Yeti Roadie 24 Vs Tundra 35 – Which Suits You Best

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A cooler is a popular appliance that is used to keep bottles or other items chilled. The performance of a cooler depends on the build and the insulation. It’s also important to check the portability and the design to ensure it’s safe and pleasant to use.

Yeti is a well-known cooler manufacturer that produces high-quality coolers with all of the required features. Roadie 24 and Tundra 35 are two variants of coolers from Yeti. It’s quite hard to compare Yeti Roadie 24 vs Tundra 35 as they include some similarities and also have some distinct features as well. 

Have a look at the detailed breakdown of the coolers below to pick the ideal one – 

Yeti Roadie 24 Vs Tundra 35 – Which Is The Best Cooler For You

If you are comparing two different products, you should find out the common things that should be examined before purchasing one. 

As it’s not possible to get expertise about a product overnight, here is a quick decision making comparison chart of the coolers to guide you choose the perfect one –

Key FeaturesYeti Roadie 24Tundra 35
Item Dimensions17.1 x 14.3 x 18 inches21.38 x 16.13 x 15.75 inches
Item Weight12.8 Pounds20 Pounds
Capacity2 Liters7.2 Gallons
Color Variation108
Ideal ForEveryday Use, Camping, Boating, Car Trips, Picnics, Beach Relaxing & Keeping Food FreshSmall Crew, Short & Long Summer Trips, Camping, House Parties, Fishing & Meat Resting
The HallmarksEasy hauling & carrying, Quick Access, Flexibility, Lightweight, Good Looking, FatWall Design, Durability, Slim Enough, and Tall EnoughExtra Durability, Easy Transport, Form-fitting Barrier, Easy Mounting, Interlocking Design, Portability, and Rotomolded Construction
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

If you are looking for a compact-sized, lighter and space saving cooler for your outdoor camp, keeping your drinks/food cold, picnics, and short trips, Yeti 24 Cooler will be a perfect choice for sure. 

The taller dimension takes less space that will easily fit any space. It doesn’t have any limitations and includes all the features a cooler should have. 

For regular use, Yeti 24 cooler will be recommended as it won’t bother you with the space or dimension.

Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler Tan
  • Strong and incredibly durable
  • Small yet versatile
  • Perfect for confined spaces
  • Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Capacity: 24 Litres

On the other hand, Yeti Tundra 35 has a wider dimension than the Roadie 24. This will be a good pick if you require a larger cooler with more capacity. The additional basket will help you to organize stuff. It can store more bottles and items than Yeti Roadie 24. 

Finally, if you are looking for a cooler for resting meat, road trip, camping with a great fit, a great alternative to a travel fridge, and using it as a drink cooler, you may pick the Yeti Roadie 35. 

Tundra 35 can be considerable if you require larger space and have no issues with the dimension.

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Overview Of The Yeti Roadie 24

Yeti Roadie 24 is crafted with the upgraded Rotomolded construction that makes it cooler, thinner, and lighter. Roadie 24 comes with a taller build than the previous ones. Thus, it will be easy to transport or carry it for outdoor camps. 

The dimensions of this cooler are perfect for placing it behind a car seat during outdoor activities. For unmatched ice retention, the cooler is integrated with a Fatwall design with two inches of insulation. 

In addition, the Permafrost Insulation of Roadie 24 ensures your ice stays ice for a long time. The cooler is completely armored and nearly unbreakable. Yeti’s Roadie 24 cooler is just what you’re looking for.

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

Top Features 

  • Pressure-injected foam 
  • 6 vibrant color variants
  • Rotomolded construction 
  • Non-slip feet to prevent sliding
  • Quick one-handed cooler access
  • Vortex drain system for quick draining
  • Taller in size with better storage option

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Yeti Roadie 24 is a great cooler and there is no doubt about it. The cooler is known for its remarkable sturdiness and excellent ice retention. It has so many features that you will have no constraints while using it.

The cooler is built with premium materials that help it to maintain the heat for a long time. It has a solid build that will withstand any extreme conditions. The ColdLock gasket of this cooler circles the length of the lid that blocks out the heat and locks in the cold. 

