5 Best Rib Rack for Big green Egg in 2021 With Buying Guide

Are you confused with the name of the upcoming topic, which is the best rib racks for the big green eggs? Well, I know the title creates the whole confusion. Actually, ‘Big Green Egg’ is a company that sells some traditionally designed charcoal grills.

The confusion about the weird word ‘green egg’ is finished now, right? Now let’s know what a rib rack is. Rib Rack is a metallic crate with few shelves that are horizontally structured. It is used to keep the meat standing while grilling to get a traditional and balanced taste, and you can examine more amounts than before.

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5 Best Rib Rack For Big Green Egg Review

Kamado-style charcoal grills are in peoples’ demand nowadays. The charcoal grills by giant green eggs are made of concentrated thick ceramics. The meat piece with large rib bones is suitable for placing them on the rib racks. 

Let’s know about a few awesome rib racks for big green egg grills so that you may choose what is best for you.

Mydracas Barbecue Dual Purpose Rib Rack 

Mydracas BBQ rib racks are famous for their tremendously beautiful and technical designs. Ribs are everyone’s first choice on the occasion of BBQ parties. Which rib rack will make your grilling faster?

Well, the Mydracas BBQ rib racks are blessed with some fantastic features like proper technical design, fast cooking helper, more straightforward cleaning system, steel rack for durability, higher in quality, etc. so on. These features are more than perfect for a rib rack chooser. 

Count down its features and proceed forward to know more.

Top Features

  • 2 in 1 cut-out formula.
  • Fast cooking facility.
  • More space for various meat slabs.
  • Easy cleaning rack.
  • Steel rack implicated with porcelain implication.
  • High-quality and durable construction.

The more, the better. We all know this famous line. Let’s apply this line in this article and learn more about the product.

Specification of This Rib Rack

Dimensions14.4 x 10.6 x 3.2 inches
Weight1.65 Pounds
Capacity6 Slabs Perfect Rib

Superior Design

This Mydracas rib rack is famous for its technical and versatile design. It is a V-shaped rib rack specially designed to cook whole chicken inside a smoker or griller. 

Can you even imagine? It is true! You can not only grill an entire chicken or turkey on this rib rack but also grill some delicious BBQ rib meats too.

Spacious in Size

The rib rack is 18 inches long horizontally. A whole chicken can be cooked on it easily. Not just that, you can adjust 2-3 ribs alongside the entire chicken too. It has six gaps for grilling delicious standing ribs. This spacious rack is nearly perfect for your occasional large amount of cooking.

Easy Cleaning

This rib rack is pretty easy to clean. There is no hard zone to be reached. That is why you can wash it normally with your regular dishwashing soap and a rubbing fabric net. 

Just clean it by using mild hot water to resist the greasiness. Few drops of regular cooking oil may help to get rid of the stains quickly.

Durability and Quality

The Mydracas rib rack is high in quality and durable enough to give you a longtime service. It can weigh around 15 pounds which is impressive, right? 

It is made of steel, and we all know that steel always helps in any product’s durability. This premium rib rack is thick and long-lasting.

Perfect Coating

As the rib rack is made with steel, it needs a good coating as protection. This rib rack is protected with porcelain covering. Porcelain protects steel while it is getting high heat and inside any ceramic cookpot. 

That is why this is just perfect for big green egg charcoal grills so that you can have a protected grill taste in your grilling dish.


  • It will weigh only one chicken 
  • It is not fully non-sticky

Stainless Steel Multifunctional BBQ Rib Rack 

The name of the product itself defines that it is suitable for extensive green eggs grillers. A highly qualified and confidential rib rack with unique design, multifunctional quality, professionalism, easy maintenance, stainless steel, and whatnot. The method of the rack gives the meat beautiful and juicy grilling stains that will tease your tongue. 

Top Features

  • Unique design
  • Multifunctional rack
  • Best suitable for Big Green Eggs.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Healthy and hygienic.
  • Light-weighted.

