How to Keep Ribs Moist While Smoking | Know Why Ribs Don’t Moist

Are you tired of your ribs getting dry all the time? Don’t know how to keep ribs moist while smoking? Well, now you will. 

Through my years of cooking, I’ve struggled with many things. In the beginning, one of the most annoying ones was keeping the ribs moist. 

I’ve tried everything everyone suggested. Not all of them work, but some of them are effective. So, I’m sharing what I found out with you today. 

Most of the time, people use water to add moisture to the meat. But even after doing so, they notice their ribs get dry after they finish cooking. 

To stop your delicious ribs from drying out, go through few tricks and see how to keep ribs moist while smoking. 

Spray Can Moist Your Ribs

One standard method everyone uses is spraying moisturizing liquids over the meat. Make sure you don’t only spray your meat before you start cooking. 

It would be best if you kept spraying the liquid from time to time. I’ll explain the details about it later in this post.  

Wait! Do You Know Why Ribs Don’t Moist – The Reason Behind The Dry Ribs

Identifying why your ribs are becoming dry can help you solve the issues to keep the ribs moist. You may have been doing a few things wrong if it’s resulting in dry ribs. 

So, before you answer the question, how do you keep ribs from drying out when smoking, try looking for the source of your problem. 

  • Time

Proper time management significantly impacts whether the ribs will turn out moist or dry. Overcooking can result in dry ribs, whereas undercooking them will mess with the taste. 

You need to know when your ribs are done and when to add moisture through the cooking time.  

  • Temperature

Temperature control is a crucial aspect no matter what you are cooking. If you don’t adjust your temperature from time to time, chances are, you will end up cooking dry rib. 

For perfectly cooked and moist ribs, the temperature needs to be precise.

  • Spritzing

Spritzing is debatable. Some experts will suggest you avoid it, whereas some will tell you to go with it. 

Spritzing while smoking your meat requires you to open the smoker from time to time. 

Smoking needs consistent medium heat. 

When you open the smoker, your temperature fluctuates, messing with your food. 

But, if you do go with spritzing, make sure you’re doing it right. Keeping the smoker open for long can cause your ribs to dry. 

  • Wrong Wrapping

Wrapping your ribs with aluminum foil helps to keep the ribs moist. But, when you don’t wrap the meat tightly and properly, your meat will dry anyway. 

The wrong kind of wrapping used in the wrong way can not be good for your ribs.  

  • Water Pan

Sometimes people forget to use water pans when the smoker doesn’t come with one. Some smokers like the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker comes with a water pan you can use. 

But if your smoker doesn’t have one, you must use another bowl as a water pan, or you will dry your meat. 

How to Keep Ribs Moist While Smoking – Fix Your Dry Ribs

Now that you’ve learned why the ribs are becoming dry, it’s time you and I fixed the issues. 

Go through the following sections to see how do you keep the meat moist when smoking.

  • Brining or Marinating

Most people prepare their ribs for smoking with a brine recipe. Some prefer skipping the brining process and going direct to marinating. 

In either case, these methods help the ribs to retain moisture.

If you wish to marinate the ribs, use a large bowl to add your favorite recipe and add the ribs. Make sure that they’re well-covered. 

Let them marinate for24 hours. The ribs will absorb flavors from the marinade.  

A mixture of salt and water is called a brine mixture. The ribs are usually soaked in brine for up to 12 hours. 

Even though some go for one of the processes, I suggest you do both. It’s a great method when you want your ribs to be moist. 

  • Inject Ribs

Injecting the ribs before you start cooking is a great way to retain moisture till the end. You can use your kitchen injector and fill it up with the marinade. 

You can also use apple juice to fill your meat. Inject the liquid in between the ribs. The amount will vary depending on the rib sizes. 

Be careful not to over-flavor your meat. Keep the salt to a level where the taste doesn’t get messed up.  

  • Use a Water Pan

Using a water pan will keep your ribs moist while inside the smoker. You will notice the water bowl getting empty as the water will evaporate due to the heat. 

The droplets of water then fall on your meat, keeping it moist. 

Another benefit of using water inside the smoker is it keeps the temperature from getting too high. 

Smoking requires low and consistent heat. Make sure the water pan doesn’t dry. However, avoid opening the smoker very frequently as it will let the heat out. 

Familiarize yourself with the timing if your smoker doesn’t have a see-through door. Fill the water pan once it gets dry.  

  • Spritzing

Even though opening the smoker isn’t good for your ribs, spritzing is necessary. Spritzing means spraying your food with liquid to keep the ribs moist. 

Keep the spraying time short and quick. Don’t keep your smoker open for too long. Moreover, you don’t want the spray to dominate your ribs. 

