Pit Boss Austin XL Upgrades: Level Up Your BBQ

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The Pit Boss Austin XL grill is already a powerhouse, but what if you could take its performance to the next level? From improved temperature control to convenient accessories, here are some upgrades and additions that can transform your grilling game.

Pit Boss Austin Xl Upgrades – Elevate Your Grilling Experience

From covers and griddles to thermometers and cleaning solutions, these upgrades offer a comprehensive range of enhancements for your Pit Boss Austin XL grill.

Each addition serves a specific purpose, whether it’s protecting your grill, expanding its cooking capabilities, or ensuring precise temperature control.

Premium Heavy-Duty Grill Cover by CLOAKMAN

Protect your investment with a premium grill cover tailored specifically for the Pit Boss Austin XL. Crafted from durable fabric with double-stitched seams, this cover offers waterproof and UV protection, ensuring your grill withstands various weather conditions while maintaining its pristine condition.

Cloakman Premium Heavy-Duty Grill Cover for Pit Boss Rancher XL/Austin XL/1000S/1100 Pro Wood Pellet Grill
Cloakman Premium Heavy-Duty Grill Cover for Pit Boss Rancher XL/Austin XL/1000S/1100 Pro Wood Pellet Grill
CLOAKMAN premium grill cover applicated to Pit Boss Pro series 1100 and 1000 XL; Durable fabric material 300X600D with Double stitching of sewing process
$39.99 Amazon Prime

Durable Construction

Crafted from a robust 300X600D fabric with double-stitched seams, this grill cover is built to last. The sturdy material ensures longevity, providing excellent protection against the elements.

Weatherproof Defense

Shield your grill from the harshest of conditions. The cover is waterproof, ensuring your grill stays dry even during heavy rain. Additionally, it offers exceptional UV protection, safeguarding your grill against sun damage and fading caused by prolonged exposure.

Secure Fit

Equipped with Velcro straps, this cover is designed to stay put. These straps offer a secure fit, keeping your grill protected even in heavy winds.

All-Season Durability

Resistant to tears and designed to withstand various weather conditions, this cover ensures year-round protection for your grill. Whether it’s rain, wind, or intense sunlight, your Pit Boss Austin XL will remain shielded.

Pit Boss Cast Iron Griddle

Enhance your cooking versatility with a cast iron griddle and sear grate grid. The griddle provides a spacious cooking surface for pancakes, bacon, and more, while the sear grate grid creates perfect grill marks and allows for restaurant-quality searing on steaks and meats.

Pit Boss 10”x20” Cast Iron Griddle
Pit Boss 10”x20” Cast Iron Griddle
100 percent cast iron material; 10” x 20” cooking surface; 200 Square inches; Easy to clean

Superior Material

Crafted from 100% cast iron, this griddle offers unparalleled durability and even heat distribution across its generous 10” x 20” cooking surface, providing approximately 200 square inches of cooking space.

Versatile Cooking

With a reversible design, this griddle offers dual functionality. The smooth side is perfect for pancakes, bacon, omelets, and delicate foods. Meanwhile, the ridged side allows you to achieve restaurant-quality searing on steaks and other meats.

Easy Maintenance

Designed for convenience, cleaning this griddle is a breeze. Simply rinse with water, dry thoroughly, and season as needed to maintain its well-oiled shine and protect its surface.

Built-in Grease Management

Featuring a built-in grease trough on the flat side, this griddle makes managing excess grease and oil hassle-free, keeping your grill cleaner and ensuring a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Ideal for Large Gatherings

The ample cooking space makes this griddle perfect for catering to large crowds. Prepare a variety of dishes simultaneously, making your outdoor cooking sessions more efficient and enjoyable.

Folding Shelf for Pit Boss Austin XL

Enhance the functionality of your Pit Boss Austin XL grill with the Folding Shelf, a convenient addition designed for both practicality and style.

Upgrade your Pit Boss Austin XL with this Folding Shelf, combining practicality, durability, and a seamless design. It’s an ideal solution for adding extra space and convenience to your grilling experience.

Durable Construction

Crafted from diamond plate aluminum and finished with a black powder coating, this shelf not only adds functionality but also brings a sleek, seamless look to your grill setup.

Space-Saving Design

Equipped with folding brackets, this shelf easily stores in the downward position when not in use, maximizing space and keeping your grilling area organized.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Comes with all necessary mounting hardware, making installation a breeze. Its easy-clean surface ensures hassle-free maintenance, keeping your grill area tidy.

Sturdiness and Convenience

Constructed for durability and sturdiness, this shelf provides a stable platform for various grilling needs, whether it’s prepping ingredients or temporarily resting utensils and plates.

Inkbird WiFi Meat Thermometer

Step up your grilling precision with a WiFi meat thermometer that wirelessly monitors temperatures, allowing you to achieve perfect results every time. Complement it with a grill mat that protects your deck or patio from hot ash, grease splashes, and stains.

