit rods are easy to assemble and come with greater strength as well. They are easy to clean and will eliminate the hassle once the cooking is done. The spit rods are larger in size making this kit universal and highly recommended for Big Green Egg.

Food Grade Forks

With the powerful motor, these forks are going to deliver flawless performance. The steady rotation will maintain a flow and will make the meat exactly how you want it. The fork ensures you place your food firmly. In addition, the counterweight makes it able to keep the equipment steady during the cooking session. 

Dynamic Motor

The kit from Onlyfire comes with a powerful AC motor that provides steady and consistent rotation throughout the whole cooking process. If you are using the kit for roasting chicken or other meats in the grill, this one would be an ideal choice if you want to have a better result.

The dynamic motor with the food-grade components is going to deliver you a safe and smooth performance. This kit from Onlyfire comes with a tighter fit that maintains a better heat inside. Thus, you have a slice of juicy and tender meat exactly how you want it.


  • Exclusive design
  • Provides consistent rotation for even cooking


  • This rotisserie kit is just 110V
  • Not perfect for high temp cooking
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What to Look for Before Buying A Rotisserie for Your Big Green Egg

As a newbie, it’s quite tough to pick one if you don’t have any depth of knowledge about what you are going to purchase. However, it’s not possible to be an expert on the tools overnight. 

To solve this problem, here is a quick guide on some features that you should definitely look for before buying A rotisserie for your Big Green Egg – 


The motor is responsible for delivering a smooth and consistent rotation. So make sure the kit has a powerful motor with additional features. For example, some of the rotisserie kits come with waterproof on/off switches.

This enhances the durability and allows the user to perform grilling outside. A motor with 120V is enough for a rotisserie kit. This delivers effective heat by rotating evenly. 


Forks place the meat in place. They should maintain a proper and steady balance throughout the whole cooking session. As you are planning to get this kit for your Big Green Egg, you should obviously focus on the quality of forks. 

Otherwise, you may face trouble while cooking larger meats. Rotisserie forks are usually made of stainless steel. It’s a plus if the kit comes with an easy adjustment of the forks. This simplifies the operation and eliminates the hassle a user may face during grilling.


Well, assembly is the factor that most users are afraid of. A rotisserie kit should have a simple and straightforward assemble.

This allows the users to install and detach the kit anytime they want. In addition, the user may not always use the kit with their Big Green Egg. There is usually an installation guide included with the kit. 

Spit Rod

This one is the first characteristic you should look for if you are buying the kit for Big Green Egg. The rod length makes it able to pair the spit rod with Big Green Egg. Spit rods with a length of more than 18-inches are preferred to use with Big Green Egg.

Rotisserie kits with larger spit rods are designed for Big Green Egg variants such as BGE L or BGE XL.


Build or design makes the kit more durable. You should look for the build quality and the components. It’s recommended to pick a kit that comes with food-grade material. This will remain the food items safe and won’t damage the flavor as well.

These are some of the common features that a rotisserie should include. For a big green egg, the most significant part is the length of the rod and the quality of the fork. They play a pivotal role in holding the meat you are going to cook on the big green egg. 

As you are going to grill large-sized meat most of the time, you should have a solid build to hold the meat comfortably with perfect balance.


A rotisserie kit is a great addition to have a different taste. Make sure you use lean meat pieces as there will be less grease and it will be easier during the cleaning process. This will eventually enhance the lifespan of your rotisserie kit. You may pick any of the mentioned rotisserie for big green egg that matches your expectation and requirement. They all maintain a premium build quality and won’t disappoint you for sure.