Let the marinade take care of the flavor while spritzing adds a topping. 

Keep the spritzing 20 to 30 minutes apart. Frequently spritzing your ribs will help retain the moisture better.  

  • Perfectly Mopping

Mopping means applying basting sauce over the ribs using a mop instead of a brush. A brush will rub all the flavors off your meat. 

Perfect mopping requires creating a perfect basting sauce which will be different from the marinade sauce. 

Mopping is for locking the flavors inside and keeping the ribs moist rather than adding new flavors.  

  • Regulate Your Temperature

As I’ve already mentioned before, temperature plays an important role. Use precise temperature to make sure your ribs stay moist. 

The ideal temperature differs according to the rib size. Usually, the best temperature for smoking ribs is between 225 and 245 degrees F.  

Most electric smokers come with in-built thermometers for precise temperature maintenance. 

But if you are using a traditional smoker, try getting an external thermometer. 

For controlling the temperature, use the bottom vent of your smoker. If you want a higher temperature, increase airflow by opening the vent and vice versa.

  • Enough Cooking Time

How much time is enough to cook ribs perfectly? To avoid overcooking or undercooking your ribs, you should know exactly how many hours your dish needs. 

If you are following a certain recipe, it should include the required cooking time. 

If you are doing your recipe, remember that baby back ribs need around 4 to 6 hours to be perfectly cooked.  

  • Use Less Smoke

Using too much smoke causes your ribs to get dry. Smoking is necessary to add flavor, but it should be within a limit. 

If you see a lot of smoke coming out of the chimney, control the temperature by turning the heat down.

However, too little smoke will also mess with the taste. If you feel like the chimney is releasing too little smoke, check if the wood needs changing.  

  • Use Indirect Heat

Grilling may need direct heat for some time but when it comes to smoking, make sure you use indirect heat. 

Indirect heat helps retain the moisture and prevent the ribs from drying out. 

Avoid placing the ribs directly over the charcoal. It can cause your ribs to get cooked too soon, resulting in dry meat. 

If you’re using an electric smoker, you don’t have to worry about direct or indirect heat. 

  • Wrap Your Ribs

Using aluminum foil to wrap the ribs can lock the moisture until the end. Make sure you don’t wrap the meat too soon, or it won’t absorb the necessary flavors you are expecting it to absorb.

Wait for a couple of hours. Once the flavors are all absorbed in, tightly wrap the ribs avoiding any way to escape the moisture.

  • Rest the Ribs

The juices are gathered in the middle of the meat when you’re cooking. That’s why, if you cut right after removing the ribs from the smoker, the moisture escapes. 

To prevent it from happening, allow your ribs to sit in 3 to 5 minutes on your table at room temperature before you serve.

  • It’s Time to Serve 

After you’ve allowed your ribs to sit for a few minutes, it’s time to serve those delicious ribs. 

By that time, all the moisture will expand through the meat evenly and result in beautifully cooked ribs. 

Topcellent Tip: If you add spices to your water pan, the evaporated droplets that sit on your meat will be flavored. It secures the moisture inside the ribs and adds extra flavors.

If you don’t want extra flavors, you can use something light like apple juice, grape juice, or apple cider vinegar.

Moreover, Keep in Mind These Important Things

Apart from the reasons and solutions, I’ve already mentioned, Check out a few other things to maximize the result. 

Apart from the basic cooking process, these essentials can get you perfectly cooked ribs exactly as you want. 

  • Choosing Perfect Ribs

The better you choose your ribs, the more perfect your outcome will be. Go for slabs that have good meat coverage, especially over the bones. 

Avoid ribs with large areas of surface fat. Don’t go for “shiners”—slabs where the meat is cut too close to the bone.

These exposed bones can fall out while cooking. Avoid frozen ribs for the best results. 

  • Fuel You Use

Smoking requires a perfect balance between fuels. When cooking with charcoal and wood chips, you need to keep the amount at a standard level. 

Charcoal controls the heat and temperature, whereas wood chips are for flavors. If you don’t use enough wood chips and too much charcoal, you will get high heat and fewer flavors. 

So, make sure you balance both to keep everything under control.  

  • Smoker You Use

The type of smoker you are using is also crucial. Using an electric smoker like Masterbuilt Electric Smoker will make it easier for you to monitor and control the cooking process. 

Traditional charcoal smokers, on the other hand, will provide stronger flavors than electric ones.  

  • Thermometer

When using a charcoal smoker, it gets difficult to monitor and control the temperature. 

Mainly because there isn’t any in-built thermometer, but, you can get a charcoal thermometer to install it in your smoker. This way, you can keep track of your meat easily. 

The one from ThermoPro is great when it comes to accuracy and durability. 

