Big Green Egg Charcoal Storage Bag, Container or Bin

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Ask any grill enthusiast, you’ll get the same answer, charcoal is and always will be the best type of fuel for smoking, grilling, or barbequing meat. They also seem to have an indefinite shelf life.

However, that does not mean you can chuck them in just any bag and get the best results. 

For an expensive grill like the Big Green Egg, you should pay a little bit more attention to how you are storing your precious fuel. 

Be it lumps or briquettes. This article will tell you everything you need to know about big green egg charcoal storage.

“A BBQ charcoal storage solution is like the guardian of your grilling adventures, ensuring you’re always ready to fire up the flavor.”

Papa J.

Big Green Egg Charcoal Storage Bag Vs Container – Which Should You Go For

The biggest point of contention about charcoal storage seems to be between storage bags and containers. 

Make no mistakes though as I am not talking about any ordinary trash bags or even the bags the coal comes in from the store. 

My comparison section will talk about specialty-made storage bags or containers.

Key-featureCharcoal Storage BagStorage Container
Selected BrandNUUKIRIS USA, Inc.
Item Weight1 Pounds4.24 Pounds
Capacity20 lbs45 lbs
SpecialityFoldableWheels for smooth moving
The HallmarksAll-weather resistant, Dural lift handle, Quick buckle connection, Space saving & 10 flavor stickerVersatile use, Large capacity, Translucent body, Air tight seal, Maneuverability, & Snap-tight latch
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Whichever one you choose, these two categories of products were made to keep the charcoal safe from moisture basically and they both succeed at it pretty easily. Nevertheless, the creature comfort you get from each is different.

Let’s start with the container first. This is what most people use and you don’t even need to get a “charcoal pellet dispenser”. Any regular old pet food or litter storage container would give you exactly the same results. 

The biggest advantage of a container-type storage method is its durability and freshness. These containers are usually made from hard plastic or metal and you can throw them around, abuse them, or put them in the back of a truck without crushing the coals into dust.

You can also get them in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, with or without wheels on the bottom. 

Best of all, when you are out of charcoal or in colder months, these glorified boxes can pull double-duty storing almost anything else.

The bags are a bit more modern and “hip”. Still weatherproof, these bags are great because they can fold up to any size you want them to store exactly the amount of charcoal you have. Zero wasted space in your garage or attic!!!

Granted, they will not protect your fuel as well, but it’s difficult to give up the convenience of not having to deal with the container weight or all the wasted space. When not in use, just fold the bags up and put them in the closet.

Plus, if you are one of those users who want a variety of lumps/briquettes at your disposal at all times, storing a few of these bags instead of big bulky containers is a big win.

NUUK 20LB Water-Resistant Wood Pellet Storage Bag for Wood Pellets, Charcoal, Wood Chips, and Other BBQ and Smoker Fuels, 2-Pack
NUUK 20LB Water-Resistant Wood Pellet Storage Bag for Wood Pellets, Charcoal, Wood Chips, and Other BBQ and Smoker Fuels, 2-Pack
Storage: The package can be folded and is easy to store saving space when not in use

So ultimately, the choice is pretty simple, if you want to protect your charcoal the best, a container is always going to be your best bet. 

However, if you want to save any storage space you can get the bags without any second thought.

Big Green Egg Charcoal Storage Bag – My Top 2 Picks

Now that you know the ups and downs of both bags and containers, I am going to give you my top two picks for each. Let’s start with the bags first:

NUUK Weather-Resistant Storage Bag

These polyester-made bags from NUUK were made with the idea of storing wood pellets,  lump charcoal, and briquettes in mind. So it is to no one surprise that they do a fantastic job at that. 

In fact, I would say with what they cost in mind, these are the best charcoal-storing bags you can get.

NUUK Weather-Resistant Storage Bag

Top Features

  • Label window on the front
  • Up to 20 lbs of storage capacity
  • Water, dust, and weather resistant 
  • 18 inches tall and 11.8 inches round
  • Included labels with popular flavor names and also blank

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Weight1 Pounds
Capacity20 lbs

These bags are taking the world by storm with their stealthy blackout look and genius design. 

The spec sheet will tell you almost all you need to know, yes, but the extras and creature comfort you get from this product really elevate it to something of a must-have if you are a regular griller.

Available in both 1 and 2-packs, the 18 inches tall bags can be folded down to 15 inches and carried around with the built-in handle. 

Don’t be worried about the handle breaking or splitting either as the construction was very high-quality in my experience.