In addition, Yeti Roadie 24 also features the Interlock lid system that provides a form-fitting barrier against heat.

To keep the handles out of the way, the cooler features the innovative LipGrid feature that makes carrying seems less of a chore. The T-Rex Lid latch of this cooler will save you from busted latches as it includes a patented design with heavy-duty rubber.  

Yeti’s cooler can withstand more than 300 pounds, which means you can sit on it without any issues. They are super strong and nearly unbreakable. There won’t be any damage for sure. The portable cooler is perfect to store around 20 cans with a good amount of food. 

Roadie 24 is a great upgrade from the previous ones. It fits more and includes better insulation. The cooler is lighter and comes with a comfy handle that makes it more comfortable to carry. It is more flexible and well-designed compared to the usual ones.

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Overview Of The Tundra 35 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 35 has a different structure than the previous one. The cooler is packed with numerous features to provide you with the finest possible storage experience. The portable cooler has an impressive carrying capacity while being light and easy to transport. 

Ice will stay ice as the cooler comes with the PermaFrost insulation with an extra thick Fatwall design. Tundra 35 has improved the durability, ice retention, and weather resistance way better than the previous ones. 

The cooler has an interlock lid structure that produces a form-fitting heat barrier. In addition, you will have military-grade Doublehaul handles for extra durability. The cooler is designed to be the cooler you’ve always wanted. 

YETI Tundra 35 Cooler

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Includes dry goods basket
  • Bear-resistant Fatwall design
  • Portable enough for one person
  • Armored to the core & virtually indestructible

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Tundra 35 is a portable cooler with so many features. Because of its compact size and high performance, it’s always a top choice as a travel companion. 

This cooler’s strong structure will withstand the rigors of travel. The cooler comes with enhanced portability with a carrying capacity of 20 normal-sized cans.   

Tundra 35 includes an Anchor Point Tie-Down slot that helps for easy mounting to your boat or trailer. The construction of this cooler is ideal for optimum adventure performance. 

It will easily fit into an inner tube, making it an ideal portable cooler for tubing down the river. 

Yeti Tundra 35 comes with an extra-thick wall of insulation that provides unmatched ice retention. The Permafrost insulation with commercial-grade polyurethane foam in the walls maintains the heat for a longer span. It will be able to hold the ice for days without any water on the bottom.

The interlock lid system of the cooler creates a fit and hard barrier against extreme temps. Because of the rotomolded design, it will survive for an extremely long time. 

The Yeti Tundra 35 is capable of holding the ice for 3-5 days with half-filled drinks. It can hold ice for more than a week if the cooler is stored in ideal conditions. 

There is a user manual available with the cooler that you may follow during a camp. The cooler is a good combination of features that are required for outdoor camps. 

You won’t have any limitations while using this cooler. It’s going to keep stuff cold for days with a good interior space for storing different items.

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What Are The Differences Between Yeti Roadie 24 And Tundra 35

As the products are from the same manufacturer, there are bound to be some variations. Roadie 24 is the updated one that was released in the market after 9 years of Tundra 35. 

That doesn’t imply the Yeti 35 is out of date, since it still maintains its superiority in terms of quality and performance. See the distinctions between these two below –


Here comes the major differences between the products. They don’t come in the same size. Yeti Roadie 24 has a taller size that can accommodate a standard bottle of wine upright. 

You can hold 18 cans with a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio or 24lbs of only ice in this cooler. The overall dimension of this product is ‎18.32H x 17L x 14.25W inches. The internal height of Roadie 24 is around 13 inches.

Tundra 35 has a slightly different dimension. This cooler can store up to 20 cans with a recommended 2:1 ice-to-can ratio. The overall dimension of this portable cooler is 15H  x 22L x 17W x inches with an internal height of 10 inches.


As the coolers are mostly used for camping and hiking, portability will be definitely preferred. They should fit well behind your car seat or any other space. 

