Egg Genius Vs Flame Boss 400 Vs 500 – Which Is Right For You

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If you want to get a super easy to use wifi supported temperature controller for your BBQ smoker, you’ve to face the battle of the egg genius vs flame boss 400 vs 500.

From the latest technology like wifi and voice commands to accurate readings and innovative design, these smart temp controllers have become so emulous that you’ll be confounded when choosing one from them.

However, as long as you are with Topcellent, you won’t have to be confused. We’ve spent more than enough time to review these controllers.

Flame Boss 400 and 500 are from the same manufacturer and come with a little update. On the other hand, Green Egg Genius is a smoker controller from Big Green Egg with so many exciting features.

Just keep reading to see the most functioning one for your BGE.

Flame Boss 400 vs 500 vs Egg Genius – A Quick Overview

Egg Genius, Flame Boss 400, and 500 are three different devices with so many common features. You may get confused to choose one among them. For a new user, it’s normal to hesitate to pick one.

To make the user choose easily, we are going to compare the smoker controllers with features so that users get the best as per their requirements.  

Quick Comparison Chart

Key FeaturesFlame Boss 400Flame Boss 500Egg Genius
Thermometer ProbesIncluded 2Included 2Included 2
WiFi SupportedYesYesYes
Compatible WithAll Kamado-style Grills & Smokers Including BGEAll Kamado-style Grills & Smokers Including BGEBig Green Egg
The HallmarksLatest Technology, Attractive Design, Simple OperationEasy To Use, Patented Technology, Innovative DesignAccuracy, Customer Loves the Most, User Friendly
Special FeaturesReceive text alerts & works by voice commandsWorks with Amazon Alexa & Google HomeAccurate Readings to 500°F/260°C, Remotely manage cooking
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Egg Genius is a device with the required features. The smoker controller is compatible with the common smokers. It’s quite tough to connect and monitor the heat through this device. You need to manually expand the probes if you want to have the heat of multiple slices of meat.

Flame Boss 400 is a winner. If you are satisfied with just the heat and smoker control, you should pick this device without any doubt. The smoker controller does a decent job of controlling the heat effortlessly.  

Flame Boss 500 is recommended if you are looking for the most updated one. This device comes with a larger display and provides more stats about your cooking. 

In addition, the device can be controlled only through the smartphone app. That means users will have more flexibility while using this smoker. You don’t need any internet or Bluetooth connection while using this device. 

For a better experience, Flame Boss 500 is undoubtedly the best temperature controller for BGE  and recommended as well.

Overview Of  Flame Boss 500

The smoker controller from Flame Boss is packed with all the features a user may look for. You are going to have a better experience by using this device for sure. Flame Boss 500 comes with precise heat control and makes it easier for the users to adjust the settings without any hassle. The controller fits with different grill models. Thus, there won’t be any problem with the grill size or model you own. 

Flame Boss 500 comes with easy configuration and the latest technology. This device is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, making it possible for the users to control this smoker with their phone or voice assistant.  

Flame Boss 500 (1)

Top Features

  • Precise heat control
  • Display with cooking detail
  • Simple device configuration
  • WiFi technology into the blower unit
  • Compatible with most smoker models
  • Online dashboard with graphs of cooking
  • Patented software with variable speed blower 

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It comes with a bigger display that provides more details of your cooking. You will be able to control the device without internet or Bluetooth connectivity. 

The device can be controlled completely through the Flame Boss mobile app. Thus, the users will be able to control the heat with more flexibility. 

The built-in app allows the user to adjust and control heat as needed. You will have stats with higher accuracy that make it possible to have a perfect cook. You may set the alarm for the cooking as well. 

For better heat control, the patented software is combined with the variable-speed blower. Thus, there won’t be any problem with the expected heat. The alarm can be set to turn down the pit temperature as well. 

Flame Boss 500 comes with multiple meat probes that allow it to monitor up to 3 meat types without Y-cables. There are two different variants available of this device. One is designed for the Kamado grills, and the other is recommended for Steel smokers. 

The installation is pretty simple. You can install this device on your own. The universal smoker controller provides text alerts for a high or low temperature which means you are going to have a perfect meal for sure. If you truly want to enjoy your cooking, Flame Boss 500 is the recommended device without any doubt.


  • Easy to set up and install
  • The temperature control is easier
  • Accurately manages most smokers
  • Set it and forget it with the features
  • It makes low and slow cooking easier
  • The bigger screen provides more detail
  • Excellent customer support for any difficulties


  • It’s pretty difficult to connect to the WiFi
  • The instruction is not intuitive for use
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Overview Of Flame Boss 400

Flame Boss 400 is an all-rounder device for grill enthusiasts. The device comes with the latest technology and makes it easier to control the smoker during cooking. The user will be able to control the device with voice commands. Flame Boss 400 comes with a simple configuration and guarantees a smooth experience. 

With the online dashboard, you have the total graphs of your cook. The dashboard also allows setting the meat alarm so that you have a better cooking experience without any hassle. You will be notified once your cook is done. The innovative device makes cooking possible with less effort.  

Flame Boss 400 regulates the heat and activates the blower as needed. Thus, you just need to light the fire and the rest will be monitored by the smoker controller. 

Flame Boss 400

Top Features

  • Precise temp control
  • Innovative new design
  • WiFi technology for the blower
  • Patented technology with speed blower
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

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Flame Boss 400 provides incredible temperature control for any cooking. The visual insight of your cooking makes it possible to have a meal with more perfection.

Just pair your device with the WiFi and get full control of your cooking and the heat as well. You won’t have any difficulties while cooking on a Big Green Egg by using the Flame Boss 400. 

