How To Cut Frozen Ground Beef (7 Simple Ways)

Yesterday, when I finished cooking and left my kitchen, one of my internship trainees came to me and asked how to cut frozen ground beef? 

I wondered a bit but became pleased as well, for his curiosity, and ensured him to let him know the ways. The next day I gave him a short brief all about the ways of cutting frozen beef.

However, I think some of you may look for this topic. So In this article, I will present all the ways to cut frozen ground beef in detail.

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That’s how you may get some exclusive ideas to cut the frozen ground beef, as somebody takes it as a bit challenging. So, let’s check out the entire context to find out your queries.  

Things You Will Need To Cut Frozen Ground Beef 

To cut the frozen ground beef,  you will need some alternatives. It can be a new sharp knife, boning knife, a butcher saw, or an electric knife. 

Moreover, you will need some extra things. But I want to mention that each tool is helpful for a particular method. So don’t be panicked. However, I am explaining the methods of how I did the job in my previous days. So, no need to collect all the things I mentioned above. 

Just pick your comfortable method’s tools.

How to Cut Frozen Ground Beef 

It is a bit tricky to cut frozen ground beef instantly. But no need to worry, I will show you seven methods. In some scenarios, I cut the meat while it was freezing, and in some processes, I thawed the meat first, then cut. 

So let’s know about the methods that I have applied in different circumstances. 

Using Sandwich Method

The sandwich method! The name is pretty much interesting, right? I named it after because I applied the process like a sandwich. The technique was about pressing with a warm weight to conduct the thawing process. In a short time, it worked like a pro. 

I placed the process in the following context-

  • First, I put the cooking pot in the oven.
  • I brought the meat piece from the freezer and put it in a zip lock bag.
  • Then, I placed the bag with meat on the overturned metal pot. 
  • At that point, I brought another metal pot with some warm water. Then the magic happened. 
  • I put the 2nd metal pot with warm water on the zip-locked bag. I kept the steak like that for around 5 minutes, And it started to soften the frozen steak.
  • When the rough stake became soft, I brought it for my cutting.

This approach is relatively easy and time-saving, but it is only applicable when the meat is flat-shaped.       

Using Vinegar to Thaw The Frozen Meat

The second method I applied was, using vinegar. As you know, the acidity of vinegar can break down the connective tissue, so it brought down the freezing temperature. 

  • To continue the approach, I got the frozen meat and kept it in a bowl. 
  • Then, I poured some apple cider vinegar on it.
  • After a while, it melted and became soft and tender.
  • Then, to avoid becoming sour, I washed the meat off thoroughly before cooking.
  • Consequently,  it won’t taste sour. Moreover, it added a flavor to the meat.

You see, the trick is more simple and easy to apply. However, I used apple cider vinegar to tenderize the meat; you can also use balsamic vinegar. This two vinegar will work fantastically. 

Additionally, it will work like hitting two birds with one stone. You can tender the meat for a short time and can add a flavor to the beef.

Use The Granite Countertop

In my kitchen, I took advantage of a granite countertop to cut the frozen meat. As I knew, the granite stone could conduct heat.  So I didn’t miss to take advantage of it and did an experiment.

You may ask me, how would it do that?

Well, granite stone can absorb the heat and cold as well. If you have a granite countertop, place a piece of frozen meat on it, and at the same time, place another portion on a wooden table or a stilled sink. You may see after a while the piece of meat on the granite countertop is much softer than the others.

However, the granite can turn it cool if any of the objects remain heated. Similarly, when you keep anything colder than the granite top’s temperature, it can pass the extra temperature through it. 

So, I used this method once to see how it does the work exactly. I became pleased after watching that, and my frozen meat turned softer while I was making other ingredients ready. Then, I cut the beef for the stake.   

Using Multifunctional Pressure Cooker

Once I needed to cut beef from a small row, I used my pressure cooker to thaw the meat. I pressed the natural release option to keep most of my flesh and not thoroughly boil the beef.

There was a matter of concern; the portion of meat should not be large compared to the pressure cooker’s pot size. However, I placed the trivet at the bottom of the cooker and then put my piece of meat on it. I used the trivet to hold it up from the water since there was a chance to be more boiled. 

So, if that happened, it wouldn’t be pleasant. I kept my frozen meat on it for 2 to 3 minutes, and then it thawed. So,  then it was ready to cut.    

Thawing The Meat Using Microwave

I have learned it from the internet once. But I didn’t use it at all. But what I can think about is that if you want to cut the whole row of ground meat, you can use your Microwave for a while. You can thaw your frozen beef in the Microwave. 

Some new additional microwave ovens come with an automatic defrost option. You can use it as a time-saving thawing system. Place the whole row of meat and keep it in the Microwave for a while. You have to do that before cutting the meat.