  • Spray

Don’t spritz water on your ribs. There’s water on the pan to take care of that. Instead, use something flavorful like grape juice, apple juice, or apple cider vinegar. 

For a richer flavor, use bourbon.  

How to Know When Ribs Are Done Smoking

There are a few indicators to determine whether your rib is done or not. Check either of them or all of them if you’re confused or cooking ribs for the first time.


An effective yet misled way can be the color of your cooked ribs. Make sure you consider other methods to be sure. The ribs will look mahogany color once finished.


 About ¾ of one inch of the rib bone will be exposed when they’re done cooking. The rib bone exposes when the meat draws back due to the cooking process.

When you see the third rib’s “knuckle” beginning to poke through the rib’s back, You can assume your cooking is done.

Bend Test

Ribs become flexible and don’t fall apart when they’re done. Hold the rack with tongs from the end. If you notice the other end bending towards the ground, they’re ready. 

Cracks can also form in the crust.

Toothpick Test

Stick a toothpick down between 2 bones. If the toothpick goes through with low resistance, the ribs are smoked.

Follow The 2-2-1 Method for Smoking Ribs

Following the 2-2-1 method for smoking ribs can be very effective when you wish to retain the moisture. The 2-2-1 method is a calculation of time. 

The first 2 hours, you smoke the ribs unwrapped. They’ll be exposed to absorb the moisture and flavors. The next 2 hours are for cooking the ribs covered, preferably wrapped in aluminum foil. 

The foil helps to retain and lock the moisture inside the ribs. Finally, when the meat is fully moisturized, you cook it for another 1 hour uncovered. 

What Happens When You Cook Ribs Too Long?

If you overcook your ribs when they’re wrapped, they’ll end up being mushy, which shouldn’t be your intention. 

It defeats the purpose of a perfectly cooked dish. If you overcook them when they’re unwrapped, you’ll dry them out that will eventually result in burning.  

So, when you ask, how do I stop my ribs from drying out, make sure you’re not overcooking them.  

How Long Should I Smoke Baby Back Ribs at 250?

If you’re going for a 250-degree plan to smoke ribs, use the 2-2-1 method. Cook the ribs unwrapped for 2 hours, wrapped for 2 hours, then unwrapped again for 1 hour. If you’re using low temperature, you’ll need longer to cook the ribs. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Smoking Ribs

As a BBQ lover, I’ve made tons of mistakes while learning what methods work the best. I’m telling you a few common mistakes that everyone should avoid if they want perfectly-cooked ribs.

  • Smoking the ribs at a high and inconsistent temperature
  • Not being able to control the heat
  • Using too much charcoal and too little wood chips
  • Not choosing the right kind of meat
  • Not seasoning the meat with proper flavors
  • Not using water pan while smoking
  • Undercooking or overcooking the ribs
  • Opening the lid too frequently 
  • Not spraying the meat from time to time
  • Using direct heat to smoke ribs
  • Not wrapping the ribs when necessary
  • Not letting the ribs sit before serving


  • At what temperature do ribs fall off the bone?

According to experts, ribs are finished when they gain 145 degrees F internal temperature. They can still be tough. 

The collagens and fats get melted when you take the temp up to 190 degrees to 203 degrees F. The ribs become juicy, tender, and ready. 

  • What can I use instead of apple juice for ribs?

Apple juice adds apple flavor to your ribs. It also helps the meat stay moist. If you want to change the flavor, you can use pineapple juice, grape juice, orange juice, or plain stock/broth. 

  • Can you overcook ribs in a smoker?

Yes. Overcooking ribs can lid to dry ribs and gradually results in burning. Overcooking wrapped ribs makes them mushy.  

  • At what temperature does meat stop absorbing smoke?

Meat usually stops absorbing smoke once it reaches an internal temperature of 135 to 140 degrees F. Remember that this is not concerned with time but with temperature. 

  • Do you add water when smoking ribs?

Yes. Adding water keeps your ribs moist while smoking. The water inside the smoker evaporates, and the droplets fall on the ribs to keep them moist.  

  • Should I wrap my ribs when smoking?

Yes. Wrapping the ribs while smoking can lock the moisture in. But don’t do it from the beginning. Instead, wrap the mean after two hours of smoking. 

Bottom Line

I hope I answered all your ‘how to keep ribs moist while smoking’ questions. Smoking ribs require patience and a precise method if one wishes to make it perfect. 

Even though there are many conflicts regarding the same topic, you will right away which ones are effective. Throw away your fear of making mistakes. 

How else are you going to learn? Every time we do something wrong, we learn something right. Don’t give up till you get those ribs perfectly cooked on your plate. 

Happy smoking!  

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