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Do you like to taste restaurants’ BBQ foods rather than cooking yourself? Here we are to inform you of the best bbq joints in the United States to help you. 

Tasting crispy, delicious and juicy BBQ foods are always exciting. But sometimes it’s very tough for you to manage time to arrange and cook BBQ foods

Especially when you are passing a tight schedule with lots of work pressure. In this case, restaurants are your ultimate way to meet your BBQ food-tasting thirst. 

I’m a die-hard BBQ lover. Most of the time, I cooked the BBQ chicken, salmon, ribs, briskets, or turkey. But, frequently I also like to go to restaurants to taste their special BBQ foods. 

So for many years of visiting American restaurants, I have gathered some knowledge about which restaurants’ foods taste best. 

Here, I will highlight the 7 Best BBQ Joints In The United States according to my years of experience. 

However, I can assure you that you will love their foods once you taste them because all the foods are really mouth-watering. So let’s roll the ball.

Most Popular & Best 7 BBQ Joints In The United States

The United States is a big country, and there are over 2000 BBQ restaurants. So you can realize the number of restaurants isn’t less to find out the best BBQ joints. On the other hand, do you think all of those restaurants offer you equal tasty food? Of course not. 

So it’s very challenging to identify the best BBQ joints in America among them all. After visiting many times, we (I and some of my BBQ enthusiast friends) choose some famous BBQ joints in America. 

Even here, I will describe the restaurants’ information according to their region. That means you can easily select the BBQ restaurants which are located beside your living space.

Best BBQ Joint In New York City – Hometown Bar-B-Que

Hometown BBQ was established in September 2013 at Brooklyn city in New York. Owner and Pitmaster Billy Durney is the founder of this restaurant. 

Before starting Hometown BBQ, Billy spent almost 20 years visiting different countries and tasted BBQ foods. It is only 1.8 miles away from the Statue of Liberty.

The unique item of Hometown is its pit-smoked meats because it sources the meats from the local firm. It follows the classic southern technique and uses oak wood to give an excellent flavor to the meats. 

On top-notch, there you will get a variety of smoked meats flavor. And the restaurant follows first come, first serve rules, so you don’t have to wait many times to taste your ordered foods. 

Location- Brooklyn, New York

Hours – Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 8 pm and Monday is closing day. 

Menu – Smoked meats, smoked wings, sandwich ribs, wood-fired chicken, smoked cauliflower wings, smoked mushroom, banana pudding as a dessert.

Reservation – The Hometown BBQ restaurant doesn’t allow any reservations.

Best BBQ Joint in Kansas City – Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Kansas is a famous city in the United States, and the town is very popular because of some of the popular BBQ joints. Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is one of the most popular BBQ joints. 

Two friends named Jeff and Joe participated in a BBQ contest in 1990. They enjoyed everything at that contest, such as smoke, smell, and food. 

After that, they fall in love with BBQ foods. To fulfill their passion, they made a BBQ enthusiast team with 5 of their friends. And they kept the team name ” Slaughterhouse-five”

Once, they participated in a prestigious BBQ contest named “Lenexa Kansas State BBQ championship”. Fortunately, they won the championship, and their folk started to ask them why they wouldn’t start their own BBQ business. 

After listening to these words in 1995, the two friends, Joe and Jeff, contacted one of their other friends Don Davidson, the owner of Oklahoma Joe’s smoker company. Then they started their restaurant business. But, in 1997, Don Davidson left the company. 

After that, Joe and Jeff focus on their company differently. They don’t want to make their business the biggest; they want to make their restaurant the best. So they always stay close to the customers and products to satisfy their customers.

Location– Leawood, Kansas City

Hours – Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm and Sunday is closing day.

Menu – BBQ chicken, smoked turkey, smoked beans, smoked ribs, brisket, potato, salad.

Best BBQ Joint In Texas – Ray’s BBQ Shack

The Rays BBQ Shake opened its door in 2011 beside the Texas Southern University. The hickory-smoked meats are the special item of this restaurant, and many people come here to taste this BBQ smoked meats. 

The owner of this restaurant believes in professional and reliable service for any occasion. Even their vision and mission is to keep consistency in great foods at reasonable prices. 

They know without love, passion, and patience, the restaurant is nothing like a typical business. But, Ray’s BBQ joints aren’t a typical business; it’s one kind of human service because they help the people fulfill their hunger with tasty foods. 

Location – Houston, Texas

Hours – Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm and Sunday is closing day.

Menu: Chicago style rib, ½ chicken plate, burger, salad, soup, smoked potato, smoked baby back ribs.

