Pit Boss ERL Code: What Is This and How To Fix?

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Struggling with an Erl error on your Pit Boss grill? Discover methods to troubleshoot and resolve this common issue to get back to grilling perfection. Our guide simplifies the process, providing practical tips for a quick fix.

Facing an Erl code on your Pit Boss grill can ignite a sense of frustration—especially when you’re gearing up for a weekend barbecue. But worry not!

With a few troubleshooting steps, we can tackle this tech hiccup and have your grill back to serving up deliciousness in no time.

What Does Erl Mean On A Pit Boss Smoker

The appearance of ‘Erl’ on your Pit Boss control panel isn’t just a random string of letters; it’s an abbreviation that stands for ‘Error Low’.

This is a distress signal from your grill, indicating that there’s an issue with the temperature readings. An ERL code on a Pit Boss smoker indicates a fault with the temperature probe.

Troubleshooting this error involves checking connections, cleaning the probe, or resetting the grill to regain optimal functionality.

Why Erl Code On The Pit Boss?

The reason behind this error can range from technical malfunctions to environmental factors.

Let’s delve into the common causes:

  • Faulty temperature sensor: The sensor might be damaged or dirty, leading to inaccurate readings.
  • Control board issues: The central processing unit of the smoker, the control board may have encountered a fault or short circuit.
  • Improper startup process: Sometimes a simple error in the startup sequence can result in the ‘Erl’ code.
  • External temperature effects: Extreme outside temperatures can sometimes influence the grill’s internal sensors.

How To Fix Erl Code On Pit Boss

Encountering an Erl code on your Pit Boss grill can be frustrating. To resolve this, ensure that the temperature probe is unobstructed and functioning correctly.

Regular maintenance and checking for pellet feed issues often rectify the problem, keeping your grilling experience smooth.

Facing an Erl code on your Pit Boss grill can be quite a hurdle when looking forward to a weekend BBQ. But don’t let this technical glitch spoil the fun. The Erl code typically indicates a problem with the temperature sensor in your grill.

Restart Your Pit Boss Grill

  • Power Cycle the Grill:

Occasionally, a simple power reset can clear the Erl code. Unplug your grill, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. This can reset the system and may resolve the error.

  • Check for Updates:

Sometimes, firmware requires updating. Make sure your grill is running on the latest software version by following the manufacturer’s instructions, if available.

Inspect The Temperature Probe

Your Pit Boss grill’s temperature probe is often the culprit behind an Erl code. Here’s what to do:

  • Clean the Probe:

Remove grease or buildup from the probe with a soft cloth. Excessive dirt can impair its function.

  • Check Connections:

Verify that the probe is firmly plugged into the grill. A loose connection can lead to inaccurate readings.

Examine Electrical Components

Faulty wiring or electrical issues can also trigger the Erl code, so it’s important to give these components a look:

  • Inspect for Damage:

Carefully check all wires and connections for any signs of wear or damage that could disrupt the grill’s operation.

  • Consulting a Professional:

If you notice any complex electrical issues, you should reach out to a certified electrician or contact Pit Boss customer service for safety reasons.

Reset The Pit Boss Grill

Sometimes the solution lies in a full reset:

  • Factory Reset:

Refer to your user manual for instructions on how to perform a factory reset, which can clear stubborn errors and restore the default settings.

Contact Pit Boss Support

If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, you may need professional assistance:

  • Support Line:

Give the Pit Boss customer service team a call. They can provide model-specific advice and troubleshooting.

  • Warranty Service:

Check if your grill is still under warranty, as the repair or replacement of parts might be covered.

Remember, routine maintenance can prevent many issues, including the Erl code. Regular cleaning and care of your Pit Boss grill are essential to ensure it functions at its best. Always prioritize safety when attempting any repairs, and seek professional help if needed.

With a little patience and some troubleshooting, you’ll be back to grilling in no time.

How Can I Identify Erl Code On The Pit Boss?

When the Erl, or Error Code, flashes on the digital readout of your Pit Boss grill, it’s waving a red flag that something’s amiss.

An Erl code generally points to an issue with the grill’s temperature sensor—either it’s not plugged in correctly or has decided to retire from its duty of monitoring the heat.

What The Erl Code Looks Like

  • A clear digital display of “ErL”: This indicates that your Pit Boss has encountered a problem with the operational side of things. Specifically, with the temperature control system.
  • The display occurs during startup or operation: You might see the Erl code flash up either as you’re firing up the grill or during the cooking process. It’s the grill’s way of telling you that it’s unable to regulate the cooking temperature.
  • An abrupt stop in heating: If your Pit Boss ceases to maintain or increase the temperature, and serves up that Erl code, know that it’s time to take action.

