5 Best Griddle For Weber Genesis: Which One is Right for You?

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From juicy rib-eye steaks to crispy chicken wings, or even a slice of mouthwatering pizza, weber genesis can cook whatever you wish for. But, your griddle should be of the best quality to cook any dish perfectly.

So, the question is what types of griddles do fit these high-quality grills? On that note, I would like to walk you through the following five best griddles for Weber Genesis. Rest assured that they would take care of your next backyard BBQ without any hassle.

Moreover, they perfectly fit the Weber Genesis model to let you prepare finger-licking meals in a pinch. 

So, let’s get started!

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Griddle for Your Weber Genesis

With years of experience as a cook, I have tried many griddles even from blaze that cook food evenly. That’s why I can assure you that the following bbq griddles wouldn’t disappoint you in any way, particularly if you use them on top of Weber grills. Besides, all products are hand-picked based on their performance to retain the juiciness of your meal. 

Here’s the quick decision-making chart –

Key FeaturesWeber Genesis GriddleCast Iron Grill GriddlePre-Seasoned Griddle
BrandWeberWeberAmerican Grill Goods
Dimensions18.9 x 1.5 x 13.2 inches12.5 x 1.2 x 19.4 inches18.5 x 15.5 x 2.5 inches
Weight15 Pounds17.3 Pounds19.8 pounds
MaterialPorcelain-enameled, cast-ironPorcelain-enameled, cast-ironAlloy Steel
The HallmarksVersatility, Quality material, Even heat distribution, Easy cleaning & Easy to useDurability, Double-sided cooking surfaces, Easy to clean, Easy to remove & Value for moneyProfessional quality, Detachable handles, Even heat distribution, Simple cleanup & Thoughtful design
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Hope the review helps to make an informed buying decision. 

Weber Cast Iron Versatile Griddle 

First, on the list, I have an amazing cast iron griddle to fit your Weber series grills. Be it your morning breakfast or evening snacks, just fire up your Weber grill and use this super flexible griddle on top. You will be surprised how wonderfully your magical meals are cooked in no time. 

Being designed with advanced engineering, the griddle is a great fit for Genesis ll and Genesis ll LX 300, 400, and 600 series grills. 

Let’s check out what prime features it is blessed with.

Weber Cast Iron Versatile Griddle

Top Features

  • Even heat distribution 
  • Premium quality cast iron griddle
  • Cooks consistent and caramelized dishes
  • Angled cooking surface to drain the food grease easily
  • Porcelain-coated griddle for outstanding heat retention
  • Semi glossed surface for easy cleaning and maintenance

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Dimensions18.9 x 1.5 x 13.2 inches
Item Weight15 Pounds
MaterialCast Iron

Saying that, now, we will have a detailed discussion on the salient specifications below.

Exceptional Heat Retention

The most amazing benefit of this irresistible cast iron griddle is its exceptional heat retention capability. Who doesn’t want consistent temperature flow while cooking their favorite food? Surely, everyone does. 

On that note, this griddle can be a great pick not only in terms of long-term heat retention but also because of its ability to cook flavorful foods. 

Being able to hold heat for quite a long time, the cooking pan blesses the food with different delicacies. The juicy food flavor remains quite intact for anything you cook on it.

Well-Made Architecture

As you know, Weber products leave no room for complaints. So is this super sturdy cast iron grill. Being made to fit your Genesis gas grills,  the manufacturers designed it with advanced ergonomics. 

That being said, it features high-grade cast iron that assures the longevity of any product. In that sense, this griddle is made to last. In fact, it is so well-structured that if it falls on the ground, the ground will be crushed, thanks to the 15 pounds of weight.  

Even-Heat Distribution

Be it your morning egg pancake or your favorite seafood for dusk, you can sear anything on the pan. Why so confident? The spacious surface of this griddle is tried and tested in this regard. 

While grilling food on a griddle, we all crave that smoky smack with an authentic aroma, isn’t it? But not every griddle is made to offer such amenities. 

On that note, I tried this well-built griddle once with a Weber gas grill and the result made us speechless. The whole cooking procedure was so thorough that you cannot complain a bit. 

Trust me, there’s no hot or cold spot to ruin the food. The smoothest heat distribution ever certainly makes this griddle stand out from others. 

Effortless Cleaning and Maintenance

Another good side of any griddle is the easy and effortless cleaning procedure. You can clean the cooking pan with ice cubes without any hassle. Even normal water is enough to clean it thoroughly. 

However, as it’s recommended for hand wash, use your hands to scrape off the food residue. 