Best BBQ Joint In Austin – Franklin BBQ

Aaron Franklin is the owner of the Franklin BBQ. In 2009 he established this joint in Austin city to offer the citizens the delicious and mouth-watering BBQ brisket. However, Aaron Franklin is considered one of the most influential Pitmasters in the USA.

But why?

Because he won multiple awards for his outstanding performance in the BBQ sectors, he won James Beard Foundation Award for best chef in 2015, Texas monthly’s Coveted best BBQ joints in Texas, and Bon Appetit’s rest BBQ joint in America. 

Stacy Franklin is the co-owner of this restaurant, and she is also a master of BBQ chef. She started to cook BBQ foods when she was only 13 years old. 

That time she would have fallen in love with the BBQ foods, and now she also works for BBQ. Because of her business intelligence, everybody respects her as a restaurateur.

American president Barack Obama, Jimmy Kimmel, and Anthony Bourdain came to the Franklin BBQ joints to taste their mouth-watering brisket. Now, a crowd stands in line in front of the Franklin BBQ to get their BBQ foods.

Location – Austin’s historic Eastside

Hours – Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 2-3 pm or (sold out) and Monday is closing day.

Menu Whole brisket, turkey, chop beef, Bourbon banana, etc.

Best BBQ Joint in Florida – Mojo BBQ

Mojo is one of the famous BBQ restaurants in Florida. It started as a small BBQ restaurant in 2003. Since then, they always provide fresh and tender smoked BBQ items to the customers. That’s why within these 18 years, it opened 8 outlets in Texas to Florida. 

If you visit Mojo BBQ, you can enjoy homemade sides with your favorite smoked chicken, beef, turkey, etc. Besides, Mojo delivers catering for large gatherings for any festive, elegant weddings and major official events.

LocationLakewood, Florida

Hours – Sunday to Thursday 11 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 11 am to 10 pm.

Menu – Beef brisket, turkey, brisket, pit-smoked chicken, pulled chicken, etc.

Best BBQ Joint In Los Angeles – Horsethief BBQ

If you are living in Los Angeles city in the United States and love to taste smoked and BBQ chicken, turkey, or wings, then HorseThief is the right BBQ joint for you. They have more than 15 types of BBQ dishes to meet your BBQ thirst. 

Besides regular orders, they also have catering services. If you have a party of a crowd, no issue you can arrange food from Horsethief BBQ restaurant. 

Location – Los Angeles

Hours – Wednesday to Sunday 11 am to 9 pm.

Menu – Beef brisket, smoked half chicken, turkey breast, beef brisket burnt end, chopped brisket, fried chicken, BBQ baked beans.

Best BBQ Joint In Chicago – Slab BBQ

Slab BBQ is a family business that ignited its smoker in 2003 to provide the best quality and wholesome meats to the customers. 

They focus on using premium grade and freshly cut meat to offer you extreme mouth-watering BBQ dishes. On top of holding their utmost popularity, they use a unique blending of spices and herbs to their every BBQ item. 

When I’m talking about BBQ, the sauce is essential to upgrade the BBQ food’s taste. They offer you an excellent sauce named “Baptized“, which craves chicken, turkey, and brisket. They are always ready to provide your food at any time ( launch, solo dining, or dinner)

Location – Chicago

Hour – 11 am to sold out.

Menu- Smoked chicken, grilled chicken, brisket, smoked turkey legs, links, beef, and chicken burgers

Famous BBQ Joints In Kansas City – Hawg Jaw Que & Brew

Hawg Jaw Que & Brew is one of Kansas’s famous BBQ joints. In 2012, it was voted the best new Kansas City’s BBQ restaurant. 

There you will find 20+ items of delicious foods to meet your taste bud. They use cherry wood to give the smoky flavor to the briskets, turkey, and chicken. 

Plus, maintaining accurate temperature and time and the best quality spices make the BBQ foods extremely tasty. Their motive is to provide you high quality and delicious foods at a reasonable price. 

They receive orders for the large get-together, official party, and meetings, wedding reception, casual events, etc. 

Location – North Kansas

Hours – 11 am to 4 pm.

Menu – Smoked chicken, smoked brisket, smoked wings, smoked corned beef, turkey, spicy sauerkraut, swiss cheese, provolone cheese, roster Aioli.


In this guide of best BBQ joints in the United States, I tried to inform you about the United States’ regional best BBQ restaurant. So when you are in a hurry but want to taste any kinds of BBQ dishes, just go to your nearest restaurants’ website and place your order. You can quickly get your desired food with minimal effort and time. 

However, all the BBQ joints have catering services, so no more tension for arranging a friend’s get-together or official party.

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