How To Cook Ribs On A Charcoal Grill Fast | 5 Easy Step With Video

It’s tough to get some time to listen to your heart in your busy schedule. But in this busyness, you have to take the time to listen to your mind. If you are a food lover (especially grilled food) and look for how to cook ribs on a charcoal grill fast, you are on the right track. 

I am a grilled meat enthusiast and used to eat 2-3 times within a month. I learned some tactics to cook ribs on charcoal within a few hours to save time.

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Now, I will share the way out of quick ribs cooking on your charcoal grill for you. Give me three minutes to explain the process. Moreover, I have kept a FAQ section to the last part of my words to provide some extra information about grilling. Let’s jump on the cooking journey.

Tools You’ll Need To Cook Ribs On Your Charcoal Grill

You can’t continue your cooking with only grill, charcoal, and cooking ingredients. Besides all of them, you need some essential grilling accessories to make the cooking process handy and pleasant. Here are some tools that you will need

  • A set of tongs, spatula, and spoon to hold the hot ribs.
  • A thermometer to check the grill’s inside temperature to provide the exact temperature according to the recipe.
  • Some dishes bowl to marinate ribs, and keep the ingredients.
  • A brush to coat oil on the ribs.
  • A pair of hand gloves to protect your hand from the cooking heat.
  • Some serving plates to serve the grilled ribs before the friends and family members.

Prepare The Charcoal

It is the last stage of preparation; you can go to the primary cooking process after that. You will find a chimney in your charcoal grill where you have to put the briquettes charcoal or hardwood lump charcoal. 

You have to push some rolling papers into the chimney, and this pressure will help the charcoal to get into the bottom side of the chimney. Now, make a fire on the charcoal and let it 20 minutes to make enough heat to place the ribs in the grill.

How To Cook Ribs On A Charcoal Grill Fast – Easy And Straightforward Tactics

Now, it’s time to get ready for all the ingredients with their accurate measurement to start the main grilling. Authentic ingredients with accurate measurements will make your food taste, zesty and yummy. 

In the same way, inaccurate ingredients with inaccurate measurement will make your food tasteless and unsavory.

Ingredients You Need To Marinate

  • Chicken broth- ¾ cup 
  • Soy sauce- ¾ cup 
  • Sugar- 1 cup 
  • Cider vinegar – 6 tbsp.
  • Olive oil – 6 tbsp.
  • Garlic cloves- 3 pieces
  • Salt – 2 tbsp. 
  • Paprika – 1 tbsp. 
  • Chili powder – ½ tbsp.
  • Pepper – ½ tbsp.
  • Garlic powder – ¼ tsp. 
  • Baby back ribs – 2 pieces with 4½ pounds 
  • BBQ sauce – 1 bottle (optional)

Let’s describe the step by step instructions to fast ribs grilling.

Prepare The Ribs

First, you have to cut the membrane of the ribs to remove the extra fat from it. For this, you need to insert a sharp knife within the ribs and membrane. 

When the membrane will come out from the meat, hold the tissue paper in your hand and pull the membrane and it will loosen up. When you deal with a sharp knife, be careful; otherwise, you may cut your fingers. 

Marinate The Ribs

The meat is delicious. But if you marinate the ribs, that will enhance its taste several times because, at that time, the spices will insert into every tissue of the ribs.

Take a small bowl and pour the marinade ingredients one after another, such as chicken broth, soy sauce, sugar, olive oil, vinegar, and garlic cloves, and other things. Then make a paste with all those ingredients. 

Now, keep the prepared ribs on the baking dish and coat the spicy paste into the ribs. After that, keep the ribs on your refrigerator for overnight or two hours in case of a hurry. Wait to marinate the ribs.

Now, Start Grilling

In this step, first, wear your hand gloves and start prominent grilling. That’s why you can set the temperature at 200° Fahrenheit for 15 minutes to preheat and for one and half an hour to grill. 

The lower you heat the ribs, the better it cooks and offers you the juicy ribs. And the higher you heat, the more chance of uneven cooking of the ribs. So it is best to cook it at a lower temperature. 

When the grill is preheated, place the ribs onto the grates of the grill. Don’t forget to use a long-handled tong to place the ribs because the grill is already hot enough to burn your hands. 

After half the cooking time, open the grill’s lid and turn over the ribs with a tong so that the opposite side will get heat to cook, and in the meantime, check the temperature with the thermometer. This will offer you an even cooked delicious ribs rack.

 Check The Ribs 

After finishing the set time, take a fork or toothpick and insert it into the ribs to check as the ribs have cooked or need several more minutes to cook. 

There is also another way to check the doneness of cooking, and that is if the meat of the ribs falls from the bones, you can easily understand the ribs are perfectly cooked. If you think the ribs are almost done, turn off the fire of your grill. 