The rib rack gives you the taste of evenly cooking delicious meat. In just big green eggs, this rib rack can be adjusted inside any smoker or grill perfectly.

Specification of This Rib Rack

Dimensions16.22 x 10.12 x 4.57 inches
Weight1.79 Pounds
Capacity5 Perfect Rib

Let’s know few more details about the BBQ rib rack-

Stainless Steel Rack

This large rib rack is made of stainless steel. We all know that stainless steel is the key material to maintain any product’s durability. As the rib rack occupies and covers itself with stainless steel, it is undoubtedly a highly durable rib rack for sure. 


This rack is famous for its professionalism. Do you want to know why? It is because it has a unique design that makes it unparalleled over others. 

Its 2inches gap system between every single rib makes the food evenly delicious. This professional rib rack can take any ribs, like all the ribs with any designed cut. This is why it is a professional rib rack.


As the article is about those rib racks suitable with the big green eggs, talking about them is excellent. This rib rack is specially designed for big green eggs. 

It assures the smooth convection of heat through the meat. This sturdy rib rack can even grill the spare ribs too. Get this rib rack for your big green egg.


The rib rack is made of 304 stainless steel with no compromise. It keeps each of the ribs separate from each other to maintain taste and hygiene. All sides of the ribs get penetrated perpetually. This can be your obsession if you try at least once. Super comfy, I must say!


It is multifunctional with its mesmerizing structures. Every opening area of the rib rack is wide enough that allows the ribs to get covered with steam and smoke. You can cook many pieces of ribs at a time. It is light-weighted so that you can use it easily on your indoor cooking. 

Cleaning System

The cleaning method of this rib rack is easy. You do not even have to waste time cleaning it. If you have a dishwasher, then just put it inside of it. But if you do not have it, then do not worry at all. Just take a liquid dishwashing soap and scrub the whole thing thoroughly. That’s it!

Drawbacks of This Rib Rack

There is no issue with this product which is super cool. Just one thing is to be noticed that its manufacturer claims it to be larger than 18inches. But actually, it is not so. It is a perfect 18inches rib rack.

SOLIGT Premium Quality Extra Long Rib Rack

This SOLIGHT rib rack is famous for its longevity and size. It is one of the most oversized grills you can ever have. Not just about its extended length, its premium quality, high-qualified materials, space-saving ability- these can easily attract the attention of anyone. Super easy to use, super easy to wash, super easy to carry over. This is the ultimate grill that you want for a quick cook on giant green eggs.

Top Features

  • Premium in quality.
  • Very long in size.
  • Space-saving quality for more.
  • Fitting materials.
  • Longtime serviceable.
  • Refunding guarantee.

This long-sized rib rack is suitable if you live alone or if you live in a short family. A minimal-sized frame that everyone wants. 

Specification of This Rib Rack

Dimensions16.1 x 9.69 x 3.9 inches
Weight1.65 Pounds
CapacityUp to 3 Baby Back Ribs

Some detailed information will make you understand more about the product. These are-

Premium Quality

The materials used to make it durable are premium in quality. High-qualified materials are used in its base. It can take a light to the heavy load of rib meats. Who does not like high qualified products, right? If you are living alone or in a small family, then this rib rack is for you. Give it a try.


This rib rack is not only durable but also serviceable for a long time. This ultra-durable material is your ultimate favorite rib rack for sure. Stainless steel always gives better service and assures the product’s longevity. Do not worry about its warranty and use it with 100% satisfaction.

Space Saving Quality

Not all rib rack has this unique quality which you will get in the SLIGHT Extra Long rib rack. It is one of the finest rib racks for this unique space-saving feature. 

It is structured to keep the ribs standing and unconnected from each other to avoid stickiness. This thing smooths the airwaves and ensures the perfect grilling and cooking.

Refunding Guarantee

This SOLIGHT rib rack is one of the most confidential products you can ever have. A product like a rib rack with such an awesome guarantee is just superb. 