After the particular time, remove the meat from the oven and then cut it with your expected shape. Remember to cook the whole meat after this thawing and cutting. Because experts recommend cooking thoroughly after microwaving meat.   

Defrosting The Meat

It is a conventional theory to defrost the frozen meat before cutting. There is nothing special to elaborate on. I did the process so many times when I  had enough time. I saw my mother typically do that while in my childhood. 

To do that, I opened the meat from the refrigerator and placed it in my kitchen sink. Then I poured some water into a bowl and let the frozen meat soak in water. I kept it overnight; in the morning, it was capable of cutting in slices. 

Using a Serrated Knife

I used a heavy serrated knife to cut the frozen meat. It looked impossible while I started to cut it without thawing. I did the following process.

  • I placed the frozen ground meat in a balanced place. 
  • Then I grabbed the ground meat with a careful mind because there was a high risk of becoming injured.
  • I held the knife firmly and brought the row of meat on a cutting board.
  • Then I started to see it steadily. 
  • I sawed back and forth slowly and continued the process for a couple of minutes. After a while, I was able to cut the rough and ice-strong meat.

After all, I would recommend you, if you want to cut any frozen meat using this trick, do hire a sharp but serrated knife. Otherwise,  it has a risk of slipping or breaking the blade. But I prefer a butcher saw instead of a knife.

Restoring The Ground Beef After Cutting 

After cutting the frozen beef, whatever method I applied, the first thing I did, restoring the rest of the beef mold. I placed the uncut portion in a zip lock bag and froze it.

Freezing ground meat slows the growth of bacteria.  So you should pay more attention to restoring the leftover steak piece in the freeze. 

Try to do it as soon as possible. If you let the frozen meat thaw fully, it may lose its predispositions. I’m not telling you it will lose its 100 percent quality, but it will lose a bit of a percentage.  

Warnings For Cutting The Frozen Beef 

There are some warnings for you when you are going to cut frozen beef. Cutting frozen meat is more challenging than thawed meat. 

However, When you intend to cut beef while it is frozen and prevent bacteria’s growth, try to do it in a clean space. After cutting the accomplished meat portion, preserve the rest of the ground meat in the freezer. Otherwise, bacteria can affect the beef and spoil the predispositions.

Moreover, when you are cutting the tight, frozen meat with an electric knife, do it with deep concentration. Because there may be a possibility of making an accident. 

Do not try this when you are in a rush. The electric knife will work faster compared to the other process. So let the blade cut with its speed, do concerned about grabbing with your fingers.     

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After knowing the seven methods of cutting frozen ground beef let’s know some commonly asked questions and answers to enhance your knowledge about the methods. 

What is the best way to cut frozen meat?

In my perspective, I like to cut the frozen meat with an electric knife, like a Sawzall.  Because using it, you can cut the beef instantly while it has frozen. 

You need not wait to thaw it to cut accurately. And you can keep the rest of the ground meat in the freezer without affecting any bacteria. 

Can you cut frozen meat with a hacksaw?

You can probably use a hacksaw to cut frozen meat. But I didn’t do any experiments on it. Since it is equipment to cut the metal, you can cut the beef with a bone while it is frozen. But you have to use it slowly and steadily.

How long does ground beef take to thaw on the counter?

It is about 24 hours. You can thaw the frozen meat by keeping it overnight on the countertop. Then if you see the meat thawed, it is okay. But if it doesn’t work, then let the time flow and wait for 24 hours. 

How long does ground beef last in the freezer?

When you store your ground beef in the freezer, try not to keep it for a long time. But it is temporarily okay to keep beef in the freezer for a maximum of 4 months. Do not cross the time limits, and if it expires, it will hamper your health.

Can you cut frozen meat with a Sawzall?

Yes. I personally like the trick to use Sawzall to cut the frozen meat. Because in most methods, you need to thaw the meat first to cut the beef in a good shape, but using this method, you can cut the ground meat while it is frozen. 

How can you tell if frozen ground beef is bad?

Generally, the frozen beef becomes rot and it starts to change color. Basically, the fresh beef remains red, but it turns gray or brown on the outside when it is going too bad. You can identify the texture and smell of the meat, whether it isn’t good or not.

The Bottom Line

After all, the restaurant owner and the head chef know how much beef is vital for the stake. But the stake is none but cutting out the meat properly. If the cutting of meat is not accurate, then the stake won’t be worth it. However, knowing the precise freezing process and then cutting frozen meat is the key to reaching the foodie’s expectation. So, after all the explanations, now I firmly believe that I make you understand how to cut frozen ground beef. 

You can now follow any of the procedures and show your best to the world. I appreciate your queries and enthusiasm. Good luck with your cooking journey.

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