Setting up the device is pretty simple. You don’t need any complex install or assembly. The device is designed to eliminate the hassle during cooking. For low and slow cooking, this device is going to assist you with a better output. You just need to light the fire and forget the rest.

The patented technology of Flame Boss regulates and controls the air intake that activates the blower as needed. This technology ramps up the heat and also lowers the heat as well. 

The thermometer probes with the Flame Boss app allow the users to cook food effortlessly as this alerts when your cook is done. You don’t need to observe your dish the whole time. The controller is here to minimize the hassle of cooking.


  • Easy temperature control
  • Perfect output through the probes
  • Can be controlled with voice command
  • Convenient software for precise heat control
  • Provides text messages for different stages of cooking


  • The blower fan isn’t great.
  • The software doesn’t always refresh heat
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Difference Between Flame Boss 400 and Flame Boss 500

Flame Boss 400 and Flame Boss 500 are the two different smoker controllers. So it’s obvious that there would be some differences. You’ll get the variances if you compare the major features. It’s sure that Flame Boss 500 has been designed with some updates. Anyway, let’s see the disparities of these two now.


Well, one smoker controller isn’t compatible with all devices. So, simply the Flame Boss 400 is compatible with all Kamado-style grills, smokers and primo. The controller is also compatible with Vision classic and broil King grills.

And the Flame Boss 500 (Ceramic/Kamado) best fits for drum, barrel, cabinet and offset style charcoal grills. However, this model

 is also compatible with Kamado Joe, big green egg and primo all size grills, but Model 500 (Steel Smoker Kit) isn’t compatible with BGE and other Kamado-style grills and smokers.


Flame Boss 400 always requires an internet connection or Bluetooth to make changes or adjust any settings.  

On the other hand, Flame Boss 500 allows the user to make changes to the smoker without any internet or Bluetooth connection. Your phone allows making changes any time you want. 


Flame Boss 400 comes with a smaller display and doesn’t include many details on the display. You may not feel comfortable if you prefer a solid display with better details. 

Flame Boss 500 has updated the display portion and allows to monitor multiple types of meat without any complexation. Users will get the details of the meat on the digital display.  

These are the common differences between the devices. You are going to enjoy the updated features of the Flame Boss 500.

So, for updated and accurate feedback, Flame Boss 500 would be recommended.

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Similarities Between Flame Boss 400 and Flame Boss 500

Though there are multiple differences, the controller includes some similarities as well. They have the same design for some of the features. Check the similarities below that may help you to have a better insight into the devices.

Easy to Use

Flame Boss 400 comes with a simple configuration and can be installed without any complexation. Flame Boss also has unparalleled customer support that guarantees a smooth experience.

Flame Boss 500 is easier to install as well. The device is easier to assemble which makes it comfortable for the users to use it with any smoker.

Online Dashboard

During application, this is the most important feature a user may consider. The online dashboard allows the users to get the graph of cook and monitor pit and food heat as well. You will be able to change the heat and control the meat alarm by using the app available with the device.

Flame Boss 500 is an updated device and includes this feature with better accuracy than FB 400. There won’t be any problem monitoring the heat of the items you are cooking. The online dashboard makes it possible to get the desired heat and makes the adjustment easier.

Variable Speed Blower

The variable-speed blower can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well. The patented software with the variable speed blower makes it possible to have better control while using the device.

Flame Boss 500 comes with this latest feature that enables the user to produce precise temperature control. The variable-speed blower allows the user to have better control of the device. The variable-speed blower makes it easier for the users to have their expected output easily.


The WiFi feature enhances the flexibility of the devices. You can have a better connection with the device. For compact and efficient use, you are going to enjoy this feature for sure. 

To regulate your BBQ temps, you are required to have better connectivity with the controller. Flame Boss 500 is also compatible with this feature to provide the user with a hassle-free experience.

These similarities may convenience a user to pick anyone if it meets the requirement. You will surely love the features and the performance of the devices. In terms of heat control, both devices are winners for sure.

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Egg Genius Vs Flame Boss – Which Suits You Best? 

Egg Genius and Flame Boss are two different manufacturers of smoker controllers. They both are popular because of the premium quality they provide. Egg Genius and Flame Boss smoker controllers are slightly identical as there are some similarities among the features. 

Egg Genius smoker controller allows the user to control the heat through their smartphone, tablet, or computer. You will be able to manage and monitor cooking heat for worry-free cooking. The device also provides graphs of your cook and provides alerts when the cook is finished. 

Flame Boss also includes the above-mentioned features. The performance and accuracy of the output will make your cooking more perfect. You don’t need to monitor your cooking for the whole time being. Just set it and forget it. 

Egg Genius and Flame Boss come with a variable speed blower that makes it possible to get a more precise temperature. This variable-speed blower automatically adjusts the blower speed and optimizes the heat for better heat. 

There are some differences between the devices. Egg Genius doesn’t include any screen. Thus, it’s quite complex to monitor and adjust the heat through the screen. On the other hand, Flame Boss 400 and 500 come with 64 characters backlit screen. 

Flame Boss has a better design compared with the Green Egg Genius. There are no variants available of Egg Genius whereas the Flame Boss 400 & 500 has two different variants for grill models.


The smoker controllers will make your cooking more enjoyable with precise heat control. Egg Genius and Flame Boss have all the typical features, while Flame Boss 500 includes some advanced features to make cooking more enjoyable.

This comparison of Egg Genius vs Flame Boss 400 vs 500 is depicted to help you find the ideal one for your smoker. So, you should focus on your requirements before purchasing.

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