Can You Freeze Almond Milk? (Answer Explained)

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Do you like almond milk to prepare various sweetener recipes? But don’t know, can you freeze almond milk or not? The answer is both yes and no. 

If you properly maintain all the almond milk freezing procedures, you can freeze open milk for 10 days and unopened milk for 1-2 months.

Can You Freeze Homemade Almond Milk?

It is always a wise decision to make almond milk from fresh almonds rather than buying it. 

After making milk from almonds, there is a common issue with storing homemade milk. You can safely store the milk in your freezer for at least 3 days. 

If you don’t use the milk within this time, then the germs and bacteria will grow in the milk, and it changes the texture, color, and thickness.

That means the milk will spoil. So you should not make a more significant amount of homemade almond milk at a time.

Can You Freeze Almond Milk For Smoothies 

Yes, I personally freeze almond milk to make smoothies. My daughter doesn’t like to eat milk or any kinds of fruits. 

That’s why frequently I have to make a delicious smoothie to feed her milk and fruits. You know, without these two, she doesn’t get proper nutrition to grow up.

When I make smoothies, she likes to drink instead of drinking fresh almond milk and eating fruits.

She prefers strawberry smoothies to others. So I take some frozen strawberries, room temperature bananas, and leave them in the blender. 

After that, blend them for 30 seconds, and within this time, both strawberries and bananas will blend properly. 

Then I add two or three frozen almond milk ice cubes to the blender and again blend all the ingredients for extra 15 seconds. Now, the strawberry smoothie is ready for my daughter. 

The almond milk adds sweet flavor, nutrition, and fiber to the smoothie. If you have an extra smoothie after drinking it, you can store it for later use. 

Pour the smoothie into a glass jar and keep it in the freezer. The smoothie will keep well for two days in the freezer.

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Can You Freeze Silk Almond Milk?

Most of the nutritionist and silk almond milk-producing companies don’t recommend freezing the silk milk. 

But, if you have too much silk almond milk and can’t use it at a time, then you can freeze. But an unopened container is the best for freezing because then the milk will stay good for 2 months.

If you open the container and freeze it. This time you have to use the milk within 7 to 10 days maximum.

Can You Freeze Fresh Almond Milk?

Yes, sure. You can perfectly, smoothly, and quickly freeze your homemade fresh almond milk. Even freezing fresh almond milk doesn’t have any negative impact on your milk’s texture and flavor before it expires. 

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Does Almond Milk Freeze Well

As long as you maintain all the safeguard of freezing almond milk, then the milk remains well. Some of the milk freezing safe procedures are 

  • Maintain 0° C temperature in your fridge while freezing almond milk because this temperature helps to emulsion separating milk’s water and oil. 
  • If you want to freeze full cream or full-fat almond milk, your freezing lowest temperature will be -0.540°C. 
  • You have to prevent milk from air attachment because as much milk comes to air, the bacteria will grow quickly to the milk.
  • After freezing while you want to use the milk, you have to be conscious while thawing the frozen milk. 
  • By following all these things, you can store your extra almond milk in the refrigerator for 7-10 days without harming its nutrition value. Now, let me explore the main things.
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How To Freeze Almond Milk Using Ice Cubes

I prefer using the ice cube tray for freezing almond milk the most. When I need a minimum amount of milk this helps me to thaw the milk within a short time. It’s effortless and straightforward. 

Step 1: First, measure how much almond milk an ice box contains. It helps to thaw the frozen milk to prepare any sweetener recipe according to the measurement. 

For example, if you need one or two tablespoons of milk and then thaw two or three ice cubes, not all.

Step 2: Pour almond milk into all the ice cubes of the ice tray. Do it consciously because as the ice cube box is tiny, there is a high chance to overflow the milk. It is just a wastage of your milk, and it is nothing good. 

Step 3: Place the tray into the refrigerator and set the temperature for 1°c. Then wait for 5 minutes. Within these five minutes, the liquid almond milk turns into a solid ice cube. 

Step 4: After five minutes, open the refrigerator and take the ice tray. Now, put it into an airtight container or freezer bag.  

And attach a label with the freezing amount and date. It helps you to remember the days of freezing. 

So before spoiling, you can use it, or after the expiration date, you can avoid using it. After that, again keep the container or freezer bag in the refrigerator overnight.

How To Freeze Unmold Milk Using Airtight Containers

Using airtight containers is another more straightforward way to freeze a large amount of almond milk. Here are the steps to freeze the milk.

Step 1: Take one, two, or as many airtight containers as you need depending on milk’s amount of milk. For your kind information, a medium-size airtight container can contain 2.5 liters or 85.4 oz. milk. 

Step 2: Now, make all the containers disinfectant by washing with dishwashing detergent and warm water. In this Covid-19 pandemic situation, it is a must. 

Step 3: Pour the extra almond milk that you want to freeze. While pouring, fill the container till its shoulder because after freezing, the milk will expand. 

For ensuring the safe use of frozen milk, attach a label with the container writing the freezing date and expiration date. 

Step 4: Keep the milk-filled containers in the refrigerator. Carefully place the container because the liquid milk will leak to the container’s lid if it moves. And another thing is to stand the container upright until once the milk gets frozen. 

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Freeze Almond Milk Using Original or Unopened Container 

Once I had bought three large containers of almond milk because of last year’s lockdown. You know, at the time of lockdown, we all couldn’t go out to avoid Covid-19 spread. 