Monitor temperatures in up to four different foods simultaneously, or track the ambient temperature of your smoker, oven, or grill. The color-coded probes prevent confusion, making it easy to identify and monitor various foods or temperatures at once.

Wireless Control & Free App

Connect to a 2.4GHz WiFi network and download the free Inkbird app to wirelessly monitor your cooking from anywhere. This feature allows you to keep an eye on the cooking process while you’re away, ensuring perfect results every time.

Wide Temperature Range

With a temperature range from 32°F to 572°F for short-term measurements and 32°F to 482°F for continuous monitoring, this thermometer provides accurate readings for various cooking methods and dishes.

Rechargeable & Notifications

Equipped with a 2000mAh lithium battery, this thermometer can last up to 26 hours on a single charge. Mobile notifications alert you when your customized temperature is reached, preventing overcooking and ensuring optimal results.

Customizable Alarms & Timer

Set high and low alarms to ensure your grill or oven stays within the desired temperature range. The built-in timer simplifies cooking instructions, providing convenience and allowing more time to enjoy with friends and family.

Data Storage & Calibration

The Inkbird app stores temperature data for up to a year, allowing you to review previous cooking sessions for improved results. Additionally, the thermometer can be calibrated to maintain precision over prolonged use.

Cast Iron Sear Grate Grid

Enhance your grilling versatility with the Cast Iron Sear Grate Grid, designed to fit perfectly into Pit Boss 1000 XL series, 1100 Pro series, and Austin XL pellet smoker grills.

Its heavy-duty construction, excellent design for creating grill marks, and multiple pieces for varied cooking styles make it an indispensable accessory for grill enthusiasts.

Quality Material

Constructed from heavy-duty cast iron, this sear grate grid is 40% heavier than standard alternatives. Coated with a non-stick matt porcelain enamel, it ensures durability and superior grilling performance.

Excellent Design for Grill Marks

Featuring a diamond-pattern design, this grate grid helps create the perfect grill marks on your food. Its triangle profile offers dual functionality: the bottom side is ideal for searing, while the tip side excels in smoking and cooking.

Multiple Pieces for Versatility

The package includes three pieces: one measuring 12.2″ (Width) x 19.4″ (Depth) and two measuring 9.9″ (Width) x 19.4″ (Depth). This variety allows for versatile cooking options, catering to different grilling needs.

Pit Boss Soft Touch All-In-One Tool

Upgrade your grilling arsenal with the Soft Touch All-In-One Tool, featuring an extended handle for safety, multi-functional capabilities, and easy maintenance. It’s the perfect companion for your Pit Boss Austin XL, ensuring convenience and efficiency while you grill your favorite dishes.

Pit Boss Soft Touch All-In-One Tool
Pit Boss Soft Touch All-In-One Tool
Equipped with an extra-long handle; Heat resistant handle; Built in bottle opener; Locking tab
$11.99 Amazon Prime

Extra-Long Handle

Equipped with an extended handle, this tool ensures a comfortable and safe distance from the heat, allowing you to maneuver and handle food on the grill with ease.

Heat-Resistant Design

The heat-resistant handle ensures durability and safety even when exposed to high temperatures, offering a reliable grip for prolonged use.

Multi-Functional Features

This tool goes beyond grilling essentials with a built-in bottle opener, adding convenience to your outdoor cooking experience. The locking tab secures the tool for compact storage, while the extra-large hanging loop allows for easy storage when not in use.

Dishwasher Safe

For hassle-free cleaning, this tool is dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort in maintenance.

Brinman Under Grill Mat

Safeguard your deck or patio with the Brinman Under Grill Mat, a heat-resistant and fireproof protector designed to ensure safety and cleanliness during grilling sessions with your Pit Boss Austin XL.

Superior Heat Resistance

Crafted from heat-resistant material – fiberglass fabric, capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1000°F. This mat provides exceptional protection against hot ash, fire sparks, and grease splashes, keeping your outdoor area safe during grilling.

Premium Quality Materials

Made of glass fiber and silicone coating, this fireproof mat shields your deck or patio from grease stains, spills, and food splatters without marking the surface or sticking. Its durability ensures extended product life, maintaining the cleanliness of your outdoor space.

Easy Maintenance

The waterproof design makes cleaning hassle-free. Simply use mild soap and water, or a water hose to rinse off spills and splatters. Its non-absorbent nature makes sweeping away messes effortless.

Convenient Size and Storage

Measuring 40 inches in width and 65 inches in length, this mat accommodates various grilling setups, fitting smokers, propane gas grills, charcoal grills, and fire pits. When not in use, it can be easily folded for storage and transportation.

Protection and Confidence

With a 60-day return service, this grill mat acts as a protective barrier between your grill and the patio or deck, preventing any damage caused by splattering liquids. Keep your outdoor space clean and safe after enthusiastic grilling sessions.

