Big Green Egg Temperature Controlling Tips (Quick and Effective)

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The Big Green Egg company has the best kinds of grills in the kitchen appliance industry. Its grills have a unique cooking temperature controlling system.

You can easily use these grills if you know all the controlling tips properly. So, do you want to know the big green egg temperature control tips? Do not worry at all. We are here to help you.

If you are a person who enjoys smoking and grilling, you must get anxious about controlling the grill’s temperature—the days of continuously guarding the griller while smoking is gone.

Let’s introduce you to the temperature controlling tips of the big green egg grills that will heal your worries of grilling.

Big Green Egg Temperature Control Tips – Be A Master

At least for big green eggs, controlling temperature is no big deal anymore. You need to know about- 

  • Handling the temperature
  • Maintaining the airflow and
  • Your fingertips to command accordingly. 

Well, these are important, I must say, but there are a few temperature-controlling tips you will be given here that will completely make your big green egg grilling a lot easier than before. 

So, let’s get started to know about them.

Using a Temperature Controller

The main motive of using a temperature controller is to reduce or remove the issue of controlling the grill’s temperature. The Flame Boss 500 is specially made for the big green egg grills and smokers. Wireless technologies always make the use of appliances easier than ever.

The Flame Boss 500 wireless controller has a top-notch configuration to control the temperature easily with its speed blowing system. Just connect it through WiFi with the grill’s adapters, and you can even monitor the temperature by just talking. 

Can you even imagine this? It has a verbal commanding system that makes your work super easy. It would be best if you commanded the temperature you want in the grill verbally. 

You can also use a Egg Genius controller. Anyway, Here is another article on Egg Genius Vs Flame Boss 400 Vs 500, know which is right for you. 


  • Through this, you can control the temperature smartly and easily.
  • After adjusting the temperature, you will not need to sit beside the grill for hours anymore.


  • This may cost you a handsome amount of money. 
  • It will be a hassle if somehow the Bluetooth connection gets lost.

Who does not want smart technologies in their life, right? You will need to connect the Flame Boss wireless temperature control with the grill and set the exact temperature you want. The controller will automatically slow down or rise up and even check the temperature when needed. So easy!

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Setting the Temperature Comparatively Low

It is a common problem of big green egg grills and smokers that they get hotter than in the temperature reader. Many people have noticed that the temperature gets 70F to 100F higher than their set. 

Suppose you have set the temperature power at 250F. But it will rise around 270F to 300F that can highly affect the food. 

So, the simplest solution to this problem is to set the temperature a bit lower than the targeted one. Thus, you will get the expected heat all over the grill. Say you want a temperature of 250F in your grill. 

Then make a minimum adjustment of 170F or 180F degrees fairly. Next, wait for 20 to 30 minutes, and you will genuinely get your expected temperature. 


  • You will not need to buy any other controller.
  • The cooking process will be just the same as it was before.
  • This is the easiest and simplest way of adjusting the temperature.


  • It might not be the permanent solution.
  • There is less chance of getting the exact temperature as you are never sure if the temperature will be 80degrees or 100degrees high. However, up-down of 20 or 30 degrees does not matter at all. 

So, from this simple tip, you can adjust and control the temperature of your favorite big green egg by setting the temperature a bit lower than before, and it will reach the target automatically. Just give a tip a try!

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Keep the Vents Open

While grilling, it is very important to keep the airflow constant. If you cover the lid when you smoke or grill, you have to ensure the airflow is patented perfectly. Most of the time, when you cover the lid and the vents altogether, the grill suddenly becomes too hot than expected. 

This may overcook or burn the food. Moreover, when you grill, keeping the lid or dome open, the grill or smoker cannot reach the targeted heat.

So, the tip you can give a try is that you should keep all the vents of the grill open when you turn on the temperature switch. You can surely keep the dome off if you want. When you realize that the grill has reached its expected temperature, you can cover the vents for a while. 

But my suggestion will be to keep the vents open most of the time as it will allow the swift airflow that will not let the grill be too hot. And covering the lid will not let the grill get in low temperature all the time.


  • Using this process is good for the food you are cooking.
  • The smooth airflow keeps the coals warmed up all the time.


  • Opening and shutting the vents is tricky.
  • This process will not allow the temperature to get high even for a bit.

One of the slightly trickiest ways of controlling big green eggs is keeping the vents open. You need to use a temperature probe to check the heat and control it by keeping the vents open from time to time.  

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How To Control Temperature Of Your Big Green Egg Grill? 

Controlling the temperature of big green egg grills is pretty easy. You need to be aware of the situation and set the heat accurately.

