Pit Boss Pro Series 850 vs 1150: Which Grill Reigns Supreme?

pit boss pro series 850 vs 1150

Grilling enthusiasts often face the delightful dilemma of choosing the perfect grill that matches their culinary ambitions. Pit Boss, known for its top-tier grilling technology, presents a challenging choice between two of its renowned models: the Pro Series …

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Pit Boss Austin XL Upgrades: Level Up Your BBQ

pit boss austin xl upgrades

The Pit Boss Austin XL grill is already a powerhouse, but what if you could take its performance to the next level? From improved temperature control to convenient accessories, here are some upgrades and additions that can transform …

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Pit Boss Lexington Temperature Problems? Solved!

Pit Boss Lexington Temperature Problems

Pit Boss Lexington grills are renowned for their versatility and performance, but encountering temperature issues can be frustrating for any grill master. Whether it’s struggling to reach desired temperatures, fluctuations, or discrepancies between set and actual temperatures, these …

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23+ Pit Boss Memphis Smoker Problems and Fixes!

Pit Boss Memphis Smoker Problems

The Pit Boss Memphis smoker is a versatile and efficient grilling appliance, but like any smoker, it might encounter occasional challenges that can impede your smoking experience. Understanding these issues and knowing the fixes can elevate your mastery …

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21+ Pit Boss Tailgater Problems with Their Solutions

Pit Boss Tailgater Problems

Are you experiencing challenges with your Pit Boss Tailgater grill? You’re not alone. While the Pit Boss Tailgater is a portable and versatile pellet grill, it’s not immune to occasional issues that might affect your grilling experience. Understanding …

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17+ Pit Boss Kc Combo Problems and Fixes!

Pit Boss Kc Combo Problems

If you’re experiencing problems with your Pit Boss KC Combo, troubleshooting is key to getting back to grilling. From temperature accuracy to auger jams, there are common issues that can be resolved to ensure a seamless cooking experience. …

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How to Adjust P Setting on Pit Boss 1150?

How to Adjust P Setting on Pit Boss 1150

The Pit Boss 1150 is a fantastic grill that brings the joy of outdoor cooking to life. Among its many features, one key element that might be a mystery to newcomers is the “P setting.” These settings can …

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Pit Boss Smoke Coming Out of Hopper? Fix It Now!

Pit Boss Smoke Coming Out of Hopper

Picture this: you’re prepping a perfect barbecue on your Pit Boss grill, and suddenly, you notice wisps of smoke billowing from the hopper. Don’t hit the panic button just yet! Understanding why this happens and what steps to …

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