  • Extremely well-made
  • Properly drains out the grease
  • Very handy for cooking veggies
  • Fits a wide range of Weber grills
  • Porcelain-enameled surface to be cleaned easily 


  • A bit heavyweight 
  • Being enamel-coated, the grill is high maintenance

Nevertheless, I highly recommend this griddle for cooking delicious foods because of its great value for money. You don’t need to try another griddle anytime soon as it’s pretty durable. 

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Weber Ultra Durable Cast Iron Griddle

Secondly, I came up with a professional-grade griddle mainly designed for the Genesis 300 series. As the name suggests, it’s super-duper durable with expert engineering. Like the previous one, this cooking griddle is also porcelain enameled. 

However, here’s a friendly reminder for you. Be sure to check your gas grill’s model no first. Because it’s not suitable for the Genesis ll series. 

Thanks to the flat surfaces, heat is evenly distributed to make the items well-cooked within a short time. Unlike other substandard griddles, the heat retention ability is quite better as well.

Weber Ultra Durable Cast Iron Griddle

Top Features

  • Both-sided cooking surfaces
  • Strong and sturdy cast iron construction 
  • Flat cooking surface to cook delicate items
  • Exceptionally durable with 17.3 pounds weight 
  • Particularly designed for Weber Genesis 300 series grills

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Dimensions12.5 x 1.2 x 19.4 inches
Item Weight17.3 Pounds
MaterialCast Iron

Fast-Cooking Griddle

Being a double-sided pan, it would be a great inclusion to your cooking appliances as the griddle is meant to cook fast. Whether you sear burgers or steaks, you don’t need to wait for too long to enjoy them. 

Reliable Construction

As the cooking griddle is engineered with heavy-duty cast iron, no way it would be inferior in quality. The heavy-duty cast-iron makes the griddle a great purchase for any grill of Genesis 300 model. 

Perhaps, this reliable architecture is what most people fall for. And credit goes to the porcelain-coated structure, the griddle lasts for years. 

Double-Sided Pan

In my opinion, what makes this griddle outstanding is the dual-sided cooking surfaces. It’s very rare in any cooking pan nowadays. 

If you want to cook delicate items then use the flat surface not to harm your food. On the contrary, there’s a textured surface as well which is suggested for items like paninis. 

However, it’s best known for its smooth surface because cooking grates can’t handle most frail foods like scallops, shrimp, etc.

So, you can try this griddle out to cook such super-savory dishes in different delicate flavors. 

Perfect Sizing

Having dimensions of 12.5×1.2×19.4 inches, this griddle will cover half of your Weber genesis grill. So, you can use it alongside the traditional grate. Therefore, cooking several items at a time becomes a breeze. 

Amazing Flavor

No matter how durable a griddle is, if it doesn’t season the food well, it’s useless. The Weber Ultra Durable Cast Iron Griddle scores full marks in this regard by leaving amazing sear marks on whatever you grill on it. 

Moreover, you get to infuse an outstanding flavor in burgers, meats, sausage, eggs, veggies, seafood, and whatnot. All things considered, this cooking griddle can be a game-changer for your grilling experience. So, try this pan right away!


  • Retains moisture in food 
  • Super convenient to clean
  • No need to remove the flavor bar
  • Porcelain enamel offers an elegant finish
  • Reversible construction for dual side use


  • A bit pricey
  • Not usable for just any Weber grill other than the Genesis 300 series
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Ultra Durable Cooking Griddle by ThermiChef

Next on the lineup, let’s explore a conductive cooking griddle from Thermichef, the name needs no introduction in the kitchen appliance industry. 

However, it’s basically designed to fit Weber Genesis ll grills. If you are looking for restaurant-grade cooking from the convenience of your home, look no further and bless your Weber grill with this exclusive griddle today. 

Below, figure out what prime features it is engineered with.

ThermiChef Griddle

Top Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Pretty fast cooking time
  • ¼” thickness for adequate thermal conductivity
  • Offers quick sear due to the ultra conductive steel
  • Features CNC laser cut for perfect fit and finishing

Check today’s price on Amazon

Item Dimensions11 x 15 x 1 inches
Material Thickness3/16″ Thick
Made inUSA

As this grill top is made of low carbon steel, you will experience much more thermal conduction while cooking. Resultantly, you need to pre-season the surface for making it nonstick. 

Commendable Texture

Do you know what professional-level griddles have in common? A fit and fine texture to produce restaurant-quality food. Here the griddle from Thermichef outplays others by offering an even texture. 

Moreover, it helps maintain the exact crust and crispness a dish needs to be appealing enough. 


Best of all, you can use this griddle anywhere. Apart from your home oven, it perfectly fits with a grill, smoker, campfire, etc. Therefore, the griddle opens a plethora of new doors for experimenting with new recipes in different ways. 

Non-Stick Surface

As you know, being made of low-carbon USA steel, this cooking griddle needs a bit of seasoning beforehand. But can you imagine what this little seasoning can do?