Let’s make the issue clear of controlling the temperature of big green eggs by following the given steps-

Step -1: At first, take a minimum amount of coal or wood chunks as the burning source. Yes, you need to take the minimum amount of coal because excessive coal or burning source will automatically burn more and make the grill comparatively hotter when you light it up.

Step -2: Then, you will need a starter to light the coals up and let the grill get hot gradually.

Step -3:You need to keep the vents fully open until the grill reaches nearly the exact temperature you want for cooking. 

Step -4: But keep it remembered that when the temperature rises to 200degrees, you have to eject the grill for sure. Then you have to keep the grill slightly covered with the lid. This ensures a gradual increase in the temperature. 

Step -5: An open vent ensures perfect air passing, and a perfect airflow lights up the coal or the wood chunks from time to time so that you will not have to keep your eyes on this matter.

When you check the temperature with the grill thermometer probe and see that the temperature has nearly reached the destination, you need to cover the vents half so that the heavy airflow does not heat the grill too much.

Step -6: half-covered vents slowly increase the temperature as the airflow gets slightly blocked. When you place a large piece of cold meat on the grill, the temperature automatically decreases up to a few degrees. You will not need to open the vents to heat up. The temperature will park itself when needed. 

Step -7:When you think that the meat or the food is almost done, cover all the vents fully. It will start decreasing the temperature. 

As you have read, these are the processes you need to apply to control the temperature of the big green eggs. You can also use a temperature controller to get things done easily. 

But the mentioned way is the money-saving worthy way. You can try this at your home surely. This is how you can easily control the temperature of the big green egg smokers and grills.

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How To Get Big Green Egg Hotter

Big green egg grills are nowadays trendy and full of great qualities. You will have an amazing experience of smoking and grilling through these. Do you want to know how you can increase the temperature of these big green eggs without using any temperature controller?

Let me tell you the systems.

When a tray of smart hot coals gets air flowing naturally by opening vents clearly, the grill starts getting hotter faster than ever. It starts raising the temperature gradually faster. 

There is a draft door in the grill. If you want to make the grill hotter faster, you can keep the draft door open along with the vents. This will make the airflow comparatively heavier and keep the coals lighten up more and more.

If your targeted temperature is about 400F to 500F, you will need to keep all the vents and lids and doors open for around 8 to 10 minutes. Soo, the temperature will touch the approximate destination. If it is in winter or windy weather, it may take 15 to 20 minutes to do so. 

Now, suppose you need a super high temperature to cook a large piece of meat or large ribs of meat pieces. You may need about 700degrees. How can you make the grill this much hot? Well, that is easy.

You will have to increase the air convention to increase the temperature of the grill or smoker. And you need to do is-

  • Set the fire ring safely in the grill.
  • Clean the grill perfectly so that no hindrances can appear. It creates space for airflow.
  • Place the grate that contains the coals aside.
  • Grab the box of fire out carefully so that the vent door can be kept open. 
  • Now clean all the inner corners, basically the whole big green egg.

This is how the vents will be wider and fully open so that you can make heavier air passing. Thus, you can get a big green egg hotter.

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How To Lower Green Egg Temperature

Do you want to lower the temperature of the big green egg? It is even easier than making it hot. Big green eggs are generally known to become extremely hot than it has been set. But lowering the temperature is the challenge, I must say, though it is not tough at all. 

Let’s know how you can cool down the grill or how you can lower the temperature a bit-

  • When you find the grill hotter than expected, you should close the draft door of the ceramic coating. 
  • If only opening the door does not help you, you have to close or cover all the vents to stop the air regulation. 
  • Close all the opening gates and leave the grill like this for 5minutes.
  • After that, open the lid for 30 seconds to 1 minute to let the heat get out. This will start decreasing the temperature.
  • If you want to lower the temperature way more, then cover the lid again and wait for 5 to 10minutes more to let the grill get cooled down.

This is the easiest way of lowering the temperature of the big green eggs. If you feel hesitant or nervous about doing so, you can buy any good quality temperature regulator and use that. But I feel the natural ways are the best.

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The big green egg is a very popular grill that has both features of tradition and technology. The tension of controlling the temperature disturbs the BBQ cooks. But, I hope, through this article, you have known the big green egg temperature control tips correctly and easily now can apply in your cooking life.

So, as you know all the tips and tricks of controlling the big green eggs’ temperature, you can easily cook and grill your favorite dishes without panics. If you fear using natural ways, you can surely use the temperature controller I have mentioned before. You can have faith in it for sure. Enjoy grilling!

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