How To Clean Big Green Egg Conveggtor Easily In A Few Minutes

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For outdoor cooking, I always prefer my Big Green Egg smoker, thanks to its easy-to-clean features. But when you are using a plate setter/conveggtor with your Egg, is it the same as cleaning the smoker?

Not really. You need to be a little extra careful to clean the heat deflector as it is a pretty fragile cooking companion.

That being said, let me walk you through the step-by-step guide on how to clean the Big Green Egg conveggtor below.

How To Clean Big Green Egg Conveggtor – Step By Step Process

To be honest, most BBQuers often overlook the cleaning and maintenance of a conveggtor. But that’s what matters the most when it comes to extending the lifespan of your heat deflector. After all, you cannot heat your meat indirectly without this awesome cooking assistant.

So, let’s check out how you could clean your BGE conveggtor in the most efficient way.

To clean a Big Green Egg conveggtor, you need the following things-

Now, follow the steps below to clean the conveggtor after every cook-

  • If the dish setter is not that dirty, you can scrape off the food grease with a stiff brush or a plastic scraper when the setter is still warm.
  • Then let the setter cool down and wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  • If you find your BGE conveggtor too dirty, perhaps a brush or plastic scraper won’t work. You need either a putty knife or a dual-brush scrubber in that case.
  • But first, fire your Egg at a high temperature, preferably 250° F or more for nearly an hour to burn off the baked-on residues. Remember, you should place the conveggtor on the Egg keeping the dirtier side down. It will also burn off any remaining fat, sauce, oil, or food remnants easily. 
  • Then brush the plate setter/conveggtor off with a dual-brush scrubber.
  • If you find the food grease or leftovers too stubborn, use a putty knife to get rid of them.
  • Then wipe the Egg conveggtor with a damp cloth. That’s it.

Note: Please don’t use any dishwasher to clean the conveggtor. Neither you should soak it in water. 

Another point to remember is that whether it’s a BGE conveggtor or a regular pizza stone, it will develop stains over the course of time. So, don’t force the conveggtor to clean those stains. It will only affect the interior of the dish setter.

As the stains don’t affect the food flavor or color, you should only focus on cleaning the excess food grease.

Nevertheless, if you want your heat deflector to be less messy, you should use a drip pan while cooking. And don’t forget to wrap the conveggtor with aluminum foil. This will free you from frequent cleaning. 

So, this is how you can easily keep your conveggtor well-maintained. If it’s not possible to clean the setter after every cook, try tidying it up after 2-3 cooks at least.

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Conveggtor Is Covered In Grease – How To Remove

No matter how hard you try, you will find your BGE conveggtor covered with food grease once in a while.

To remove the excess food gunk, you should burn it off. Fire your Egg at a very high temperature, preferably at 250°-500°. Let the Big Green Egg run for an hour or so.

You will see most of the food grease being burnt. Later, use a scrubber to remove the residues. 

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Burn Smell On Conveggtor – What To Do Now

When you try indirect smoking in your Egg using a plate setter/conveggtor, it’s quite normal to spread food on it unwantedly. In that case, the dish setter might end up developing a bad odor as all the residues will be burnt off while cooking for a long hour.

But how do you get rid of that burnt smell?

You should fire your Egg up at a high heat and place the conveggtor directly on the flame.

As long as it’s an authentic BGE conveggtor, it won’t crack or split. Given enough time and temperature, the conveggtor will burn clean and the smell will gradually disappear.

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Is It Necessary To Clean BGE Conveggtor?

Of course, it is. Otherwise, it will be covered with fat, sauce, or junk. And those will certainly affect the food flavor.

Furthermore, a dirty conveggtor covered with residues cannot deflect heat evenly inside your dome.

Additionally, if you don’t clean the grease buildup from your last smoke, all that stuff will be burnt on your next smoke resulting in a foul smell and an off-putting smoke.

Therefore, you must keep the heat shield clean to let it spread an authentic smokey smack.

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Can You Wash Your Egg Conveggtor?

No, you shouldn’t wash your Big Green Egg convertor directly in water. Neither should you wash it with a dishwasher.

Is It Ok To Clean Conveggtor With Vinegar?

Umm, you can occasionally use vinegar to clean your BGE conveggtor, but not regularly. Plus, you cannot use it directly on the heat shield.

Instead, you should dip a soft cloth into white vinegar and then wipe the shield with that cloth. Let the vinegar settle for a while and then you should wipe the dish setter again with a clean damp cloth.

Most importantly, you can only use this method when there are hard stains or stubborn gunk on the cooktop.

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Should You Clean Burn Conveggtor?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, that’s the safest and the fastest way to clean the conveggtor entirely. Besides, it’s more like a self-cleaning process for your conveggtor as the high heat will burn off even the hardest food gunk out there.

But you don’t need to do it regularly unless you find the heat deflector utterly dirty.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Conveggtor?

If you are using a drip tray on top of your conveggtor, it will be less messy. So, you can clean it once a month. Of course,  the frequency of cleaning also depends on how often you cook on the conveggtor. You can burn the heat deflector clean after 3-5 cooking sessions. 

But if you are not using the dripping tray, then you must clean the dish setter thoroughly after every smoking session.

How To Store And Maintain BGE Conveggtor

When your BGE conveggtor is not in use, you should store it properly. 

But before that, you must clean the conveggtor thoroughly. Never put a dirty conveggtor into storage.

Once you have utterly cleaned the heat barrier, you should let it dry. Then you can leave it either in the Egg or inside a cardboard box.


Among the most essential Eggcessories for a Big Green Egg, a conveggtor certainly holds a special place for every food geek out there. It is a must-have accessory in terms of indirect cooking and smoking. 

But you must keep this heat shield well-maintained to let it deflect temperature evenly. Moreover, the messier it is, the worse aroma it will infuse into your food.

Hope this guide on how to clean Big Green Egg conveggtor helps to get rid of those baked-on remnants from your Egg.

If you follow the steps above, trust me, cleaning your conveggtor will become a breeze.

Or did you figure out an easier way? Don’t forget to share.

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