It will transform the cooking surface into a completely non-stick. Thus you can fearlessly grill, smoke, roast, or sear any of your favorite items. 

CNC Laser Cut

You might think what will I do with this feature in a cooking griddle for my Weber grill? Well, that’s quite interesting. 

A precision CNC laser cut ensures that the cooking surface of a griddle is smooth enough. As the whole cut is completed from a single piece, it offers an outstanding finish, no doubt. 

Also, a CNC laser cut makes a griddle long-lasting for long-term use.

High Heat Transfer

The extreme heat transfer capability of this well-made grilling appliance makes cooking possible within minutes. Whether you are roasting vegetables or searing your favorite steak, have a fast cooking experience to save your precious time.  

Basically, the standard version 3/16″ material makes the griddle useful for high-temperature flow. 


  • Very easy to use
  • Pretty fast cooking time
  • A low maintenance griddle 
  • Easy clean up due to the non-stick surface
  • Wonderful texture to produce restaurant-like flavor


  • Requires pre-seasoning 
  • Some customers complained that it rusts pretty early

Nevertheless, if you treat the griddle right, you will be rewarded back. Just keep on seasoning it with olive oil and it will be rust-free for a long time. Also, make sure to measure your existing Weber grill’s grate before ordering this ¼” thick cooking accessory. 

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Pre-Seasoned Alloy Steel Flat Top Griddle

Lastly, how about checking out a carbon steel griddle for your Weber grill? Yes, I have a pre-seasoned griddle for your Weber Genesis grill that can anytime turn the grilling game on. 

Well, it’s a flat-top grill pan to complement your gas grill with extraordinary user convenience. You can even take it to your next campfire. Being a flat griddle attachment, it’s much more flexible to suit your versatile cooking range. 

However, the salient specifications of this beautiful griddle pan are pointed out below.

Pre-Seasoned Alloy Steel Flat Top Griddle

Top Features

  • Larger cooking surface
  • Fits several types of grills
  • Made of high-quality alloy steel
  • Smooth and chemical-free finish
  • Non-stick pan with rapid temperature change
  • Lasts pretty long, thanks to the double pre-seasoning
  • Completely pre-seasoned, therefore ready to use on arrival

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandAmerican Grill Goods
Item Weight19.8 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Has Nonstick CoatingYes

I particularly love this BBQ grill top griddle pan for its wide range of fittings. It is compatible not only with Weber grills but also with other grills of the same dimensions.

On top of that, it fits most of the outdoor grill types such as gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet grills, etc.


If you are looking for durability in a griddle pan, look no further as no other manufacturers can assure as much durability as this alloy steel BBQ pan. 

All thanks to the double pre-seasoning with flaxseed oil, it works as a cooking stone in terms of robustness and reliability. 

Even-Heat Distribution 

We all know that steel gets heated easily. Thus, it’s better for spreading the heat evenly all over the cooking surface. If you crave sear marks and smokey texture on your grilled items, you should definitely pick this grill top from American Grill Goods.

Furthermore, your roasted recipes would reach the perfect crispy crust as well. 

Non-Stick Construction

Most barbecuers, either occasional or professional, prefer a non-stick cooking surface. It reduces food grease and thus, makes cleaning the griddle a breeze. 

Consider yourself lucky as this grilling accessory is naturally non-stick to let you bake, roast, grill, or smoke more conveniently. 

Easily Portable

Being engineered to last a lifetime, it is easily portable to all your outdoor BBQing. Especially, the flat top architecture is a big plus for it to be used as a pizza stone, pancake griddle, or best ever campfire griddle pan. 


  • Doesn’t crack or warp easily
  • Allows large volume of cooking
  • Thick and concentrated architecture 
  • Maximum heat transfer for intense cooking
  • Achieves exclusive brown crust in most foods 


  • The heavy materials make the griddle weighty

However, all things considered, this griddle makes its place in this list as one of the best griddles for Weber Genesis. Most importantly, it’s offered in two thickness states to concentrate on users’ contentment. So, you can pick any of the two based on your requirements.

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Stainless Steel Professional Griddle for Weber

On the last spot, let me introduce you to another best griddle for Weber Genesis grills, this time with stainless steel ergonomics. 

If you are a professional in this sector then you must look for something very special. Here comes this professional-grade griddle handy to let you master grilling efficiently.

Let’s check out what core amenities it’s equipped with.