But to feed my daughter, I had to buy a larger amount of milk at a time.  That time I kept two containers  of almond milk in the freezer before opening. 

Step 1: First of all, I noticed the container’s label very carefully to know the expiration date. As the label’s writing is tiny, that’s why after finding the date, I made another label by writing the date boldly so that I can notice quickly after freezing.

Step 2: Now, I put the original containers into the refrigerator to store it for one to two months because the company suggests that you can freeze the almond milk for two months before opening the container. 

How To Freeze Almond Milk Using Ziploc Freezer Bags

The first way that I have described is using an ice cube tray to freeze milk. But once you take the milk cube from the ice tray, how do you refreeze the unused milk cubes? 

The way is to use Ziploc freezer bags. The refreezing process is too short and it takes only two to three minutes. 

Step 1: Open the zipper of the bags and remove the air to make it air-free. Then enter the ice cubes into the bag. Then lock the zipper of the Ziploc freezer bag.

Step 2: Before thawing the ice cube, keep the bag in the freezer. Ensure there are no sharpened things besides the bag because the sharpened things can leak the bag.

How To Freeze Almond Milk Using Glass Mason Jar 

Earlier I told you that last year I bought three containers of almond milk. Two containers I kept in the freezer before opening.

But to feed my daughter, I had to open one container. After feeding some milk to my daughter, I had to freeze the rest. Then I freeze these with two Mason jars. The freezing steps are-

Step 1: I took two Mason jars and accurately cleaned them to make them germ-free. Then I wiped with tissue paper to ensure there is no extra water. 

Step 2: Pour the liquid almond milk into the jar up to 90% because I kept the open space for expanding the frozen solid milk. After that, I screwed the lid of the jar very tightly not to enter the air. 

Step 3: Lastly, I added the expiration date label on the jar surface and placed them in the freezer. I did the job carefully because, for any unconsciousness, the jar would crack and make mishaps. 

It is an alternative option if you want to avoid plastic at your home.

How To Freeze Almond Milk Using Glass bottles 

You are a very health-conscious person so don’t use any plastic kitchen accessories. And you are falling into trouble to freeze almond milk. 

Even if you don’t have a Mason jar at your home right now. Nothing to worry about. You can easily use glass bottles for this job.

Want to know how? Here are the step by step process

Step 1: Take some glass bottles according to the almond milk that you want to freeze. Properly clean them.

Step 2: Pour the milk until the shoulder of the bottle and tightly attach the bottle’s lid. You have to now attach a label with the expiration date and the amount of milk. 

Step 3: Now place the bottles into the freeze. Please don’t keep the bottles with a crowd of too many things because it enhances the bottles cracking chance.

You Can Also Freeze Your Almond Milk To Make Ice Cream

Frozen almond milk for making ice cream is not a bad idea. This milk adds a good texture, creamy flavor and enhances ice cream’s consistency. Once, my elder daughter was capricious eating ice cream. 

So I made it with frozen almond milk. 

First, I thawed the almond milk to make ice cream. Then I poured them into the blender, added two egg yolks, sugar, vanilla, and honey with the almond milk. Then I blended all the ingredients for 5 minutes at 80° temperature at 4 speed. 

After mixing all the ingredients properly, I poured it into a freezing box and kept the box in the freezer for 4 hours.

After four hours, I took it out from the freezer and blended for 20 seconds at speed 9 and 20 seconds at speed 4. 

Before serving the ice cream, I kept it in the freezer for 20 minutes. Then I served the ice cream to both my daughters. 

You can store almond milk ice cream in the freezer for many days as long as you maintain a 0° temperature in the freezer.

How To Properly Thaw Frozen Almond Milk 

So you know all the possible ways to freeze your almond milk. After freezing, when you want to use the milk, you have to thaw and bring it to room temperature. 

There are many ways to thaw frozen milk properly. Here, I will describe two common ways. 

Thawing In The Freezer: Thawing the frozen almond milk in the freezer is the best practice. This process helps to maintain the exact nutrition value, texture, and consistency of the milk. But this process takes 8-10 hours to thaw milk.

And if the milk is in a large container, it takes more time than 8-10 hours. For thawing almond milk in the freezer, turn off the freezer at night, and in the morning, you will see the thawed milk. 

Using Cold Water: First, take out the milk container and keep it in the sink. Now, open the faucet until the sink fills with water. Then off the faucet. Within 30-40 minutes, the milk will thaw to use for preparing sweet dishes.

Does Almond Milk Freeze Faster Than Regular Milk?

Of course, yes. Almond milk fridges faster than regular milk in the 0°C. temperature in the freezer if you use an ice cube tray. 

Not only that, you can easily freeze almond milk for 10 days while the regular milk expires within a maximum time of 7 days. So from both sides, frozen almond milk is good.

Can Almond Milk Go Bad And Make You Sick?

Yes, if you freeze almond milk for more than 10 days, then it will go bad. And when you drink spoiled almond milk, like other milk, it can make you sick because some bacteria will grow with spoiled almond milk. The grown bacteria cause food poisoning, and you will become sick.

How Do You Know Almond Milk Is Spoiled?

First of all, if your almond milk’s expiration date has passed, then you have to consider that this milk is spoiled. 

Without this simple trick, there are also some signs by which you can consider that the milk is spoiled.

For example, you find the sour taste, thicker texture, no smells, changing color, starting to clump, unusual bloated cartoons, etc., to your milk.

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