Immediate Actions Upon Seeing Erl

  • Power cycle the grill: Turn off your grill and unplug it from the power source. Wait for a few moments, then plug it back in, and turn on the grill. This can sometimes reset the system and clear transient issues.
  • Inspect the temperature probe: The grill’s lifeline to accurate temperatures is the probe. Give it a thorough look to ensure it’s free from grease and secured properly. Any obstructions or misplacement could lead the system to show the Erl code.
  • Tighten or reseat connections: Take a moment to examine the wiring. Loose connections can also trigger the Erl code, so a firm but gentle press to ensure all wires are snug can be a quick fix.

By understanding these key aspects and with regular maintenance, you become the master of your Pit Boss grill, possessing the know-how to recognize, rectify, and rebound from an Erl code hiccup. Keep these insights close, and not even the most cryptic of error codes will dampen your fiery grilling passion.

Preventing The Pit Boss Erl Error Code

Encountering an Erl error code on your Pit Boss grill can lead to frustration and interrupted cooking sessions. But with a few preventive measures, this common pitfall can be avoided, ensuring your grilling experience remains smooth and enjoyable.

The following tips will help you maintain your Pit Boss grill in top condition to prevent the dreaded Erl code from making an unwelcome appearance.

Routine Cleaning And Maintenance

Timely cleaning and regular maintenance are critical to preventing issues that can lead to an Erl error code. A clean grill is a well-functioning grill, so staying on top of upkeep can save you from unnecessary troubleshooting later on.

  • Inspect and Clean Burn Pot: Remove ash and residue regularly to prevent blockages that can cause temperature inconsistencies.
  • Check for Pellet Quality and Level: Always use high-quality pellets and keep them dry to avoid auger jams, which can trigger the Erl code.
  • Grease Management: Clean the grease tray and bucket to avoid flare-ups or fires.
  • Firmware Updates: Ensure that your grill’s firmware is up-to-date to optimize performance and prevent software-related errors.

Regular Component Inspections

Your grill’s components can wear over time, which could result in various errors, including the Erl code.

Frequent inspections can help you identify and fix issues before they escalate.

  • Check Electrical Connections: Loose or corroded wires can lead to faulty readings and error codes: Secure and clean all connections.
  • Examine the Temperature Probe: A dirty or malfunctioning temperature probe can give inaccurate readings, leading to an error: Clean it gently with a damp cloth and check for damage.
  • Auger and Hopper Checks: Periodically inspect the auger and hopper for any obstructions or mechanical issues: Clear any blockages and ensure smooth operation.
  • Seal Integrity: Make sure the grill lid seals properly to maintain consistent internal temperatures and prevent error triggers.

By incorporating these preventative steps into your grilling routine, you can minimize the risk of your Pit Boss grill displaying an Erl error code.

Regular cleaning, inspections, and proper pellet management are habits that extend the life of your grill and enhance your cooking experience.

Where To Get Help For Fixing Pit Boss Erl Error Code?

Struggling with your Pit Boss grill flashing an Erl error code? Expert guidance is available to troubleshoot and resolve this issue, ensuring your grilling experience remains uninterrupted.

Visit authorized Pit Boss service centers or consult online forums for step-by-step assistance in fixing the Erl code.

Troubleshooting and fixing an Erl code on your Pit Boss grill can be a perplexing experience, but fear not—assistance is readily available.

This guide will walk you through the steps to find and utilize the support you need to get your grill back in perfect smoking condition.

Pit Boss Customer Support

When contending with the Erl error code on your Pit Boss grill, the customer support team is your frontline resource:

  • Contact Information: Reach out to Pit Boss directly through their official website or customer service hotline.
  • Expert Guidance: Their technicians can provide step-by-step guidance to diagnose and resolve the issue.
  • Warranty Service: If applicable, the customer support can also help you understand if the error is covered under warranty.

Online Communities And Forums

For DIY enthusiasts or those seeking a collective wisdom approach:

  • Shared Experiences: Pit Boss users often share their troubleshooting journeys, offering a wealth of tried-and-tested solutions.
  • Direct Advice: Seasoned grillers and professionals frequently contribute, allowing you to benefit from their expertise.
  • Real-time Feedback: Posting your specific problem may elicit real-time suggestions and fixes from fellow Pit Boss owners.

Remember, seeking support is as crucial to the troubleshooting process as the steps you take to fix the error itself. Lean on these resources for a smoother path to resolution, and you’ll be back to grilling in no time.


Resolving the Erl code on your Pit Boss grill is straightforward with the right steps. Regular maintenance paired with these troubleshooting techniques can ensure uninterrupted grilling experiences. Remember, keep your Pit Boss clean, inspect its components, and replace parts when needed.

Enjoy your grilling, and rest easy knowing you’re prepared to fix any issues that may arise. Grill on with confidence and the perfect sear!

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