The manufacturers claim that every customer will indeed like this product. There will not be any adverse problems or reviews. This is great.

A Few Drawbacks 

  • One problem you will face about this rib rack is that you cannot use it in your party cooking as there are only spaces for three ribs at a time.
  • You cannot cook short rib slabs in it.

Mountain Grillers BBQ Non-Stick Versatile Rib Rack

Until now, we have discussed so many rib racks that are useful and suitable for personal use or short family use. But can you imagine now about a perfect rib rack that can cover up your party gatherings with easily portable features too? 

The MOUNTAIN GRILLERS rib racks are sturdy, premium quality, and versatile too. If you are often planning for parties, go with this rib rack as it will be the best. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Top Features

  • Best for party cooking.
  • Cooks faster.
  • Easily portable.
  • Sturdy rack.
  • High in quality.
  • Easy to clean.

A little more detailed information will broaden your mind. Let’s know more about this heavenly product.

Specification of This Rib Rack

Dimensions13.03 x 10.55 x 4.49 inches
Weight15.4 Ounces
CapacityUp to 5 Ribs

Party Cooking Rack

This rib rack is just perfect for party occasions. It is ideal for covering any gathering or any crowd. There are five racks, somewhere more than so that you can cook many slabs of ribs at a time and enjoy your party fully. Occasional gatherings crave these kinds of ribs.

Easy Portability

The rib rack is lightweight. For this reason, it can be moved anywhere pretty quickly. This easily portable feature is one of the most demandable features any rib rack lover can ever have. 

Slow cooking method for grilling, having BBQs, and evenly cooking is possible with this rib rack as it is super light and portable. That’s why you can use it both indoors and outdoors.


Sturdiness defines the product’s stability and power. It describes how much weight of rib slabs it can take and how evenly the cooking environment can be created. The sturdy structure is the base form of perfection and durability.

Premium Quality

Its sturdiness, base materials, and service already denote its premium nature. Premium products with reasonable prices are just excellent. Big green eggs are suitable for this type of rack. Not only premium in quality but also premium in structure too. 

Easy Cleaning

Not to brag more about this topic as I have discussed any rib racks cleaning method a lot of times. No rib rack is that much hard to clean. It is just a dishwashing liquid soap and a good scrub to clean, and it is done. 

The non-stick cover of the rib rack makes the cleaning procedures easy. Mild soap and clear water are just perfect for cleaning them.


  • You may feel it heavier sometimes because of its sturdiness. 
  • You will find it difficult to clean if the non-stick coating gets removed somehow.

Stainless Steel Non-stick 100% Food-Safe Rib Rack

Premia la rib racks provide a high amount of facilities with it and a bit of ease in work. This product can help with almost every problem a user faces with most other probe holders. The benefits are fascinating, and I can say it’s worth buying. 

This product saves a lot of time and saves you from your extra hungry guests. There’s no need to take tension about the dishwashing either. It’s 100% food grade metal and non-stick, for a better expiration. 

Top Features

  • Easy temperature monitoring system.
  • Saves time.
  • Non -Stick Coating on Food
  • Food Graded metal
  • Easy dishwashing method
  • It takes a minimal space

Let’s head in the facilities which this product can provide to you.

Specification of This Rib Rack

Dimensions3.15 x 11.42 x 12.2 inches
Weight1.65 Pounds
CapacityUp to 5 Ribs

Temperature monitoring

Premia la BBQ rib Rack provides you with a three-size thermocouple probe holder. Which can probably help you more than any other manual digital thermometer will do. 

This can save a lot of your time and energy. And you are getting a temperature checker inside your product. This is going to be painless and easy at the same time. Amazing!


Imagine smoking up to 6 ribs at the same time! Yes, this is possible with the help of this product. This can be helpful to deal with the meat lover guests and their rush for more. No more tension or embarrassment for their extra-hunger. Instead, it gives you extra than any other product can. It’s a time saver indeed!