Rest and Serve The Ribs

It’s the time for you that you are eagerly waiting and counting the moments to taste the ribs’ zesty flavor. But, wait some more minutes and let them cool down so that your tongue can tolerate the heat. Otherwise, you will burn your tongue. 

After coming to the ribs into the tolerable heat, slice the ribs like bread and then serve in front of all the hungry stomachs. If you want, you can spread sauce over the rib’s slice; it will multiply the grilled ribs’ taste. 

Topcellent Tips:

  • When handling fire, and sharp utensils, take enough precautions to avoid any unwanted incident. 
  • Keep your kids and pets away from the grilling space. 
  • Always observe the inside grilling temperature to avoid higher or lower temperatures.

Recommended Products For Cooking Ribs On Charcoal Grill

If you want to wish a better grilling experience I recommend these three products to keep. Because those accessories will assist you in making you a pro griller from a beginner griller.

Meat Cutting Knife: You know the membranes are too slippery, so you have to use the best raw meat cutting knife to remove the ribs’ membrane. 

Ash Tool: After burning the charcoal, they produce ashes. So if you use an ash tool to collect the ash, it will prevent your grill from getting too messy.

Smoker Box: If you love smoky flavor into your grilled ribs, you can use a V-shaped smoker box in your grill. It will offer you the maximum smoky flavor. 

Things To Consider Before Start Cooking Ribs

Cooking is an art, and if you want to be a pro of this mastery of art within a speedy time, you must have some preparation. 

Otherwise, when you start cooking and can’t get essential accessories besides your hands, you get irritated.  The things you have to consider before starting cooking

  • Charcoal 

Charcoal is the first and foremost thing that you must keep ready before starting cooking. There are two kinds of charcoal; one is charcoal briquettes, and another is hardwood lump charcoal. 

The briquettes charcoal burns very slowly so that you can get a long time of heat from it and the hardwood charcoal burns too fast so that you get a high amount of heat from it.

You can use one according to your preference between these two types of charcoal.  Make ready which types of charcoal you want to use for firing your grill.

  • Ribs

Then you need to select the ribs which taste the best. There are three types of ribs having different flavors. One of the familiar and easy finding ribs is Baby Back Ribs. If you love lean meat, then it will be the perfect ribs for you.

The spareribs are large meat with flat bones. These ribs have more extensive connective tissue, and you need to cook them for a long time. 

Louis-Style Ribs don’t have any rib tips and have a rectangular shape. If this is your first time grilling, you have to avoid these ribs because it needs tricky cooking.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) To Satisfy Your Inquiry

  • How long does it take to cook ribs on a charcoal grill?

First, the grilling time depends on the type of ribs. If you use baby back ribs, it takes less time than spareribs. Cooking ribs on a charcoal grill approximately take 1½ to 2 hours. 

When you start cooking, give slow and steady heat for 30-50 minutes, then turn the slow heat into high heat for the rest of the time. 

  • How long do the ribs take to grill at 350 degrees?

The more you provide a high temperature on your ribs, the lower it takes time to cook. You can cook baby back ribs within 2 hours and country style ribs within 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees temperature.

  • How to cook ribs on a charcoal grill in foil?

You can use foil paper and it is the standard method of grilling. It also ensures you a better smoky flavor. For this you have to wrap the marinated ribs with foil paper like a packet and place it into the grill. 

Close the lid, ignite the charcoal, cook the ribs for 1½  hours. After completing the set time, remove the ribs from the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes to cool down to make it ready to eat. 

  • How to smoke ribs on a charcoal offset smoker?

When you use both wood and charcoal as fuel in your charcoal grill, that will offset the smoker.  In this case, set the grilling temperature 200-225 degrees Fahrenheit. Then place your ribs on the grill’s grates, and cook it until getting a juicy and smoky flavor.

  • How do you speed up cooking ribs?

If you use some extra ingredients in your ribs, those will speed up your cooking time. For this, make a mixture of brown sugar, olive oil, vinegar, scallions, chili powder, Cayenne pepper. 

After that, marinate your ribs for overnight or two hours if you are in a hurry. This process will help you to speed up your ribs cooking. 

  • Should I wrap my ribs in aluminum foil?

One word answer is yes. You should wrap up your ribs with aluminum foil. The aluminum foil will help you to get the right color of your cooking ribs and a soothe smoky flavor. Nevertheless, it will speed up cooking, so you need less time to cook.  

Final Thought

Do you feel crazy when you taste the Yummy ribs? Then wait for some seconds and look at all the procedures of how to cook ribs on a charcoal grill fast. Why do you reread it? Because if the first time you miss or overlook anything, this time you can notice it. Now, you are ready to cook. Go to the shopping mall or order from online all the ingredients and start cooking. I will be happy if you let me know your cooking experience by following this article. Moreover, if you want to know any other grilling tips from me, don’t hesitate to hit a comment in the comment section. 

Enjoy the grilling!

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