Stainless Steel Professional Griddle for Weber

Top Features

  • Versatile cooking range
  • Compatible with both gas and charcoal grills
  • 100% restaurant-grade stainless steel build-up
  • Removable handles for easy and quick movement 
  • The underside cross-bracing ensures even heating
Item Dimensions16 x 23 x 4 inches
Item Weight14.5 Pounds
MaterialStainless Steel
Is Dishwasher SafeNo

Easy Clean-Up

As this little griddle features a spacious cooking surface and a full-size grease well, cleaning this griddle becomes a snap. Once cooled down, pour some water on the griddle and use a scrubber to get rid of the residue. 

Because of the premium-grade stainless steel, the high-temperature scrubber wouldn’t harm the surface.

Thoughtful Construction

Aside from the hassle-free clean-up, I liked the griddle for its thoughtful and innovative engineering as well. 

It comes with a 2″ sidewall to keep the food on top of it. Besides, there are two removable handles to move it quickly. All these amenities make this cooking appliance a must-try for any grilling enthusiast out there, both beginners and professionals. 

Professional-Style Griddle

As already mentioned, I selected this pan from the professional series of Little Griddle. That’s why it makes one of the best outdoor cookware designed with heavy gauge stainless steel. Unlike an average grilling accessory, it’s not made to twist or bend on heavy-duty uses. 

Flavorful Cooking

It’s such a great outdoor accessory that you’ll stop cooking indoors once you get this griddle. Thanks to the underside cross-bracing, it distributes heat evenly to cook all types of palatable dishes ranging from regular pancakes to Mongolian BBQs.

Be it mixed veggies like carrot, onion, mushroom, pepper, broccoli, or other dishes like eggs, chicken, muffins, etc.- you will get an appealing smoky aroma in everything you prepare. 


The makers included two detachable handles to make the griddle portable. Therefore, you can carry this one in any of your outdoor adventures, be it camping, tailgating, hiking, etc. 

In fact, the 14.5 pounds weight is not an issue due to the handles. So, carry it everywhere at ease and bless yourself with magical meals outdoors!


  • Exceptionally portable
  • Easy and effortless clean-up
  • 100% heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty 
  • Smooth heating throughout the entire cooking surface


  • Sometimes the griddle warps too easily

Despite having a minor flaw, this griddle is one of the best buys for your heavy-duty Weber grill in terms of fitting. So, don’t miss it if you have any Weber grill from the Genesis series! 

What Makes the Best Griddle for Weber Genesis 

While looking for an ideal griddle to fit your Weber Genesis grills, there are a few factors to check beforehand. Not only will they save you from wasting money on wrong products but also serve your grilling purpose quite efficiently. 

Let’s check out the features then!

  • Size

Well, the first things to look for are the size and dimensions. As you are searching for griddles to fit into a particular manufacturer’s products, you must check out the user instructions thoroughly. It will clearly mention what series of Weber grills are compatable with the griddle.

To minimize your struggle, I narrowed down the five products above each of which is a great fit for Weber grills. 

  • Material

The next deciding factor for a griddle pan is the making material. Generally, stainless steel or cast-iron makes the best quality griddles. And as Weber grills don’t compromise with quality, make sure your grill top is not substandard as well. 

Go for heavy-duty materials like cast iron, alloy steels, or pure stainless steel which make griddles to last forever!

  • Thickness

Another utterly important feature of a griddle is the thickness of the plate. Thinner plates are surely cheaper. But they are not capable of spreading heat as evenly as thicker surfaces. Moreover, they will warp pretty easily when preheated. 

On the other hand, thick griddles retain heat pretty well. And they do not create any hot or cold spots for offering overcooked or undercooked foods. 

So, I recommend going for thicker griddle plates such as Pre Seasoned Alloy Steel Flat Top Griddle from American Grill Goods.

  • Drainage System

Who wants to do the hassle of cleaning the griddle every day? But if it traps food grease, you are bound to do that. So, look for griddles that feature proper drainage channels. 

On that note, I recommend the Stainless Steel Professional Griddle from Little Griddle as it has a full-width grease well for easy clean-up.

  • Cooking Surface

The general notion about the griddle surface is that the bigger, the better. Of course, a larger cooking surface lets you cook a lot of food simultaneously. But remember that it takes forever to heat it up. 

Furthermore, a bigger cooking plate might not fit a smaller kitchen. So, I recommend measuring your kitchen first. And if it doesn’t permit, don’t go for the too big surface.


On a conclusive note, I would like to assure you about the quality of every cooking griddle described above. They are individually tested for different purposes and successfully obtained as the best griddles for Weber Genesis grills. 

However, if you want a more specific suggestion, I recommend the Pre Seasoned Alloy Steel Flat Top Griddle as the overall best for the Genesis series,  thanks to its multipurpose usability. 

And if you are looking for the best value for money, Weber Cast Iron Versatile Griddle is hard to be defeated. 

Nevertheless, the rest three grilling accessories also work equally well with the respective Weber grills they are suitable for.