Non-stick food coating

There’s a frequently asked problem from the users about the cheap quality non-stick metal on their Rib racks, which is nothing but cheap metals with good paint jobs. 

Sometimes the dodgy paint even sticks with the good, which is harmful to you and your guest’s health. 

The food sticks with the ‘non-stick’ metals too. But our product ensures you only have food graded metals in it. The food won’t stick with the metal, and you’ll get a perfect dish!

Dishwashing Method

Think how tiring it would be to clean up a whole rib Rack after attending a massive storm of extra hungry guests. Nothing can help more than an In-dishwashing formula we provided with our product at that moment. It’ll clean up and won’t even rust! 

All you have to do is to let it soak. This product is non-rust, food graded, and non-magnetic stainless steel. And this will never let you down.


  • Though the monitoring system is sound, you still need to be careful about that. 
  • The stainless steel is not that durable for this rack.

What to Look Before Buying a Rib Rack- The Ultimate Buying Guide

Before buying a rib rack, you must check whether it is suitable for your big green eggs grill or not. Do you want to know what kinds of features  decide a rib rack is good or bad? Read more for better broadening knowledge.

Check for some good features before buying a rib rack. These are-

  • Size

Size is significant. If you are a big green egg user, you should buy the rib rack according to your grill’s size. If you are a party lover or a lonely one, buy the rack according to your size. Or in idiom’s language, we can say, cut your coat according to your cloth.

  • Durability

Any product’s durability is a must to check. Ask for the product’s warranty. Try to know more about how much time it will last long. Is that worth your money or not? Will it cope with your usage pressures? Check about them.

  • Quality

No one forgets to check any product’s quality. It is the customers’ right to know how the product has been built and which kinds of materials have been used in it. Check out for stainless steel materials as these are super durable and environment friendly. 

So, these are the features you must look for before buying a rib rack.

A Few Tips for Care and Maintenance

However, this food-grade stainless steel also needs some care. To maintain product worthiness for every time you use it, you cannot but follow some steps to keep it good as ever. There’s no need to worry about it. 

The steps are easier than any other product with the cost you.

  • Clean it right after you use it.
  • Cinch it always after following the cleaning method which is also automatic.
  • Let it soak after its In-dishwashing approach.
  • Do not overcook your meat or any other poultry you are smoking in the product.
  • Don’t let the flame create a higher temperature than the ability of this product.

That’s all you have to follow. This is easier than any other product you’ll try on the market. It will take only a matter of minutes for you, and the whole rack will be cleaned, ready for its next cooking mission. How easy this would be! There’s no need to be tense anymore.


Is a rib rack suitable for a grill?

Yes, of course. Rib rack is good, even very important for any grill as it makes more space for grilling, saving your time and energy. Moreover, the coal will be less wasted if you use a rib rack.

Do rib racks make the cooking faster?

Yes, rib racks make cooking faster as it keeps the ribs standing and creates lots of space for cooking more. This standing posture makes an evenly cooking environment that ensures fast cooking.

How does the rib rack smoothen air passing between ribs while cooking?

When you are using a rib rack, it is in a standing position. There is a minimum 2 inches gap between every rib. This eases the air passing formula, and thus the smoke gets evenly on all the ribs.

Is a heavy rib rack harmful to use?

Answer: No, heavy rib racks are not harmful at all. They are just a bit irritating to use. As you cannot move it quickly here and there, heavy frames are less demanding than lighter ones.

Are rib racks without stainless steel not worth the money?

I won’t say that it will not be worth your money, but I must suggest that you should not buy a rack that is not made of stainless steel. As stainless steel is the most durable product, you should buy the perfect one for better longevity.


Rib racks have now been a new trend. Before, people didn’t know about these technical products with a better outcome. I hope you know about the best rib racks for giant green eggs with this article. Rib racks are a time-saving and advantageous product nowadays. Get the perfect rib rack for your favorite big green egg grill. Happy shopping!

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