Kamado Joe Lid Won’t Stay Open – Fix Now & Keep It Open

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If your kamado Joe lid won’t stay open, chances are you’ve been using it for a long time now. That’s why the air hinge is probably loosened up and can’t hold the lid in the position you want.

But no worries guys. Here you will find all the possible reasons for the Kamado lid getting closed on its own with the probable solutions.

So, let’s get started!

Why Won’t The Lid Of My Kamado Joe Stay Open? – The Reasons

Honestly speaking, the air hinge is at fault in most cases. But there could be some other reasons too. Let’s break them down one by one below – 

Worn-Out Hinge: We all know the Kamado Joe comes with an air hinge which is responsible for opening and closing its lid. The lid stays open at any angle until the hinge is tight enough to hold the lid in place.

If the air hinge is somehow damaged or loosened up, you will see the Kamado lid closing on its own.

Misaligned Lid: Is there any unusual gap between the lid and the base of the grill? Then the lid must be misaligned. 

Therefore, the full weight of the lid cannot rest on the base. Resultantly, it cannot stay open and closes as soon as you lift it.

Wear and Tear: After years of opening and closing the lid, it will naturally be subjected to wear and tear. 

Besides, if you have moved the grill roughly, chances are, things are out of place which doesn’t let the lid stay in place as you want.

Warped Grill: Due to overuse of the grill, either the lid or the base part could be warped. Any such damage would affect the lid’s capability to stay open at any angle.

If you frequently cook on your Kamado, naturally you open and close the lid too many times. So, it might make the lid bent or crooked. As a result, it will struggle to stay open.

High Wind: Yes, it’s very much right. If you find no above-mentioned issues, probably the strong winds are making the lid close. 

But if it only happens in windy conditions, then you can account for the external forces as a reason. But if there’s no wind, the fault is inside the grill. So, do check it thoroughly. 

How To Fix If My Kamado Joe Lid Won’t Stay Open? The Solutions

Now, let’s move on to the solutions of the causes mentioned above. Thankfully, you don’t need expert help in any of the cases. With some basic tools and simple know-how, you can fix the closing lid at home.

Tighten the Hinge: First thing first, you should check the air hinge. If there is any sign of damage, you should adjust the hinge for a better BBQing experience. 

Probably, it has become loose. Don’t fret! With a basic wrench, it can be tightened. There are nuts and bolts on the hinge, right? Start tightening the nuts with the help of the wrench clockwise.

That means if the air-lift featured hinges are loosened, you should turn them right to tighten.

Hey, don’t make it too tight though. This will lead to some other issues. If you accidentally made the air hinge too tight, turn it left with the wrench and adjust it according to your needs. 

After making the necessary hinge adjustments, check the lid if it stays open. If not, probably the hinge is damaged. In that case, you should replace the hinge or its components. 

Align the Lid Accurately: If the lid is not properly aligned with the base, adjust the alignment.  As the lid uses springs to be closed and opened, you need to recheck the spring settings first.

If there’s rust or glitches, the lid does not supposedly stay open. In that case, adjust the alignment of the lid even if you need to replace the springs.

Move the Grill Carefully: When you move the Kamado grill from one place to another, be as careful as possible. Harsh handling would only damage the exterior. It might displace any of the lid components to affect its stability. 

As a result, the lid ends up closing all on its own even when you need it to stay open. So, be gentle in the care and maintenance of the grill.

Inspect any Worn-Out Sign: Are you using the grill for a long time? Then make sure to check it thoroughly for any sign of damage. 

It’s probably the base, the dome, or the gasket which is somehow worn out. Any misaligned part would affect the lid and it can’t stay open. 

Position the Grill in a Sheltered Area: If any external factor is causing the lid to get closed, such as strong winds, you should place the Kamado grill in a sheltered area where wind cannot affect it.

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How Do You Tighten A Kamado Joe Lid?

In order to tighten a Kamado Joe lid, you need nothing more than a wrench or a screwdriver. 

First, locate the air hinge bolts at the back of the grill. Then make them loose with the help of the screwdriver. Why loosen first? Because you need to loosen them to adjust accordingly. 

Before tightening the hinge bolts, adjust the lid alignment. Make sure the lid opens and closes smoothly, stays in place, and there’s no uneven gap in between. However, now it’s time to tighten the hinge bolts to fix the loosened lid. 

Gradually, tighten the top bolt and move to the bottom one. Keep tightening them as long as the lid is not secured enough. 

Nevertheless, please avoid overtightening as it could seriously affect the lid’s stability. 

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What Should I Do If My Kamado Joe Lid Is Difficult To Open Or Close?

There are a few things to do if you find your Kamado Joe lid struggling to close or open. 

  • The lid might not move smoothly due to ashes, dirt, food grease, or debris in the hinge area. So, clean the grill thoroughly including the nuts and bolts of the air hinge. 
  • There might be some tool or object to affect the lid’s movement. If there is, remove the obstruction.
  • Sometimes, the air hinge is worn out or not properly aligned. Check the alignment to understand whether it needs to be tightened or loosened. Then make necessary adjustments accordingly. 
  • A damaged gasket makes it really hard for a Kamado lid to be opened or closed. In the worst scenario, you even need to change the gasket.
  • If there’s excessive dirt between the top and bottom lids of your grill, the latch won’t close. So, clean the grill frequently. 
  • Sometimes, the bands need adjustments as well. If you find an unusual gap even when the lid is shut, you should tighten the bands to close the gap so that the lid closes completely. 


Before jumping to any solution regarding the Kamado Joe lid won’t stay open, you should be sure what’s causing it to get closed. 

Whatever the reason is, you must follow the user manual while trying to fix it. The solutions may vary depending on the grill design, you know!

Have you tried any of the quick fixes above? Share below by commenting. 

Happy grilling!

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