The one downside I found was that cleaning the bag before storing a fresh new batch can be a chore. 

It did not seem like an easily washable bag nor did it come with any instructions on how to clean it properly. 


  • A clean sleek look 
  • Easy to carry around 
  • Included Labels are a game changer
  • Keeps the fuel perfectly clean and dry
  • UV-treated 500D*500D ripstop polyester material 


  • A bit difficult to clean
  • On the pricier side if you need a lot of them
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Weber Black Easy Charcoal Storage Bag

If for whatever reason, the NUUK bags are unobtainable for you, this is the next best thing. The Weber Black Easy Charcoal Storage Bag might not look as fancy or be built as well but it will get the job done for just about anyone.

Weber Black Easy Charcoal Storage Bag

Top Features

  • Weather resistant
  • Can hold up to 20 lbs of fuel
  • Made with Polyester material
  • Label window in front of the bag
  • 18.8 inches in height and 11.8 inches in width

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions6 x 2.3 x 9.2 inches
Weight14.5 ounces
Capacity20 lbs

These Weber bags can be typically found for a cheaper price than their NUUK counterpart and thus can be a great deal for a lot of users. However, the cheaper price shows in the built quality and even looks.

The material does not feel as fancy and premium as the other one but when it comes down to storage, the specifications are exactly the same. You can hold just as much fuel and carry it around just as easily. 

Now the label window seriously needs a redesign on this product. The opening is on the bottom and it makes the labels constantly fall off (whoever made that design decision should be fired). 

It also does not come with any included or blank labels so you will need to supply those yourselves.

Overall, if you just need a weather-proof bag to store your grill fuel without paying any sort of premium for extras, these Weber bags should be your top pick.


  • Holds up to 20 lbs of fuel  
  • Weatherproofing works great
  • Handles on the bottom for easy pouring


  • Not very durable
  • Cleaning can be difficult
  • Bad label window design
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Big Green Egg Charcoal Storage Container – My Top 2 Pick

As great as the bags are, for the most hardcore grillers, they just won’t suffice. So if you want to go the container route, here are my top 2 picks:

Buddeez Versatile Charcoal Storage Container

Popular charcoal brand Kingsford brought this charcoal storage container to the market in order to make storing fuel outdoors and traveling with them easier. 

And I can’t help but say that they pass that test with flying colors. These are probably the best charcoal storage containers you can get!!

Buddeez Versatile Charcoal Storage Container

Top Features

  • Airtight for storing briquettes 
  • Label window on the front side
  • Can hold up to 24 lbs of charcoal
  • Recycled Polypropylene body with Polyethylene lid
  • Rugged and weather-proof design with easy carrying handle

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions14.5 x 7.75 x 16.5 inches
Capacity24 lbs

The Buddeez charcoal and pellet dispenser comes in a sleek polished black color with a blue lid that makes storing bags full of charcoal neat and easy. 

Being water resistant is a given but these containers are airtight so that your flavored briquettes/pellets do not lose flavor over time.

The handle is also built pretty strong and is a great addition to the overall design as it makes it superbly comfortable to carry around bags full of coal. 

However, since this is still plastic, do not leave them outdoors exposed to the sun for a long time. It will disintegrate with sustained UV exposure.

Pro Tip: If you are worried about cleaning afterward, place the entire bag your fuel came in inside the container and then seal it up.

What else can we say except that buying these will make your grilling endeavors a lot easier and hassle-free?  


  • Fully airtight
  • Very heavy-duty and durable 
  • The label window is a great addition
  • Multiple sizes available for your needs


  • Does not come with a scoop
  • The tolerance on the lid is a bit too high
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Extra Large Versatile Storage Container by IRIS

Like we said earlier, you really do not need a purpose-made charcoal storage container to store all your Big Green Egg fuel. This airtight pet food storage box is the perfect alternative and even surpasses the Buddeez container in a lot of aspects.

Extra Large Versatile Storage Container By IRIS

Top Features

  • Comes with wheels
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Up to 67 Quarts of capacity
  • Airtight and weather-proof
  • Clear body for inside visibility

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandIRIS USA, Inc.
Capacity55 Quarts

Even though this product was not made to store charcoal, some of the features that make it great for storing pet food, also make it amazing for storing grill fuel. 

The transparent body, for example, makes up for the lack of a label window as you can put the entire bag of charcoal and see from the outside what type they are. 

Additionally, the wheels, which can be attached when necessary, work as a great transportation method. 

