Big Green Egg Conveggtor Broke/Cracked –  Fix It Now

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Having a conveggtor for your BGE is a real blessing when it comes to indirect heating. But what if your Big Green Egg conveggtor broke/cracked somehow?

Well, it could really happen due to high heat or extreme stress on the conveggtor’s legs. Or sometimes, it’s just an accident you never wanted to happen.

Whatever the case is, no worries. I have a solution here. Follow the guide below and fix your BGE conveggtor all by yourself. 

Big Green Egg Conveggtor Broke/Cracked – How To Fix

As we all know, a conveggtor is specifically made for indirect cooking. Therefore, they cannot resist high temperatures. 

Whenever you put them on high heat, chances are, they will crack. Or probably, it will slip off your hands due to its heavy architecture. 

So, how can you fix a cracked BGE conveggtor? 

With some high-temperature adhesives, of course. Put the broken pieces together and glue them with a strong adhesive. 

On that note, I have a very popular adhesive here namely J-B Weld Original Steel Reinforced Epoxy.

Let’s break down the top features of this heavy-duty epoxy below:

J-B Weld Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy

Top Features

  • Offers strong and long repair
  • Works as an alternative to torch welding
  • High-heat resistant up to 550° F (287° C)
  • A cold-weld material that gives a lot of control
  • The tensile strength of this heavy-duty adhesive is 5020 PSI

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First thing first, when you fix your cracked conveggtor with this original J-B Weld product, rest assured that it will be stronger than steel.

Moreover, this super-duty epoxy makes any surface waterproof once fully cured. Also, it makes the welded surface petroleum, chemical, and acid resistant.

So, you can use this adhesive to put your broken conveggtor pieces back without any worry. The conveggtor surface will be totally non-toxic.

For your information, it’s a two-part epoxy system that includes two tubes. You should mix the tubes at a 1:1 ratio for the perfect result.

Apart from your ceramic BGE conveggtor, you can also use it to fix metal, plastic, wood, concrete, PVC, tile, and fiberglass surfaces.

Can you imagine how strong it is?

Most importantly, you can drill, tap, machine, or paint on this J-B Weld original epoxy once it’s fully cured.

However, you need to prepare the mixture following the exact ratio and then apply it to the broken areas putting all the cracked pieces together. 

Let it set and dry for the next 24 hours. Once the adhesive dries, you are all set to place the conveggtor back inside your Egg.

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Fixing Or Buying A New One – Which Is Better

In my opinion, it’s better to repair your old conveggtor as long as it does the job perfectly. I mean it could suddenly be broken due to poor handling even after one week you purchased it.

In that case, probably, the warranty will not work as you dropped it yourself. So, will you just buy another one without giving it a try to fix the old one? Can you really afford that?

Saying that I think fixing the cracked conveggtor is a wise decision, especially with a superb adhesive like J-B Weld. It can resist heat over 500° F. 

And that’s no joke, right? Once you apply the epoxy as instructed, it becomes waterproof as well. 

So, try fixing the cracks once. If it doesn’t work, you can always go for a new BGE conveggtor. 

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What To Do With Broke/Cracked Conveggtor

It’s surely a headache when you suddenly find out your BGE conveggtor is broken. Now what to do with this broken dish setter?

I have some suggestions in this matter.

  • You can instantly repair it with a super strong epoxy like J-B Weld.
  • If one of the legs is broken, cut the rest two as well. Then use the round surface as a pizza stone.
  • If it’s still under warranty, you can contact your dealer to get it replaced.
  • You can buy an aluminum bar for $5. Then bend the bar as you want to replace the broken leg with it. It will work fine.
  • Also, you can use furnace cement to put back the shattered pieces together.
  • If nothing works, you should buy a new conveggtor or a plate setter.
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What Are The Reasons For Broken Conveggtor?

There are basically three reasons behind a broken BGE conveggtor. They are as follows-

  • You can drop the conveggtor accidentally as it’s quite heavy to handle. Also, it could happen if you don’t use a conveggtor box as you can’t move a hot conveggtor freely.
  • As it’s designed for low temperature only, high heat could hasten the cracking of the conveggtor.
  • Putting the legs on stress makes them easier to break. 

How To Use Big Green Egg Conveggtor Safely To Avoid Breaking 

Well, it’s always safer to use a conveggtor basket or a conveggtor lifter. 

Because it will be pretty hot while cooking in your Big Green Egg. Handling it with your hands could burn your hands. 

Moreover, the conveggtor could accidentally slip off your hands. 

So, I highly recommend using a basket to put the conveggtor in and using a pair of heat protective gloves to take the basket in or out of the BGE.

On top of that, you should not exceed the heat limit while cooking on a conveggtor. Too high-temperature could put more stress on its legs and resultantly, they could crack or break.

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How To Install Big Green Egg Conveggtor 

You can either install a conveggtor/plate setter in your BGE keeping the legs up or down.

But first, you need to heat the Egg up. Then put the conveggtor onto the fire ring. If you want your Egg to work as an oven, put the conveggtor on the fire ring in the legs up position. Then place the cooking grid on top of it.

You can place a pizza stone on the cooking grid to bake bread, biscuits, pizza, or cookies.

Also, you can add a dripping tray over the conveggtor in the legs up position while smoking ribs, briskets, or turkeys to catch the food grease.

However, you can also install the setter with the legs facing down. In this way, you can bring the surface a bit up and directly bake foods on the surface that don’t have a lot of dripping.

Please remember, whichever way you prefer to install your conveggtor/plate setter, adding it to your BGE will make the Egg temperature drop. Gradually, the conveggtor will be heated up and the Egg temperature will rise again.


To sum up, it’s evident that you could easily fix the issue if your Big Green Egg conveggtor broke/cracked.

A heavy-duty epoxy like the J-B Weld comes in handy in this case which creates a permanent bond when applied.

Aside from that, its high-heat resistance capacity makes it worth trying to fix your broken conveggtor. 

However, don’t make the conveggtor sit over 550° F once it’s cured with the glue. It won’t last long then.

And if the conveggtor breaks due to anything apart from being dropped down, it will fall under the warranty to be replaced.

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