Yeti Roadie 24  has a better compact shape that can be carried without any complexation. The taller dimension of this cooker makes it ideal to fit anywhere. Because the Roadie 24 weighs less than the Tundra 35, it will be easier to transport. The Roadie 24 weighs 12.5 pounds, while the Tundra 35 weighs around 20 pounds.

On the other hand, Tundra 35 is also a great cooler for outdoor applications. You can carry this one comfortably without any helping hand. This one is wider than the previous one and may require a wider space to fit in.

Carry Strap

Yeti Roadie 24 includes a quick latch to make it more flexible. The cooler is designed for quick one-handed access. The comfy carry strap is going to make your job easier while shifting this cooler from one place to another. 

Unfortunately, Tundra 35 doesn’t feature any carry strap. You may have difficulties transporting this cooler when completely filled. You need to use the built-in handles to move this cooler.  


There is a slight difference between the design of the coolers. As Yeti Roadie 24 is the latest one, it has changed some of the major changes in the lid design and locks. 

The handle is now more accessible to carry with care. Your hands will easily slip through the spaces, allowing you to move this cooler without any difficulties. 

The other cooler, Tundra 35 also includes a handle but not with the same design. The space is sometimes not enough to carry the weight of a fully-loaded cooler. The locks are also different from the Yeti Roadie 24. 

These are among the common differences between the coolers. The difference is obvious because of the upgraded design of Yeti Roadie 24. The cooler has an upgraded design that makes it more portable. 

Similarities Between Tundra 35 and Yeti Roadie 24

As the coolers are made by the same company, there will be some similarities. The coolers are built with some advanced features to ensure you have the best product in your cart. 

Check out the common features of the coolers below –  


Yeti coolers are constructed with innovative rotomolded construction. This made them thinner and lighter. It will be quite convenient to transport these items for any outdoor camp or activity. 

The durable construction of the cooler makes them virtually indestructible that is designed to withstand any extreme situations.

Yeti Roadie and Tundra 35 are built for serious outdoor enthusiasts. Rotomolded is a thermoplastic molding process with a thick and durable layer. It makes the cooler UV-resistant and maintains the heat effectively.


Yeti Roadie 24 and Tundra 35 come with a similar insulation structure. Commercial-grade high quality polyurethane foam makes the walls more durable than you think. The lid with the pressure-injected walls ensures the ice stays ice for a long time. 

The 3-inches PermaFrost insulation made the cooler ideal for outdoor activities. Polyurethane foam insulation in short PUR is a highly effective method for thermal insulation. 

This will deliver you the best possible result in terms of storing drinks or other items. Whether it’s inside or outside, the insulation works both ways. It’s precisely designed for coolers to provide the highest achievable heat retention.

Color Variants

There are multiple variants of color available for the coolers. You may pick the one you need. Yeti coolers are available in a total of 6 colors. They are – Tan, Aquifer Blue, Charcoal, Harvest Red, Highlands Olive, and Ice Pink. 

The colors look very well on the metal material. The colors are available in a variety of pricing ranges, and you should definitely look at the variants, even if the color does not impact how cool it keeps the items. You will have the same performance in all the variants.

Fatwall Design

Both the coolers are constructed with a FATWALL design that includes an extra-thick wall for unmatched ice retention. The Fatwall design is certified bear-resistant. Thus, you can guess the supremacy of the design and the build as well. 

It will provide you with long-lasting usage for sure. The bear-proof design made the coolers ideal for hunting, fishing, and outdoor parties. 

Yeti Roadie 24 and Tundra 35 are made with perfection. They are packed with so many features to deliver you the best cooler experience so far. The rotomolded construction with the perfect insulation layer is going to keep the stuff cold exactly how you want it. 


The comparison between Yeti Roadie 24 and Tundra 35 was made to help you pick one. They both include so many features and also fulfill user requirements. You will have the best experience of a cooler for sure. The construction and the insulation are designed to maintain the expected heat for a long time. The coolers from Yeti have a solid build to withstand extreme conditions. They are undoubtedly top choices for hiking or camping.

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