Everything else you need from a storage container is covered really really well with this container as well. The latch locks the lid perfectly and the size is big enough to store a lot of fuel.

The looks are pretty lackluster but if you can get over that, these containers are one of the best ways to store your briquettes, lumps, and wood pellets.


  • Holds a lot of fuel
  • Comes with wheels
  • Transparent but sturdy build
  • The snap-lock mechanism is easy to use


  • No Label Window
  • Not suitable for outdoor storage
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Diy Method For Storing Charcoal For Your Big Green Egg

If you do not want to buy any separate container or bag, no worries as we have got you covered as well. A deck box, garbage bin, or a trashcan is all you need. 

Most people will have them lying around and some garbage/compost bins are also watertight.

These bins will certainly not give you the best results but as we all know, lump charcoal has a really long shelf-life and if you grill fairly often, you do not really need to invest in a fancy container. 

One of these containers will hold the bag your coal came in perfectly without creating any mess.

Big Green Egg Charcoal Storage Indoor Vs Outdoor

While it is best practice to always store charcoal or any other grill fuel indoors, depending on a few things, outdoor storage is not necessarily the worst idea. 

The whole reason for this debate is that moisture and water are bad for charcoal and you always want to keep them dry.

Now that is certainly most easily achieved by storing them indoors. But with the help of an airtight container, outdoor storage can be achieved. The climate of the area you live in is also key. 

In places like Nevada where the weather is pretty dry all year round, you can keep the charcoal outside without any second thought. But if you face rain or snow often, be careful with the way you are storing.

To summarize, it is always better to store your charcoal indoors but with proper precautions, storing them outdoors is also a viable option.

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How Do You Store Big Green Egg Charcoal?

Lump charcoal never goes bad. Even if they get wet, dry them off and they’ll be good as new. However, briquettes have a shorter storage life than lumps because their chemical additives can evaporate.

Don’t expect briquettes to stay fresh if the bag is opened. So, an airtight container is ideal for storing charcoal. You can also store lump charcoal in these containers. 

However, because of its porous structure, charcoal of any kind, including lump charcoal, will eventually succumb to moisture. If it becomes wet, you can forget about lighting it (at least without drying them off first).

The charcoal lumps or briquettes or wood pellets can be stored in a standard plastic bin, a metal garbage can, or a container designed specifically for charcoal.

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Does Big Green Egg Charcoal Expire?

As long as it is kept in the appropriate conditions—a dry, cool environment—charcoal can be used for an infinite amount of time. 

This means that it should be placed away from areas that experience fast temperature swings as well as areas that contain moisture.

But even if they get wet, you can dry them off properly and any lump charcoal will work just as well. So, NO, Big Green Egg charcoal does not expire.

Is It Safe To Store Charcoal Indoors?

If you have heard the news about charcoal spontaneously combusting inside garages and stuff and are worried about if it is safe to store them indoors, well worry not as I am here to assure you that it is completely safe.

Spontaneous combustion is a possibility sure but it can only happen when there is a lot of (and I mean a lot, more than you will ever store for grilling) charcoal in an enclosed space that has high temperatures. 

Regular amounts for backyard grilling do not have enough energy in them to explode. So yes, it is perfectly safe to store charcoal indoors.

Where Is The Best Place To Store Charcoal?

Although it is vital to preserve lump charcoal with appropriate containers, it is equally important to place the charcoal in the proper place. 

You should make every effort to store your boxes somewhere that is not subject to excessive amounts of moisture or direct sunlight. 

It would be best to store it in a dry and cool garage or shed, but a covered outdoor spot in the backyard could also work.

How Long Does Charcoal Last In The Bag?

Lump charcoal can last indefinitely in the bag. However, for briquettes or pellets, you can expect them to stay fresh in the bag for about 1 to 2 years depending on the manufacturer. 

Briquettes have a shorter shelf life due to them having a lot of additives and chemicals added to them. 

How Long Does Charcoal Last In A Container?

Again, given that the container is up to the task (by being airtight and water resistant) lump charcoal will never really go bad. They can get wet but if you dry them you can use them again.

Briquettes or pellets also need a proper air-tight container and any amount of water can basically ruin them. But even in a tight container, it will not last for more than a couple of years for the same reason as before.


Any barbeque enthusiast will tell you that charcoal is a gift that just keeps on giving. But to keep receiving the gift, we also do need to take care of them and store them properly. Hopefully, by now you know all there is to know about Big Green Egg Charcoal storage. Best of luck on all your future barbecuing endeavors!!!

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