Soft Touch Meat Claws

Simplify your BBQ handling experience with the Soft Touch Meat Claws, an essential tool for effortlessly shredding meats on your Pit Boss Austin XL grill.

Pit Boss Grills Soft Touch Meat Claws, Stainless
Pit Boss Grills Soft Touch Meat Claws, Stainless
Soft-touch handle; High heat resistant; Sharp stainless-steel design; Dishwasher safe; Great for pulled pork, chicken, turkey, and shredding beef
$13.79 Amazon Prime

Soft-Touch Handle and Heat Resistance

Designed for comfort, the soft-touch handle ensures a secure grip while handling hot meats. These claws are built to withstand high temperatures, offering durability and safety while shredding.

Sharp Stainless-Steel Design

Featuring sharp stainless-steel claws, this tool effortlessly shreds various meats, including pulled pork, chicken, turkey, and beef, making it an ideal accessory for BBQ enthusiasts.

Dishwasher Safe and Easy Maintenance

For convenience, these claws are dishwasher safe, ensuring hassle-free cleaning after use. Their heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe nature simplifies maintenance and prolongs their lifespan.

Simple and Fun BBQ Handling

These meat claws make BBQ handling simple and enjoyable, allowing you to effortlessly shred meat to perfection. Their efficient design makes them a perfect gift for BBQ enthusiasts.

Upgrade your grilling experience with the Soft Touch Meat Claws. Their comfort-grip handle, high heat resistance, sharp stainless-steel design, and easy maintenance make them an essential tool for handling and shredding meats on your Pit Boss Austin XL grill.

Pit Boss Austin Xl Controller Upgrade

Upgrade your Pit Boss Austin XL with the Controller Replacement Kit, offering improved temperature control, reliable ignition, accurate temperature monitoring, and dedicated after-sales support, ensuring optimal grilling performance.

Perfect Replacement Compatibility

Designed as a compatible replacement for Pit Boss models including Austin XL 1000 (PB1000XLW1), Classic 700 (PB700FBW2), and Tailgater 340 (PB340TGW1). Not compatible with Pit Boss Vertical Pellet Smoker/Refrigerator Grill or other brand grills.

Improved Temperature Control

Experience improved temperature control within a robust range of 200 to 475°F, allowing for fine-tuning in 25°F/50°F increments. The digital LCD Display offers bright, easy-to-read temperature monitoring for precise cooking.

Enhanced Igniter System

Equipped with a hot rod igniter with a fuse to prevent tripping the breaker. The stainless steel sleeve shrouding the igniter facilitates rapid pellet ignition, ensuring efficient grill operation.

Accurate Temperature Probe

The food-grade stainless steel pit boss grill food probe replacement and RTG thermostat replacement ensure accurate temperature monitoring for meats or grill smoker temperatures. The buck design of the BBQ temperature probe replacement offers rapid temperature sensing and alerts to changes quickly.

Reliable After-Sales Support

Backed by a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, the manufacturer offers direct support for any questions or concerns. They aim to provide satisfactory solutions within 24 hours.

Pit Boss Grill Cleaner

Revitalize your grill’s appearance and performance with the Pit Boss Grill and Smoker Cleaner and Degreaser, a powerful solution for deep-cleaning stainless steel and enameled surfaces.

Powerful Cleaning Formula

This cleaner and degreaser offers a potent, fast-acting formula that eliminates the need for heavy-duty scrubbing. It effectively removes tough stains, burnt-on grease, and stubborn charred debris without much effort.

Versatile Use

Ideal for both the interior and exterior surfaces of your grill, smoker, oven, and microwave, this cleaner ensures a thorough clean to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your cooking equipment.

Simple Application

Following every 9-10 grilling sessions, use this cleaner to bring back the fresh, crisp flavor to your grilled foods. Its straightforward application process makes it easy to incorporate into your regular grill maintenance routine.

Upgrade your cleaning regimen with the Pit Boss Grill Cleaner. Its powerful formula, versatility across various surfaces, and easy application ensure your Pit Boss Austin XL grill stays clean and performs at its best, delivering delicious grilled foods every time.


Investing in these upgrades doesn’t just enhance your grill; it elevates your entire outdoor cooking experience. Picture perfectly seared steaks, efficiently monitored temperatures, and a clean, well-maintained grill that’s ready for every cooking adventure.

By incorporating these upgrades, you’re not just accessorizing your grill; you’re unlocking a world of possibilities. They don’t just add convenience; they elevate your grilling prowess, allowing you to create culinary masterpieces with ease.

Consider these upgrades as investments, not just for your Pit Boss Austin XL grill, but for your passion for outdoor cooking. Embrace the versatility, precision, and convenience they offer, and elevate your grilling game to new heights.

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